Back In Time With This Animal Chime!

So last week the beer guys reminded the cat of all that came before me. There was much to see. I'd sure go on the hunt there. The tabbies of trout towne may swear. But what they heck. Let's put the past on deck. All but the first two attributed to wikicommons on display at my zoo. This was back before digital cameras and such. Dating myself much?

So there were a few of these.
This one the cat did tease.
 He couldn't catch me.
Such a slow poke at the other sea.

Then there are a ton of those.
There the cat hair blows.
But these two we know.
So on with the show.

There were peacocks.
 They liked gawks.
And they were rather mean.
Peck your eyes out at their scene.

The white ones were more lame.
They never had such a mean claim.
But they sure left a pile of shit.
 Yep, more than a bit.

This guy is as crazy as can be.
He'll peck off your knee.
High strung isn't even enough to describe him.
He wanted to make your life grim.

Chicken shit would describe this one.
He once got loose and had the ability to run.
Did he run though?
Nope, tried to get back into his cage show.

And then there were these.
Can smell them with a breeze.
Heck, even without a breeze.
They sure did not please.

Even had a few of those.
They would strike a pose.
Then try and make the birds a snack.
 Couldn't break through the cage with their attack.

These came on by.
Stabbed a dog near the eye.
How rude they were,
Them and their stabby fur.

And just for the tabbies of trout town.
So they don't feel down.
Suza sent it for me to pass along.
 Is wanting to kill those flashy birds wrong?

There were many more birds too. Yep, a good 15 different kinds at Pat's former zoo. None were as crazy as those above though. The cat would have made them all eat crow. Hmm, bad choice of words there. The stink from the cows sure could scare. Now you have seen the past with this pass. So glad it's here that it is just Cass and my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


    We need to chat
    How come time flies
    It's June 22, no lies
    The longest day and poof it's gone
    And my name ain't Ron
    Rushing toward X-mas too
    At your Kitty Cat shoe?
    Monday... such a fun day
    No work at my bay
    What I need is some breakfast real quick
    And my name ain't Dick haha
    Breakfast makes it easier to snore
    On a couch or a floor
    Now, what movie am I quoting right now
    'My name ain't Roy!' (you crazy cow!)
    I bet you don't even know
    At your breakfast show
    Gotta go!

    1. That one I don't know
      Here at my show
      my name ain't Dick
      Could be a Supernatural pick
      X-mas is coming indeed
      almost 6 months to take seed
      Need to get the riches by then
      At each and every den

    2. Sounds like a plan to me
      Get the riches in the place to be
      Now, as for the quote you didn't know...
      Here it is at your show: click!

    3. Ahh, seen that cover before
      But never watched it at my shore

  2. Replies
    1. hmmmmm something's up with my sad computer...

    2. Blaming the computer for #2
      Sure, I'll believe that came due lol

    3. Number two at your shoe?
      Say it ain't so
      At your show
      Number one ten times today
      At the Kitty Cat bay!

    4. Got 10 in a row
      Maybe 20 shall show

    5. Nope, not blaming it for the timing, I knew I was behind Blue.
      But my keyboard is fried so have to use the onscreen, it's poo!

    6. Poo it is and I'll raise you a boo hoo hoo. I used to have the same problem, Suza. Plus my keyboard was too flat! (Or I'm too old-fashioned...)

    7. Blah to that
      That would annoy the cat

  3. Wow, you had lots of pets and beasts
    Quite a selection galore
    Fur and feathers and quills
    Parading around the floor

  4. Lots of interesting creatures for sure. I must say, what chicken shit lacks in courage, he makes up for in looks. He's gorgeous!

    1. Yeah he was quite the sight
      But a chicken shit day or night

  5. Lol I HATE birds...they are evil, vicious creatures. Did I ever tell you about the hawk at my old job? It saw it's reflection in a woman's sunglasses and attacked her. She had to get STITCHES not to mention what other sorts of diseases hawks can pass to humans. Bleh gag barf

    1. hahaha you told me that one
      At least it didn't make you run
      Any animal can have a disease too
      Never touch strange poo

    2. Omy so the birds, strawberries what other Jax:)))

    3. She has a bunch
      As she's really out to lunch lol

    4. tweet! (in other words, boo!) lol...

  6. What a sight I've never seen
    Cats line up, oh so keen
    Cats and cats and cats some more
    Do you buy them at the store?

    1. lol that would cost a ton
      Most are just a free one

  7. Love the last picture. False advertising!

  8. Wouldn't want to deal with the chicken shit. Sounds like he was really dumb as well.

  9. Love the last photo. My cat, Atticus, felt the same way. Lots of different creatures. I feel left out. I only have one dog and one cat.

