Why Oh Why Need A New Apply!

So the cat has done it before about Facebook and the other crap from shore to shore. But what about regular sites? Why does new show up in funky tights? Does underwear on the outside give so many pride?

Here and there,
At many a lair,
The site is fine,
No hazard sign.

Whoops, no more.
Brand new shore.
Brand new door.
Open and explore.

It isn't tricky.
Hit the do hicky.
That thingy maggigy,
Won't make you wiggy.

Click and try.
Easy, no lie.
Out with the old.
It was too cold.

In with the new.
A swanky new view.
Click and click.
This is no trick.

Why the new?
Why, it's just for you.
You didn't ask for it.
But the fuse was lit.

No, not click bait.
Not an ad video trait.
Not to up each stat.
Forget all of that.

It is to please.
No need for ease.
Pffft to load time.
Slow isn't a crime.

A auto video play,
Will make your day.
An ad for $5679.69 an hour,
Proves we've got power.

It was all for you.
Don't you like new?
The ads are just there.
Enjoy our outside underwear.

Pffft is all the cat can say with their ads everywhere display. Their click bait titles are so great too. That is all they seem to be able to do. If the site sucks a ton, i.e. Pat's old crummy author site, sure, go on a fixing run. But if it works leave it the hell alone. No need for ads at every tone. But it is easy to see what is done. Make a site easy to use that is fun, then when you have users by the bucket load change to ads up the arse mode. I guess ads make them seem like a higher class? Pffft again says my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Reboot the hoot...
    one-two at my shoe...

    Who is number one on your mat?
    Hank the Tank
    Or Blue the Grumpy Goo?
    Who is quick as a flash
    And still no cash?
    Well, I'm keeping this one short
    Ready to abort

  2. Facebook your personalised PR machine
    Living life through a screen
    Makes you seem so great
    Thumbs up unless there's a reason to hate
    So many friends you should be running for president
    What... you're not even a resident?
    No problem when you're a FB freak
    You look so cool I can't even speak
    Click click we're making contact now
    Communication 2.0 as they meow

    1. Can find it all
      On your cool wall
      It scrolls and fills you in
      That is sure a big win
      Can get mega bucks too
      By using an ad or two
      And if you believe that one
      I've got a bridge to sell under my sun

    2. An ad or two... million
      Raking in a gazillion?
      Buying yourself a pavilion>

    3. That be nice
      Could pay any price

  3. If it ain't broke, why try to fix it
    Some say "I like' and others say " nix-it"
    A new ad a day
    What can one say
    Take a ride on a train
    Don't be so vain
    If your underwear shows
    Maybe get some new clothes
    Watch the video play
    And then start a new day

    1. Some new clothes you say
      Come what may
      Could just go bare
      If one don't care
      But then if the pants sag
      An ass crack my wag

  4. I always wonder about the purpose....does it somehow bring new people? Cuz it sure irritates the crap out of the current users!

    1. Yeah, unless it is a blog farm thing
      Doesn't seem to have much of a purpose at any wing

  5. I don't click on anything on fb. Those click bait scams are everywhere.

  6. My site is basically the same, except for the cool new banner.
    Speaking of which, I like the new one with the spaceships, Pat.
    And ads? Suck. That's why there are none at my lair.

    1. The spaceships was fun to do
      Figured one should come due
      That is all that changes at my zoo
      And yep, no ads here in view

  7. Don't click on
    ads anywhere
    for viruses
    one must be aware.

    With the wait to load,
    why I'd rather
    kiss a toad.

    And when music plays
    click and close
    to run away
    I've not time
    for that at my bay.

