Let's Adverties The Lies!

So the a to z has begun its run. The cat has decided to give a bit of a theme a run. They will be mainly topics that can get people going. You know I like such a showing. Nothing is off limits at my sea. So for A we tackle advertising and human severe gullibility.

Advertising is the way,
To make lots of pay.
But 90% of it is a lie,
And some may even make you die.

As seen on Dr. Oz!
That should get an applause.
You see such ads everywhere.
Guess what? 95% are a fake affair.

Will make you lose weight fast.
It will be a blast.
Not to mention kill your liver.
But there is no need to shiver.

You will get rich quick.
$5,455.56 an hour if your slick.
Just sign up today.
I guarantee you pay.

Forget what I am saying.
Forget what is even playing.
Just look at that model in the pic.
Don't they just make everything click?

Yeah, you'll look like that.
Just use our product, stat.
Sex sells everything for us.
No muss, no fuss.

Oh and even better for you,
A celebrity endorses it too.
Damn, you are on a roll.
Come and take this truck for a stroll.

Such and such a diva drives it.
It has to be the umm spit.
It will get you all the girls.
It can even do twirls.

Forget the "do not try this at home."
The sexy outcome will still foam.
Believe in what we say.
We want you happy at the end of the day.

You'll look and feel your best.
We beat all the rest.
Who needs fat people showing our stuff.
I think you've heard enough.

Pffft you humans must buy into the nonsense though, as this crap keeps continuing to flow. Sure beats the cat why because there is no magic pill or product that will rain down from the sky. You want something you have to do the work. Some things may be a perk, but they aren't going to go poof and make you look or feel or whatever like what is shown. So just put down your telephone. Save money and give such advertisers some nasty gas. It works well for my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Sniff-sniff reboot one two... one two...
    Testing Blue suede shoe...

    Still going round the bend
    Dreaming about a blue rock trend
    Or finally on the healthy mend?
    Say, what is Hankster The Tankster up to?
    I hear he's found my sniff-sniff grumpy shoe
    That guy is quick as a flash as I crash
    A bit like how I spend my cash
    I said it once and I'll say it once more
    Do you know what I mean
    At the Kitty Cat Shore?

    1. Congrats Blue
      Like kind of glue!


    2. Blue is like glue
      Stuck at his zoo
      Or would that be mine?
      Beats the feline
      Cash can go
      High and low
      In a dash
      Or in a flash

    3. Scooby Doo glue
      Wait strike that at your shoe

  2. Replies
    1. Good morning, Hank
      What's up at your bank?

    2. Good morning Blue
      Glad it was you!


    3. Two hunks at the top
      They can try and make us stop
      You know it'll be a flop
      Let's shop
      How's life at your shore
      Will it be sunny and more?

    4. Errr ummm okay
      I'll ignore the last part at my bay

    5. Smart thinking Cat
      I knew you'd say that

    6. Good to ignore
      Something of umm lore

  3. They lie until you die
    And when you say goodbye
    They say hi to another cat
    Or Blue on his mat
    99% isn't true
    Here! Buy a shoe!
    It's great, can't go wrong
    Before you know it,
    you're singing the blue shoe song
    Get rich today
    At your bay
    The dough will come and stay
    Rake that money in
    At your bin
    It's no sin
    You can win
    How about a bit of sex in the mix
    A free ride and some kitty chicks
    Um... that sounds a bit wrong
    Sniff-sniff the blue shoe song
    Celebrities can go to hell
    As their butts sell
    Making me yell
    Mr T says it great
    Now go buy it!
    Don't be late!
    It'll be a discount too
    'Cause you're my friend at my shoe
    Take one pill and you'll be a brand new you
    You can eat fruit again and gluten too
    I promise... would I lie

    1. haha Mr T can surely bite me
      As can any other celebrity
      Take their shoe
      And shove it up the gazoo
      Hopefully it gets stuck
      And leaves them shit outta luck
      That would be fine
      By this feline

    2. Mr T in the place to be
      Wants to cook with you and me
      Let's run
      That ain't fun

    3. Cook us up
      Eat us in a soup cup

  4. No foamy sex?
    Some use weird advertising, like Mt. Dew. It wants you to believe that if you drink it, the Dew will run through your body and cause you to explode with inspiration. I think most people would need a doctor after that...

