Get A Little Yappy With Happy!

Happy is a word that gets thrown around a lot. Some seem dead set on making everyone hot to trot. They aren't happy unless all others are happy, which in turn makes them a little yappy. Anyway, for the a to z today we go the Happiness way.

Don't worry be happy.
Yeah, just sit back and have a nappy.
Being happy will pay the bills.
Happiness has some thrills.

Happiness isn't obtained through money.
What planet are you living on, honey?
Are you living in a cloud?
If so, damn you must be proud.

It may not bring happiness up the ying yang.
But when have you heard a rich person go, dang!
I wish I didn't have all this money,
I'm so sad that it just isn't funny.

Pffft give me a break.
What else can you bake?
Mud makes everyone happy?
My ocd may then get flappy.

Wealth, at least some, = health.
Can't get it with some happiness stealth.
Broke and broken don't mix,
Unless happiness is playing tricks.

Could love your job,
Even love old husband Bob.
But if you can't pay the rent.
You may not love that street corner tent.

Do what makes you happy.
That sounds so snappy.
Then the money will come.
I hope you have a rich mom.

Happiness is a blank slate.
To it everyone can relate.
It means the same to all.
Just read happy on the wall.

Pffft to that too.
Some people are happy sniffing glue.
Not that it is something you should do.
Some are happy cleaning the loo.

Happy = health, wealth, comfort and peace of mind.
All of them go together and form a bind.
Yes, you can be positive without all four.
But is positive the same as the happiness tour?

The cat will let you judge that, as it is different for every single world doormat. Step on in to each person's life and their happiness is different to what takes away the strife. But those that say money doesn't buy happiness at least in some way, already have their needed pay. Or they are just a liar passing gas. Not clogged with gas makes me a happy little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Un dos très.... rebooting the reboot with class
    Testing my blue suede shoe one two Scooby Doo...

    Feeling kinda smitten?
    H is for Hank - did you know?
    That is Hank the Poetry Tank at your show
    H is for Hatt too at your shoe
    H is for Happy Humpers right next door
    Wanting more on their floor
    Screaming encore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Well, have fun at your House
    Go catch a mouse
    How do you do
    The name is Blue

    1. Good Morning Blue it"s just you and I today. How is your blue suede shoe?

    2. It's doing fine. But it does miss the one that the furry Cat stole from me.

    3. Going all french now at my sea
      Not sure they are spelled right from thee
      Hank get the H indeed
      Hatt sure takes seed
      But that does every day
      Come what may
      With only one shoe
      Poor poor you

    4. Hank is not seen
      Has other fishes to fry
      He is still lurking
      Will make later tries


  2. Replies
    1. You are quick I thought I could slip in behind the veil and be #1

    2. Well, you're my number one. How does that sound to you?
      At the Kitty Cat Shoe?

    3. Blue that is sweet, you made me happy 😄
      The cat will say we are sappy.. haha
      Happiness is a state of mind!
      Cat H should be for Hatt
      the one and only Pat Hatt
      master of rhyme at your mat

    4. Haha I tried to insert a happy face and what appears two squares

    5. If one doesn't have to worry about health and money they would be happier..

    6. Yappy and sappy
      But whatever makes you happy
      The cat will stay on Bora Beach
      Way out of any yappy or sappy reach
      Blue being sweet
      Just is not neat

    7. I can be sweet
      Make hearts skip a beat

    8. Hmm if you say so
      There at your show

  3. Nine out of ten at your shore
    See, I came back for more
    Makes me happy you know
    Where's Hank at your show?
    Don't worry, he'll be back
    He'll crush me and then I'll crack
    Or so they say
    At your bay
    Good thing money can't make you smile, Cat
    No Bora gold where your mat is at
    The poor say they don't need a buck
    Supposedly it doesn't bring us luck
    I'd love my job more if they paid me more
    No more IRS a-knockin' on my door
    Service my butt now where's that dough
    To make me happy just so you know
    My students say money doesn't make them happy too
    They pay 5000 buck a years to be at my shoe
    'Oh well, that doesn't count Mr Blue...
    We mean a big car and a golden Scooby Doo...'
    So there it is, Cat: no Bora Gold,
    No richest untold
    A house that needs to be sold
    Being happy in the cold

    1. Happy and cold don't go hand and hand
      That would be a crappy land
      A cardboard box
      And holey socks
      5000 is cheaper than what I had to pay
      Mine was more like 10k at my bay
      And I got a fancy piece of paper
      Wow, they sure run some caper
      Could have spent 100 bucks and went to some forging guy
      And had it all done up on the fly
      But the cat would never tell a lie
      Pat? He'll let them fly

    2. 10k at your bay
      Say it ain't so at your show

    3. Oh it was so
      std loans to prove the dough

  4. My favorite is the theme song to Hershey Park: "Hershey Park Happy, Hershey Park Glad". When you are surrounded by the sweet smell of Hershey's chocolate you can't help but BE happy!

