A But Rut!

That is but not butt, so no excitement for a mutt. But the buts will have it with my but fit. Are you confused? But I'm oh so amused. Now on with the but show. But I want to give it a go.

The magic word,
That flips the bird.
No need to swear.
No need for fare.

You're in luck.
It don't suck.
Pass the but,
Get in a rut.

I would help but...
Don't make the cut.
I don't mean to brag but...
Look, no gut.

I meant to do that but...
I was watching smut.
I would do that but...
I'd rather putt.

I'd do that but..
I'm too much of a nut.
I would have fixed that but...
I am fine with my hut.

But's the word.
But's the turd.
But's the smell,
That raises hell.

No but's from you.
Do it at your zoo.
But is long gone.
But is a con.

But I can't.
Says the ant.
Stepped on it goes.
But caused woes.

But I'm through.
But you're new.
But I don't know.
Buts can show.

Are you in on the but?
Think I'm a nut?
But at least I'm fun.
But now I'm done.

Have fun with the buts at your place? Do buts you embrace? Maybe butts and not buts or buts and butts. Butts in but ruts. But no need to but with sass with your but mass. Give your but with class to my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


    What's up on your kitty mat?
    I was on the road like a toad
    When Hank took my place
    (That I stole from him
    And my name ain't Roy or Jim)
    Four times an ace?
    Once when the clock struck nine?
    Man, he even had time to drink some wine
    Brush his teeth and write a new rhyme
    Guess who's gonna create a new mountain to climb?
    Who can beat The Blue Goo when he's on the prowl
    Making you hoot like an owl
    Who's number one today
    At your Kitty Cat Bay?

    1. Getting drunk
      In a rhyme funk
      With a mountain to climb
      Might end your rhyme
      Could slip off a cliff
      And them poof, nothing but a whiff

    2. create a new mountain to climb
      would it's beauty be sublime
      but, whoooo will hear the inner chime
      as one gets lost in the hours of time
      stealing number #1 is that a crime?
      you know the cat will come back with a rhyme
      but, will a rose co-exist with thyme

      I am sure the cat will shake it's butt
      but, this we know he is a fun nut...haha

    3. haha I knew the cat would come back with a retort
      aye, he has the swagger at his mystic seaport...

    4. The cat sunk in
      While you were typing at your bin
      Even with my one hand
      I get it done at my land
      Blue and a mountain to make
      Probably be so low walking it be a piece of cake?

    5. Could be
      In the place to be
      Or it could be tall too
      Now, where's my kangaroo shoe?

    6. Short or tall
      They got a pill for it all

    7. Look at that
      Blue come back!!:)

    8. Back like a cat
      Where he's at

  2. Replies
    1. Good to see you too.
      How are you?

    2. Can you really see?
      Using skype chat are we?

    3. Don't you see that we see what you don't see at your sea?
      In the place to be with Scooby Dooweeeeee!

    4. See a see with a sea of thee
      In a sea of seeing yippeeeee

  3. I get stuck on that
    At my mat,
    Maybe I'll start on but
    To get out of That rut!

  4. Will there be another BUTT in that Terminator reboot?
    Will it be a stuntbutt making you hoot?

    1. Don't doubt it
      One little bit

    2. I've already seen Emilia Clarke's though I don't think we'll be seeing what we see in Termintor as we do in Game of Thrones.

    3. True, seen everything there
      But she no longer wants to go bare

    4. That's because you two stare
      A bow tie and hair :p

    5. Hey, at her I'll stare
      Fine by me at my lair

    6. Maybe buy her dinner
      End up being a winner

  5. "Have fun with the buts at your place?"
    Good talk will not leave you in a daze
    Not made the cut
    Was left in a rut
    A fight back in the works to save face


    1. Yep, use the but
      To save face when can't make the cut

  6. Butts are the wishes we toss in the air
    We wish we had done it, but hadn't, So There
    It's the "screw-ups" that linger and long leave their mark
    It feels like a tree without any bark
    We can think we're all savvy and quite debonair
    When "Butts" come a-rolling, no time to repair

    1. But of time
      Is a crime
      Shot down in a but chime
      No reason or rhyme
      But to have the but
      Repairing a rut

  7. I'd write a poem in response, but.....
    I'd give you a hundred dollars, but....
    I'd buy myself a cat, but.....
    I'd write the next best seller, but....

    1. You'd give me 100 but
      You want to give 100,000 to my hut
      Aren't I right?
      At my site lol

  8. But of course you are right!

  9. but is just an excuse to not do things at your hut...
    what you were watching some smut..
    did the door you remember to shut...haha..

  10. But is used when people are lazy or trying to brag. The cat is riight

  11. I've enjoyed reading your verses,
    Seems you've gone off mine.
    This one was no exception,
    The last you'll hear from me.......fine?

  12. But is a weird word to use
    but I think I use it a lot
    now I'll have to rethink my usage
    and use it not


  13. You know you have grown up when you no longer do "but". I remember the first couple of times I said I was late because I did not get up early enough or just gave the truth for other things. Funny thing, people took it better.

  14. Butt butts but
    I'm in a rut
    With that in mind
    Mind your behind

  15. But, but, but . . .
    Lots of buts in this hut!

  16. No ifs, no buts/sometimes it hurts/but it's good to be strict/cut the BS but out and apply the stick! :-)

    Greetings from London.

    1. That you have to do
      The BS can be flushed down the loo

  17. Oh, how often I use the word but, when I don't want to do something. Hangs head in shame.

  18. I'd never thought about all the way its used before, but I certainly will now.grin.

  19. A but here
    A but there
    I'd rather see a butt
    That's nice and bare

    1. lol hey, works for me
      Let the nice ones fly free

  20. I know this all too well from clients where I can give 7 different ways to help them but they shoot them all down with that dreaded "but"

    1. lol the but is the go to
      From lazy buggers zoo to zoo

  21. But why? Why so many Butts in a Rut?

  22. I am not a fan of the but. It's just a lazy man's way out of doing things.

  23. Geesh, what a rant!
    Can't say but! You can't!
    No, no you shan't.
    It makes Pat go slant.

    1. haha a but tells me
      That you want to be lazy


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