    1. All depends on what turns your crank lol
      I don't even think a Dr, could save you if such Mt. Dew sank

  5. Interesting to read, lies is not my cup of tea, was brought up to be honest.
    Excellently written in a way only you can write.

  6. "we tackle advertising and human severe gullibility"
    Advertisers won them over with lots of things showy
    Perhaps good to think a while
    Prevent them from making a pile
    They successfully appeal to those who are greedy!


    1. Greedy is the key
      As they pray on thee
      And look at you
      Ended with a . in view lol

  7. Buy it, try it, do it today
    That is what all advertisements say
    Use it, lose it, or leave it on the shelf
    Just emply all your pockets, spend the money on yourself
    If it doesn't work, well that's too bad
    Believing those liars will drive you mad

    1. Drive you right up the wall
      As your bank account does fall
      A bunch of crap any day
      As they try and suck away your pay

  8. Haha one must be a fool twice
    to believe in those lies
    must be an April's fool joke too
    that advertisers play at their zoo :)

    1. lol an all year around one
      They give an ad run

  9. Self help books, adverts, and all that pap
    Makes me want to slug the sap
    Who makes, fakes, and sells that crap.

    1. Right upside the head
      Leave them good and dead

  10. If it works
    There are perks
    Most are jerks
    With many quirks

    1. That they are
      Near and far
      So take a car
      And make them tar

  11. We have a friend that is a sucker
    for everything selling from great to lack-luster.
    He owns every gadget sold on an infomercial.
    If it wasn't so pathetic, it would be comical!.

    1. lol could get his own reality show
      How infomercials make me blow my dough

  12. Advertisement can be eye candy for sure, luring the innocent and not so innocent. I'm pretty strong and don't answer the call of the advertisement.

  13. Great ad for the rhymes... and so true, seen so many times! Well, everyone else commenting seems to have done so in rhyme so I couldn't be left out! #AtoZChallenge from Carol Cameleon at VirtuallyAllSorts.com @AllSortsHere

    1. lol can join in or not
      Works at my blog plot

  14. Sex sells, but who's buying? Very true that the advertisers are lying. I've tried every bottle, but still don't look like a model!

    1. One big crock
      Better off hitting them with a rock

  15. Dr. Oz gets REALLY pissed when people falsely use his name. Lol That kind of makes me giggle. Is that wrong of me??

    My man believes everything people advertise because he comes from a country where spam doesn't exist. I am going to forward him this with the headline "SEE!! Pat Hatt's cat even says so!!!!" Hmph

    1. lmao the cat will wise him up
      Spam is in every cup
      Needs to be tossed into the sea
      It is rather funny about Oz getting no glee

  16. Good for a theme for A/Z
    it makes things easy

    So true about advertising
    being 90% a lie
    we get sucked into it though
    and I often wonder why


    1. Always the perception of things
      With ads waiting in the wings

  17. Some ads do make thee sad
    others do just drive thee mad!

  18. I agree that there is a lot of false advertising out there just trying to con the consumer to buy.

  19. I agree that there is a lot of false advertising out there just trying to con the consumer to buy.

  20. I'm more likely to remember those that are cute or funny. I can't believe how many celebrities to the ads. Must be good money in it even though they're not convincing me.

    1. Yep, they get paid a ton
      And usually use it as a tax write off when done

  21. So many spam schemes in one post and so well presented :)
    Tasha's Thinkings | Wittegen Press | FB3X (AC)

    1. The cat cane get much in
      Here at his rhyming bin

  22. Ads are the real reason why
    TV at my place doesn't fly
    Most shows are garbage, true,
    But ads are worse and too frequent too

    1. Yep, more and more
      As years drag on at every shore
      Reality tv and ads
      Make less watching at many pads

  23. Great...made me remember my poem on advertisement :)
    And am really glad to find that am not only the one rhyme smitten ;)

    1. haha rhyme here every day
      Come what may at my bay

  24. Gullible is as gullible does
    nothing is as it ever was
    told to be at our seas.

    Women in my age group will pay a fortune for face creams that promise to reduce wrinkles. All things being equal I just use a dollar bottle of Vitamn E oil and get on with it.

