Post Four On The TV A To Z Show Tour!

So the cat is back to annoy, or maybe even bring some joy. Now everyone gets a chance to be number one, no matter the time zone under your sun. What am I back with you ask? Why the 24 posts in one day task. First year it was movies by the ton and last year it was followers with my fun. This year figure it will be TV from A to Z. Not saying all are good, but they are the first ten, in most cases, that popped in at my hood. And now away we go once more with a little A to Z 24 post TV show.

Intersect in his head.
All want him dead.
 But he knows kung fu.
So worth a view.

Eco friendly cartoon.
Doesn't that make you swoon?
 They killed trees though.
Paper = trees you know.

A caring bear.
They don't just stare.
They really care.
I want a Gummi Bear.

You always have fame,
Because all know your name.
Don't you want to go?
Sorry, you can't say no.

Witches galore,
At their witchy shore.
A spell or three,
They could put on thee.

Shown through the ages.
Many comic pages.
But still on TV,
When holidays come to thee.

Murder he wrote.
 Don't rock the boat.
The show will go anywhere,
Makes it a win at my lair.

No need for Dumbo,
You have Columbo.
 With one look,
He can spot any crook.

The original crew,
Were fun to view.
But after that,
The cat did scat.

Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers away.
They will save the day.
Sometimes, some crimes.
Hey, it even rhymes.

C is through. Still having fun at my zoo? Only 20 posts to go before the end of the A to Z TV show. We will get there with maybe a little cat hair. See you in an hour or less. Sorry, not really, if your blogroll is a mess. The cat will continue to trespass with his 24 posts in one day little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

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  1. Castle is one of my favorite shows

    1. Castle is great
      All should take the bait

    2. I agree that show is first rate...

    3. Goes everywhere
      At its lair

    4. "Oh, just one more question..."
      Now, who said that?

    5. Columbo indeed
      No Matlock taking seed

  2. Wow, crazy plan you've got here! A lot of good shows, though.

  3. Chuck. i had a huge crush on him. i still do!

  4. Oh how I used to love Columbo, very dear to my heart. ANOTHER great post.....someone's been busy.

  5. Replies
    1. A fun show it could be
      Only watched a few time by me

  6. CSI just went downhill once Grissom left...

    1. Yep, crap after that
      Stopped watching that, stat

  7. Cheers an all time favorite for everyone it seems
    Where everybody knows your name and everybody beams

    1. A bar was a great setting
      As the drunks got vetting

  8. Everyone hated it when Cheers ended
    nice to be somewhere where
    everyone knows your name!

    1. Yeah was one long running show
      Sooner or later it had to go

  9. Though I loved it as a kid, Charlie Brown was a bit depressing.

    1. haha yeah looking at it now
      It is very depressing somehow

  10. CSI was good for a while and actually went to Cheers but it is very small inside. Love Columbo and Castle but really want someone to kill the Care Bears...they deserve to be the Vic on CSI

    1. lol kill the care bears you say
      You better watch out for the PTA

  11. All the animated ones were such fun! Care Bears, Chip & Dale, Charlie Brown. Good times!

    1. Rescue Rangers was the best
      That still passes the test

  12. People my age are very happy to belt out the theme from Captain Planet.

    Rose McGowan from Charmed is one of the world's all-time hottest people.

    1. The all time hottest you say?
      Hmm Kate Beckinsale still wins at my bay

  13. "Charmed" - what I watched!
    Very cool movies!

  14. Loved Columbo and Castle
    And who doesn't love Charlie Brown
    CSI I tired of
    Sequels went face-down

    1. Yep, right down the loo
      The original did too

  15. I'd like to be a witch once in a while.
    I would be a good one and make you smile.
    Even as you're aging another year.
    I would make you not cry and give a cheer!
    The fountain of youth I find for us
    then work on that gold in the pot, without fuss.

  16. A double win
    Go all witchy any time at my bin


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