A Must See Violence Spree!

We have to top ourselves today. Let's blow things up at my bay. Let's chop off a head. Watch as that evil guy is dead. With the a to z we go on another violence spree.

Blame the TV,
Blame the video game.
That is what kids see,
Parents aren't just lame.

Follow the PTA.
Go all PC.
That is the way.
It's the media spree.

They lop of a head.
They shoot people up.
Put a horse head in bed,
Hey, beats food for a pup.

The media is the blame.
That is the stance.
None of it is tame.
All it takes is a glance.

Pffft give the cat a break.
Go jump in a lake.
Maybe choke on some cake.
Oopsy, in violence did I partake?

Burnt at the stake.
That must be swell.
A noose we can make,
To send all to Hell.

A sword to the gut.
A club to the head.
Burnt in a hut,
While sleeping in bed.

Poison in your cup.
An arrow to the heart.
Attacked by a pup,
Relieved of a certain part.

All have been done.
All nasty as can be.
And with their killing fun,
Guess what at your sea?

There was NO media what so ever!
And more violence came due.
Now don't you feel clever?
Sorry PC idiots, but screw you.

Now violence in the media may and does make one dumbed down to it. So when they see it they don't give a umm spit. But causing nut bags to be nut bags? Yeah, kill those brain cells with your weed drags. Excuses for humans being a violent race as "civilized" they pretend to embrace, is all it is. Humans were waaaay more violent before the media biz. So that excuse is as likely as violence being caused by the gas from my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. "A Must See Violence Spree!"
    Needn't go far for it is all over TV
    Attracts the audience
    A headache for parents
    Money! Why should producers worry!


    1. All comes back to the dough
      With what they show

  2. that's true. humans were way more violent that the media biz.

  3. There is much violence on TV, no wonder the youngsters get into trouble early in life.
    Great verse Pat.
    Enjoy your week-end.

  4. Those who would commit acts of violence will do it no matter what. Media, art, and entertainment is all a reflection of what is happening in the world - not a cause. Reality is far worse and more violent than we could possibly imagine.

    1. Yep, a nut is a nut without any need for the TV to lead the way
      Reality is a for more grim display

  5. I was just watching an interview (conducted by the guy Robert Downey Jr. walked out on this week) where the reporter was trying to force Quentin Tarantino to give his thoughts on whether violence in movies leads to violence in real life. It must have been not long after what happened in Sandy Hook. Tarantino refused to speak about it, saying he's given his thoughts on that many times and he's not giving them again.

    1. Some try and ram it down one's throat
      Trying to rock the boat
      To make ratings rise
      Bugging the famous guys

  6. I stay away from both violent books and movies!

  7. I don't watch TV that much anymore, smiles ~

    1. Did away with it at your sea
      As out and about now for thee

  8. Don't chop your family with an axe
    Keep on chopping to the max
    This is not polite to do
    Listen to the pidgens coo
    Don't push your grannie down the well
    Your water then won't taste so swell
    Don't put a bomb in Uncle's car
    A trip with him won't take you far
    Don't light your sister's hair on fire
    And blame the gnomes, they do conspire
    Don't give brother a cyanide pill
    He'll never make it up the hill
    Ideas straight from television
    Are gonna land you right in prison

    1. Just have to watch CSI
      And they all are given a try
      But most of them get caught
      So in jail they rot
      Especially if Lassie is around
      Then poor old granny will be found

    2. Hahaha
      Just got around to this on Sunday. Damn that Lassie.

    3. Lassie for the save
      Stopping old people from falling in their grave

  9. I never believed that violent movies and video games caused violent behavior. Like Alex said, people will do what they want to do regardless of the type of movies they watch and video games they play. Not everyone who prefers violence in movies, etc. are violent.

    1. Yeah people will do what they like in the end
      Violent nuts are already around the bend

  10. I think you're right, Pat. Humans are just a violent species.

    1. Violent from the start
      Tearing each other apart

  11. I think there has always been violence
    it just is in our human way
    there's just so many more ways to report it these days
    that it makes it more on display


    1. Yep, since the internet came to be
      Can see it every day, sadly

  12. The human capacity for cruelty and violence is part of what it is to be human. It's all about survival and power. We all have this "dark side" that can emerge, sometimes without warning. And humans can be canny and inventive in being cruel. I do not think that watching tv increases violence; it may keep you from doing other activities that are more beneficial. In the past, so much violence never got reported; and of course, now there are billions more people, so more happens. Just wait and see what happens as we run out of resources and most importantly water!
    Dare I say, have a good one?