    I'll be back eventually Cat. I've got crews coming in starting next week to remodel the house. I hope to have it all done my mid-May. Have a good Spring!

    1. Most false as can be
      As they advertise from sea to sea
      Yeah they spend a ton
      Chemicals abound in most every one
      Spending some of that dough
      To give you a brand new show?
      Hope it all goes well
      Sometimes remodeling can be hell

    2. I've managed to stick to my whole foods diet and I'm not touching that chemical crap anymore. I've recently gotten The Hubby on it and he loves it. He's lost 10 pounds, his colour is better and his mood has improved. Now I've got to convince him to get rid of his parasites. Not sure how I'm going to approach that one :0)

    3. It is the best way to be
      Avoiding that chemical crap in thee
      Hard to convince people parasites are the truth
      As they don't want to come around to it at their booth
      But with a little badgering at your sea
      Maybe he will believe thee
      They can cause all kinds of shit though
      As one woman couldn't move her left leg that I know
      Got rid of the suckers at her sea
      And now as happy as a two legged person can be lol

  25. Advertising blows.
    That is so true.
    I got Kinoki for my toes.
    I think I got screwed.

    1. Had to look that up
      And I'd say yup
      Screwed as can be
      And not the fun kind for thee

  26. I am still looking for that magic pill to kill all those darn woms

  27. I hate advertising, especially my own stuff. Ugh

  28. I could be thinner and stuff if I buy their products, just like that!

  29. I could be thinner and stuff if I buy their products, just like that!

  30. Be careful of the blue pills they give you
    Some are for your sinus
    Some you wish were minus
    side effetcs

  31. Sex sells as everyone wants to look like the gisabelles (spelling)

  32. My brother got taken in by Dr. Oz and his green coffee bean pills or whatever they were.

  33. That crap sure is flowijng here!

    1. Flowing away
      In the litter I hope at your bay

  34. Yeah, like that magic stuff they sell for your face and the beautiful actress that you'll look like after only 14 days. It doesn't work. Trust me. :)

    1. lol yeah, I never figured it did
      As they just want you to pop the lid

  35. This is part of why I don't have cable, and adblock, and a shredder for ads in the mail. No thanks! :)

  36. advertising doesn't work on me on most things. i need to test a product or read credible reviews on it before i pay for it :) but some things...well, got to take my chances with them!

    1. Somethings either chance or ignore
      Has to be the way sometimes at ones shore

  37. I bought a lot of Sea Monkeys thanks to advertising.

    1. Did they make you smile
      As you got a sea monkey pile

  38. That last line "Experience spring, have a fling" knocked my train of thought right out of my head… hahahaha.

    I try not to get sucked into the hype - it's hard though! Fortunately no big ticket items have been the result of bowing to the pressure. The odd little thing - so I can live with that.

    Jenny, Pearson Report
    2015 A to Z Challenge Ambassador

    1. The little thing isn't bad
      As then your wallet won't be sad
      lol the spring and fling
      Has a nice ring

    2. How do you do it?
      Do you stand or sit?
      When you rhyme like crazy,
      does it make you hazy…

      I would need a drink
      before I could think
      of some many things to rhyme
      in such a short time.

      I'm pooped… I need to be scooped! LOL

      Thanks for the Follow - it added a smile,
      I'm adding mine too, to your great big pile!

    3. lol they just flow
      And away I go
      Takes 10-15 mins or so
      And a new post will show
      Thanks for the follow too
      Here at my zoo
      Hope you got scooped up
      And not eaten by a pup
      They do that you know
      High or low

  39. Oh advertising is nuts and yes, fake especially when I see cars being sold as affordable at only $39,995. Really?! Also if you use that credit card you will be rich and can do all you want...never mind being deep in debt

    1. Yep, 40K is sure affordable at every bay
      Pfffft to that crap I say

  40. Good one, Pat. Congrats, you've made it through A.

    1. One down, 25 to go
      but that is easy for my show

  41. Ads, schmads, it's all bad(zzzz)
    And Dr. Oz - what a scam
    He's good looking so women just want a
    "Wham bam thank you mam."
    So they buy what he says
    And they say "Hot damn"
    This don't work.
    What a dummy I am.

