A Little Meet And Wheat!

So there is a big thing going around, for years it could be found. Gluten is oh so bad, which it sure as hell isn't rad, but it is just oh so bad. Screw the processed stuff and GMO. Gluten is the only culprit high and low. Yes, gluten is complete crap. But don't be a silly gluten free processed crap buying sap.

Gluten free, gluten free!
Yippee, yippee for me.
I'm so gluten free.
I am as happy as can be.

This is gluten free.
It is so good for me.
I'll lose weight tomorrow.
No more gluten to bring me sorrow.

All of this says gluten free.
Yippeee, so good for me.
I can eat more every day.
There is no gluten at play.

Wait? I'm still fat.
My energy went scat.
Could it really be,
That I'm not gluten free?

What? I still eat bad stuff?
But I just can't get enough.
It is oh so good for you.
As long as no gluten comes due.

It isn't full of crap,
With a gluten free lap.
It is so great for you.
It says so right in view.

Pffft what a sap,
If you fall for that trap.
If it's gluten free or not,
It can still make your stomach rot.

You insides will come out your rear.
Day by day, I fear.
If you think gluten free can do no wrong,
You need to sing a new song.

Why you may ask?
Because of the processing task.
And all the garbage they need to put in it,
Just to make it look like a commercial hit.

Do away with fake or non fake wheat.
Just take your grocery list and hit delete!
Then the weight, the aches, the pains,
Will board some far away trains.

What? You really believed it was just gluten? Sorry, gluten free crap will still leave you a tootin. It is all garbage that will rot you inside and out. So gluten free you can scream and shout, but you aren't so much better off. Yeah, gluten free nuts feel free to scoff. Now gluten free is better than eating gluten any day. But a lot of the crap they put in gluten free stuff is just as bad for you at your bay. So take processed crap and bury it in the grass. You may then have as much energy as my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


    Do you still rock on your mat?
    Round the clock you say?
    You mean at your bay?
    I see
    In the place to be
    Gotta snore
    Like a boar.

  2. Four in a row
    At your show
    What! Your food is still crap
    Maybe you should take a nap
    You know like me
    In the place to be
    Can't trust no food
    In your neighborhood
    Full of toxic stuff
    I've had enough
    Maybe start a farm
    When you press that alarm
    Sue their butts big time
    Send them an ugly rhyme
    Well, I'm back on my couch
    Like an old grouch

    1. Back on the couch
      Do you crouch
      Or do you lie
      Like the food guy
      All kinds of crap
      Still fell for by many a chap

    2. No lie I was there
      I'm the blue couchman with flair
      Ain't seen my bed in over a year
      That's a fact: oh dear
      Oh well, so what if I snore
      Like a boar in a store
      I can eat a thing or two
      The fridge is near my shoe

    3. Can get a snack
      Without a heart attack
      That is a bonus indeed
      There at your feed

    4. Plus a drink within reach
      Unlike that Bora Beach

    5. Grab one and drink
      In snoring you sink

  3. What is it that a robot eats
    To carry out life's busy feats
    If we're programmed that is fine
    I'll have some bread and a glass of wine
    Bread is romance and staff of life
    Tear right in, why use a knife
    Stand in a bread line in the rain
    Daily eating becomes a pain
    Numb us down with GMO
    Let the poisons start to flow
    Soon all food will be a fake
    As Marie A. said, "Let them eat cake." LOL

    1. Morning, Manzanita.... could it be just us?
      Did everone else take the bus?

    2. lol the robots are far and wide
      Eating the gmo crap with pride
      Everything is nice and fake
      But they can have their cake

    3. No one here but the cake-eaters
      They took the bus
      Without a fuss
      The driver was Gus
      They just said mush
      And to Bora they rush (Without the cake-eaters)

    4. Bora would be grand
      With no cake eaters at hand

    5. They took the bus to Bore Beach?
      I thought that place was out of reach?
      How come they left us here to stay
      With some kitty cat to play? :p

    6. Left behind
      How unkind
      In a rut
      Punch to the gut

  4. Gluten free, oh so true about that and the way its often talked about nowadays...but hey whatever rocks your boat I say.

  5. For those with coeliac disease or IBS
    It can be mighty bad
    But often with most
    They are riding a fad

    1. Many are riding the fad indeed
      But it can do more than bowel issues at ones feed

  6. Just because it says gluten free does not make it good for you. Wise cat

  7. There is a test one can take
    to see if they need to be gluten free
    don't know if many do that
    or just like to say so and then be

    all things in moderation I do believe
    unless one is allergic and breaks out in hives
    then I guess it is better to avoid that
    and that is no lie


    1. There are two tests they can take
      One can easily come back fake
      The other is rather umm invasive as can be
      But it has a higher accuracy

      Moderation is key
      Unless one is like me lol

  8. The gluten free stuff is loaded with bad ingredients. People need to learn how to read

  9. Gluten free is big business today
    never have tried it at my bay
    one craze today and one tomorrow
    gain weight lose weight
    don't give yourself sorrow
    whatever is the latest craze
    embrace it or become lost in the maze!

    1. Avoid the maze
      With the trail you blaze
      Just climb the wall
      But don't fall

  10. The gluten free craze is so stupid. It doesn't affect weight like that and most people aren't allergic to eat. Just eat in moderation, people!

    1. Yep, nuts far and wide
      Thinking just avoiding that will turn the tide

  11. I mistakenly ate some gluten this morning and now, according to Doctor Oz, I only have 6 months to live.

    To anyone reading this... IT WASN'T WORTH IT! DON'T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE I DID!

    1. Damn, you better get living at your sea
      You only have 3 months before your balls fall off and you can no longer pee!

