The Price Of Nice!

Now we all know the cat is far from nice. I like to chow down on mice. That sure isn't nice, right? Plus you know those things that take flight. Yeah, I eat those too. Whatever will I do? Oh yes, nice. Let's go with that and put the eating things on ice.

Nice to you,
Nice to me.
That gets a yippee.
R's Great Post for me.

Just fit that in.
Not a sin.
Is R even still around?
Bet he's still found.

Niceness is great.
Should be everyone's fate.
A common trait.
Like dessert near a plate.

But what is nice?
Do it and pay the price.
Nice can lead to much.
Like users and such.

But been there done that.
So no need to chew that fat.
Chewing fat is great.
What? You can't relate?

See, nice to one, isn't nice to another.
Nice to you may not be nice to your brother.
So being nice can leave a chill.
Nice becomes something that makes people ill.

Flip it that way,
Nice with smoochies at ones bay,
Yeah I said it.
I'll take the hit.

Makes many gag.
The gag plays tag.
All around do it.
See, not a nice smoochie fit.

Nice is a universal thing?
Pfft not unless all are puppets on a string.
Ultron will prove that wrong.
Yeah, he sang a Disney song.

So be nice, be mean.
Use ice if you smell unclean.
Some things are universal mean.
But nice? Depends on the drinking canteen.

Wasn't that nice? Hey, I didn't charge a price. That sure is nice of me. Ever get dinged for being nice at your sea? See, nice isn't all it is cracked up to be. Some cats think it is nice to sit on a mat and pee. Thankfully not I or Cass. That is just nasty to my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Loved the verse Pat. being nice don't cost much, must try and tell my two UK children that advice.
    Have a joyus Sunday.

  2. "Wasn't that nice? Hey, I didn't charge a price"
    Niceties do come for free and that is being wise
    A kind gesture
    Will get another
    Being a good friend doing good not to antagonize


    1. A little bit of nice
      Sure comes at a free price

  3. Nice is middle of the road vanilla and it could lean either way. Best to be awesome!

    1. Awesome sounds like a better way
      There at many a bay

  4. Nice is usually just another word for "polite." Generous is a much better word!

    1. Generous does have a better ring
      As the word does spring

  5. Did we determine R's a he
    Being nice for all eternity
    Does nice have vice, throw weddng rice
    Often brides will say to this, No dice
    What if R's a floozie dame
    Looking for some nice big fame

    1. R may have to say more
      To get fame at any shore
      Great post won't do
      Although could entertain a brain dead few

  6. Nice does seem a little boring.

    1. Boring it can be
      Throw in a little mean with glee

  7. I think being nice is always nice!

    1. Nice is nice you say
      Even if those neighbors come to play? lol

  8. I think nice is an overused word:
    Nice to see you!
    Nice haircut!
    Nice poem!
    Nice day!
    I think all need to think more creatively and use substitutes for the word when we can.

    1. That we surely do
      But complacent we all become at our zoo

  9. Nice is something you feel obligated to be
    if it's not from the heart you can go flee
    reminds me of something a friend once said to me
    why be ordinary, when you can be extra-ordinary...
    Sometimes, nice isn't always the way
    say what you mean, and mean what you say
    to that I'll say have a "nice" day...haha

    PS - Love the new header excellent art work
    the cat is beautiful...a new adventure will soon
    take flight ....

    1. haha your friend sure had wise advice
      why just go with nice
      Can go with much more
      As always something in store

      Which of the new ones was that?
      7 new ones from the cat

    2. haha - I think I've seen about 3 or 4
      always something so much more
      love them all and fun to see
      as you are a busy bee...smiling

      yeah it was wise advice
      and you know we are not ordinary
      we are extra-ordinary...haha...

    3. Even threw in blue guy in one
      Had a few more done
      Crazy as can be
      Here at my sea

    4. haha - I saw that one and the one with the
      red car but my favorite so far is the one
      with the alien ships the cat is stunning

    5. PS - Crazy is the way to be
      I'll take crazy at my sea...

    6. They were fun to do
      Adding a crazy few

    7. The blue guy is back!
      Got a bit off track

    8. Too busy snoring
      Or dream exploring

  10. Nice doesn't cost a thing and it sure makes some smile. Nothing better than a little smile a day.

  11. After all I feel sorry about the word,
    use it with wit? with smile? as compliment
    I believe the words become transparent
    reflecting true you
    the 'nice' stays on your face
    if you in your real cue.

