Where Oh Where At My Lair!

Pat was screwing with our routine and that was just mean. But after a dirty looks or two things went back to normal at our zoo. I guess it was just a bit of spring cleaning or cleaning of the OCD meaning..

Where oh where have you gone?
Am I some sort of pawn?
Where oh where have you gone?
I don't have access to the lawn.

I really need you here.
I can't even cheer.
I'm stuck in first gear.
Oh won't you come near.

My body aches for you.
I tingle oh so true.
I really wish you were back.
Why have you left my shack?

Where oh where have you gone?
Am I some sort of pawn?
Where oh where have you gone?
I don't have access to the lawn.

My love for you shows.
I dig you up from new lows.
I cover you when wet.
Why have you left this pet?

Give me one more chance.
Just a little glance.
I really need you here.
Come and relieve my fear.

Where oh where have you gone?
Am I some sort of pawn?
Where oh where have you gone?
I don't have access to the lawn.

The floor isn't right,
Without you in sight.
My day isn't bright.
It always seems to be night.

Please come back.
Without you I lack.
I won't cause flack.
Not even a gas attack.

Where oh where have you gone?
Am I some sort of pawn?
Where oh where were you?
I now have to do #1 and #2.

Yeah, evil Pat moved the litter box on us for a whole ten minutes or so. That is such a whole new low. It has to stay right in sight. What happens if we need a #1 or #2 flight? Did you catch one with my needing to go pass? I love being a tricky little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. NUMBER 2!
    At your shoe
    Number 1 is easy
    Getting a bit cheesy
    But how about 2
    Scooby Doo
    How do you do
    The name is Blue
    Just kidding, CAT!
    How about that?

    1. Number 2 while number one
      A scrambled up run
      Maybe you need a Scooby clue
      To unscramble at your zoo

    2. From coast to coast!
      Where's my toast?

  2. Replies
    1. Hi there Blue
      Guess I'm #2

    2. Almost at my coast
      But Blue's copy and paste did boast

    3. No copy and paste
      I type with the thunder and haste
      Then I have some toast
      No need to boast
      From coast to coast
      Hi Suza, I'm sorry to cramp your style
      But I had to return... It had been a while
      Where's my bat?

    4. Bats with a ball
      Down a scary hall
      Thunder and haste you say
      No lightning at play

    I bet you sailed to Bora in my shoe
    I bet you really needed to go there
    Good for the tan, good for the hair
    I bet you're not stuck in first gear
    Bora babes aplenty.... oh dear
    Your body aches for Babe One and Two
    And Four and Five... so much to do
    But what about me
    In the place to be
    What about the one and only Bora Blue
    Oh where have you gone to?
    My love for Bora shows
    Check out my nose
    Not my hose
    One babe would be just fine
    And maybe some Bora wine
    I'm not so greedy
    Just considering myself, you know, needy
    A bit of sun to end this drag
    I bet you're gonna brag
    About the sand and the sea
    About the litterbox and you not me
    Pffffffffft I knew you'd leave us all alone
    Chewing on a dinosaur bone
    Evil Cat stole my litterbox that's Bora Beach
    And the Cat's, of course, within reach.

    1. Well at least the dino bone is big
      So you can chew and dance a jig
      While the cat decides between one and five
      He may not get out of bora alive
      Especially when they find out
      That he ate all their trout
      And crapped in their sand
      Life then may not be grand
      But would you be allowed one
      You are married under your sun
      You will just have to look
      Or maybe sit and pretend to read a book
      Being single as can be
      We can do whatever we want at our sea
      And excuse us if we don't check out your nose
      On the sand with Bora babes we would rather doze

    2. Married.. who... me?
      In the place to be?
      Thanks for the remind
      Could you be any kinder
      Maybe if I asked her real nice
      And you dug up some Bora mice
      Probably not today
      And I so want to play
      Life can be cruel that way
      At my blue guy bay

    3. haha poor poor you
      I really feel for you to
      Err umm not
      I'll keep the single plot
      Then I can peep away
      At the bora bay

  4. Hahahaha
    That is really funny to me
    Cats don't know where to pee
    My chicks did the very same
    They don't know who to blame
    Their coop I cleaned of the winter hay
    No longer did they know their bay
    They stood at the door and wouldn't go in
    When always before they're in like Flynn
    I coaxed and coaxed with every treat
    Their stance was firm, it was complete
    I had to pick up hen by hen
    What a chore to reach their den
    Creatures of habit, one and all
    Each one has it's favorite stall

    1. Yep,can't go and change
      Not even a rearrange
      Or they will ave a fit
      Not knowing where to shit
      Although at least cat's will search
      And not be pissed enough to avoid their perch haha

  5. Pat is insane
    To write about his kitty pain
    Instead he should decline
    And wait to tell when cat is fine
    That's because they have claws
    Weapons made for vengeful paws
    So he should keep their life happy
    Or else he might get paws that slappy
    Against his couch and happy fate
    Oh what a mess the cats could perpetuate!
    Pat better be the best he could
    If he wants to keep it all good

    1. That ship may have sailed
      As Pat has more than failed
      The cat left him scars to prove it
      He has more than a bit
      Chopped and scratched
      For the plans he has hatched

  6. You've traumatized those cats for life...

    1. A little payback for me
      For all the times they scratched at my sea

  7. "Where oh where have you gone?"
    It's frustrating when one is all alone
    Where is the Cat
    That sits on its mat
    In Bora bora perhaps leaving Pat all forlorn!