    1. lol dumbed down on porn
      Or are they forlorn?
      Who really knows
      As there she blows
      Think gutter
      Don't stutter

  42. My least favorite kinds of ads are the ones where they say if you're the first first 10 people to call, then they'd throw in some limited time bonus, and then the ad or commercial keeps running and running...as if people won't catch on.

    1. lol yep, they are such a sham
      Should be treated as nothing but spam

  43. That is so true! As seen on TV ads are the worst.

  44. orlin N cassie....

    sew...what yur sayin iz.... everee thing ya see on advertisin ...just like on de internetz....iz all troo...rite !!!

    it haz ta bee....

    deer cod.... pleez dont tell uz advertizin & de internet...liez


    1. lol it is all lies
      Better off eating burd pies

  45. Hey Pat Hatt!
    It's always fun to see where you're at!

    I think you've picked a fun topic for the A to Z Challenge, but then you always enjoy getting people going. I usually tune out ads unless they're so obnoxious that they break through and make me mad! But if it's the Anheuser-Busch draft horses, I so watch!!!! Don't get me going on Dr. Oz. I quickly lost all respect for his program because of some of outraging stuff I heard! So many people follow him blindly! Thanks for a fun post!

    1. Will get them going
      And have a fun showing
      As the cat sure likes that
      And yep, follow the idiot as blind as a bat

  46. I wonder how much advertising all of us are bombarded with on a daily basis. I bet it's a lot!

    1. Yep, so much we don't notice anymore
      Be a fun post at ones shore

  47. Commercials are the perfect time to go to the bathroom!

  48. I think that about ads all the time. I did buy Beggin Strips Poppers after seeing a really good rap commercial they did starring a dog. I figure that commercial was so good, they deserved my money!

    1. lol well if that is the case
      A few dollars is fine to embrace

  49. The weight loss ones are what get me the most,
    Wouldn't you think if they worked that fat everywhere would be toast?
    We are silly humans, the cat is right,
    We will spend if we believe and the price is just right.

    1. Yep, the weight loss ones are a load
      Better off eating a toad

  50. Great way to start this challenge!

  51. Ads are so annoying. I try not to pay attention to them but they are everywhere!

  52. They pry on the weakest part of a person and get them to give up their money. Their main cause.

  53. Greedy is the keedy. I know - someone else said that but I added a y.

  54. There's a show in Oz called The Checkout. It exposes a lot of advertising tricks and questionable practices. It also makes one worry about humanity in general ;)

    1. Yep, humanity is in the loo
      At many an ad zoo

  55. Ads mislead us on everything,
    From beauty cream,
    To toilet rings.
    It's all about the joy it brings,
    Each time they hear,
    The big ka-ching!


    1. Comes down the the numbers
      Even for things like cucumbers

  56. Sex and death. This post should go viral.

    1. That would be fun
      Although then crazies would come by the ton

  57. Oh rats, I guess that means that 30 day supply of pills I got from tv is not going to take 20 years off this old bod. Pat tell me it is not true.

    1. lol I could lie and say it was
      But that would just perpetuate the buzz

  58. *sigh* you mean the get rich quick schemes aren't real? There goes my retirement plan. :D

    1. lol have to work all your life
      Damn that get rich strife

  59. ads can be a marketers dream
    and often makes a consumer scream
    they come up with one of a kind schemes
    as they advertise to the extremes..

    1. That they surely do
      Always trying to get an extra buck or two

  60. I have a magic pill. It's pink and glitters with delight. Haha

    1. Does it grant wishes
      Or just get eaten by fishes?

  61. I'm always up doing something during commercials, so I'm an advertisers nightmare.

  62. The worst are the screaming people on infomercials. Makes me change the channel real quick!

    1. Ugg those things are awful as can be
      Tune them out at every sea

  63. Half-truths, misleading info is so commonly seen in advertisements. Loved the way you expressed the ugly truth!
    Co-Host AJ's wHooligan for the A to Z Challenge 2015

    1. Misleading is the name of the game
      With their ad claim

  64. I agree
    so much lying on tv
    hard to separate good from bad
    really it is kind of sad!


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