    1. Good way to look at it indeed
      As your face can tell all that takes seed

  12. Nice is a word.
    for the proactive.
    To get you a date with
    the hopelessly unattractive.

    1. lol I don't think you even have to use nice
      If for such hopelessness you were to entice

  13. Looks aren't EVERYthing, you see.
    Mrs. Penwasser married ME.

    1. But they surely help
      No waking up in the middle of the night to Kruger sized yelp

  14. ha - nice can def. mean different things to different people - and i prefer honest to nice any time..ha

  15. There's a kind of overly nice that I didn't understand when I began blogging. It's done by women to other women. Mel told me that it was a passive aggressive thing done to women you really hate. I got lots of that when I first began blogging and thought it was sincere. Stupid me. Thankfully none of the gamers engage in such silly behaviour so I rarely go outside of that sphere.

    1. haha I never understood it much
      But I've seen it more than a touch
      I sat back and laughed a bit
      Not getting tangled up in that shit

      Trying to go for a record at your sea?
      With no post from thee?

  16. You have to watch where the nice is coming from. It could mean a whole lot of other things

  17. Nice is def. all in the perspective. To me a chewed up mouse would not be nice to find at all, though I'm sure to a cat it'd be the ultimate in 'nice.' That being said, I would like to GO to Nice. 5th most populous city in France. :)

    1. haha never knew that one
      the cat will stay home with his mice and have fun
      You can go there
      Nice for each lair

  18. niceness is great and should be everyone's fate

    Things Could Be More Reliable

  19. nice is great if it doesn't come with a price
    then it might be worth the work to be nice
    but I guess it is better than having a slice
    of being mean and not taking advice


    1. Some advice is bad
      Best to avoid that too at ones pad

  20. Chow down on mice/ Oh the horror! Not nice at all.

    1. lol the cat let that slip
      He'll stick with cat nip

  21. As you pointed out, nice is subjective and depends on perspective. It's not a definitive word. Sparing use is preferred.

    1. Subjective in many a way
      At each and every bay

  22. Long day - not feeling nice
    Think I ate the wrong mice
    with brown gravy and white rice.
    What's next - head lice?

  23. Unfortunately overuse has made it sappy
    Similar to another word - "happy"
    We understand its intention, of course
    But it tends to be weak and have less force

    (Love the two new headers I've seen - they're great!)

    1. Yep, the weakness shines through
      As it is overused from zoo to zoo

  24. Oh - just saw a third one! Cool!

  25. Nice is ok unless people take advantage, then one is a rug that they step on so be nice but make sure you don't see footprints on your back

    1. My back is already bad
      No footprints are to be had

  26. Man, you put off commenting for a few hours, well about 12 and you find yourself number 101. But hey that is still one.

    Kill 'em with kindness is what I was told. Sometimes a bite in the azz is what is called for. How is that for Nice?

    1. lol only a bit low
      That's the way it can go
      Not sure I'd want to be bitten
      Maybe with one you are smitten

  27. Being nice sure does make me sleep much better at night.

  28. I don't think nice is done out of obligation all the time.
    Some people are just genuinely nice and it's not a crime.
    But you can be used once people figure it out
    and that can hurt and make you pout.

    I agree it was time for new headers!
    Who's the cute blonde nurse who looks much better?
    And are those toys in the litter box?
    Yuck, could catch the chicken pox. ha.

    1. I don't think R even saw
      that he was mentioned at all!

    2. R is blind too
      Maybe at my zoo
      Nice done by those who are that way
      They just do it at their bay
      But yeah the users can come
      And latch on like a bum

      7 new ones came due
      Switched a few at my zoo
      Not sure why the nurse was there
      Cassie is really the one to throw toys in with flair

  29. I always try to be nice, but not OVERLY nice. That can cause unwanted attention from some folk that you just want to buzz off.

    1. Yep, that is very true
      Tell them to stick it at their zoo

  30. Nice guys finish last
    And they die really fast
    But when someone's not nice to me
    I'm as mean as can be.

  31. Ooo, love this especially as I'm owned by a cat myself! I've been reading through various posts and have vowed to come back and read more when I have more time. My blog is called That's Purrfect and is at

    1. Glad it was grand
      As the cat rules our land

  32. being nice is always nice. but if people are going to take that for granted then i say move away from that kind. that's the nicest thing one can do for himself.


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