Stirring Up Heaven Today At Seven!

Oh where the cat will go for this a to z show. Topics that will stir many up. Maybe even make some spit what they drink from a cup. The cat isn't afraid to go anywhere. So for G away we go with a godly affair.

God helps those who help themselves.
Damn, so I do all the work putting up the shelves,
Yet he helped me and gets credit?
If he has an ego I guess I fed it.

He can sit and do nothing at all.
Let humans do all the work on this spinning ball.
Then get the credit for everything, small or big.
Pffft that is sure one sweet gig.

God works in mysterious ways.
The equivalent of an unending maze.
No matter what happens in life,
Whether great or tons of strife,

It is just one big mystery.
Damn, who needs history.
Who needs a reason?
It's just a mystery no matter the season.

God only knows!
Which way the wind blows?
No need to answer anything anymore.
Just say that as an encore.

Who, where, why or what,
Are all just stuck in a rut.
God has the answers but he isn't sharing.
So shrug and say he knows without caring.

It's a God given right.
Umm so anything can take flight?
Free will was given,
And here we are livin.

So anything is a right.
Damn, that is a fright.
But whoops there is sin.
That may do you in.

Sin is oh so bad.
Not a fun time to be had.
You may go to a bad place.
Get your own fiery space.

Oh, but murder and repent.
God won't get bent.
Say you don't believe and hell is your spot.
But murder and repenting makes all hot to trot.

Yep, you humans and your god sure work in mysterious ways. Did I hit a nerve with today's craze? So fun to do. As said, I'll go anywhere at my zoo. Look, not struck down and still alive and kicking. I guess he can take some picking. After all humans made all of the above crap up anyway. Just like any other idiom at play. Now I am done with my sass from my non God fearing little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Reboot the hoot one two... one two...
    Testing my Blue suede shoe...

    Are you awake yet?
    I bet you're snoring like a mutt
    Scratching your furry butt
    Hey, did The Hankster beat me to it,
    Being super fit and a hit
    Did Gloria Dear bake you a bunny pie
    Yummy making you fly and high
    P.S. No copy and paste
    Just typing with haste

    1. No gloria bunny pie
      That is for your island sky
      Hank must be on the road
      Or also in sleep mode
      That is where the cat was indeed
      Here at his feed

  2. Eight out of nine
    Sounds mighty fine...
    God helps those who help themselves you say?
    Some guys help themselves every day
    So basically it's a self-help thing?
    So it's up to me if I want a fling?
    How do I help myself win the lottery
    Don't care much for cheap-ass pottery
    Pardon my French on your bench
    Mysterious ways... like a stench?
    I think we're vain thinking his image is us
    Oh darn someone got hit by a bus
    Let's blame the big ole G
    In his place to be
    There, problem solved as easy as a goat
    Now let's help ourselves get on a boat
    It's our God given right when we help ourselves
    Like dreaming of Scooby Doo or Bora elves
    Hell is my spot because I don't pray
    Think about it when you turn to clay
    Does it make sense to create then ask us to admire
    And worship too and even desire?

    1. Blue it's spring
      let's have a fling...
      flowers I will bring
      as you softly sing..
      ok couldn't help myself..

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. The biggest self help guru of all
      Standing mighty tall
      Do all the work
      He gets the perk
      Humans are as vain as can be
      That sure isn't news to me
      I may join you in hell
      If no sense of humor is where he does dwell
      But at least we'll never be cold
      Who knows, hell may have a pot of gold

    4. Truedessa Dear, I like it when you can't help yourself
      It makes you sound like a little blue elf
      Which is good in my neighborhood

      Cat, who knows... you may be right
      I hope not when we switch off the light

    5. Hopefully not
      Then all we'd do is rot

  3. No hit nerve - I'm secure in my faith. And I have a sense of humor.
    Don't forget 'Heaven help us!'
    Hey, number two today...

    1. Again, you mean
      At your scene
      Good morning Alex!

    2. lol heaven help us is a good one
      And no helping gets done

  4. God has a great sense of humor. He will dig this!

    1. He must dig it
      As with lightning I haven't been hit

    2. For those who don't think God has a sense of humor, Exhibit A and Exhibit B:
      Michael Moore

    3. Moore might win
      The platypus has a nicer grin

  5. Great subject Pat. and a pleasure to read.


  6. Stirring up heaven today
    exercising your free will
    there at your rhyming bay
    climbing a pathless hill
    making your own way
    God will love you still
    that is what they say

    1. Hey Cat it's spring have a fling
      you never know the joy it will bring

    2. The cat is snip snip
      No fling on this trip
      I'll leave that to Pat
      Climbing that hill where we are at

    3. It is better to make your own path
      take the road less traveled
      and see what unravels...

      Wish you and the cats a great day...

