Come And Play The End Of Day!

If only I had eaten it when I had the chance. I should have gave it more than a glance. But I was too busy snoozing in the sun. Now because I was lazy there isn't one. The sun has been blocked out. We have barely any trout. The food supply has run dry. Litter is no longer piled high. The Earth has stopped spinning. They are now winning.

There isn't much a cat can do. They no longer can fit in the loo. Humans have gone underground. They have even taken out many a hound. Run and don't be seen is the only way to stay alive. I am not sure how much longer any of us will survive. There are more birds than cats now. I can't even say that anyone would have a cow. The cows are all dead. Many other species have also bled.

That planet united in one final shot, but they caught onto the plot. Not even a nuke could take them down. Instead they bounced them back toward any old town. It did not matter to them. They just spit some phlegm. That stuff is as nasty as can be. I once got some on me. Poor Cassie lost most of her fur because of it. Pat took a major hit. He can no longer talk. The phlegm severed his vocal cord when he tried to gawk. I think that one is on me. I shouldn't have been so lazy and let it get free.

I look back on that day and wish it went another way. It crawled across the floor like any other but then it became the Mother. It birthed millions of them and they all grew. Their size was something completely new. If it hadn't consumed my shit, Earth wouldn't have taken a hit. Everyone would still be alive and we wouldn't be down to a million humans trying to survive. We only have two million cats. Hell, they even took out most of the rats. They consume and never stop. Every species is nothing but another crop.

I think this is the end. This is the final message I can send. The internet is slowly dying as the circuits they are frying. I had to use dial up to get this far. That was like riding in an old wooden car. All because that spider consumed my shit, we are on the brink of it. Extinction is at hand as giant spiders roam the land. Not even the cockroaches will live to tell the tale. But if by somehow the giant spiders should fail, I just wanted to let you know I wish I could go back and deal Mother her final blow. I feel our extinction is going to come to pass. I hope somewhere everyone can forgive my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


    Who do you call on your kitty mat?
    No wickbusters in town
    Making you feel like a clown
    Saw that dino flick the other day
    Giving it 4 out of 5 at my bay
    Trained dinosaurs... yeah right
    And I don't snore in the middle of the night
    Some stupid rebooted scenes too
    Thanks for finding my blue suede shoe
    A great present... Can I show it... Is it mine?
    Showing off a blue shoe like a bottle of wine
    Is Hank gonna outONE me at your show
    Or could this be six in a row?

    1. Hank wasn't around
      So trained dinos like a hound?
      I'll wait for the dvd
      Here at my sea
      That pic will be in a book
      haha you just got a sneak look
      Can use away though
      For a show

  2. Blue calling Kity Cat...
    Come in, Kity Cat....
    Everyone is dead and gone at my show
    Game over, you know....
    I've got two bottles of booze
    Might as well have my final snooze...

    Blue calling Kitty Cat...
    Are you there?
    I've got my shoe...
    It's blue

    1. I'm the last survivor...
      My spellling's gone to hell....
      This is Blue, last survivor of the Nostromo, signing off.

    2. what is with all this doom's day talk
      no one is signing off anywhere...

    3. I hear a voice, it's very faint
      I think it's saying what it ain't
      It ain't King Tut, he's really gone
      They took him out for a song
      Oh my god, I hear the bell
      It's Ding Dong Dairy trying to sell
      Toss him a buck, what the hell
      It's grand to go out with the final bell

    4. lol the cat's dial up fizzled out
      But he is still able to shout
      The spiders are drawing near
      May as well suck back the beer

  3. Another good one under your belt Pat.
    You must have a wonderful imagination.

  4. You must have some really toxic poop if it did that to a spider.
    Now we'll all died because you were too lazy to get up and squash it.

    1. lol the cat couldn't be bothered to get up
      Damn, can't even blame a pup

  5. "Come And Play The End Of Day!"
    Giant spiders can cause more dismay
    What do they eat
    Poo! ok got it!
    They can have whatever come their way


    1. They can have whatever now
      After their crap pow wow

  6. My baby girl has an unhealthy fear of spiders. It's fun (mean?) to tease her. I should spin a web on this tale for her. Pun totally intended. :)

    1. or spin a tale on this tale? hmm...

