On Today's Plate, A Blogland Trait!

Back for B in the a to z. I know that isn't a surprise to thee. Considering I've had these done since October or so. But on with the B at my show. B is for blogland as many new bloggers seem to have their head up their you know or need a helping hand.

Look at me, I'm new.
I haven't a clue.
Or I just don't want to.
Here, buy what's in view.

Buy my book.
Buy it for your nook.
Don't let it dwindle.
Buy it for kindle.

Buying is the name of the game.
Buy so I can get fame.
Nope, I won't visit you.
Nope, I'm not through.

Buy, buy, buy.
I sit upon high.
Buy, buy, buy.
Do more than try.

Pffft do they have a brain cell?
They are lucky they can spell.
Maybe they sold them all in a sale?
Either way, one big fail!

Blogging seems to have gone the way,
Of many just trying to get pay.
Wanting this and that,
With no appreciation for anything at their blog mat.

When the cat started it was one big community at play,
Even when new ones joined the fray.
Now that sure doesn't seem to be the way,
As all are after nothing but pay.

Do they really think it will work?
They are nothing but a wannabe spammy jerk.
Maybe not even a wannabe,
For some who shout from sea to sea.

Is their head too far up their butt?
Maybe it got stuck at their hut?
Many new ones sure don't make the cut.
It's more fun to get butt sniffed by a mutt.

They seem here to stay.
All just trying to get pay.
Not saying a word otherwise,
And the idiots expect people to come like flies.

Seen it at your bay? Think the cat is too harsh on them today? Nah, I didn't think so. Many just start and expect people to show. Guess what though? Not gonna happen and you'll eat crow. I wonder if that is a tastier treat than bass? Either way, such bloggers are ignored by my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. One two... one two three...
    Testing Blue suede shoe...
    In the place to be...

    Still going round the bend
    Dreaming about a blue rock trend
    Or finally on the healthy mend?
    Say, what is Hankster The Tankster up to today?
    I hear he's found a grumpy shoe at his bay
    That guy is quick as a flash as I crash
    Will he be number one
    Having fun?
    Will Gloria be upset?
    You bet!

    1. You copied and pasted for three
      Hmmm seems similar to yesterday to me
      Think the cat would forget what you said
      From your spiky blue head? lol

    2. What you mean is, 'Great memory
      At your blue guy sea!
      In the place to be

    3. Riiiiight
      Go with that at your site

    4. That is quite the wake up dialogue

    5. Blue was ready to paste
      No time to waste

    6. Ready to type
      Don't believe the hype

    7. Believe indeed
      At every feed

  2. Replies
    1. No Suza, no Truesdessa... how can this be?
      Just the two of us at the Kitty Cat Sea?

    2. Still having 40 winks


    3. Running late at my gate

      now, about those blue suede shoes..

      Well, it's one for the money
      Two for the show
      Three to get ready
      Now go, cat, go

      Read more: Elvis Presley - Blue Suede Shoes Lyrics | MetroLyrics

    4. Two all alone
      Have to hold the phone
      Maybe call ET
      Or other way around for thee

    5. ...Go, Cat, go and don't cha step on my blue suede shoes!
      OMG Grumpy is not singing the blues!

    6. No blues today
      Crazy is the way

    7. Of course you can make all you want grumpy!

    8. Make and partake
      With a little hippy shake?

  3. "But on with the B at my show"
    Progressing slowly in the know
    B for the best
    Then take a rest
    Make the most of all the flow


  4. Three in a row as I go at your show
    No Truedessa (strikeTruesdessa), no Suza either
    I'm going so fast I need a breather
    Breather.... with a capital B
    Like Blue in the place to be
    Buy a book at your sea
    No kindle for me - I'm old-fashioned that way
    As I sniff-sniff my books today
    Buy buy is all I hear
    Are we full-time consumers... oh dear!
    Spammy jerks can go to hell
    As I cast a bue spell
    Making them yell

    1. Truedessa is here, never fear
      in my heart I am always near
      a strike in bowling is a win X
      but, for you I always have time to spare / haha

      Have a great day Blue...it is I True...