    1. haha the cat has a beach
      Just in reach
      Using it for scat
      Leaving poor Pat

  8. Poor kitties
    I can see they had fitties!

  9. Moving the litter box is seriously scary, for the owner as well as the cat:)

    1. haha yeah, cat may pee on you
      That would just be ewww

  10. Poor cats had no where to go. I hope they got revenge

    1. They get that every day
      As they attack me at our bay

  11. Oh no moved the litter box. Yikes. Our Mom is not allowed to do that unless she puts it right back in position. You all have a great day.

    1. haha Pat put it back after a little while
      We think moving it is oh so vile

  12. There is an order to the universe. My 16 year old Tom Kitty likes the empty cat food can left on the counter. You might have to stop eating your food and lick the can out and look at the dogs lined up at the door. You must remain in control.

    1. haha have to keep an eye on the dogs and have a lick too
      That is sure wise for any zoo

  13. Have to chase Pat down and make him pay

    1. That we surely do
      Every now and then at our zoo

  14. Routine is not supposed to be non-routine!

    1. That is right
      Pat should know that at our site

  15. Poor kitty. My husband is about to spray weed stuff on the grass, which means my dog can't go out there for a couple of hours...she's pretty spoiled. Normally she can just run out there and do her business any time she wants. We just have to let her out.

    1. That is the best way
      Go out when they need to go and play

  16. I figured it out before the end
    that the litter box was out of sight
    don't do that to the cats again
    to give them such a fright!


    1. Yeah they may kick up a stink
      If done again at my rink

  17. Dog and cats need to pass, surly missing all the grass. A warming sun paints the yard, and softens dirt that's become so hard. Spring rolls in and plants the show, and then outside they shall go. :) ~ Jess

    1. Out and about
      Sprint has clout
      But what if not snip snip
      Get more frisky than with cat nip

  18. I bet they would have adjusted
    without being too disgusted.
    Move it a few feet every day
    until it's in it's new place at your bay.

    1. They'd get used to it indeed
      But no other place to put it at my feed

  19. Moving the litter box is unusual and cruel. Pat better watch out for the revenge coming his way. Probably a sneak attack.

    1. Sneak attack at night
      When there is no light

  20. Oh no, don't move the kitties litter bx. I'm sure they will throw a fit When I clean out the rat cages and move stuff around they act like an earthquake just hit. lol Silly animals.

    1. lol well to them it may be an earthquake
      As I'm sure the cage is given a shake

  21. Oh Pat what did you do to cat?
    No litter tray here
    No litter tray there
    You did give kitty a scare!

    1. A scare came due
      But found it before I was through

  22. "My body aches for you.
    I tingle oh so true."
    Oh, dear, I must say,
    did I stumble upon
    a Feline Shades of Gray?

    1. You never know
      What happens below
      The litter is deep
      In it things can creep

  23. Cleaning the litter box meant dirty looks
    from my Sofie Rose
    who craved her nooks.
    She didn't like meddling, not one bit,
    and once it was clean
    she would immediately sh... uh... sit.

    VR Barkowski

    1. haha clean is the way to be
      For each and every kitty
      Then time to hop on in
      And umm sit for the win

  24. Our one cat is picky
    it becomes very tricky
    when it is not cleaned twice a day,
    he meows and meows without delay.
    If our fat cat dares to us it.
    Our Naddie does not like it one dam bit.
    He lets us know by dropping his load
    on our carpet 'cos he has his own code

    1. Damn that has to be a pain
      A fight over the commode train
      Thankfully the cat doesn't care
      And Cassie is too ocd to do it anywhere

  25. spoiled, they are! they sound like me :)

  26. Good read, late in the day for me been trying to gt my ipad up and running.......only bought it 18months ago.

  27. My dog spends almost as much time inside the house as a cat, and luckily she has never really had an accident in the floor.

    Except one time...

    1. Must like it inside more
      No snow or heat at your shore

  28. If you're going to mix things up a bit, it's not the litter box that you choose. If you keep the box gone too long, it's you who might lose. ;)

    1. lol you telling me they may pee on the floor
      Or worse yet, on my head of lore?

  29. Didn't you know that you NEVER, NEVER move the litter box. You will have some pissed off cats!

    1. haha and they may piss on me
      Here at my sea

  30. How dare Pat move the box! That's almost as bad as having to pee and hauling ass to the bathroom at Meijer, only to find out it was out of order! Yes, that happened to me today, and I was tempted to squat and pee all over the floor.

    1. lmao that would be funny to do
      Nasty, but funny at their zoo

  31. Not a nice thing to do
    There at Pat's zoo
    Kitties will scheme and plan
    And get you whenever they can

    1. That I have no doubt indeed
      As their thoughts I read

  32. Do not mess with the box. That's in the book of cat rules.


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