Stopped Paying Rent And Away They Went!

So the cat was high on his blogroll the other day, meaning no more could be added at my bay, and some needed to hit delete. They had closed up their shop on the blogland street. Interesting to look back at some who stopped beating the blogging drum. I guess they got a life or their life filled with strife.

In the thick of it.
Some more than a bit.
Some with wit.
Others full of umm spit.

But then aren't we all?
Answer that with a cat call.
See, full of something there.
Okay, on with it at my lair.

A redneck was in view.
There may have even been two.
A few art ones were about.
I guess their ink ran out?

Blabber came and went.
Then she pitched a new tent.
Then she made a new blog.
Lost that one in a fog.

Yeah, the cat did not forget it.
I wonder if she'll still be around with this will hit?
A vacuum cleaner guy.
On vacuums he was not shy.

A beserk herc dude.
He sure had attitude.
Old one eye I'll count,
The slacker dropped her post amount.

Had to rub that in.
A waffle left his bin.
Some mind of a mad man got lost.
Maybe his mind was so mad it was tossed?

A satirical blog lost its satire.
Maybe they are looking to hire?
Slamdunks likes to hide.
His vacations must be one long ride.

A Van Helsing lost his way.
Or found it somewhere on display.
Some Twinkle Toes took a break.
But I bet their break is fake.

Many more there are.
Seems they run away near and far.
What is the cause?
Maybe they wanted an encore applause?

The cat knows life takes priority indeed. Hey, you have to have one first take seed. Ever wonder where old blogs went? The least they could do is put a final post saying, get bent. But you don't have to worry about that coming to pass with my ever so far ahead posting little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Replies
    1. No.# 1 again
      Lead regained


    2. I'm too slow
      Hard to get up at my show
      I might be back tomorrow, you know
      If I'm not snoring like a crow

    3. Hank back on top
      Making snoring blue flop

    4. I'll be back and you know it's true
      Or my name ain't grumpy Blue
      Great post!
      From coast to coast!
      Have some toast
      My poor old car got hit again
      By a pregnant woman this time near my den
      It's gonna cost her a thousand bucks too
      Meanwhile my car looks like a grumpy goo

    5. Yippeeee
      For meee

      damn that is a pain in the butt
      Did she blame hormones at her hut? lol

    6. She just couldn't drive
      Good thing we're alive
      Pregnant too
      Stupid move at her shoe

    7. Stupid genes she'll pass on too
      Poor kid at their zoo

  2. Replies
    1. Need an alarm
      To stop the snore charm

    2. Will switch it on just for the fun of it
      My snore is louder so that alarm's worth spit

    3. lol damn, you're the alarm at your sea
      Wake everyone up near thee

  3. I left twice
    But still not on ice
    Hahaha are you here to stay
    At the Kitty Cat Bay?
    Will you outblog us all?
    Strong as a wall?
    A boat AND a goat?
    Not a toad?
    Scooby Dooweeee
    In the place to be

    1. The cat shall keep going
      As long as there is a showing
      His muse hasn't shut up yet
      So will stay a rhyming pet

    2. Sounds like a plan
      Who's the man!
      Oh wait, you're a cat
      On a rhyming mat!

    3. Cat to man
      Flash in the pan
      Man to cat
      How about that

    4. That be fine
      By Pat and feline

  4. "Stopped Paying Rent And Away They Went!
    They lost their will and their strength spent
    They professed some wit
    Took off them some bits
    They lost their way and considered to repent


    1. That they did
      Couldn't outlast the initial bid

  5. There is a reason why the tortoise won the race.

    Of course what that has to do with blogs posting I don't know.

    1. They can burn out
      Which works for your tortoise shout

  6. HAH, this redneck was gone but is now back
    And with wacky stories there will never lack
    So I will visit your little rhyming ass
    Don't think I will ever pass
    You better not delete me
    Or I will pop a zit on thee!

    1. lol wrote this when you were away
      Back now at your bay
      Blah to the zit
      That is a good threat to make me not delete it

  7. Back at your shack
    With a comment 'attack'
    It's still me y'know,
    Even though I come and go. ;-)

  8. Old blogs, like soldiers, never die
    They just float in blogland sky
    Plump blogrolls seekig to meet a quota
    They don't give it one iota

    1. Out there on the net
      Their toes got wet
      Then they went further into the ocean
      And couldn't handle the commotion

  9. Sad when bloggers just up and vanish. Some never even respond to emails and you have to wonder if they are even still alive...

    1. Yep, they could be dead
      Or off in some witness protection bed

  10. It is a bit sad to lose blogger friends. At least Slamdunk came back!

    1. He will always come back
      Disappears here and there at his shack

  11. Too many I've seen fade away
    Not giving a clue, just like you say
    I often wonder where they went
    Or if they ran out of good content

    1. Most seem to run out
      Then they run away and pout

  12. I've never understood
    that concept in the blog neighborhood.
    Abandoning a blog that way
    to start a new one from the same bay.
    It's all one life
    the good and the strife
    just keep on posting
    and at the same place hosting.
    Even if you take some time away
    just start up again, is what I say.

    1. Yeah, weird when they do that
      Never gonna happen for the cat
      One cat or another will be here to stay
      Even a mutt maybe one day

  13. I don't know why if they quit blogging
    they do not delete their words
    having their blog stay in cyberspace
    is a bit absurd


    1. Guess there is always the maybe
      They can come back at their sea

  14. I was just thinking yesterday that I need to visit each of the blogs in my blogroll one-by-one to see if they are still active, etc. I need to clean it up soon.

    1. Yeah, there are many there
      That I purged at my lair

  15. I was just thinking yesterday that I need to visit each of the blogs in my blogroll one-by-one to see if they are still active, etc. I need to clean it up soon.

