Forget The Fads So Say The ADs!

So the so called MDs are so high on their drugs and like to help out the big pharma thugs, that they are classified as allopaths now. Not sure who made that up, but it came about somehow. And what does allopathic doctors when abbreviated make? ADs, as in the cash they try and rake.

This pill will help you.
What I say is true.
There is no cure.
Don't you love its allure?

Bah, that is just a fad.
Never work at your pad.
Try this fancy pill.
You will no longer feel ill.

At least you won't feel like you are.
You may now feel like a drunk at a bar.
But that is just the side effects of it.
Don't worry about that shit.

You will be A OK!
Just listen to what I say.
Take this fancy pill and live.
Trust in everything I give.

Smoke, sit on your ass and take the pill.
You may want to have an up to date will.
But that is just in case.
Hey, only 1/100,000 die after the pill explodes their face.

But don't worry about that.
No need to get off your extra fat.
Just eat the GMO and take this pill.
Go ahead, have you fill.

This pill has been approved by the FDA.
That makes it golden, so cough up your pay.
That thing from overseas has not been proven one bit.
So listen to me and don't buy into it.

It was made up by a quack.
My fancy pill may give you a heart attack,
But it has been proven to work.
Bah, not just by some rich big pharma jerk.

A few billion off of this pill,
That helps you from being ill,
Is just a small price to pay,
For helping you have a brighter day.

So trust in me.
Forget naturopathy.
Forget the stuff outside of North America's shore.
Cuba's advancement in medicine over us is just lore.

Pffft to big pharma and their crap. Pffft to moronic doctors who believe the shit they are shoveling across the map. ABX and the like can come in handy. But all the other crap they feed you like candy? Yeah, friggin right. Change your diet, exercise and kill each parasite. Bingo! Fixed and no need for their stupid lingo. Of course there are more drastic things too. But guess what? Can be fixed without 50 pills going up your ass at your zoo. I am now done with today's sass. Big pharma and their crap can kiss my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Replies
    1. 7:04
      At your door
      Still 5 in a row
      At your show
      Say it ain't say

    2. I was the second one here today at it's almost 7:00. Where is everybody?

    3. 7:00 my time, 8:00 Pat's time. Just had to clarify.

    4. Got on in
      Hank must have been on the road at his bin
      Could be a lazy day for most
      Or stupid blog feed didn't show the post
      That happens here and there
      At my lair

    5. Well, Alex, I may have been a-snoring on my couch like a grouch. I don't know about everybody else.

      From coast to coast!
      In the place to be!

    6. Snoring away
      Could have guessed that any day

  2. A pill a day will keep the doctor away
    So they say
    Well, at my bay
    It doesn't work that way
    While the bills keep a-piling
    And the Blue guy keeps a-filing
    Away all those bills at his sea
    In the place to be
    Getting bluer by the hour
    The pill might explode in the shower
    Pillbusters reboot
    Making me hoot
    Don't shoot

    1. Don't shoot
      Need the loot
      Toss in some pills
      For Bora thrills
      Then float out to sea
      Let the shark eat thee
      Spit you out
      To a trout
      Left a mark
      Forsaken by a shark

    2. Sounds like an R-rated flick
      May want to include a chick
      Or a wick like a stick
      Or would that be sick?

    3. Maybe a b movie thing
      Like that Sharknado fling


  3. You got it - eat healthy and exercise!
    Drug commercials scare me - the possible side effects sound worse than the ailment.

    1. Yep, easy as can be
      If people got of their ass at their sea
      And yeah stupid side effects sound scary
      Turn one into a blueberry

  4. My mom had MS and so does my aunt. My mom takes everything the dr prescribes and my aunt does not. My mom progressed much quicker than my aunt. So is it the meds that are killing her or just bad luck? I'm betting on the meds.

    1. Yep, the meds I'd say do it
      Because they screw with other shit
      Might help the MS at her sea
      But cause other crap to go wrong for free

  5. "This pill has been approved by the FDA"
    And your fears have all but been allayed
    Does it help
    Without the yelps
    That ailments troubling had been put paid


    1. Paid they are
      Near and far
      Run to the store
      Pills forevermore

  6. The problem is that most people are too lazy to take care of themselves and want to just take a magic pill.

    1. Yep, and many believe there is a magic pill
      Like take on and lose 100 pounds in a week and save on the grocery bill lol

  7. I mean, if you have to take a pill,
    it might as well be a fancy pill. ha.

    But seriously, I totally agree. My boys take a few pills that help a lot but
    a homeopath and naturopathic doctor came up with some things that drastically improved their health in ways that pills could not have done.

    1. lol a fancy one
      All colorful like the sun

      Yeah some have their place
      But always room for other avenues to improve ones space

  8. Some of those things are scarier than the zombies!

    1. That they are
      With their zombie chew toy bar

  9. Amazing when I type the list of medicines
    that are taken by one patient
    the numbers can be over 20
    that's too much for my nation!