  10. Ha, glad to have inspired you!

    Looks really can be deceiving. So the blue one? Beautiful, majestic looking. The white one? It looks like an old man who's ready to hawk really loud and spit in your face. What an angry looking little bugger.

    And cows are like big, smelly dogs. We knew one that loved to play fetch. It could run and chase a football for hours. It also made a great sirloin steak. Yeah, I said it.

    1. lol yeah it did look pissed off every once in a while
      But never got really vile
      The blue ones went after me a time or two
      Thinking their fake eyeball feathers would scare me at their zoo
      Yep, big smelly dogs indeed
      You got the meat all tender with the football at your feed

    2. Blue ones are often majestic looking...

    3. Then they'll peck your feet
      Shoeless in the street

  11. I grew up on a farm those "you can smell with a breeze" and I must admit to having a bit of soft spot for them! Great poem.

    1. They were big and smelly all around
      But some fun could be found

  12. I grew up on a farm those "you can smell with a breeze" and I must admit to having a bit of soft spot for them! Great poem.

  13. Dang, that was some serious Bird-TV!!!

  14. At the big dairy farm where I grew up,
    Cats would sleep right on a cow's rump.
    I'm sure it was a warm place to be,
    Even if it was a bit stinky.
    Susan Says

    1. haha a warm rump you say
      Hopefully no gas was at play

  15. A zoo keeper, that's you
    The white peacock is pretty and scary too
    And I date myself whenever I can
    It's way better than dating a man.

    1. And it can be cheaper too
      Plus no one to look after at ones zoo

  16. That last one was fun. You sure had a ton

  17. That peacock picture is amazing! And the last one always makes me laugh when I see it.

    1. Yeah the last one is fun
      That peacock one was a good one

  18. That peacock picture is amazing! And the last one always makes me laugh when I see it.

  19. Such gorgeous animals Cat. The birds are spectacular looking, such colourful plumage..I don't miss living on a farm as it's nothing but work. But I do miss living out in the woods. Not much wildlife to look at here where I'm at and I miss that.

    I didn't know you'd ever owned a dog. He's very cute, what was his name?

    1. Yeah, so many there were
      The work could make your eyes blur
      That and the crap
      Plenty of that at our side of the map
      Wildlife abounded there
      Could see it everywhere

      Yeah, had him a while ago
      Darby was his name-o

    2. Did you have Darby at the same time you had Orlin and Cass? I can't imagine those two putting up with a dog. Especially not Orlin, as he'd really have to share your affection.

      My dog Naruto is starting to have real problems. His vision is going and his hips are getting bad. In a few months I'll have to make that hard decision I think. I don't know how I'll handle this one Cat. He's been with me for 14 years. He's made every move with us since he was a pup. Besides The Hubby, he's been the best friend I've ever had. It's the price of loving an animal though. The grief of losing them is terrible.

    3. haha yep, Cassie and Orlin came when Darby was around
      Cassie despised the hound
      But she could trick him with ease
      And run past him like the breeze
      And she knew he just wanted to play
      And meant no harm to her any day
      So she didn't act like a dog killer
      Orlin used him for filler
      He liked to whack him and pull his curly hair
      When I wasn't giving him attention at our lair
      Although Orlin did get as jealous as can be
      When I walked Darby at our sea

      Yeah, it sucks every time
      But the way I look at it with my chime
      They lived a long and happy life
      Mostly free from strife
      And I'd rather they go before me
      Then me before them at my sea
      As animals are never the same when their owner dies
      And they sit with nothing but whys
      As long as the owner was good
      Of course in their hood
      But still never easy at all
      When it's any pets last call

    4. I like your take, Pat
      And it made me a bit teary
      But it's what is best
      When they grow tired and weary

    5. That it is
      With the end of life biz

  20. What a zoo you had
    a little bit of this and that
    I'm thinking you are much more content
    these days with only the cats?


    1. Yeah, rather scoop that litterbox trap
      Than smell cow crap and scoop bird crap

  21. Fur and feathers, quills and plume
    all these critters are a pain to groom.
    What about fish, lizards, or maybe a snake?
    They make brushing a piece of cake.

    VR Barkowski

    1. Yeah they make it easy as can be
      But I'd rather have fur at my sea

  22. What lovely pictures.
    Birds are so pretty but they can make a mess.
    Patches likes to dine on them, she must confess.

    1. haha they look nice
      But cats make them pay the price

  23. I think the white peacock is kind of pretty. Too bad it doesn't have a nice personality.

  24. hahah that final meme! so funny.

    and OMG your old dog is cute (I think that's actually your dog?). I love imagining the cats chasing him!

