Post Seven Is Still In TV Heaven!

So the cat is back to annoy, or maybe even bring some joy. Now everyone gets a chance to be number one, no matter the time zone under your sun. What am I back with you ask? Why the 24 posts in one day task. First year it was movies by the ton and last year it was followers with my fun. This year figure it will be TV from A to Z. Not saying all are good, but they are the first ten, in most cases, that popped in at my hood. And now away we go once more with a little A to Z 24 post TV show.

Aliens attack.
A whole friggin whack.
50 kinds come and go.
Some fast, some slow.

Dancing about.
A twist and shout.
Piano playing comes due.
Some singing too.

Al Powell is back.
Well the name he does lack.
But he is still a copper.
With no McClane dead body dropper.

Back to the future err umm not.
A family plot.
 Family stuff.
Less than eight is enough.

Guess what this is?
Yeah, this isn't a quiz.
It's Ferris Bueller's day Off.
A TV spinoff to make all scoff.

Those fraggles are scary.
They are far to hairy.
Plus they sing all day.
Worries go another way.

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The cat doesn't care for football.
But this is great to watch at any hall.
One of the best shows going,
That has a sports showing.

Another grand show,
To go give a go.
 Other worlds abound.
Two of everyone is around.

 A house filled to the brim.
My ocd would think it grim.
The cat would run and hide.
Yeah, he has no pride.

The one armed man,
May need a tan,
But he will get caught,
For his evil plot.

F is through. Still having fun at my zoo? Only 17 posts to go before the end of the A to Z TV show. We will get there with maybe a little cat hair. See you in an hour or less. Sorry, not really, if your blogroll is a mess. The cat will continue to trespass with his 24 posts in one day little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Ah Fame and the Fugative, two of my favourites. wonderful era.

    1. I liked the fugitive movie here
      Never watched the show I fear

  2. That's quite the variety of shows. Used to watch Fringe until it got a little weird.

    1. I finished it until the end
      Wasn't a bad trend

  3. 6:00 AM?????
    What a scam!
    NUMBER 3!
    In the place to be
    Number 1 is easy
    Getting a bit cheesy
    But how about 3
    Scooby Doo-eeeeeeee
    Don't flip
    Snip snip
    How do you do
    The name is Blue
    Just kidding, CAT!
    How about that?

    1. haha you were off
      Now don't scoff
      Just one day a year
      To cause you fear
      As at each hour
      Another has the power

    2. I wasn't awake
      Needed a shake
      Happy birthday to you
      Scooby Doooooooo!

    3. Awake now
      With a whoopdi friggin doo kapow

  4. I am about 10 years behind the times and recently finished Friday Night Lights. No show will EVAH capture my heart like those folks in Dillon, Texas. Plus, I have a girl crush on Connie Britton. She freakin' ROCKS!!!!!

    1. An awesome show in every way
      A crush on here is sure okay

  5. I've never seen any in this bunch
    Guess that I was out to lunch

  6. FAME was good for a while
    sad about the star's suicide
    didn't watch after that....

    1. I've seen a few episodes of it
      Way back when after it was a hit

  7. Fringe I used to watch I liked the plot..I am not sure why I stopped..does it still air?

    1. All over now at Fox's sea
      Have to get the DVD

  8. When my girls were little and home sick, they would watch Full House. I called it Full House Hell Days.

    1. lmao not into the singing
      That the full house was bringing

  9. The only show I saw was The Fugitive-a great show-the original

    1. Yeah the remake show was crap
      Made one take a nap

  10. My daughter has really been into Full House for the past few years. Watches the reruns on Nick at Nite all the time. I'm glad she can enjoy that show like I used to at her age!

  11., those people all look so young!
    Now they've all aged a ton!

  12. Family Ties is definitely on my list of shows I'll eventually watch :P

  13. Seen a few of the Fs
    Remember Fame being good
    Urkel made me laugh
    Hear Fringe and The Fugitive are good

  14. Oops - didn't rhyme
    Very well that time

    Seen a few of the Fs
    Remember Fame being good
    Urkel made me laugh
    Fringe and The Fugitive next in my hood


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