Upon High With This Cry!

Today we go with a thing that has more names than me. But we'll stick with its main name today at my sea. For M marijuana is at play. Let's hope the dope heads have a very nice day.

Marijuana is so great.
It has a common trait.
Not only does it get you high.
But it will make it so you can't die.

Yep, you will be immortal with it.
Death will never take a hit.
You will live life forever.
Smoke up and be clever.

It will cure Ebola.
Forget Coke a Cola.
It is the best around.
No disease will ever be found.

It takes all pain away.
Listen to what we say.
Marijuana will cure everything.
Cut big pharma's string.

Join the revolution today.
Cure all disease at play.
Marijuana is the best.
It passes every test.

We are not high.
Pfft we'll never die.
We'll preach until the cows come home.
Our medical evidence is lost in Rome.

But trust us anyway.
We'd never lead you astray.
Go get your card.
It isn't that hard.

Say you got this or that.
You will get a card, stat.
You stubbed your poor toe.
Wow, a marijuana card will show.

Now you can smoke all day.
Forget about making pay.
Be a pot head 24/7.
You'll be in heaven.

Brain cells die every day.
You don't need them all anyway.
Smoke up and join the cause.
Ignore those pesky marijuana laws.

Pfffffft says the cat. If it cured everything going there is no way it would be kept under a hat. Now top grade cannabis oil I have actually witnessed cut tumor growth. So it is possible for some it can help cancer go south. And if it works to make actual, not a stubbed toe, pain go away, power to anyone I say. But claiming it will cure everything under the sun just makes one sound like brain cells have been killed a ton. There is obviously some healing properties within the plant somewhere. So what do you think at your lair? Are you part of the "It cures everything mass?" I'm done weeding, get it, through such things with my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Gooooooooood mooooooorning Kitty Cat!
    (Just a modest Robin Williams reboot on your pretty mat)
    "Oh it's a wonderful day to take a hike
    And it's a wonderful day to ditch that ugly bike"
    Song along, Cat!
    "Oh it's a wonderful day to flip that boss a tweety bird
    And it's a wonderful day to not be, you know, third!"

    1. Love do to the second to last
      Just to make the work a thing of the past
      Number one and number two
      Guess it's a wonderful day to be grumpy goo

    2. I did it a while ago
      And then he got nuts and left our show
      Good riddance hope it'll stay that way
      Oh happy day!

    3. haha chased him away
      No longer there to stay

    4. He hate my butt
      That ex big boss mutt

    5. Hates your butt?
      Strange at your hut

  2. 13 out of 16
    At the furry scene
    Marijuana is my neighbor's thing
    Like to smoke it with his ding-a-ling
    That's not a joke
    I barely hear him poke
    And then the stench is strong
    In my bedroom - that's so wrong
    Soundproof it may be
    But that smell gets to me and Scooby Dooeeee
    Need to call the cops and bust his nuts
    Or make him smoke until he throws up his guts
    Does that sound like a plan to you
    Maybe he could sniff-sniff my other shoe
    Marijuana allows some folks to escape
    Still beats eating an ape or a bat with a cape

    1. I had to live with that crap for years
      So to me it doesn't get any cheers
      Hotboxed bathroom and crap too
      But I got my payback on more than a few

    2. People are like animals in my neck of the wood
      I need to find myself a new neighborhood

    3. That you do
      Move far far away from your zoo

    4. It's gonna cost me a stack
      And then I'll never come back

    5. Might be good
      To have a new hood

  3. My son said some kid had a "blunt" the other day. Me, being so stoopit, said, "a blunt instrument"? Uh yea, that has been the running joke around here. Mom has never heard of a joint called a blunt before!

    1. lmao living under a rock?
      That is kind of a shock

  4. I think I will stick with my epilepsy mediacation Pat.
    Great poem.

  5. It's hard to believe smoking MaryJane doesn't cause cancer, similar to tobacco. How can any smoke in your lungs be good for you?

    1. Cigarettes have more chemicals I think
      Which is why faster cancer will sink
      But smoking the stuff will still give it to you
      Just may take longer to come due

  6. Agree with Bijoux. You're still putting smoke in your lungs, which is the worst thing you can do.

    1. Yep, smoke in the lungs and brain cells are dead
      Getting stupider in the head

  7. The oil is great I've heard tell
    Stops some pains like a bell
    Will never be legal by the feds
    Big pharma needs to sell it's meds

    1. Yep, meds need to come due
      Sell them at every zoo
      The oil I've actually seen work
      Smoking it though? not a perk

  8. Our state vacillates between legal and illegal selling of marijuana for medical purposes. Quite the hot topic.

    1. Hot topic all around it seems
      As some pot heads have ranting twitter streams

  9. I think I'd rather risk the health complications of smoking a join then drinking a glass of coke. I mean, it takes rust off of pennies!!! Bleh gag barf!!!

