Post Ten Lets You Watch TV From The Den!

So the cat is back to annoy, or maybe even bring some joy. Now everyone gets a chance to be number one, no matter the time zone under your sun. What am I back with you ask? Why the 24 posts in one day task. First year it was movies by the ton and last year it was followers with my fun. This year figure it will be TV from A to Z. Not saying all are good, but they are the first ten, in most cases, that popped in at my hood. And now away we go once more with a little A to Z 24 post TV show.

Not like he is now.
This one resembles a cow.
Or maybe just a nut in body paint,
Sure won't make any faint.

Rub a bottle,
And wishes you can throttle.
But the genie stays a while.
So score wishes by the pile.

I'm not sure I love Lucy.
She was a moody goosey.
Plus look at those eyes,
Do they look very wise?

 A stretch here.
But works I fear.
As away Major Payne goes.
To where? Who knows.

Go go gadget this.
Bet that brings bliss.
One fix for all,
With a go go gadget call.

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A dead guy.
Oh me, oh my.
Then end of the show.
Ratings must have been low.

Speaking of which,
This went to the ditch.
Was rather crappy though,
Just so you know.

It's about time?
For a rhyme?
Are you a mime?
That is a crime.

It's always sunny.
At least when you got money.
Or maybe just Danny Devito.
He can be umm neato.

Aliens are back.
They come to attack.
Err umm I mean invade.
Maybe they want to trade?

I is through. Still having fun at my zoo? Only 14 posts to go before the end of the A to Z TV show. We will get there with maybe a little cat hair. See you in an hour or less. Sorry, not really, if your blogroll is a mess. The cat will continue to trespass with his 24 posts in one day little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Ha....never was #1 before
    celebrating at your shore.

  2. It's Always Sunny - is rather humorous..I binged watched that once when I was sick.

    1. Yeah, got stupid after a while though
      Same old same old they show

  3. I wanted to like Its Always Sunny, but I just couldn't get into it.

    1. Yeah I liked it for a little bit
      Then it became shit

    2. Same here. Made it through the second season before calling it quits.

    3. Yep, couldn't handle it
      Not one bit

  4. I must be some kind of weird
    Of TV I was early cured
    Of Lucy I was much annoyed
    Of TV then, I rarely toyed

  5. Na-Na-Na-Na-Na Inspector Gadget Woo Hoo! Yes, I'll be singing that tune for a bit.

    1. haha a fun tune
      Stuck in the head at many a sand dune

  6. I Love Lucy and Ironside I recall with fond memories.

  7. I won't tell you what I dreamed about Jeannie...

    1. haha don't have to confess
      I bet I can guess

  8. I Love Lucy is still tops! If it were not for her and Desi we would never have Star Trek! The original Ironside with Raymond Burr was the best. Of course i watched I Dream of Jeannie and In Living Color was quite funny

  9. Replies
    1. Arms legs and whatever else he had
      There at his gadget pad

  10. Never heard of In Living Color.
    Must not have gotten much of a hollar!

    1. I only heard the name
      That's as far as my claim

  11. People say that Lou Farigno was the best The Hulk ever got :P

    1. Meh, people are wrong
      Now he is super strong lol

  12. The real Ironside
    Was '67 to '75
    Raymond Burr was tops
    Best guy alive

    Wow - It's About Time
    What a blast from the past
    Argh, I'm singing the lyrics
    Are you happy at Pat's?


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