    2. That they do
      Buy this and that
      That is true
      Known by the cat
      Spammy all day
      At their bay
      Or maybe a whammy
      They need for spammy
      The cat does it for fun
      And will do until done

    3. She said have a great day blue
      Did you hear that, Cat, at your sea?
      Pure poetry

    4. Poetry from great day?
      Are you that hard up at your bay? lmao

    5. laughing at a shoe
      Too bad you don't have two

  5. I'm number three and I'm not going to even try. (I'm the RC Cola next to Coke and Pepsi.)
    Some only come out when they have a book to push and then vanish again. Blogging is community. It's family. We're here all the time for each other.

    1. Buncha nuts on this family tree!

    2. lol that is a sad one to be
      But all three corrode the tummy
      Yep, you can tell the ones
      That give us the umm runs?

    3. One of the best comments, Alex shared
      Truer words were never more bared
      B is for best and for blogger too
      For the sense of family here at your zoo

    4. That sense one should strive for
      From blog shore to blog shore

  6. Great "B" post Pat. made excellent reading.

  7. Haha. Excellent. Like a good rhyme. Great blog layout and picture too :)

  8. What, you can sell stuff on a blog?
    LOL, ROFLOL, Oops, don't want to lose my dignity.
    Lots of racket going on. Got to separate the wheat from the shaft.
    Anyway, I got to get up a little earlier in the morning to be numero Uno.
    However, I am not as funny as Kaykuala and Blue Grumpster
    I was like number 4002 yesterday.
    I read the post earlier, I just must have done an emergency dog feeding and got distracted. Take care.

    1. lol the dogs need to be fed
      Blue and Hank have no need for bed
      They are ready to go
      With a copy and paste show
      Many do sell and sell and sell
      Avoid ringing such a bell

  9. Well haha and shame
    Touting books to get fame
    I guess the Cat told you well
    How to prep for a sell
    Take your head from your rear
    Get lost, cry in your beer
    Being phony won't fly
    A sharp stick in the eye
    So I guess you got told
    Cat really knows how to scold

    1. Stick to the eye
      Oh me oh my
      Do we get more violent with age
      Are you going to tell that in a rage? lol

  10. Agreeing with the cat..I don't have anything to sell
    I just like to create poems with my brain cells
    visiting blogs here and there, some don't even care
    they don't even say hello, or visit my lair
    but, yet they want me to buy their ware
    blogging is a community affair
    we are here to support and share
    ok, leaving now, as some might glare
    special thanks to those who visit my square

    It's spring...makes me want to sing...
    in a blue jay sky, I softly sigh...

    Have a good day at your bay!

    1. Use the brain cells every day
      Don't let them go astray
      That is the way to be
      Ignore those that ignore thee
      Easy as can be
      On them get a cat to pee lol

    2. Another great comment today
      By Trudessa at your bay

    3. Great comments all around
      Seem to be found

  11. I don't like the idea of blogs for pay
    give me free any old day
    Pay makes me say BOO
    that's all I can say!

    1. lol Boo you say
      At your bay
      In for a scare?
      To the pay lair

  12. I've seen the shift as well, (especially on Twitter)
    seems like it's all going to hell,
    It was better when we all blogged for the fun,
    but now it's buy, buy, buy to kingdom come.

    1. Yep, blogging for fun is the best
      But that isn't kept up by many a guest
      Instead buy to kingdom come
      And then some

  13. I tried the bloggy advert
    And found it really hurt
    My sense of fun and creativity...
    (Hated sticking it to bloggy family.)

    1. Yeah a pain in the arse
      So best with it to be sparse

  14. oh yes I noticed when someone comments only to I ll go to his or her blog and sell something! For me is spam so I delete!
    Is curious but we know when someone want only you see their "products"
    upsept me! they think Im silly??? Someones maybe think but Im not silly :) lol
    Good post Pat!!
    have a nice weekend and dont eat so much carrots:)

    1. Good post?
      From coast to coast!

    2. lol what else am I supposed to eat?
      So what if I go oompa loompa at my street haha
      Yep, those that just sell and sell
      Can get flushed down blogger hell

    3. You can eat tomatoes and chicken or lettuce not many pumpkin cause finally you will be yellow:))

    4. lol I eat pumpkin seeds at my sea
      Tomatoes aren't very crunchy
      And chicken I eat
      Every day at my street

    5. A pumpin a day
      Keep the blue guy away

    6. Keeps the worms out
      With a twist and shout

  15. B is for Best
    Pat passed the test.

  16. I learned a long time ago that blogging isn't about making money. Those that think that it is are sadly mistaken. It is time consuming and sometimes enjoyable but will never make anyone rich.