    1. haha thankfully I have never done either one
      But yeah, I'd take the joint over the glass of coke if it had to be done

  10. don't know about the legal ones, just have had the illegal ones a couple of times. quite a story!
    on the healing ground, well, i believe in herbs.

    1. Herbs can do a lot
      Smoking it can't be so hot

  11. An example for the college student
    As a professor I must be prudent
    This is never a discussion topic
    My goals are much more philanthropic
    I wish only health for the student body
    And success as great as the illuminati

    1. A good way to be
      There at your sea
      Although the Illuminati is bad
      They'd off any old lass or lad

  12. There is some (valid) research that Marijuana can be medicinal. I've never tried M, but I think there are bigger monsters to kill--like Meth. I remember an older boyfriend I had when I was sixteen who had made M brownies for his band. He told me I couldn't have one. :)

    1. Yeah there are bigger monsters to kill indeed
      haha saving you from the brownies at your feed

  13. Have never been interested
    though some are truly fascinated.
    More potent than it used to be,
    not good for your brain cells, you see.

    1. That is all half the people do here
      Smoke and get dumber I fear
      420 friendly they claim to be
      But they can do a 180 away from me

  14. I read a couple articles about GMO pot now.
    Ho will one ever know which way to go?
    How does one certify organic when it is not to be grown in the first place?
    Know your farmer. Smoke local.

    1. Have to know where to find a farm
      And stay away from harm

  15. The MJ is not for me personally, but if it can help medically, why not? :)

    1. Yeah if it legit helps anyone with medical crap
      You won't hear me saying word one to that chap

  16. Lovely for inspiring a case of the munchies and the giggles too. :D

  17. I admit, I've gone back and forth on using it myself as I've heard great things about it helping others who have ulcerative colitis. However, I've drilled "drugs are bad" into my kid's heads, citing how horrible all my druggie siblings are as examples . I'd look like a pretty big hypocrite if they ever found out I was using, even if it were for medical purposes.

    1. I have seen some use the oil and had good results from it
      Never done it, but the oil is the way to go ad not smoke the shit
      Lung cancer and brain cell death
      Is all that will come from each breath

  18. Marijuana, though not for me,
    sends people on many trips.
    And, then the problem is, you see.
    The store runs all out of chips.

  19. Replies
    1. Rich as can be at many a sea
      But jail time may also come to be

  20. The bad news for people using "medicine" as an excuse for smoking/consuming pot is that they've found a way to isolate the healing properties from the part that makes you high. They're planning to harness it for pill form. So if that goes through, these "medical marijuana" patients will have to finally just admit they just want to get high. (Not that I'm saying there's anything wrong with that--just saying, let's be honest about why most people are smoking it!)

    1. That is good news for those who don't want to get high
      And actually use it for medicine to remain spry
      But for those who just lie
      Whoops, have to give another lie a try lol

    2. Interesting. I hadn't heard about that, Steph.

  21. Getting high makes you want to wear Speedos
    Or go to the store to buy Dortios

  22. Never tried that stuff
    and have no desire to
    there is lots of more fun things
    to do here at my zoo


    1. Don't need to be high
      To enjoy life and be spry

  23. Back in the day
    I smoked tons of hay
    Morning noon and night
    I always had a light
    from a click of my Bic
    I would always have a hit
    of really good shit
    so I always stayed lit.

    oh, and I alright turned out.

    Stephen Tremp
    A to Z Cohost
    M is for Movies

    1. The hay must have been healing
      Did you get the hay is for horses feeling?

  24. If it works for the health of another, so be it

  25. orlin N cassie

    weed willna cure everee thing iz rite...but it for sure helpz with de naueseuz frum chemo treet mint & it helpz thoze with anorexia two ...de food serviss gurl
    haz known folks frum both sides oh that coin that it helped....we hurd it has helped with glaucoma two, but knot positive on that one ??


