Clearing The Air At My Lair!

So every now and then the cat hears people go on about the air at their den. Not always pollution wise, but yeah that can hurt the eyes. Instead about how you need fresh air. Hmmmm is that like a dare?

You need to get out.
Fresh air out and about.
Enjoy the fresh air.
It is ever so rare.

Pfffft is what I say.
Here at my bay.
Fresh air is still a thing?
To that you can cling.

Air inside comes from where?
Ummm stumped at your lair?
Still can't get it?
My no wonder you have an air fit.

Air inside comes from outside!
Is that a blow to your pride?
Poor poor you.
Whatever will you do?

The fresh air is everywhere.
Or fresh as it can be at your lair.
For if you live in any city,
The air you should pity.

Smog up the butt.
Safer at your hut?
Nope, air still gets in.
Damn, you just can't win.

Get out and play.
Enjoy a sunny day.
Get out and run.
Get out and have fun.

All of those can be done.
All of those are a fine run.
They are all true.
But fresh air, sorry not so at your zoo.

Unless maybe you are going far.
Driving where there isn't a tall building or car.
Then the air may be fresh.
Then maybe the saying can mesh.

Otherwise it doesn't pass the test.
So you humans can give the fresh air a rest.
Air inside or out,
Is the same air all about.

Use that saying at your sea? Of course it is different inside if you purify it will glee. Or work in a manure building or such. Maybe a refuse place with nasty things to the touch. But for the most part it is the same. So the fresh air thing is just lame. Now I am done with my air sass. It certainly isn't fresh when it comes from my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


    Or is it the blue tank?
    O well, as long as we're still here
    Making you cheer
    It's a sunny day at my bay
    So I might not stay
    Have fun at your bun
    Blue says he's done

  2. Replies
    1. 'morning to
      you too, Blue!


    2. It's Sunday... whatcha gonna do?
      Taking it slow at your show?
      Or work to be done?
      (Say it ain't so.)

    3. Work always to be done
      When on a writing run

    4. Is it fun
      Or do you want to run?

    5. Writing is fun
      The 9-5 I shun

  3. Well now... 11 out of 13
    As I boast at my scene
    Fresh air?
    Doesn't exist at my lair
    I mean, check out my hair
    Is it still there
    As I stare
    And scare
    Is my air green?
    Do you know what I mean?
    Should I go outside
    And not hide?
    So many questions, Cat
    Well, I just might at my mat
    But I'll need to drive far away
    40 miles away from my bay
    To find a healthy whiff
    And I go sniff sniff
    Have fun
    At your bun
    Could do
    With a she

    1. With a she?
      Going all fling at your sea?
      Without a shoe
      May catch something or two
      40 mins is a drive
      How will you ever survive?
      Might get sun burn
      As you take every turn

    2. A she may beat a shoe
      Just don't beat her with a shoe Scooby Doo

    3. Or you'd go to the slammer
      Down comes the hammer

  4. "the cat hears people go on about the air at their den"
    But there is always free air all to one's heart content
    Just go get a big nose
    Breathe in a large dose
    One gets lots and lots of free air to just say 'when'!


    1. Free air everywhere
      Wish money was as free at every lair lol

  5. Fresh air in the country!
    That's how they sell it to the numpty.
    Ever been around a cow so fair?
    It ain't fresh, what they do to the air!

    1. Oh we had cows galore
      So I can attest to that at my shore

  6. I've had some beach fresh air today.
    I enjoyed your verse Pat, thinking about it as I walked along the shore.
    Have fun.

    1. A beach is always a good spot
      To think and be taught

  7. My wife is always wanting to open up the windows and let in fresh air. But it's no different than what's already inside. And open windows just means twice the pollen blows in.

    1. Yep, same air as already there
      Pollen can be a pain at every lair

  8. If you think your'e fleet of foot
    But your whole world goes kaput
    Take a breath of air it's simple
    Fill out that little dimple
    Or if your world begins to sag
    Stick your whole head in a bag
    Tie it up so very tight
    Fooled ya, no air left or right

    1. lol on a murder spree
      Today at my sea?
      Geez, don't cross you
      Fooling all in view

  9. People and their fresh air, crazy

  10. Fresh air is anew
    Like swimming a canoe
    You open the door
    And wind starts to soar
    Then life is good
    'Cause joy is understood
    And love is in the air
    With wind through my hair

    1. But Cat's gassy ass
      Is sweet like sassafras
      So no fresh air
      Needs to go in his lair

    2. Love is in the air?
      I thought it in a pair?
      Well something goes in there
      Hmmm was that a gutter affair?