    1. He was the dog at my sea
      Passed away a while ago of an old age spree

  25. What... no info on how to kill a mocking bird?
    That's the stupidest thing I ever heard!
    Now I'm never going to finish that book
    Still waiting in a nook

    1. haha not a thing
      Can you believe they skipped the killer ring

  26. Some beautiful animals there! I'm sure the cats would like to take care of the bird problem, though.

    1. They'd do that with ease
      Whenever they please

  27. I never pictured Pat as a farm dude
    But from what I see here that was certainly the tude
    Cows are not the friend of my nose
    and since I don't eat them they don't come into my prose

    1. Yeah was as a kid at my sea
      Never again for me
      Damn the stink and the rest
      Cats and dogs are my only zest

  28. Peacocks are males
    or so they say.
    Then there are females
    called peacun...HEY!!!

    1. lol a pea brain and a cock
      Maybe the females have a better umm walk

  29. Nothing better than the farm life. And YES indeedy, the Trout Tabbies are going to let you have it for all the Burds.

    1. lol they'll let me have it indeed
      Here at my feed

  30. Poor scruffy little terrier
    could he be any scarier?
    Oh no - the birds are much worse
    watch out for their curse!

    Oh, and I don't like cow poo, (smile).

    1. Cow poo is nasty as can be
      That terrier used to roll in it at our sea

  31. orlin N cassie.....

    we wuz a cuzzin all rite when we seed all de bass terd burdz that took it upon ther selves... ta put ther selves... inta YUR post...sonz a bitchezz....N we noe how ROOD thoz peacocks can lived down de street frum de food serivss gurls gram paw N him never shutted de hell up.....{ de burd that iz, knot her gram paw....} even if ya yelled out de window shut de dam hell up ya bass terd burd....

    but then...came de brite spot oh yur post......

    GRAY KITTEH...WE.... LOVES ......EWE ~~~~~~ ♥♥♥♥

    pee ess...yur dads' pup iz rockin awesum.....wuz him an airedale ?? !!!

    1. haha yeah they never shut up at all
      Annoying neighbors with their honk call
      Yep, he was an airedale at our sea
      Hated by cassie

    2. I'm so glad that Cat
      Put Grey Kitteh in this post
      'Cause I knew the trout towne tabbies
      Would love it the most

    3. They enjoyed it indeed
      At their feed

  32. Kill the bird?
    Let me have the last word:
    No bird murder allowed
    Be law-abiding and mild.

    1. Damn, stuck in a rut
      Law abiding at our hut

  33. it is a terrible book title

    1. Yeah, makes little sense
      Past or present tense

  34. Peacocks used to live next to me
    I loved to hear them calling brightly
    I miss them and wish they still lived close
    What I'd give for a picture perfect white peacock pose

    1. You'd sure get a ton of pics I bet
      If they were near, wild or pet

  35. My yard is full of birds,no cats, although there a few in the neighborhood. Maybe I've created a smorgasbord for them and don't even know it!

    1. haha you never know
      A one stop shop at your show

  36. Killing birds now are we?
    that doesn't sit well with me...

    1. lol blame the tabbies for that
      Or the instincts of the cat

  37. This was fun. Loved the pics, especially the last one. grin.

  38. So many interesting animals at the zoo
    Makes me wonder what Noah would do.
    Would he still bring in animals two by two?

    1. Maybe three by three
      An extra for all to see

  39. Loving that kitty looking for advice. That silly book sure wasn't nice. I like a little cat-nerd who studies up on catching a bird. And, yay, it's Summer! Time to fill that rummer.

    1. Fill and have fun
      No more learning until summer is done

  40. When she wore the cat queen crown,
    did she have a peacock crown in that town? ha.
    Those white cats look HUGE, too.
    Fluffy polar bears at that zoo!

    1. haha peacocks came before
      Only 3 cats when the birds were at our shore
      Two dogs though
      So 5 at our show
      One is quite the chubbo too
      But most are just fluff at her zoo

  41. Ah, Pat in the Hatt
    He you at
    With your cat
    A mention of dog
    On your blog
    A peacock
    Part of the stock
    What say you
    Give us a moo
    At your zoo.....

  42. Love the peacock-so bright and blue
    even the white one can look bright and true.
    He may be grumpy due to all the poo.
    Cow pool can smell pretty bad
    Horse is even worse, which is sad
    but bird poo is the worst to smell,
    that acid odor is pure hell.

    1. Never knew that about horse
      Nose would no no remorse

  43. A zoo, wow! I love birds, that sounds so cool :)

  44. I think birds are so pretty, but I don't think I could own one. All that squawking and squeaking would surely annoy after a while.

    1. The honk would get to you
      I bet at your zoo

  45. hahah - i laughed out loud when reaching the last pic - so good

  46. At this point in my life.. I am happy I don't have to look at or after any animals if I don't want to. Speaking of birds and fowl... We have geese outside that crap all over. I chase them away with my broom... and NO, I don't fly it.


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