    1. Nope, not a chance will you get rich
      Better off go to the 9-5 and giving a sales pitch

  17. I don't like it when blogs are all about trying to sell their books. Every blog needs to offer something more for its readers. A fun promotional post is good every once in a while but not every post!

    1. Yeah every once in a while it doesn't hurt at all
      But some, that is all they can write on the wall

  18. Blogging should be about friends, not how to get your wealth at the end. Yes you can connect, but don't forget friendship should be the object.

    It also makes me sad or maybe mad, when bloggers come and then they go.

    1. Some bloggers don't last
      And are quickly a thing of the past

  19. I like to read friendly blogs, where you just chat about something interesting. Like this A to Z thing.

    1. Yeah, just chat away
      With no hassle at ones bay

  20. I've seen bloggers come
    I've seen bloggers go
    Then there are some
    Who just like to write, ya know?

    1. Whether a extra bone
      Or a sidewalk loo
      At the tone
      A new post comes due

  21. I'm not sure how I feel about this blog post. Many of us are authors. Instead of criticizing each other, it would be nice if we could support each other. (However, that often doesn't happen.) ~~~ For most authors who are interested in selling to the public, just writing the book won't cut it. For most authors, the book isn't going to sell itself. There has to be promotion. For many authors, blogging IS a great way to promote. ~~~ Bottom line? As an author, I just focus on my readers. I don't worry about bloggers or authors who don't like something I write or something I do.

    1. can't worry about what anyone thinks
      Or then in the moat one sinks
      Say what we each want to say
      And have a nice day
      And yeah have to push the book
      Just not every single post at ones nook
      As that can annoy I find
      And can make blogging a grind

  22. Ah alas, student loans leave me writing about toilet paper and Depends for pay. I could fall into your category, but I like to chat too. It's a slippery slope. :)

    1. haha but at leas you add an opinion here and there
      Not just a copy and paste at your lair
      Ugg to stupid arse std loans as well
      I recently sent mine to hell lol

    2. All done with payments?? Woot! I hope that's what you're saying. I will relish the day!

    3. lol oh I'm done with payments of all kinds
      As I went bankrupt on their behinds

  23. So true...or "Come follow me...
    but I'll never visit thee!"

    1. lol yep, those can stick it
      Every little bit

  24. Blogging is great fun as far as I am concerned. I love to make people smile. And it is a good place to get the word out about animals that need homes. I usually don't read blogs that are trying to sell things.

    1. Yep, the selling ones I avoid too
      As more fun just being crazy and enjoying each blog zoo

  25. Fun to hop around to the few I do like your zoo

  26. I know of few of those that you speak about. Buy, buy, buy but I usually just say good bye.

    1. lol that is what I do
      But may not be as nice as you

  27. New to the group
    I am finding my loop
    Though cat is mad
    buying ain't his fad
    But I like to look
    At each author's book
    And then I buy
    With so much sci fi
    It's hard to deny
    A birthday is near
    For my lil' niece dear
    She likes rhymin'
    So it's perfect timin'
    To find my new nook
    With Squat The Robot book
    'Cause that is her gift
    Even if Cat is miffed

    1. haha hey the can't isn't miffed one bit
      Hopefully she enjoys it
      And yeah books are nice to see
      But not every post in front of me
      Have to have some fun
      Or the cat would have been long done

  28. Boy bloggers better be best!

  29. Preach, preach, preach!!!
    I have been blogging since 2009 and I have never pushed anyone to buy anything of mine... it's so weird. Especially the comments that are like "nice post! come check out my blog!", like... no. lol.

    I don't mind if a good blog pitches something every now and again. That's fine. But the ones that are in it for the soul purpose of shilling crap, they can be voted off the island.

    1. lol send them in the drink
      Watch as they and their boat sink
      And just laugh away
      Nice death you can say lol

    2. :)

      Also, I know the difference between the word *soul & *sole! I meant the other one.

