Just Ducky To Be Happy Go Lucky!

Don't you love the fakers out there? They have been seen at your lair. The fakers who play sick so they can get welfare some slick, or what have you, leaving the ones that are true a big screw you. But those are creeps indeed. What about the fake happy people taking seed?

Put on a smile,
At the turn of a dial.
A simple tone,
As you grab the phone.

Polite as can be.
Can't see me.
So polite is great.
A fine trait.

Phone is easy.
Then they get cheesy.
The face to face,
Gives you a fake embrace.

Oh how are you?
That is great, they moo.
What can I do for you?
When they know what's coming due.

Or at least what they will try,
To spy with their little eye.
You should come in and see.
I'm sure we have something for thee.

We are the best ever.
This is a great endeavor.
You should really join.
Just give a little coin.

Oh wouldn't this look good on you?
Come on, you just have to buy two.
Look at that mirror.
Your shine couldn't be clearer.

I'm so happy for you.
Wait, you need this too.
Have one of these.
Buy whatever you please.

I'm so happy for you.
Wait, that's not true.
I really want you to sink,
So I'll look better at my rink.

Pffft I didn't think that.
I'm so happy I'm fat.
Wait, I'm happy you're fat.
It gives me an upper stat.

Isn't that grand? Know any happy fakers in your land? They either want to take your money or are hoping you end up looking funny. I'd rather just take sass. Yet another observation from my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


    Where's the party at?
    How do you do?
    The name is... Blue.

    1. From coast to coast!
      Guess who's won the most...

    2. Hi Blue,

      I believe we've met somewhere in a sea
      of blue, or was it emerald green...

      Cat, Blue is taking over your blog

    3. Blue is just yappy
      Getting all flappy

    4. Four in a row
      Say it ain't so
      At your show
      True I may be on my way to you
      True Blue Scooby Doo
      Don't you mean snappy?

    5. A yappy sappy flappy
      All good and happy

  2. Replies
    1. Good morning, Hank. How's life been treating you, sir?

    2. Very good!
      An understatement dude!


    3. Very good and then some
      Sound good as some live in a slum
      Sitting on their bum
      But not you
      At your shoe

    4. Cheering section on the side
      Getting to be a bumpy ride
      Pom poms fluffing in the air
      Race is causing quite a stare

    5. Both on in
      At my bin
      Trying to win
      Manzi cheering you in
      When life is good
      Makes a fine hood

    6. Three two one
      Oh what fun
      But my car ain't green
      At my scene
      It's blue
      Like Scooby Doo
      Have a drink and you'll see it too

    7. Scooby wasn't all blue
      Had a green sight too
      With some words as well
      A mystery is swell

    8. When they yell
      And go to um... Taco Bell?

    9. Maybe Burger King
      For a fling

  3. I'm so happy I wanna die
    I mean live um... say goodbye
    Sure my kid is smart
    He's got a big heart
    My wife is a model too
    Wearing no grumpy shoe
    Never to heavy
    Looking good in a Chevy
    I'm so happy you won
    What... it's a ton?
    No, I'm not happy... I'm blessed
    Good thing my life's the best
    Healthy as can be
    At my sea....
    Sure... in the place to be
    People are funny, CAT
    But I guess you already know that

    1. Funny they are
      From sea to bar
      Or bar to sea
      Beats me
      Needing to show off
      So others won't scoff
      Beat those Jones's guys
      They get around like flies
      Blessed is another they use
      When away they cruise
      Winning a ton
      Would sure be fun

    2. Hi my name is Ralph and I wear Lauren
      Check out my pick shirt and complementary pen
      Don't I look rich and good
      In your Kitty Cat Hood

    3. What? No Chanel at your sea?
      You disappoint me

    4. I think.Blue is more crazy than ever!!
      This thing that he HAS to win Hank....Omy

    5. haha Hank will win sooner or later
      Then it is bye bye blue gator

    6. Gloria Dear is right
      I'm nuts but what a sight
      As it's four in a row
      At your show
      Hank may beat me soon
      Bye Grumpy Loon
      You think?
      Well, in that case I need a drink.

    7. A goo stiff drink
      There at your rink
      May make it to five
      How long can you survive

  4. "Don't you love the fakers out there?"
    Taking the easy way for all they care
    Pulling a fast one
    Enjoying the fun
    Emerging from nowhere just beware


    1. That they do
      Pop out and come after you
      Thinking they can swindle away
      And get some pay

  5. #3 but #1 lass.
    Damn, the dudes are fast.
    I can't seem to be first at your lair
    But I'm gaining on the guys, so they should beware.

    1. The dudes were in the neighborhood
      Doing great, which is better than good
      Tell her, Hank
      The Poetry Tank

    2. Getting closer at my sea
      Maybe one day the dudes will flee
      Leaving it for thee
      Just wait a week and 3 days though at my sea

    3. A week and three days you say?
      Countdown is on at my bay.
      But Blue Guy and poetry Tank
      Should fear
      To crack Rhyme Time's code, I'm near!

    4. Crack the code
      For #1 mode
      Good luck with that
      I'm a Davinci cat

    5. I am trembling as I speak
      Feeling kinda dizzy n' weak
      Will she beat our score
      Then come back for more
      Say it ain't so
      At your Kitty Cat Show

    6. You'll have to try hard
      Or end up in the doghouse in the yard

  6. How does one get first on your comment list? stay up all night?
    Great poem Pat, enjoyed the read.

    1. Depends on the time zone
      As the #1 they hone

  7. Happy happy happy, life is going swell
    Join on in the fun, it's farmer in the dell
    All take hands and doesey doe
    Pretend life's perfect, so and so
    Don't forget to shine your shoes
    With first impressions, you can't lose

    1. With shiny shoes
      You can't lose
      Just shine and grin
      Instant win

  8. Everyone is out looking for fast cash it seems
    buy this or that and fulfill all of your dreams
    there is a sucker born every minute they say
    just hope I am never the one who must pay!