    1. haha chocolate can do that I suppose
      Perk up any lows

  5. Lately, there have been a lot of people stepping on my happiness. Not cool. Sometimes I wonder if they get their kicks that way. :)

    1. Well you need to put on a steel toe boot
      And kick them right where they have their umm loot

  6. Money can't buy happiness, but it can sure eliminate some unhappiness!

    1. Yep, that it surely will
      Like paying every bill

    2. Don't worry, be happy!

    3. haha - R said more than two words
      he must be extremely happy...

    4. R is Patt.... believe me
      From coast to coast

    5. R must be happy as can be
      Nope, R is not me
      Don't live in San Jose
      At least I don't think so anyway

  7. Cat hit the switch and made it bright
    Have to agree that he is right
    Happiness is a state of mind
    Many idiots there you also find

    If you have to worry about your bills
    It's impossible to find any extra thrills
    You say you're happy if you're broke
    Don't kid me, you're a joke

    I lived through a depression with FDR
    No money anywhere, so bizarre
    Did I see happy people with all of this strife
    Hell no, happiness waited till I became a rich wife

    1. haha so what are you saying?
      I need to get out there and start playing,
      Until I find a rich woman to marry?
      That sure wouldn't be scary
      And yep, broke as can be
      Sure doesn't cause one to be happy

  8. 'They' also say ignorance is bliss,
    To that I hiss
    "Go ahead and be a dummy,
    You'll turn into a politician that's scummy!"

    1. Or a used car salemen too
      Both are them are scummier than a dirty loo

  9. Health and wealth do seem to go with happiness.

    1. That they do
      Have to have, somewhat, those two

  10. I was HAPPY to read this wonderful verse Pat. Good choice.

  11. You sure are yappy
    about being happy.
    It's different for every body
    what makes them content man or lady.

    1. That it is indeed
      I always get yappy at my feed lol

  12. Happy, as always, to read clever verse
    You could have slept in...and that'd be much worse!

    1. But I did sleep in
      Pre published for the win

  13. Loving your old husband bob makes you happy? I challenge that statement. Lol

    1. lol well Bob may be grand
      To some older woman in his land

  14. You are right, happy is a thrown around word
    often misused and abused
    but I don't think wealth is the key for it
    I think others would agree that could be true


    1. It is not the key
      But it sure helps one to be happy

  15. Because I'm happy
    Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof
    Because I'm happy
    Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth

    1. The cat can't clap
      So he won't fall for your happy trap

  16. Grumpy Cat tells me that happy is overrated!

    1. Grumpy cat is rich too
      What unhappiness can do

  17. Happiness is a state of mind with a little money in the bank

  18. I guess the lesson is that happiness is a very individual thing!

  19. I'd rather be content and happy
    Than rich and crappy
    I have all that I need
    And feel like I've been freed.
    Who needs headaches
    That come with being a snake
    I'm happy as a cat
    Because I'm not a spoiled brat.

    1. Well cats are spoiled
      They never toiled
      But yeah having just enough
      Is the right stuff

  20. It's not always easy to be happy.

    1. It can be
      Unless someone is trying to say murder thee lol

  21. Phil Plasma just reminded me that probably the ONLY thing that doesn't make me "Happy" is Pharrell's terrible song.

    Also, I used to love husband Bob, but these days I feel like I'm just kinda going through the motions.

    1. Poor Husband Bob tries and tries
      All you want to do is feed him to the flies

  22. There are so many reasons to be happy... that it makes me unhappy when people see the bad in life and not the blessings...

    1. That is all many see
      The bad and have no glee

  23. haha, you nailed it!!! The one problem with being happy is that it generally doesn't pay the bills the way you want. It's a flaw in the word!!!

    1. haha yep, happy never pays the bills
      But it can get some umm thrills

  24. I'm pretty sure every study ever done says people with money are happier than those who are poor. A recent study said rich people sleep better too. Guess I'm in the middle.

    1. So those who say that stupid money line
      Can go pound sand says the feline haha

  25. Want to be happy? So be it!
    Smile, leap from the hill to hill
    Say: happy with thrill!
    Get more, and no one to compete!

  26. Money doesn't buy you happiness
    according to some guy.
    True, that may just be sappiness,
    but I'd like to give it a try.

    1. Yep, I'm there with you
      I'd like to try it too

  27. I think rhymes about farts
    Makes Cat happy as he imparts
    His wise and silly rhyme
    Despite a smelly crime
    That fills the blog with stench
    As we grab our nose to clench
    But we are glad he's happy
    So we ignore his smell of crappy

    1. The cat is happy for relief
      Pent up gas can cause grief
      So after his flow
      He just let's it go

    2. Wow, the rhymes really flow when it's about gas! Literally and figuratively.

    3. They just have a way
      Of passing come what may

  28. Happiness comes in ebbs and flows
    That is a truth that everyone knows
    Those who are happy all the time
    Don't make sense and aren't sublime
    Those who are sad and miserable too
    Desire much company, something also true

    1. Some are kind of weird indeed
      Happy nuts at their feed
      The poor pitiful me
      Can just bite me at my sea

  29. happyness has many faces - luckily - and i love that it can also mean different things for different people -makes me happy - ha

    1. haha made you happy over happy
      Nothing about that is sappy

  30. Great post--I love this part: "Happy = health, wealth, comfort and peace of mind. All of them go together and form a bind."

