Post Fourteen With TV Still Making A Scene!

So the cat is back to annoy, or maybe even bring some joy. Now everyone gets a chance to be number one, no matter the time zone under your sun. What am I back with you ask? Why the 24 posts in one day task. First year it was movies by the ton and last year it was followers with my fun. This year figure it will be TV from A to Z. Not saying all are good, but they are the first ten, in most cases, that popped in at my hood. And now away we go once more with a little A to Z 24 post TV show.

An awesome show.
My ocd should know.
 Solving crimes and fear.
At least the former comes near.

Can make a bomb out of anything.
He is the bomb making king.
If a gadget is in need,
He can do the deed.

No cranky women at all?
I guess they like a cat call?
Or they make the men mad.
I know, the cat is bad.

A family that was out to lunch.
Sometimes a whole bunch.
But they were kept in line,
Always there to dine.

  Look at CBSpinoff go.
Another cop show.
At least Sammo was a fighter.
Beats being attacked by a biter.

Started out meh at best.
Then it finally passed the test.
Hydra came on the scene,
And it got much better on screen.

Saving one and all,
As they get the call.
Having a bit of fun to.
They were the MASH crew.

Solving cases all over.
Better than a butt sniffing rover.
He would do them in.
The bad guys would never win.

A cartoon I remember from long ago.
It was a weird show.
But I liked it I guess.
But who knows, could have been a mess.

A fun take on the tale.
Plus a cast that didn't fail.
That is a plus indeed.
Enjoyed at my feed.

M is through. Still having fun at my zoo? Only 10 posts to go before the end of the A to Z TV show. We will get there with maybe a little cat hair. See you in an hour or less. Sorry, not really, if your blogroll is a mess. The cat will continue to trespass with his 24 posts in one day little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

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  1. Replies
    1. Hank, you are quick my computer had a glitch..haha..I guess I'll see you around today..

    2. G' afternoon Truedessa
      Great company by far!


    3. Hank's # 4 of 24
      Staying above water


    4. Staying above the water indeed
      With #1 taking seed

  2. M*A*S*H is still a great show. It's like comfort food.

    1. Yeah still holds up great
      Watching is always a good fate

  3. Monk was a very good show I was sad to see it go..

  4. The Magnificent 7
    Hank's bet for all occasions


  5. there some shows that are always entertaining, no matter their age.

    1. Yep, they can always entertain
      At each and every lane

  6. I haven't seen any of these, but I do remember my parents always tuning into Mash. I think that's one I'd like to watch myself from start to finish some day.

  7. One of the funniest Monk lines was when he was hanging on the edge of a cliff and a guy who was a leper reached his hand out to save him. Monk said, "Is there anyone else up there?"

    1. lmao you that was great
      That episode was first rate

  8. My are you STILL writing? what a day for you. Thanks for the memories Pat.

  9. Mamas Family was so weird, it was funny.

  10. I can never get enough of M.A.S.H.

    1. Had a great one
      Can still be enjoyed by everyone

  11. Mash and Matlock were watched by me
    Now I'm starting to feel old and

  12. Agents of Shield has great characters, but that's as far as my enjoyment goes.

    1. Yeah, it isn't the best
      Just can't pass the test

  13. Monk was great
    MacGyver first rate
    Mash and Matlock were dandy
    Jon Hamm is eye candy

    1. Hmm eye candy for you
      I'll take another view


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