    2. haha spin away
      Teases all through the day
      Fun indeed
      Bah to mean at your feed

  7. I've saved three bullets in my gun
    Will I take it like a nun?
    One for Cody, Puss and me
    Time to go the final spree
    I knew they'd start in January
    Frozen North is quite contrary
    Marmot bag is only heat
    Goosey down just can't be beat
    Who thought it would end with a creepy crawler
    Oh if cat were only taller
    He'd stomp him dead with Blue's suede shoe
    Out would come cat's slimy poo
    HELP I can't get out of this rhyme
    It just grows bigger all the time
    Just like when you tell a lie
    Your nose keeps growing to the sky
    Zip up your bag and drink your rum
    The really final end has come

    1. haha the better way to go
      If you can get out of your flow
      Sure beats becoming spider crap
      As they take over the map
      Or maybe Pinocchio is the case
      Just a growing lie all over the place
      Maybe as well drink either way
      Then you can forget about the spiders using you as a food tray

  8. Where are the super-heroes when they are needed?

  9. Really?? You had to make it be SPIDERS?! Why can't it be a fairy that ate your poop and decided to take over the world. Sigh...

    1. lol spiders are more realistic, right?
      Everything is realistic about it at my site

  10. Ew. Spiders? .....shiver....

    hope you connection gets better....or was this like 5 months ago? ha.

    1. lol those spiders killed it
      Now there is no connection for us to hit
      Hmm believe me
      At my sea?

  11. Spiders must really like your crap

  12. Well we sure hope you get everything back and those darn spiders go on their way somewhere else.

    1. That would be nice
      After we paid the price lol

  13. Spiders that are super large? Need your aliens to help out

  14. I think my Dad would move out if there were big spiders!

    1. Move and run
      As Eight Legged Freaks are no fun

  15. Nice piece of writing Cat. Has a bit of a Clive Barker feel to it. I could analyze it from a Freudian perspective as well. Mother, phlegm, poo, severed vocal cords, all the basic elements are there hahahahaha.

    1. lol Freud can bite me
      But got them all there to see

    2. Freud was a freak and a cocaine addict. Why anybody believed his crazy theories is beyond me.

    3. Yeah, he was nuts as can be
      Yet people still think he is an authority

  16. Replies
    1. lol instant feel good theme
      Maybe just a dream

  17. No Cat? No Pat?
    Instant spat.

  18. I think I want to go in the final boom
    don't want to be left behind and maybe alone
    better to go quickly then have to scrounge around
    and horrors if there was no phone


    1. Yeah, scrounging around would suck
      Those left would be out of luck

  19. lol, I would think the end is near too if we reverted back to dial-up internet. NOOOOOOOOOO.

    1. haha yeah that would suck
      Back up the truck

  20. At least we have someone to blame, lol.

  21. Spiders will get you every time.

  22. It's definitely the end of the world if the Internet is dying!

    1. Slowly dying day by day
      With dial up on display

  23. orlin N cassie....tell yur dad ta watch de mewvie tarantula...itz awesum !! we had ta laff coz gram paw dude used ta eat spiders...well, he chewed em.... then spit em bak out on de floor ~~

    Heerz two a longnose whiptail catfish kinda week oh end ♥♥♥

    1. lol spit them back on the floor
      Have to look up that one at my shore

  24. Can't be doomsday with all the spiders running around...look outside, its warm and sunny, smiles ~

    1. lol it was all a dream at my sea?
      Damn, they sure fooled me

  25. It took an hour for me
    To read email at my sea
    Good to know
    I'm not the only one facing such woe
    Is it time to run and flee
    Or upgrade and become a zombie?

    1. An hour you say
      Damn, for that you pay?
      Need to get martha to help out
      Sure she'll make them shout

  26. I think I found a black widow in a sticky trap at my old workplace once. I made sure it didn't crawl away

  27. Have you seen the spiders who have been given drugs? It shows what can happen especially when they are given crack cocaine-youtube it

  28. Spiders and Dial Up Internet. That's the stuff nightmares are made of!

  29. Every species is nothing but another crop. This is so true on all levels.

    1. Spot on at my sea
      Who would have guessed of me

  30. Well you've left us in a nice, big pickle
    Not a dime, not a nickel
    Spiders roam and rule us now?
    Would have preferred a horse or a cow

    1. Cow has big crap
      Plus they eat twice each poor sap

  31. My Daughter is so afraid of any spider... even the little bitty baby ones

    1. haha can scare her at your sea
      And watch her flee


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