This, This, That And That Confuses The Cat!

The cat watches from afar as some big day happens near his sand bar, meaning at that other sea with the mutts and each kitty. That aunt, who Cassie and I run away from, is going all married. In this that and the other thing she seems to be buried.

Oh this is bliss,
Spend money on this.
That is grand.
Costs that much across the land.

Has to be this way.
Has to have that display.
Have to go like this.
That you can't miss.

Have to because that is the way.
Have to because I saw it the other day.
Have to because of this and that.
Have to shout like a dingbat.

Jump up and down.
Go to crazy town.
Spend this and that.
No wonder Cassie and I scat.

Crazy person indeed.
Glad we stay at our feed,
And far far away from there.
Rather take the mutts at the other lair.

Won't take the cat's advice,
And elope for a cheap price.
Nope, has to be this and that.
So broke way more than flat.

Worth it in the end?
A so called must trend.
Have to have this and that.
Have to have to, stat!

One whole day.
Years later will seem far away.
For all that pay,
Could buy a new bay.

Plus divorce rate is high.
What? It's not a lie.
Yeah, I'm not a cheery cat.
We will blame, Pat.

So need this, that and the other thing,
For bells everywhere to ring?
Or is my plan of eloping the best?
I know, the cat beats all the rest.

The cat is so glad he doesn't have to do anything for it. Damn, I think my ocd would have a fit. Cassie and I will run under the bed and just rest our head. We will wait for all the other commotion to pass. Although still months away for such rest for my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. Starting again
      In the game!


    2. Now wait a minute.... How can it be 7 when my clock tells me there are 6 minutes left? Am I... in the Twilight Zone?

    3. Forgot to set the clock ahead
      While you rest in bed
      Poor poor you
      There at your zoo

      Hank wins once more
      Back to form at my shore

    4. I'm so not focused at my bay

    5. So you say
      Snoring lead you astray

    6. Tired like a big ole tree
      I can snore at the count of three
      But I'll be back - you go and tell Hank
      And you can take that to bank :p

    7. Hank is listening
      It's an early morning lurking
      A daily happening!


    8. Hank is on to you
      And your snoring too

  2. "Or is my plan of eloping the best?"
    Never know until it is put to test
    Lots of savings
    Kind of evading
    But post marriage debts put to rest


    1. Post debts suck
      So avoid them and save a buck
      Start off out of the hole
      That is a lofty goal

  3. People used to announce the wedding and just stay late at church three weeks later and be married. This was before World War II which come to think of it was a looong time ago.
    It just seems more practical than the pageant we have today.

    1. I wish it was still that way
      Easier at every bay and save pay
      Pageant is all it is
      With the current biz

  4. I can't even imagine how much weddings cost these days. Even though my boys are loud and destroyed things when they were young, I'm glad I will never be a mother of a bride.

    1. It sure isn't cheap at all
      Guys are easier at ones hall

  5. Many run 20K and that is being modest. Best to just find someone who will elope

    1. That is a solid plan
      One in which I'm a fan

  6. We had a cheap wedding. And yes, my wife was all right with that. Why blow all that money on one day? (Instead we blew it on the honeymoon and a big screen television.)

    1. haha a big screen tv and a fun place to go
      Is a much better way to spend ones dough

  7. Today is the big day??? Ahh you must e-mail me pictures!!! Congratulations and I wish them a long, happy marriage!

    Psh, cat. The divorce rate actually went down over the last century. Marriage is back IN style. :P

    1. Actually when I wrote this the big day was this august or so
      But they decided to save some dough
      Wised up at their sea
      And did it in december easy as can be

      haha divorce rate is going down
      Because there are far less marriages in every town

    2. It's back in style
      Heck I've been married for a while
      To my couch, you said it Cat
      It's my very own mat

    3. They decided to save money?? That's definitely smart, but totally not smart. Lol

      That's not true, cat. You need find yourself a wifey cat!!

    4. I wondered if the blessed day
      Had come to pass at the aunt's bay
      Glad they decided to save a ton
      And spend the money having fun

    5. Money saving is the best way
      A wifey for the cat you say?
      Hmmm that won't do
      He likes being single at his zoo

  8. You stay at your feed... say it ain't so
    Don't you want to watch the show?
    I hear you're getting married too
    Could this rumor be true?

    1. errr ummm no way
      Need a female first at my bay
      The cat scares all away
      When they come to play

    2. Angie's got a cousin she's real fine
      Speaks like the English, drinks a bit of French wine
      Just say oui Canadian style if you will
      She's a fox plus can take care of a bill

    3. haha hey that sounds great
      Set Pat up on a date lol

    4. Hmmm may have slobber
      Or stolen by a shoe robber

  9. Hang on to your hats, here we go
    Soon there is to be a wedding show
    Spend a lot of money if it's in your pocket
    Or you can go the backwoods way like Davy Crockett

    1. haha the bears and racoons
      Watch two human loons
      As they become one
      Cheap and done

  10. I think eloping is the best alternative. I read somewhere that the shortest lasting marriages are those in which the most money was spent on the wedding. Ha, consider movie stars / musicians &the cost of their long do they generally last? Big show and no go!

    1. Yeah those guys spend a ton
      And they almost never have a long run
      Do it cheap and its done
      Then go have some fun

  11. black sheep -- you can get with this or you can get with that...
    i think you have to ask yourself what you want in life,
    a big fancy wedding (& why) or to be connected with your soul
    mate...and its not that they are independent of each other
    but...seriously some put way too much...and see where they got
    once the bells and whistles fell off.

    1. Black sheep of the family one could be
      If they ignore all the advice from family
      Some make it a big fancy show
      And then after its done treat their significant other as nothing but a foe

  12. So, did you survive the day, Pat?
    All the handshakes and stuff like that?
    Congrats to your Sam,
    Hope their marriage lives in forever land.

