Get In Your Kicks And Licks!

The cat watches humans near and far and you know I think they are strange at their sand bar. But they have a fascination with waiting around and thinking, poof, whatever they want will be found.

Sit on your rump,
Happy or grump.
Large or thin.
Can still do you in.

Can kick the bucket.
But ahhh duck it.
You still sit.
Can't just do it.

Whoops, sorry Nike.
Blame some guy named Mikey.
If you kick the bucket you'll be pissed,
Is that why you make a bucket list?

Must be a hole in your bucket.
Or it simply says, suck it.
The bucket is a meanie.
Holds those goals like heat to a beanie.

Does a beanie hold heat?
Bah, still left in defeat.
Then the bucket you kick,
Never doing a lick.

Regret for eternity on your plate.
That must be a very nice fate.
But you have your bucket.
Blame it and duck it.

As in duck the blame.
Humans are lame.
Can pass it off with ease.
To you it is a breeze.

So enjoy the bucket,
That tells you to suck it.
That bucket is to blame.
It prevented your fame.

Nope, it wasn't you,
That did nothing new.
It was the bucket's fault.
Damn thing was locked up like a vault.

Life in a bucket.
You can't duck it.
You can say umm pluck it.
But in the end you suck it.

Pffft says the cat. Want something done where you're at? Do it and shut up about your damn bucket. To the bucket I say umm puck it. Magic is fake! Oopsy, spoiled that for you with my take? Of course somethings take dough to get up and go, but saving things in a bucket that you will eventually kick, sure sounds like some backasswards magic trick. Now the cat is through with his bucket sass and off I go with my bucket hating little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Un dos très goes the reboot...
    Better not hoot...

    I'm back... now how d'you feel about that?
    Where's Hank today?
    Is he ready to play at your Kitty Cat bay?
    Is it Sunday yet?
    I'm so tired I could use a jet
    And fly you know where
    Where the ladies care
    And our Bora is there
    Maybe tomorrow or next week
    Maybe in our next life
    Such strife!

  2. Replies
    1. Mrning, Hank!
      Such a Fun Day!

    2. Yes, Blue
      It is true!


    3. Day to relax
      Hopefully not pay tax

    4. Don't use that word
      It doesn't want to get heard!

    5. I had none to pay
      This year at my bay

    6. Thieves aplenty at your shore
      Don't open that door!

    7. They are about
      but I don't go out

  3. Buckets make me blue
    Like no snacks for Scooby Doo
    Don't want to kick it just yet
    First I need a jet

    1. Good luck with the jet
      I'll just take money for this pet

    2. A jet just for the for of it
      You would be a hit!

    3. Go anywhere
      Make the sky my lair

    4. For the fun of it
      You would be a hit!
      Rebooting a comment or two
      At your shoe
      No dough... now whatcha gonna do?

    5. Rebooting never ever
      The cat is far too clever

  4. "Get In Your Kicks And Licks!"
    Waiting around not short on tricks
    And to kick the bucket
    Not all will need a casket
    Make prior arrangements for quick fix


    1. Burn me and throw me away
      Right into the bay
      Works for me
      Here at my sea

  5. A bucket list, what's that about? How about doing something you can shout out loud?/The cat's right, do not delay/get everything done in just one day!

    Greetings from London.

    1. One day you say
      Damn have to have some kind of pay
      And teleportation too
      There at your zoo

  6. A bucket must be made of oak
    As touted by the older folk
    To kick it will you stub your toe
    Don't wear sandals for that show
    If there's a hole just plug it up
    How else can you fill your cup
    Drip by drip you'll make the grade
    Into the stream of life you fade
    Will you be famous or are you a flop
    Are you all rigid or do you slop with the mop
    Is there excitement to live on the edge
    Here are some clippers, go cut the hedge

    1. Think I'd rather flop
      Then have a fame plop
      But I'll take the money
      And lie where it is sunny
      And then give the clippers to someone new
      Hire out at my zoo lol

  7. I've no bucket nor bucket list. With nothing to kick, does that mean I'll live forever?

    1. Hmmm, maybe you're on to something there
      We have to ban buckets everywhere

  8. Dang, that was quite the bucket list Pat!

  9. I am not sure about living in a bucket
    it would not bring me much luck-it!

    1. If it were a big bucket
      You might not say umm duck it

  10. I sure don't want to kick the bucket and sure hope none of the cats are ready to kick the bucket yet. Have a great day Pat.

    1. Hopefully none of that comes due
      At anyones zoo

  11. Magic is fake, I'll not tell...
    tooth fairies and Santa are here still swell ;)

  12. I'll avoid that bucket for as long as I can

  13. I forget what I put on my bucket list. grin.
    Have a great Sunday, Pat.

    1. lol good thing to do
      Just do it at ones zoo

  14. No need for a bucket or to sit around and wait. A wise cat

  15. Bucket lists are interesting for those that make one
    don't really do that at my zoo
    don't have much on it that I haven't done already
    unless something comes out of the blue


    1. Do what you want to do
      Then no need at your zoo

  16. Number 13oh1, not a bad number if I say so myself.

    Bucketlist, fantasy five, dreams for free, money for nothing

    Oh well, I guess Tomorrow never comes. Except for Christmas and you are unprepared. Then you are up all night putting together a trike sitting on the ding dang bucket. Life is short.

    1. Short it is
      With all the biz
      Of this and that
      Away it will scat
      a ding dang bucket
      Makes you want to go duck it

  17. I love to dream
    as my cats sips some cream
    and think of where I would love to go.
    There are places that I know
    I will love to see.
    If that is my bucket list for me
    I am happy with that dream

    1. A dream to make one happy
      Nothing wrong with that as long as it's not too sappy

  18. No bucket list for me
    Life is too much of a surprise, you see.
    I don't need a list to feel pleased
    since I can't cross things off with ease.
    Have to just go with the flow
    as the calendar pages go.
    My boys control a lot of my life, it's true
    so I'll just be content at what I do.
    And not worry about a list that can't be completed
    and then I won't feel at all defeated!

    1. That is the way to be
      There at your sea
      I'm sure if there was a list too
      On it the cats would go #1 and #2
      So no need for that
      There at your blog mat lol

  19. So many have bucket lists
    planning to do this and that
    enjoy life now even with twists
    as some dreams may go splat
    here today, gone tomorrow
    then what happens to that bucket
    do you just say chuck it...

    1. I used to have one too
      Then I nearly kicked the bucket and I said, "Scooby Doooo!"
      No more lists for Grumpy Goo

    2. Kick it in the sea
      And live nice and free

  20. I don't want a bucket list. As soon as I cross off the last item, my luck tells me it will be time to kick it that day.

    1. haha that would be the way
      Luck would make one pay

    2. LOL Teresa I hear you. I'm not ready to kick the bucket either

    3. Have to avoid the bucket
      Could say duck it

  21. i don't have a bucket list. i think i'd disappointed if i had one.

    1. Yeah ignore and do
      Best way to be at your zoo

  22. I don't do the bucket thing
    Great for those who prefer that fling
    I will just sit here and sing
    And you will hear those echoes ring


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