    3. lol that is fine
      Slips happen even to the feline

  30. Hey Pat! Your B post skewers a blogging trend that really bothers me. I am turned off by relentless self promotion in the name of making money! If that's what a blog is, I rarely return. Have a great day at your bay!

    1. Yep, the relentless crap
      Needs to take a nap

  31. I tend to stay away from blogs that only want to sell
    I blog because I like the sense of community
    if only someone wants my money then I will avoid them
    and spend time with people who actually like my company


    1. The best way to be
      Ignore the money grubbers in front of thee

  32. People get PAID to blog??? I will quit my job today if you teach me howwwwww.. lol

    1. lol some can sure make some dough
      It is A LOT of work to set up though
      Have to run a blog farm
      And not raise an alarm

  33. Haha..pay we can do
    pay to each other
    at blogland roll dough:

    sign up not coerced
    get pay when you first!

    1. First is the one
      That all run
      pay that way
      Is fine in blogland I say

  34. I'm not new.
    I'm not Blue.
    I've not a clue.
    Not sure what to do.

    This rhyme stuff is fun.
    Pat, you da one.
    I laugh& laughs
    At your funny rhyming ass.

    I don't sell stuff.
    Words ain't enough.
    But I'd walk a mile,
    To make ya'll smile.

    Oops, long one for me today!
    I best be on my way.

    1. Trying to outdo Blue
      Here at my zoo?
      Don't need a clue
      I've got few

      Should the cat draw a smiley face
      On his ass so all can embrace?
      That would be fun
      May have to do that one

  35. Oh, Pat...enjoyed visiting your zoo. Can hardly wait for C, to see what you do.

    1. Glad it is fun
      Hopefully C will be a fun run

  36. orlin N cassie....

    we iz hopin ...hint...hint..."C" two morrow iz all bout cassie.....tho we willna bee on line ta see it.......sew we wood mizz it... if "C" iz bout cassie,

    sew may bee dad can make "C" bee all bout de cuckoo wrasse, which inn deed iza fish, tho we wood miz that two....

    sew even tho dad haz made de posts up a head a time... he could talk bout de channel bass ...which coverz both "C" and "B"...and...rhymes with a ryhming azz !!

    heerz two a happee easturr ~~~~~ dino eggz onlee ~~~~burd free kinda week oh end ♥♥♥

    1. lol Cassie got the shaft
      She isn't C in draft
      Neither is the cat for O
      Pat sunk so low
      Enjoy the weekend at your sea
      And don't eat the easter bunny

  37. The "follow me!" ones are horrid too
    Those self-centered idiots have no clue
    Nobody cares about their family trip to the zoo
    If they'd look at the numbers, they'd learn it's true.

    1. Yep, but all they do
      Is the follow me from zoo to zoo
      A bunch of nuts
      Must be sniffing butts

  38. It's so not cool when people follow you on the blogosphere just to tell you about their book. This is a community where you build friendships. Those people just don't have a clue.

    1. Nope, no clue at all
      Toss them in a bathroom stall

  39. It's so not cool when people follow you on the blogosphere just to tell you about their book. This is a community where you build friendships. Those people just don't have a clue.

  40. I had a new blogger constantly hound me about opinions on her blog, where to go for sponsor opps, wanting me to comment. However, she never took the time to stop by my blog, comment, do any social shares. Nothing. You are right. We are a community of friends here, all helping each other out. When it's one sided, it's time to say bye bye. And those assholes that comment only to leave a link to their blog, trying to piggy back off our traffic, those get deleted asap!

    1. haha yep, I delete those suckers too
      Some people take and take at their zoo
      All they try
      Poke em in the eye

  41. If they sell
    It can be hell
    And I will yell
    It won't end well

    1. lol make them go deaf will you
      There at your zoo

  42. I would not even think of such a thing! It's all about fun and comradeship and joy...to me anyway:)

    1. Yep, the best way to be
      Joyful and fun from sea to sea

  43. Wasn't until I started blogging that I found a community that actually gets me, and I them. It's been a pleasure ever since. :)

    1. Yep, be awesome since the cat began
      While after a few posts ran

  44. This blogger won't ignore your little rhyming ass

  45. This blogger won't ignore your little rhyming ass

  46. Seems like I've been blogging for a long time now. Met some really nice people and love getting to know new people. But those spammy buy my book types are crazy.