    3. Sweet gas?
      May still get sass

  11. Sunny day outside so I am going out for a bit of fresh spring air ~

    Wow, Blue is racking up the #1 slot, smiles ~

    1. Blue is going right to town at my sea
      And yeah, I suppose I'll go out for a bit of a sunny spree

  12. Passing the smell test can be risky at times!

    1. Yeah, never know what will come to pass
      Can be gas or worse than gas

  13. We are having a fresh air day
    a day to get out and play at my bay
    nothing smelly here in the air
    weather fine and sky is fair!

  14. Same air indoors and outdoors. That is true

    1. True indeed
      Unless something nasty indoors takes seed

  15. I need some fresh air after being cooped up all winter in the house. Fresh air and sunshine.!

    1. That is the way to be
      Bring sun and sand by the sea

  16. It is nice to get outside, at least to some different air full of birds chirping, nice breezes and flowers blooming. Great post.

    1. Yeah bet the cats like that
      As the birds are where its at

  17. I was amazed when I went outside
    to do a little bit of weeding
    that the birds were singing so prettt
    as they were doing some feeding

    reminded me to get out a bit more
    than I currently do
    to enjoy what nature holds for us
    because its beauty is so true


    1. I don't get out much at my sea
      But maybe a bit more with a spree
      Until the snow comes back
      Then its hermit again at my shack

  18. i had a full week of beautiful air in south africa and now i'm back to my dusty lair!

  19. We try to get the dog out in the fresh air daily, but noooo....she'd rather romp through the house.

    1. lol more fun to knock stuff over
      Thus the way of rover

  20. One can stare
    At the air
    On sunny days
    I like to gaze
    It's never clean
    Yet rarely seen
    Unless there's smog
    Or it's filled with fog
    So let's clear the air
    If you dare
    To be fair
    First, beware.
    This makes no sense
    But does rhyme
    Nonsense is no crime.

    1. Smog and fog
      Or gas from a dog
      Either way it can be seen
      Or smelt whether clean
      Then nonsense runs
      Around tons

  21. But mom always told us kids that we had to go outside and get some fresh air. I think she really just wanted us out of her hair.

    1. haha that is probably why
      Not fresh air from the sky

  22. I have fresh air here in my yard and Is ok:))

  23. Replies
    1. for those who reading that don't get it, China doesn't have any real regulations so pollution is literally killing people there.

    2. That one I knew
      Seen the smoggy pics at my zoo

  24. I agree! Although sunlight is good for us, breathing the air outside is probably worse for us than breathing the air inside our own houses!

    1. Yep, all the car exhaust and crap
      The sun is good to take a lap

  25. I live in the suburbs here in Adelaide, but I'm not sure if the air is any cleaner than in the city.

    1. The air gets pushed along
      But it beats Hong Kong

  26. I have walked into my house
    to greet my spouse
    but all I smell is dead air
    which isn't fair
    to me or my pets
    the ait inside gets
    too warm and smelly
    that it makes my belly want to heave.
    so what do I need to achieve
    to rid of pet, bathroom and kitchen odour?
    Open up the windows!:)

    1. lol I suppose the smelly air
      Can sure amass at ones lair
      Stink does rise
      Or so it tries

  27. I say that phrase
    with the fresh air craze!
    I don't think it means the outside is cleaner
    but sometimes it's cooler and a little sweeter.
    Inside air can get stale and dusty
    open the windows and get rid of the musty.
    As soon as it's warm enough and I spring clean,
    the fresh air will come in as the windows open I fling!

    1. lol geez, messed up the last rhyme
      That is such a crime
      Maybe need to open the windows a crack
      There at your shack lol
      Give neighbor man a show
      Ours stay closed most of the time due to orlin thinking through the screen he can go

  28. May not be the cleanest air
    But sure feels cool and breezy
    And that's so much better
    Than dead, stale and sleazy

    Gorgeous day here
    With lots of warmth and sun
    I think I'm almost convinced
    That winter is said and done

    1. Getting there here too
      Winter can be flushed down the loo
      Spring has sprung indeed
      Dead air is tough to read

  29. I plan on sucking in a lot of air at the beach this summer. That's the only place I want to get out of the house and go to get some fresh air :)

    1. Not a bad place to go
      Hate the places sand can get though

  30. I'm on a clean air roll over at my place. One air purifier post up and one to go!! :) Myself, I prefer being outside to inside (if it's warm). Fresh air does do ya' good, methinks. :)

    1. haha unless the bugs bite
      Then you'll have an itchy night

  31. Air moves, all around our planet. I really got this over 40 years ago, standing on remote barrens on the Burin Peninsula in Newfoundland. The wind was blowing hard, and guess what it was bringing in to that wild, unpopulated area? Smog from the eastern seaboard of the USA. A lot of smog! If we want fresher air, we need to improve our air quality with better pollutions controls and carbon sequestration among other things. Often the air inside our homes and work spaces is more toxic than the "fresh air" outside. Another good one, Pat!

    1. Yep, we get dosed in one place because of another one
      Air can surely be no fun


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