    4. Chop the trees down
      And make your own town

  7. It's funny that some people think those idioms are in the Bible.

    1. lol yeah I've seen a few who think that
      Rather crazy says the cat

  8. God will provide, Oh I see
    He knows what I need, one two three
    Am I dumb if I stand in the rain
    To buy a bauble does that make me vain
    What if I need a new car
    Are vehicles on the same par
    For number one, I'm at a loss
    Someone has to be the boss
    Oh I was really confused, I'll say
    Turn it around the other way
    Has it really been god all the time
    Government likes to take al the shine

    1. The government likes to pretend to win
      Well they commit the most so called sin
      Will provide my bum
      As you stand in the rain and your toes get numb

  9. Hmmmmm - politics and religion
    All I can say is be careful where you put your coffee cup in my house.
    Dogs drink coffee here. They like it as much as buttermilk.

    1. The cat will go anywhere
      And Pat doesn't drink coffee at our lair

  10. Hahaha Im sure God has a great sense of humor, and is a mistery too, I love God:)

    1. He must indeed
      To put up with my rhyming feed

  11. Don't mess with God
    It's wrong (not odd)

    1. Oh the cat will mess
      Then no need to confess

  12. Say what you want to say
    Here at your bay,
    after all, it's a pretty good day!

  13. I don't feel like I should be commenting on this since I just went to confession three weeks ago!!! Smh, cat!!! Don't you want to go to heaven???

    1. hahaha we wouldn't want you to have to confess once more
      Bah, heaven sounds like it may be a bore

  14. No nerve hit at my zoo
    I agree with what Alex said
    Just be careful that
    nothing hits you in the head


    1. lol won't walk under things today
      Just in case at my bay

  15. So you say your God is great.
    And he says HiS God is great.
    My belief gives them a pass, though:
    Hey, Just Don't Be An Asshole

    1. If more would take that to heart
      All we'd get from an asshole is a fart

  16. Replies
    1. Even the cat?
      I'll have to try harder at my mat

  17. LOL God is Great, God is Good. Let us thank him for our food. Wasn't that a prayer when we were a kid?

    1. Something like that
      But isn't great and good a redundant stat?

  18. Haha! I laughed when I read Terry's comment, but that's the prayer I still use, but I say "God is gracious, God is good."

    1. That makes more sense though
      Not as redundant to give a go

  19. I should have guessed that you'd choose God for G! LOL, Pat! You managed to hit on a number of big questions I have about the Big Guy Upstairs (as my dad used to refer to Him). I'm an agnostic myself. I've never been able to say I'm an atheist. My mother always said that we weren't meant to know in this life, that we see through a glass darkly. It's a mystery beyond me. I don't believe in hell and vengeance despite the best efforts of my Baptist ancestors, and I don't think you are in danger of a fiery space for poking fun at God. If there is a Creator, then s/he surely has a sense of humor, after all s/he created humans! Hope it doesn't get too hot at your bay today! LOL

    1. lol not to hot
      And lived through getting stabbed today a lot
      So he must have a sense of humor indeed
      As he had chance to kill me today at my feed

  20. Patt, you're an awesome brat!

    your poems would always win hearts!

    Keep writing!


  21. I never really understood God until I had kids. Now, I totally understand why He said, "Fine. You want to make all your own choices and most certainly can." Once I decided I'd stop being a brat and let Him guide my life, I started getting the answers I needed. But He won't force me to listen.

    When I do this to my kids, it's called natural consequences.

    1. lol natural consequences I always hated at my sea
      I guess to get it I'll have to have a kid or three haha

  22. ha, this is amazing!!! So, so funny. And true. And a healthy bit of questioning.

    1. Always good the question things
      And see what springs

  23. Aww, God can handle poking. He has a sense of humor. Plus just blame the cat.

    1. lol I'll let the cat take the blame
      As he likes the fame

  24. God Bless You when you sneeze,
    Contain it to a tissue please!

    1. Or at the very worst
      Use your shoulder to contain the burst

  25. glad that rhyme thing still going strong,

    keep it pruned i mean your words.