  12. Can always rely opn you Pat for a good chuckle.
    Great verse.

  13. My husband cut out wheat and at first lost a bunch of weight, but the weight loss stopped and he still eats a ton of sugar.
    Who can afford to buy all that gluten free junk? $5 for 10 cookies is a little steep.

    1. Yeah, it is no better for you
      Drop wheat and the gluten free crap completely and the weight will shoo

  14. Gluten free
    One cure fits all
    Probably not
    Thank God
    I love my Pizza.

    1. lol one cure fitting all
      Is what the greedy or stupid write on the wall

  15. People love to jump on a bandwagon!

  16. Gluten-free, fat-free, lactose-free, bacteria-free and in the end, food-free/happy now, not to have a cow? :-)

    Greetings from London.

    1. lol food free will make you croak
      But maybe then they'll be a happy bloke

  17. Gluten would certainly attack
    Anyone who's Coeliac
    But as for the rest I think no big deal
    It should be safe in any meal.

    . . . lol

    1. Attack it can do
      But many have a loose screw
      Moderation for most
      Will keep them alive at their coast

    2. Agree with gluten we should not over indulge
      and make out stomachs with high intake bulge.
      Inside sometimes it has a nasty effect
      and make the doctor coeliac disease detect..
      With others who ram down their throats without hesitation
      It can cause a severe opposite of constipation . . . . lol

    3. lol all blocked up
      Need some fiber in their cup

      A huge belly most incur
      Some even have umm fur
      They get so fat that even with a coeliac detection
      They can no longer see their erection

  18. People love to jump on any new "trend" that they see others jumping on. I eat what I want and don't follow those idiotic trends.

    1. Best way to be
      As long as it works for thee

  19. I don't do the gluten thing, but my sister in law swears by it.

  20. I eat gluten. I mean..I am Sicilian. How can I not eat pasta? Hahaha

    1. haha you eat everything
      Except maybe strawberries at your wing

  21. I like things that obviously are gluten free say it on a label. Water was gluten free? I had no idea!

    1. lmao yeah pretty sad
      They need to say that at their pad

  22. "As long as no gluten comes due"
    But non-gluten also sticks like glue
    One can get fat
    With all the crap
    Better give gluten a complete adieu


    1. Yep, get fat will all the crap
      But they eat all like a sap

  23. Go figure, every time they take something out of a product they charge more for it.

    1. That is the way
      I guess air costs more at every bay

  24. They pulled this same bullshit when they decided butter was bad for you. Then they made tasteless, artificially manufactured margarine. Now margarine is really bad for you, but no one is going to tell you that.

    Another lie is sugar. No, sugar is not bad for you. It's only bad if it is in processed foods. So buying sugar free this and sugar free that is ridiculous. And it's okay to use real sugar in a recipe made from scratch. That aspartine stuff is gonna kill you one day. Sugar won't.

    Ya, I could rant with you all day long on this one Cat. But no one will listen.

    1. Yep, we could rant away
      But none will care what we say
      The processed garbage is the worst
      Water in a bottle can also make you burst
      The shit I've found that was in that
      Made the hair stand up on end of the cat
      Real sugar like in cashews isn't bad for you too
      Gotta love the flip floppers at their zoo

  25. I don't know if I can write a poem about gluten-free stuff this much. although, I am a huge fan of them. Haha!

    1. haha well a post is easy
      Doesn't need to rhyme and be cheesy

  26. Someone who is an avid Coca-Cola/Sprite drinker told me today I needed to cut Diet Cokes out because they're bad. I spent a great deal of time trying to explain to her that there are two things that make diet sodas bad and one is the same carbonation that's in the drinks she lives on. The other is the artificial sweetener. So, sure, I need to cut out artificial sweetener, but we all need to stop drinking soda, since everyone suddenly believes drinking soda is worse than Meth!

    1. lmao yep, people go oh so far
      I've never touched the stuff at my sand bar
      Never had the taste for it
      But diet or real, they all have bad shit

  27. Gluten free?
    I don't get it.
    Seems to me
    you shouldn't sweat it.

    But, what do I know?
    I'm a dunce, I fear.
    Wheat bread's a go
    and it's great in beer.

    1. And if it ever gets to you
      You have options at your sea
      With that sidewalk loo
      You never have to run to pee

  28. It does seem trendy to go GF, even if there is no need.

    1. Trendy seems to be the way
      At each and every bay

  29. Pretty soon we won't be able to eat anything and will become the ultimate skinny!
    I'm cooking as much as possible from scratch with the least processed foods I can buy.

    1. That is the way to be
      And yeah, pretty soon all food will be crap at every sea

  30. Gluten schmuten! We have a show in Canada called Marketplace that I think you know. They talked about Gluten free and unless you have celiac or crohn's disease, you are aok to eat Gluten. The only thing it will affect is your wallet since it costs more than double to have this hyped up craze

    1. Yep, and the crap within the "free" stuff
      On the body it is just as rough

  31. Sometimes carbs are carbs, no matter if it is gluten free or not.

  32. It isn't a one size fits all
    each must let their gut make the call....

    1. That they must do
      But many go with the fad at their zoo

  33. Hi my name is Slam and I use to haunt your blog. And thanks for the reminder a few weeks ago about how I leave and return regularly. You are onto my attention-getting scheme!

    As for your post, I can't comment on healthy food choices. I think my daughter had ice cream 3 meals in a row this weekend.

    1. lol the cat caught your scheme
      As in and out you beam
      While getting calcium I suppose
      If that's how it goes

  34. Bacon doesn't have gluten. I think I'll stick to eating bacon all day long lol. Seriously, eating non-processed is the way to go. Energy levels skyrocketed when I started cutting it out of my diet.

    1. Yep, getting that crap out of the way
      Sure lets you have a better day


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