    1. I haven't been a sucker yet
      At least nothing where tons of dough lost was met

  9. The fake happy and cheers is always so obvious. You can see right through it.

    1. Yep, eye roll worthy and then some
      As they talk out their bum

  10. There is more fake everywhere these days!

  11. Sorry, to say I am not always happy
    and can't say I am all that lucky
    Just going through the motions of life
    trying to cut through the strife

    1. Luck is fake
      And happiness is a state of mind
      But if drowning in a lake
      Happiness is in a bind

  12. People are always happy when they are trying to pull one over on you

  13. can sometimes not be happy here
    when life throws an interesting curved ball
    but that could be said for
    the majority of us, if not for all :)


    1. A curve ball surely comes to us all
      Need to hit those suckers over the wall

  14. We agree with Betty that is hard to be happy all the time but it sure is healthier to be happy most of the time. I do not like fake anything. Take care Pat and have a great week end.

    1. Yeah, something will always come due
      That can't make 100% happy happen at any zoo

  15. At least overly friendly is better than the ones who try to make you feel stupid or act you can't afford it. I never buy from these guys. The cheesy smile usually runs me off too. I got to get work done on my house and I dread the wheeling and dealing.

    1. The wheeling and dealing is out there
      They try to pull one over on us every where

  16. You can usually see those fake smiles all the way across the room too.

    1. Yep, seeing them coming
      With their fake drumming

  17. Fakers
    Image Makers
    Mistakenly think they're movers and shakers

  18. I could whine, moan, and groan
    Here at my zone;
    But I'll save that for me alone.

    Then again, I have nothing to sell
    And fake rings my bell,
    So they can stick it up their shell!

    1. Stick it way up there
      Past the hair
      On a dare
      By the pair?

  19. You should be a Brit
    As we don't give a sh1t
    Don't bother the dude
    He is just rude!!

    1. Plus you can call all a wanker
      From hobo to banker

    2. Did that cat say shit?
      Making it sound like a hit?

  20. You knock on my door/I'll throw your s**t on the floor/fakers don't work with me/through them I can easily see! :-)

    Greetings from London.

    1. haha then they may sue
      If a throwing comes due

  21. Ah Pat you are teasing us?
    Nobody is happy all the times!
    When we feel happy ...something happens!

    1. A little tease it may be
      As happy go lucky isn't always at ones sea

    2. Bake me another pie
      And I'll be happy when I um... fly

    3. Fly to where
      Gloria's lair?

    4. She will cook you up
      Or feed you to her pup

  22. I just like to smile smiling's my favorite

  23. These zombies...someone always behind
    such a puppeteer....even if for 'don't call' I sign,
    they take pause for maybe 30 days
    and call again to check if My phone not fake...

    1. Yep, they always play the angles
      With their nonsense jingle jangles

  24. I can't stand them. Once I went into a clothing store and this woman was so fake as she was trying too hard to sell me stuff which usually makes me run out of the store. This time I played along when she put this orange and yellow dress in front of me and said I would look great. I put it on knowing full well it made me look like death warmed over. When she was gushing, I looked straight at her, told her I was ready to try on the blue dress , pointing to it, but then she came right up to me and started giving me such fake crap all to get a sale. I told her that I knew full well this dress was hideous on me and to turn her fat ass and walk away from me. She did and I left

    1. lol that is the way
      Give it to them as they try and take your pay
      I just grumble and walk off
      They sometimes scoff
      Most times though they leave me be
      Plus I can avoid dresses at my sea lol

  25. Not a fan of fake.
    That I just can't take.
    Be honest and real
    that is the appeal
    and easier to be
    than that fake spree!

    1. Fake many are
      Near and far
      Mostly at the store
      As they try and sell you crap galore

  26. I'm a fake poet
    and I know it.
    It's alright -
    It's poetry-lite.

    1. I'm a fake human too
      At least in view
      That cat is real
      Seals the deal

  27. I had a comment on my mind
    About the fakers and their grind
    But then Blue made me laugh and giggle
    And now my fingers just won't wiggle
    I don't know what I was going to say
    Here at today's faker bay

    1. haha Blue's yap made all go poof
      That is sure quite the goof

  28. The fakers are everywhere it seems.
    I just hope they don't show up in my dreams.
    They call expressing felicitation,
    Then I find out it's just a solicitation.
    Customer service promises that or this.
    They should just hand me a smelly fish.
    I try to be nice but it's getting hard.
    I think I'll bury a few fakes in my yard.
    I'd probably end up growing fake flowers.
    Maybe I'll hide in a fake ivory tower.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

    1. Make sure they are good and deep
      And will never make a peep
      Could get some tips from Breaking Bad
      When disposing of them at your pad

  29. We have two happy fakers in our family. One even has an uproarious laugh to add to her 'charm.'

  30. I have a vision of you dreaming in rhyme
    If that isn't true, I'd call it a crime

    1. Not much at my sea
      Once in a blue moon it happens to me

  31. Real Estate Agents are the WORST happy fakers. I think that's why we ended up with the house we did. The guy that owned it did all of his own showings, so we didn't have to deal with happy real estate fakers.

    1. Yep, I've seen many many of those
      They can fake happy with every pose

  32. It is fun to watch people act like they give a crap. Yes, I have known a few in my life.

    1. Seems we all met one or two
      At each and every zoo


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