  16. It is very sad when people stop blogging. It is like an old friend dsappearing. By the way we are really liking your new headers.

    1. Yeah sucks when some go
      Glad you like the new header show

  17. I guess people have their reasons.
    Maybe they post in different seasons.

  18. Lol my new blog that last a whopping 2 entries??? Hahahaha it's all about priorites. When done right, you can blog and have a life. See what you taught me, cat?? :)

    1. lmao that new one didn't last long at all
      Yep, see the cat can be wise at his hall
      Stay ahead
      Avoid any dread

  19. Yep, we often wonder what happened when our blogging pals up and disappear.

    1. They just go and vanish away
      Into the blogland bay

  20. I remember a lot of these guys. Last year some time I came across Bersercules still doing his thing on YouTube, but no blog. I think Waffles life got better and he's engaged to be married.

    Now One Eye is still around, albeit not much. Hope you didn't discount her as you go way back together.

    I clean out my blogroll twice a year and get rid of anything that hasn't posted in a year. If they come back and say "hello", I'll follow again and put them back on my blogroll.

    1. lol old one eye will always stay
      The cat needs to get his digs in to her and you at his bay lol

      That last I saw of Beserc he was showing his bare ass on youtube screens
      Hopefully he didn't offend any pre teens lol

      Waffles got a life
      And even a wife
      Who knew
      Good for him at his zoo

      Yeah I do that same
      Purge and then follow again if they make a return claim

    2. I'm glad Waffles found someone. Poor kid was always so sad and depressed. He did love you though Cat!

    3. Yeah good for him
      Life is no longer grim

  21. Cleaning up the blog roll is fun and sad to do
    I miss so many oldies
    But some stick around, like you.
    That's a good thing most of the time
    Except when I can't rhyme.

    1. Bah, you can spit out a rhyme
      As long as you aren't a mime

  22. I always wonder where old blogs went.

    1. Some vanish without a trace
      No longer feeling the embrace

  23. ha, what a clever way to touch on this! Yes, I wonder all the time as most just drift away as opposed to a goodbye post like you said. It's such a shame when one you love goes away. It's like WHHHHHYYYYY. Also: Slamdunks is trickling back!

    1. Yeah slamdunks comes back every once in a while
      Not sure my whyyyyyyy is such a long style lol

  24. Bloggers come and go. Probably life gets in the way. Or maybe they just run out of things to say.

  25. So many come and go. Few ever say why though. I rhymed!

  26. I don't follow many so all are still here

  27. The question is, who's will be the last blog standing? Not mine, that's for sure!! :)

    1. The cat will set a post to go for 2222
      Then I'll win at my zoo

  28. Some bloggers go away and die
    some just take off and fly
    do I give it much thought?
    some I do and some, not.
    I wish them all the best
    in blogger land fest

    1. Yeah all have their path to take
      And a life to make

  29. I love the people who don't even say bye

  30. orlin N cassie...we haza lotta palz missin frum R readin list......sum we noe why, otherz...we dunno what happened...may bee sum thin we said.....ore didn't ???


    1. haha your spelling scared them away
      Or they like burds at their bay

  31. I had a few friends who went away, giving up on the blogging.
    Maybe they found something new that's not so time hogging.

    1. That they may have indeed
      You never know what shall take seed

  32. I know! It's so irritating. There was one blogger who met a person online, decided they were in love, packed up their whole life, gave away their animals and moved to another country and just deleted their entire blog. Poof! Just not there anymore. Who the heck does that?

    1. haha well you just never know where love can strike I guess
      Nuts and a moron to give away the animals I confess

  33. Bloggers come, bloggers go/but on the cat must go with the show/its daily purring I cannot do without/plus witty mind and caustic humour to shout about! :-)

    Greetings from London.

    1. That cat shall go
      On with the show
      Witty as can be
      At least, hopefully

  34. Don't you think some have just switched their interest to facebook?

    1. That could very well be true
      With all the crap on that zoo

  35. Now, the cat I am sure will be around
    as he is so far ahead in his posts
    none of us need to worry or frown
    unless you meet a blogging ghost
    you might want to drive out of town
    head for the other sea coast to coast
    king of rhyme the cat wears a crown

    1. A blogging ghost you say
      The cat would eat it at his bay
      Then fart it out
      The ghost would pout

  36. My condolences to the dusty blogs. I am glad I reappeared when I did, or cat may have been doing last rights on me too!

  37. Sometimes I get sad when my favorite bloggers leave, but the ones that just up and don't leave a goodbye post- How Rude! lol. We'll all come to a blog run end. I just hope it's later rather than sooner.

    1. Yeah there will come a day
      Mine will probably be when I'm dead at my bay

  38. Usually they're either too busy or they've just run out of things to say. I often worry I've mined the well dry :P

    1. The later usually takes the cake
      No ideas in their empty lake

  39. ha! whenever i hear myself talking about the weather to someone in the elevator I always try to tell myself to stop talking, stop talking!!

    and if I took a cue from my mutt then I'd be pretty jolly all the time! So tell the cat not to judge! :)

    1. haha jolly like Santa at your sea
      That may not be too attractive of thee

  40. Well I don't blog
    But I follow a few
    Which is, at the moment,
    What I care to do

    Maybe one day I'll take
    A dip in that pool
    If people pack up
    Whatever - it's cool

    1. Hopefully there is not too much chlorine
      When/if you dip in at your scene

  41. I started a few blogs early on and just let them go to seed. I don't have time for more than one.

    1. Yeah, doing more than one
      Can sure suck time away a ton

  42. I can understand why a satirical blog would lose its satire, as satire is hard to keep up for an extended period.....a time or two yes, but not for a long time.


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