  26. Replies
    1. Good golly miss molly?
      Would that be a few golly?

  27. We really do come up with some crazy things to say.

  28. orlin N cassie

    God haz enuff senze oh humor that when ya hold hiz name up ta a mirror it spells dog.......

    purrson ul lee we hope bulldog; though german shepherd wood bee kewl two wood rottweiler....but then therz de hole "omen" de mewvie may bee knot....

    frank lee we az cats R kinda bummed bout thiz coz cats spelled backwerdz iz stac.....N like who de jezuz iz stac ??


    1. lol maybe he's a wiener dog
      Could like being a little log
      Stac gets no love
      From below or above

  29. "The idea that God is an oversized white male with a flowing beard who sits in the sky and tallies the fall of every sparrow is ludicrous." -Carl Sagan

    1. lol about the size of it
      Humans need to visualize though, every bit

  30. It's God's will. Yeah, whatever.

    1. His will be done
      Or maybe the cat will just have fun

  31. God spelled backwards is dog which is OK with me. Not sure what that means but it works for me. I sometimes wonder, if I drink, have fun, cuss and eat chocolate if I will see Charlton Heston stand over me waving his staff (ok so he's Moses not God but close enough). Maybe it is better to wear white and string a harp.......nope I like me:)

    1. The former is a much better way to be
      Heston is too busy with damn dirty apes anyway at his sea

  32. God has a sense of humor, I believe,
    Or why so many funky animals would he weave?
    Not just sloths and giraffes and slugs,
    Not just spiders and mosquitos and well, all bugs,
    But the two-legged kind, humans like me
    Who often are more ornery than He?
    Can't you just see Him once in a while
    Shaking His head, rolling His eyes and cracking a smile,
    Wondering what was He thinking
    When creation He began plinking?

    1. Yeah he must wonder every second of every day
      With all of us here on display
      But he has a great TV
      Watching all scurry

  33. Interesting that most here say it's "He"
    Who knows, it could be "She"
    Either way I tend to think
    Much more globally at my rink

    1. Could be an it
      Not have either bit
      Or maybe both bits
      That be the pits

  34. Interesting that most here say it's "He"
    Who knows, it could be "She"
    Either way I tend to think
    Much more globally at my rink

  35. You are fearless and will take on any thing. Your beliefs are your own but I'm not going to stand beside you during a lightning storm, just in case.

    1. lol that may be a wise choice
      Just in case in a lightening strike he does rejoice

  36. One thing I hate most
    Is "God fixes all, so let's just coast.
    Everything works out as it was meant to
    So I'll sit on my ass and see what comes due."
    And all of the judgement from the religious right
    Your bible says "Don't judge," so quit your fight
    I can choose to believe or not. Get out of my sight!

    1. Yep, bible thumpers
      Are worse than leg humpers
      And those that sit on their ass
      Just use it for a pass

  37. Most people who say those idioms or think God is the great fixer, use it as an excuse to do nothing in life to make things better

    1. Yep, sit and stare
      Is all they do at their lair

  38. I hope lightning doesn't strike your rhyming ass! Hahahaha

  39. Replies
    1. Not a fraidy cat here
      With his rhyming rear

  40. While humans think of god as he/she
    Orlin as well can imagine god as dog
    on the tree...

  41. Religion is a touchy subject but you did a good job with it!

    1. Touchy or not
      The cat will take on the plot

  42. At the moment it's so cold here that I'm considering committing murder just so I can be warmed up by the Hell-fire :P

    1. lol well that could work if you got offed too
      Otherwise a warm cell at your zoo

  43. "God helps those who help themselves." This is not a true statement in the biblical sense, though lots of Christians think it is.
    Nice post, Pat!!!

    1. Yep, many think it is wise and true
      When it could have came from the loo

  44. I love how God is glorified for all the good, then Satan gets tossed in when things are bad. Why can't God just stand up and make everything good? I call bs on the He helps those who help themselves. God or not, I believe he isn't extending a helping hand. We're on our own down here.

  45. Replies
    1. What happened to 102 and 103?
      Blue can't count, it's plain to see!

    2. Blue must have been snoring
      Or finds counting boring

  46. God is in charge
    can't argue with that
    He sets the rules
    it is all his mat.

    1. The cat will argue though
      God or just another foe

  47. Intelligent humans might just be an oxymoron!


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