  31. Do what makes you happy? To that I say phft too. No money in staying home with your kids. None. zip. zilch. nada.

    1. haha pfffft is sure the way
      Unless your kids can pay

  32. Very thoughtful post. I think it's saying that happy means different things to different people. I agree. What makes me happy doesn't necessarily make you happy. Good. :)

    1. Yep, there is a different happiness for all
      Not just some writing on a wall

  33. Happiness money can't buy
    But all the fabric I spy
    Can become mine with a lot of cash
    And that would make me a happy stash

    1. Yep, money could do a ton
      To add to any happiness run

  34. Happiness is different for everyone. I've always said I'm not happy, I'm just content.

    1. Content isn't so bad
      Better than miserable at ones pad

  35. Money can't buy happiness, but it makes a helluva down payment!

  36. orlin N cassie

    we wood bee happee if we never hurd... ore saw ...another bass terd burd in R live long dayz... tho frank lee we due knot think all de money.... in de werldz... gonna help solve thiz izzue...


    1. Nope, you are screwed there
      Unless you move to a deserted island in the middle of nowhere

  37. Happiness comes and goes
    Along with the woes.

  38. Always it's a choice, how to share your inner voice. Being happy brightens the day, inviting in fun and play. Whatever circumstances paint the scene, the cheerful path shows its sheen. :) ~ Jess

    1. Paint and enjoy the color on display
      It can brighten many a day

  39. Happiness is in the little things. A cup of coffee on a cold morning. Time spent with loved ones. Margaritas on a patio on a nice spring evening. The last one sounds really nice, actually!

    1. haha that will perk you up
      As you sit with the pup

  40. The bird in the tree is happy to me
    He sings a sweet song as I sway along.

    1. Until along comes a cat
      And the poor bird turns to scat

  41. I would love to find out if that statement about money not buying happiness is true or not. grin.

  42. Pat
    Ron Teeguarden has Dragon Herbs Co. and he has a bunch of vids on YT and some with David Wolf. I have several of his formulas (in tinctures) that have Ho Shou Wu in them. I think he's a good herbalist. I also am taking Ho Shou Wu (4 oz bottle) by Herb Pharm and that is good for many things plus the hair. Another of my problems. haha. I thought I mentioned this to you before, but maybe not....... too crazy busy. Talk to you later.

    1. haha that is the site I have saved when I went looking after your post
      First time I have heard of that one at my coast

  43. Well sometimes we are happy and sometimes nope.
    And sometimes happiness is only have peace and be ok:))

    1. Peace and being okay
      Can sure go a long way

  44. Happy so happy to read your happy blog today.

  45. Money always helps, but it doesn't, in itself, give happy yelps. Sometimes when we are poor, we connect with other people more. Riches can cause isolation and fear of losing one's station. But when the shit goes down, money will get you out of town...

    1. Yep, money sure helps with the shit
      And keep a place well lit
      But yeah it hides many away
      As other creeps want your pay

  46. Being happy is a choice ~ Wow, Blue is sure fast ~

  47. "Get A Little Yappy With Happy!"
    Gets everyone a little more snappy
    Have a smile
    All the while
    The world laughs with you readily


    1. Laughs with you or at you
      Either way is fine at my zoo

  48. Christina Onassis was one rich girl
    but no one could unfurl
    the blues from her mind.
    She could not find
    happiness anywhere
    it was too much to bare
    so now she is dead
    but I bet poor Fred
    would love to be
    as rich as she
    was cos it does not hurt
    having extra money:)

    1. Extra dough
      Sure isn't a foe
      But some can't be happy at all
      No matter the size of their hall

  49. Happy and money, in many respects, go hand in hand

  50. Happy is as happy does
    It takes a lot for thing to be as they was
    It's not money or a pot of honey
    But what's in your heart
    That makes you happy and smart

    1. The brain may play apart
      In keeping you smart lol

  51. What's that saying? Money can't buy happiness, but it can buy ice cream. And that's pretty much the same thing, right?

    1. Unless dairy is scary
      And things can get hairy

  52. Happy seems like a word so trite
    Yet we all know what it means, right?
    And although it's different for different folks
    Today it's a rhyming cat with lots of jokes

    1. lol maybe I'll get in the dictionary to describe happy
      The description though may be yappy

  53. If you don't have enough money to cover the bare basics, it's hard to be happy. It seems more and more that many people are working longer and longer and harder and harder for less and less. I'd like to try out being wealthy, so I could make an informed decision about whether or not money buys happiness. LOL!
    It doesn't take much to make me happy; but then, I have what I need and some more for some wants. Just keep me healthy! Without health, happiness is very difficult. Happy weekend, Pat!

    1. Yeah, health is sure key
      And that is what the work force is becoming, sadly

  54. Don't Worry... Be Happy. They write songs to make you even happier.


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