    1. Supposed to help with the eye thing
      But who knows at any blog wing
      I've seen it work for a few
      As well at my zoo

  26. We're glad this post didn't go up in smoke!

  27. Like Brian's comment.. So true. Don't need that silly drug.

  28. Never touched it, never will. If it really does help cancer patients then I'm all for that, but I hate it when people who smoke it for fun all of a sudden start claiming its for medicinal use.

    1. Yep, the nuts out there claim away
      As their brain cells fade into the bay

  29. I don't mind those who really need
    The medicinal effect at their feed
    But legalization... I voted no
    But it didn't matter at my show

    1. Got over voted at your sea
      Is it that bad now with it flying free

    2. Guess I will stay far away
      From your dope head bay

  30. Well, if it is for true medicinal purposes then I say go for it
    as some cancer patients have used it to ease the pain. I
    know they made this legal in Colorado and they said their
    revenue jumped. I believe within the first 4 months it was
    reported they made 10.8 million dollars and the crime rate
    dropped for drug sales.

    I think the Beer Guys are from that way..maybe, they can
    tell us how that is working out in Colorado.

    1. It sure can bring in the dough
      Over there in Colorado they say so

    2. Money only for those who grow it
      Not for those who don't stow it
      Affecting driving worse than phones
      Everywhere you go is a high zone

    3. Damn, that is awful indeed
      Dope heads taking seed

  31. If it relieves pain in cancer patients, I'm all for medical legalization.

  32. Went through college w/out striking a match, altho the campus was riding on smoke all wkend. But I didn't inhale.
    It has been proven that cannibis relieves pain in many diseases, not just cancer.

    1. Yeah, it was the exact same here
      But I stayed away from it with my little rhyming rear

  33. I'm for anyone relieving their pain but any kind of smoking be it tobacco or pot is bad and taking it other ways if not for the few known things it does is just killing more brain cells.

    1. Smoking is bad in every way
      Give you cancer at the end of the day

  34. I don't know if it will cure everything, but I'm willing to find out!

  35. I read an article recently about a young boy that had several seizures a day and marijuana seemed to be working to help him. If it cures some illnesses that's wonderful, but how to keep it for medicinal purposes only is the question.

    1. Yeah if it was only for medical then no one would whine
      But the pot heads sure think it divine

  36. If it helps with any medical condition, let them have it

  37. Here in my State, you can buy weed without such a bad fate. It's cheaper if you have a card, but now you can just buy it--it's not hard. And nothing has really changed around here, which seemed to be a lot of people's fear.

    1. Nothing changing isn't always a bad thing I suppose
      As long as it is highs and not lows

  38. You've read my anti pot blog posts long enough to know where I stand. While it might help people with terminal illnesses in some instances and maybe the oil has some healing properties in it, I still wouldn't take it. I'm not a believer. I really don't care if someone wants to smoke it. Just don't try to tell me it's your medicine and it's cured cancer, brain tumors and that it's better than anything else out there.

    1. haha I knew it would get you going
      Yep, nuts out there sure have a "it cures everything" showing

  39. Dealing with pain every day
    it is constant at my bay.
    If it can calm this beast
    I may make this a daily feast.
    I can't smoke it, hurts my lungs
    but brownies sound like fun.

    1. lol brownies may do the trick
      And pain sure can be like getting hit by a brick

  40. "Today at my sea for M marijuana is at play"
    Drooling and mouth dribbling did you say?
    Would be hellish outcome
    When one succumbed
    Avoid it even just for experimenting any day


    1. Avoid it is the way to be
      For many at their sea

  41. I personally do believe
    That one thing to cure all is no real relieve
    But I am all about just about any alternative to the normal Rx
    With just about everything except maybe sex

    1. An alternative is key
      If one can find it for thee

  42. Of course it doesn't cure everything
    I've never heard anyone claim that so
    But it helps hugely with glaucoma, pain, chemo, seizures
    And a lot of other lousy woes

    I have smoked it from time to time
    Never really did much for me
    But anything in excess I think
    Is not great for you or me

    1. Nothing in excess is good at all
      Unless maybe it is money at ones hall
      I've seen tons claim it cures all
      On many an internet wall

    2. Well that's the problem right there
      Always of the internet beware! :-0

    3. Yep, watch what is said
      Many are an empty head

  43. Wacky tobacky, smack or crack
    A sure sign that brains - they lack!

  44. Not sure what to think about medical marijuana....
    could be useful in some cases, I think...but
    are the risks worth it?

  45. While we were in loss Vegas, there was a woman I met that was smoking pot and she was so high it was just ridiculous.

    1. Some sure like to suck it back
      Brain cells they lack


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