    1. Yeah, if the water goes bye bye
      People will sure give violence a try
      Better watch eye for an eye
      As in the grave many shall lie
      And with billions more around
      Higher odds sure are found

  13. Tv and movies are significantly toned down from how violent humans were in the past.

  14. A great post and I agree!
    Violent humans will always be
    But not ALL would
    'Cause most are good
    So the media is not to blame
    Since bad'll always be the same

    1. Yeah most aren't bad
      Unless backed into a corner at their pad
      Then it can come out
      With more than a shout

  15. We are constantly amazing at the violence that seems to be common place these days.

  16. Replies
    1. Yep, at least for most of the world out there
      Some still, sadly, have to be super aware

  17. Another lame "outrage" from overprotective parents and people who are paranoid.

    1. Yep, that is all it is
      With the violence biz

  18. I think we're more aware of violence today because we see in on TV, in the newspapers, on computers and everywhere. When I was younger, people didn't talk about it so much. Protect the children, I guess.

    1. Awareness through all we have is a big one
      But yeah, no more of it is done

  19. This reminds me of the song Savages by Marina and the Diamonds.

    1. First time I heard that one
      But yep, similar a ton

  20. We see it more and become desensitized to it, but as Adam said, just a lame excuse for nutty parents to push the blame on something other than themselves

    1. Yep, the nuts use it for blame
      With every claim

  21. Blood, blood everywhere.
    On the walls, on the stair.
    As long as it's not in my underwear.

    1. That would mean a trip to the er
      By plane, train or car

  22. Good point. The cavemen
    Started it all
    With a club to the kneecaps
    And a rock to the balls
    If you messed with their
    Grub or winked at their cave-ladies
    They'd drown your smart-phone
    And tag your Mercedes.

    1. They'd rub your face in the dirt
      If you were to flirt
      Poor Martha be screwed
      Not with attitude lol

  23. Perfect timing for me/as I brought the saw, the rifle and the bee/the latter is lethal with its sting/sit on it and you won't feel a thing! :-)

    Greetings from London.

  24. I think you are right. Go ask a Knight. Indians and Cowboys also killed each other with weapon toys. It's in our blood, despite all the PC crud.

    1. Yep, its been there forever
      The violent endeavor

  25. Ha! I never thought about that but you're so right.

  26. I say blame anyone else for my violence but me.

  27. Everyone needs a good scapegoat, right?

  28. Amen. Think of all those old western shows. They shot all kinds of people, just met them in the middle of the street and boom. Parents don't have to let their kids watch violence if they're concerned.

    1. Yep, can change the channel indeed
      Way more before TV took seed

  29. How true how true! There were times when people brought picnics to hangings. The witch hunts had people being tortured and burnt at the stake. If a kid becomes a killer, besides the environment, maybe he/she is just vial and needs to be done with (thinking of serial killers here and kids who kill other kids just to see what all the fun is)

    1. Yep, nuts are just plan nuts in the head
      As they want others dead

  30. Ah Pat in the Hatt
    A clever cat
    How about that
    Things go splat
    I blame it on religion
    Kill in the name of the Gun

    Pawsitive wishes

  31. There's nothing new under the sun!
    Violence was here when the world was begun.

    1. Nothing new indeed
      Just more "civilized" I guess they pretend to be at every feed

  32. The last times I noticed I dont like violence movies (and there are a lot) I fight sometimes with hubby because sometimes he see !!

  33. Help, I've fallen behind again, and I'm having a hard time getting up
    But today I'm glad I stopped by to see you, you sassy little pup.
    I couldn't agree more with what you've said here
    It's only excuses that the masses like to cheer.
    Violence is an unfortunate part of man's nature and emotional make up
    We just can't help himself and wants to hit someone with a cup.

    1. Biff the cup at their head
      That will cause them dread
      A sassy pup now?
      Might be a youtube hit as a pup that can meow

  34. Well for the love of gravy, I hate when my comments don't show. I know because I come to see what you replied, lol. Silly Google, I think (I sometimes visit before signing in). Or maybe silly me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. lol geez google eats them up at my sea
      Or maybe it could just be thee

  35. Yes, violence has always been around
    Of that there is no doubt
    But today we are exposed to buckets of it
    Which may tempt more to act out

    1. Temptation there may be
      But once crazy, always crazy

  36. I think the video games has a little to do with the violent part too

    1. Nothing to do at all
      AS they give their pc call

  37. I agree. Violence has been around forever. Will continue to be here as long as humans are walking the earth. Media and video games don't create violence. They just highlight all the lunies that are living among us.

    1. Yep, they show the loons to one and all
      Giving them a looney tune call


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