Post Seventeen Provides You No Time To Clean!

So the cat is back to annoy, or maybe even bring some joy. Now everyone gets a chance to be number one, no matter the time zone under your sun. What am I back with you ask? Why the 24 posts in one day task. First year it was movies by the ton and last year it was followers with my fun. This year figure it will be TV from A to Z. Not saying all are good, but they are the first ten, in most cases, that popped in at my hood. And now away we go once more with a little A to Z 24 post TV show.

One of the best shows on Network TV.
Really is a must see.
Not just the same old crap,
By falling into CBSpinoff's normal trap.

This one was fun.
A good mystery in its run.
Ended kind of meh though.
As unanswered questions still show.

An awesome season one.
2 and 4 were fun.
Three was meh though.
Still a great show.

Psych was great.
All should take the bait.
Movies were referenced a ton,
And the show was always fun.

Perry Mason on the case.
Throwing evidence in the bad guys face.
He wins every time.
So don't commit a crime.

Naked in a water tower.
That won't make any cower.
Good thing they covered their umm racks.
The train is coming down the tracks.

Yep, 7 movies it had,
With the last few being rather bad,
But a TV show was also done.
Only had a one season run.

50,000 Power Ranger shows.
They all pose in rows.
Japan does all the fighting.
They just change the lighting.

Punky Brewster I remember.
 Of the cheesy show she was a member.
But lasted for a bit.
So must have been a hit.

Unlike this one.
It was a one and done.
Never watched it though.
Guess its fan base couldn't grow.

P is through. Still having fun at my zoo? Only 7 posts to go before the end of the A to Z TV show. We will get there with maybe a little cat hair. See you in an hour or less. Sorry, not really, if your blogroll is a mess. The cat will continue to trespass with his 24 posts in one day little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

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  1. Perry Mason, Power Rangers& Police
    Transfixed and had them all in a leash
    Such thrills
    With no frills
    Led the crowd excitedly without a miss


  2. Perry mason is the only one I ever saw and enjoyed it even though I am no grandma

    1. haha saw it a while ago
      Or at least movies on the show

  3. Good Grief and Good going!! I thought it was blog spam! MOL What a task you have set yourself!!

    1. 3rd year in a row
      We do it at our non spam show

  4. Soleil Moon Frye turned into a weirdo. Just sayin! She was a cute kid though!

    1. lol many of them do
      when they grow up at their zoo

  5. The you and I seem to like many of the same shows.

    1. Too bad it didn't have a good end
      With its pretending trend

    2. why do the writers always end these shows badly..

    3. Sometimes cancellation is at play
      As the network has the final say

  6. Perry Mason always won
    Do you think that he was fun
    Was something going on with Della
    Or was he just a lonely fella?

  7. Replies
    1. 1 whole season came due
      Watched a few episodes at my zoo

  8. Never watched Pretender
    but the promos looks like it was a winner.

  9. My mate described Psyche to me and it sounds awesome. It's on the list.

  10. Punky Brewster was the shit! Who didn't love that show!?

  11. Liked Pretender a lot
    And Perry Mason was hot
    Love Person of Interest too
    But Caviezel's voice makes me spew

    1. haha yeah he never changes his voice at all
      Some tone no matter if fighting or on a call


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