    1. lmao I survived it well
      How I watched was swell
      I watched at home not dressed up at all
      As mom told me to stay put at my hall
      For the roads were bad that day
      Cassie watched too while Orlin ran away

  13. Congrats to your aunt. ;) We skip big foofoo planning over here. Our wedding was in a courthouse and I'm still glad about it.

  14. Sometimes I think people spend more time
    planning for their wedding day
    then the life they will be living together
    that's all I have to say


    1. That they surely do
      Forgetting the future at their zoo

  15. For daughters, I hear
    a saying I fear.
    Parents pay for the wedding.
    A fact I am dreading.
    So, I hope she's no dope
    and decide to elope.

    1. lol get to selling books
      Or robbing some crooks
      Just in case
      Or show up on the loo and scare all out of the place

  16. Congrats to the Aunt from all of us too!

    1. The cat doesn't like her though
      He runs when he sees her at the other show

  17. Simple weddings are the best. No reason to go broke when you're just getting started.

    1. Indeed, simple as can be
      Is easier and the way to be at one's sea

  18. Simple weddings are the best. No reason to go broke when you're just getting started.

  19. "Plus divorce rate is high.
    What? It's not a lie."

    Ha ha ha .... that part struck me as really funny, Pat.

    1. Truth usually works well
      With funny as you tell

  20. An excellent write Pat along with an excellent read.

  21. ha - sometimes it's safe to watch from a distance...smiles

  22. Your wedding day is one day you will remember in detail. It is once in a lifetime...I say whatever floats your boat and will make you happy...a big wedding or small. I opted for a small wedding and it was perfect for me. The only thing I wish I would have liked was a live band and dancing at the reception. But it was OK without.

    1. Well once in a lifetime for most
      Some do it 3 or 4 times at their coast haha
      And whatever floats indeed
      At many a feed

  23. Your wedding day is one day you will remember in detail. It is once in a lifetime...I say whatever floats your boat and will make you happy...a big wedding or small. I opted for a small wedding and it was perfect for me. The only thing I wish I would have liked was a live band and dancing at the reception. But it was OK without.

  24. I think eloping is one of the most romantic ways to do it. I tried to get my husband to do it, but he wouldn't. He feared his mother. Not a bad thing to be married to a guy who fears his mother.

    1. lol fear of a mother is sometimes a good fear to have indeed
      Mine wouldn't care though at my feed

  25. orlin N cassie....purrhapz yur aunt & uncle in law could get mare reed in vegas by de KING !!! elvis lives ya noe.....♥♥♥

  26. No, no, don't marry!
    Life will be scary.

    1. Scary as can be?
      Single I will stay at my sea

  27. Weddings are often show and tell
    and it can often be hell.
    must be perfect in every way
    for that very special day.
    in the end, money is gone,
    so are the guests and all that neon
    the bridesmaids had to wear.
    Let's see how the marriage will fare
    that will be the true test.
    in the end it would be best
    to just marry and save all one can
    and not be in a credit jam

    1. That would be best
      But all have to outdo the rest
      Being big and grand
      All across the land

  28. Crazy the cost people undertake for them

  29. Me and mine tried to elope
    But word got out and stole our hope
    Our friends threw us a wedding and a cake
    And tried a very big deal to make
    Now we look back and remember the fun
    So thankful it didn't cost a ton

    1. Well you still saved
      And the path was paved

  30. Weddings, big and small, are fine to have, smiles ~

    I thought for a moment you are the one walking down the altar, ha ~

    Congrats to your aunt and hope you keep warm ~

    1. lol nope not me
      Need a gf first for that at my sea lol

  31. Been there, done that
    You are right.
    The price tag for that crap
    Is outta sight
    But so is divorce.
    You keep it real.
    So go for Vegas Elvis
    It's your best deal.

    1. Divorce would be worse
      Sure take a hit to the purse
      Sign a prenup and be on ones way
      Should things go astray

  32. Elope. I don't know why, just do it ;)

  33. Ahhh...weddings. I think it's Jim Gaffigan who has a whole routine about weddings. He said whenever you get an invitation in the mail, you think, "Ahhh, this is going to cost me." Either you have to fly somewhere (spending all your vacation time and money) or it's local--either way, you have to buy a gift so it's not going to be cheap!

    1. Nope, not cheap at all
      That is why you don't open any mail at your hall

  34. My wedding cost $25 thanks to the Justice of the Peace. No, I don't have any fancy wedding dress or photos to pass down to my kids, but we did take that money and put it towards a down payment on a house. I have a friend that spend 10K on her wedding and bitches all the time about her crummy rent to own. While the day was pretty, I'd much rather have a pretty house to enjoy for years and years.

    1. That is waaaay more practical indeed
      And agree just as much as the blue guy at my feed

  35. Sang or played at hundreds of those
    Interesting to see the ways they all chose
    Some most intimate, some large and grand
    Some with a solo, some a rock band

    Memories of that day are precious, it's true
    But if you have to spend it all, then colour me blue
    Haven't done it myself, can't see it in the mix
    But if I did, I'd use some great savings tricks

    1. Geez, you must know all the ins and outs
      When a weddings is umm abouts
      I've been to a whole one
      Not like your ton haha

    What do you mean, 'Not yet?'
    This is supposed to be fun

  37. I don't understand all the fuss today, or the TV show where four couples compete to win a honeymoon spending upwards of $70,000 on a wedding - when they could have a damn good honeymoon for one tenth and even less of that?

    1. Yeah, 70 grand could buy you a damn fine house too
      With that down payment the mortgage wouldn't break you


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