    1. Yeah there have been quite a few
      Some old some new
      That are great
      But some others who buy is their only trait

  47. You're pushing against an open door here, Pat!! It's a community. The best thing I get out of blogging (apart from the odd free book!) is a lot of great pals! Though have to say, there are so many pet bloggers now, I have to ration my visits otherwise I would never be petted or fed ... or played with!! MOL AND the human says it's her fingers that are getting worn to the bone not my dainty little paws!!! ;)

    1. lmao a community it is indeed
      Orlin has the same feeling at our feed
      Can't visit a ton
      Or he'll never have fun
      But we get many in
      And yep, can do the fingers in at every bin

  48. Your rhyme has charm as always. And, of course, I love my kindle, but so much prefer a paper version. Oh, and please buy my books. . .all of them. My kids need new shoes. The cat's out of tuna, and rent's due.

    1. lol what was that?
      The water got shut off and someone stole your welcome mat?
      Damn you are in rough shape
      Can't cut through the red tape? lol

  49. Writing is fun, smiles ~ I don't like it too when some bloggers just want you to buy their stuff ~ I just ignore them, ha ~ What fun to see Blue & the others vie for # 1 ~ Have a good week Pat ~ Grace

    1. Yeah, fun is the best part
      Great when many take it to heart
      Ignore the rest
      And their buy test

  50. I read the other day
    Blogging is the old-fashioned way
    Twitter and Tumblr are the thing to do
    Keep everything short and new
    They can have their social bytes
    And leave us to our writing mights

    1. Yep, stupid people and their short attention span
      Twitter will one day be a flash in the pan
      Next it will be text speak
      TTFN is all that will leak

  51. Hammer in hand you hit the mark
    All these newbies for pay should just disembark
    Not interested in what they have to sell
    But I'll give them a ticket straight back to blog hell

    That was great Pat - it really is true. Since I started, back in 2010, till now the shift is apparent. The lack of dialogue and engagement from new sites is disheartening to say the least.

    I've been lucky to have a really wonderful group of blogging pals that have stayed the course - I imagine you have too - and that makes it all worth while.

    Very enjoyable B post. I look forward to Cing what's next.

    2015 A to Z Challenge Ambassador

    1. Fun indeed as a wnderful group comes to my feed
      But the cat would never admit such a deed
      He is far to rude
      With lots of attitude
      The shift is easy to see
      And back to blogging hell they can be
      Not much dialogue at all from new
      Words in most are few

  52. Wow! I am super low today. Happening spot. I see a few trying to sell, sell, sell. It can be hell.

    1. 139 isn't a bad place to be
      It can be a hell of a sea

  53. I do find it annoying because it makes it hard to find genuine friends. However, I do plan to make money on my blog eventually ;)

    1. Yep, you don't know who is out to just take your dough
      I'm sure it is in a round about way at your blog show

  54. $$$$$ - Get Rich Quick
    Work from Home
    Sell, sell, sell some more
    That's a blog I will not visit
    Cuz it's not what blogging's for

    1. Yep, if they want that crap
      Make a site map

  55. Another good one, Pat. What's the plans for C?

  56. I hate it when people only try to sell to me. It makes me feel so cheap.

    1. Makes you feel cheap
      Will lots are stolen by a creep

  57. Nice and refreshing..

  58. If posting about my book and having ads worked, I'd have a whole lotta money about now. But, I don't. I'm never gonna be famous. :(

    1. Yep, no whole lot a dough
      In the same boat at my show

  59. My stalker, Mr. Anonymous Spam, is ALWAYS tryin' to get me to buy stuff. I just ignore him. Sometimes I think he doesn't even know I'm a cat. MOUSES!


  60. My stalker, Mr. Anonymous Spam, is ALWAYS tryin' to get me to buy stuff. I just ignore him. Sometimes I think he doesn't even know I'm a cat. MOUSES!


  61. I see the same thing on twitter. New people think we should help them out. I will help them out on the end of my foot.

    1. lol a foot up the butt
      Might be liked by a mutt


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