    1. The music annoys
      Them and their ploys
      Still I'd rather go click
      Then kiss a toad some slick

  8. We never click on new and improved because it never is!

  9. They got to make their money somehow
    but one doesn't have to click on the ads
    which is basically what I do
    have no money for any fads


    1. True, a few cents here and there
      They go for at their lair

  10. Blogs with ads that slow it down annoy and bring no joy

  11. Ads are fine as long as there is no slow down. Then they are such an annoyance I avoid the site

  12. "Does underwear on the outside give so many pride?"
    And Batman or Superman had better not lose sight
    They are great ads?
    They may not look bad
    But they did better on their exploits and all the fights


    1. Batman and Superman may have a fit
      As their undies shrink because of it

  13. ...And when I bless them with a post
    They bug me the most

  14. Click bait
    Never too late
    Click and find
    A new behind
    Then click again
    To get another ten
    Then rest your finger
    But don't dare linger
    Ads on the net
    For a bayonet
    You buy with your finger
    That's gotten so tired
    And you accidentally fired
    The bullet hit
    Your middle digit
    Now you can't click
    On the gimmick

    1. A new behind with no middle digit
      Might cause some to figgit
      As in move around
      Like a hound
      Trying to sniff their own ass
      Without a five fingered mass
      Oh the same
      With that claim

  15. Wearing underwear out
    Clean ones you have to flout
    Underoos give a clue
    What you have due
    A chaffed bum
    Boy you feel dumb.

    It is hard to compete with the rhymemaster, but Ima workin onit.

    1. Damn the chaffed bum
      That make anyone glum
      Work away
      As you rhyme and play

  16. Ads are everywhere
    it is not fair
    for we can not escape
    and some take the bait.
    I will not have any on my site
    they can kiss my ass:)

  17. Skeevies are us
    Not on my bus
    Not in my bay
    clothes gotta stay

    1. Even in the shower?
      The clothes may cower

  18. I don't do ads but that's just me. Maybe I would, later. Who knows.

  19. I've noticed video ads on my sidebar lately too. It must be Google Ad Sense. I rake in a whopping $100 from the... a YEAR! hahahahahhahaa Some people make that from them in a week. Ah well... s'better than nothing. ;) I don't like the videos popping up though. At least they're in a corner at the bottom and you can ignore them (I think! Sometimes things look dif. to visitor than they do to me).

    1. Some videos pop up and places and just play
      They don't make my day
      Some people make a ton with adsense indeed
      When the bastards actually pay at their feed
      Blog farms mostly with that
      Too much work for the cat

  20. I see ads as a necessary evil. They help pay for awesome things like TV.

    1. That they do
      Although wish they'd show something new

  21. I try to ignore ads
    When they appear in view
    Not always easy, but
    As you say, "Whoopdi Friggin Doo"

  22. Me and The Staff have an automatic Advert Ignore switch in the brain!! We are not even subliminally affected!! BUT we really need that new oojamaflip gadget thingy that plugs into your wotsit and is completely useless!! MOL

    1. lol with such a feat
      You should have two wotsit's at your street

  23. I'm hating how commercialized some blogs have become
    with pop up ads and audible videos a ton.
    So distracting and crazy, too
    Hard to read the post with all that in view!

    1. Yep, they sure annoy a ton
      Makes the cat want to run

  24. More like Farcebook
    Never take the hook
    Although, I clicked away
    What do you say
    Ended up here
    Have no fear


    Quite contrary...

  25. You know Google uses the words we use in email or as search terms to get ads for us. Like if you are searching about post code for some place, you are more likely to get a FexEx ad rather than a chocolate ad.

    One guy somehow found out that using certain terms like "suicide" brings no ads. Many people now use such terms in emails so that they can avoid unnecessary afs.

    The less said about these ads and other kinds of government and private snooping, the better.

    1. Never knew about the suicide one
      I knew hey snoop a ton
      Ads up the ying yang
      Want to go out selling with a bang

  26. Great,funny and interesting read. Ads everywhere, yes!

  27. I agree
    if it works leave it be
    no need to mess with one's sea
    better to have familiarity!

    1. Yep, best way to be
      No screwing with everyone at ones sea

  28. I hate ad filled sites. I even notice that some of the bigger corporate sites are starting to use Google Adsense. Pft.

    1. Yep, using that and more
      There at their shore

  29. I hate going on to blogs with all the advertising on them. Some of them even have pop-ups pop right up while you're trying to read them.


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