    1. damn, that is a ton
      Have their own pharmacy with that run

  10. Doctors do like to prescribe the pills.
    They don't always work for a patient's ills.

    1. Nope, but they give and give
      As the pills help you live

  11. Pills add up to wills
    Die and find the thrills
    Give your kids the shots
    Sign on the little dots
    You say you're roll'n in clover
    Don't even give a shot to Rover

    1. All about the dough
      Damn everything and everyone else on the go

  12. Doctors do pass out the pills just any ole time you ask them to. Love your referral to Smoke, at least I think it was our Smoke had to be since you referred to his Ass.

    1. haha Smoke was smoking and such
      But it can work a touch

  13. Take a pill for this and a pill for that
    one will make you feel good - another will take away your fat
    one will give you energy - another take away your pain
    one will help you 'perform' - another help keep you sane
    if you want to take pills pay attention to late TV ads
    they'll advise lasses and lads on the latest medi fads!

    1. haha a pill for everything
      Even for that fling
      You can't go wrong
      Listening to their ad song

  14. Some Dr's give out too many pills because they don't want to look deeper at all your ills. Other Doctors do not prescribe anything even when a pill may be needed. In my case, a pain pill can helps me to function throughout the day. When I don't need it I am ecstatic but those days are rare. My pain is in every joint and most days it feels like a chronic every joint. Other days it is heightened to an absess(spelling??) tooth. I have been to naturalpaths and the Arthritis clinic and I am not to do any exercise when I am in that pain since any type of exercise will induce further pain. So I walk and swim when I can. My hubby is on injections which the side effects are scary but if he were not on them, he would be in a wheelchair now. So I guess I am the devil's advocate for this day. Do people take too many pills-yup-I agree

    1. Too many pills there are
      And some do help at ones sand bar
      But I've been in a place just like you
      And now mostly pain free at my zoo
      One step from a wheelchair at my sea
      But got all fixed up and stayed pill free

    2. did you do that??

    3. Lots of trying stuff
      Some of it rough
      But GcMaf worked sorta for me
      As did the laser IV
      Then ozone and peroxide IVs really helped out
      Cleaned me out faster than a trout
      Throw in a bed of nails mat
      And a few supplements, i.e. berberine, at my mat
      And things got there
      Took a while though at my lair

  15. It's all a fad, and it all sucks
    But it all costs a million bucks.

    1. Millions more is made
      As they pushers lie in the shade

  16. Pills to heal can go either way,
    will this really help or will I just pay?
    I'd like to think the doctors want to help,
    and not doing it for a cashout that just makes them yelp

    1. Pay and pay
      Seems to be the way
      But some do wan to help out
      And not just make you into a trout

  17. I'm not big on pills. Unless I have a migraine, then I'm scrambling for Excederin Extra Strength, but that's a different story. ;)

    1. haha yeah those suck a ton
      When I get one I give my bed of nails a run

  18. Those pharmaceutical companies take those doctors out of expensive meals and send them on holidays. It's really not that hard to figure out what is going on here. They've got people so conditioned to trust doctors. When they lifted the ban on direct marketing of pharmaceuticals there was no going back. People see those adds and the description of the illness and suddenly BAM, they're sick. Lots of hypochondriacs out there feeding this machine as well.

    I'm trying out Emu oil for the pain in my legs. It works well on the muscles, but not as much on the bone pain. i'm going to try drinking a tablespoon of hemp oil for that. The Emu oil is fantastic on severely dry skin though. Cleared mine right up. Also it's great for cuts as it is a natural antibiotic. They use it to treat radiation burns. If you try it, get the pure oil, not the lotions.

    1. Yep, especially the sick
      Trust that dr. some slick
      When really many are full of shit
      Just looking to cash in on it
      The hypochondriacs are everywhere
      Roll my eyes to them at my lair

      I tried that oil on my eczema a while ago
      Did nothing for my at my show
      Never helped with my leg bone pain either at my sea
      Hemp oil I'm allergic too as it makes me all itchy lol
      Screwed my body is with anything new
      But still try at my zoo

    2. So sorry to hear it didn't work on your eczema, but I'm not dealing with anything that bad.

      I'm going to give the hemp oil a try, but I'm only buying one small bottle of it. I've heard pure sour cherrie is good for joint pain as well. But that stuff is wicked expensive. If the hemp oil doesn't work I may try it.

      I think there are some things that just can't be fixed and we just have to learn to live with them. The best way I've found to manage my pain is through meditation. I've been doing it for about six years now. It makes the difference between getting things done and sitting around doing nothing.

    3. Eczema only comes when I drank the water at work
      Now that I'm retired none is a great perk
      Weird as can be
      But works for me
      I've seen the hemp oil and marijuana oil work too
      So they can at ones zoo
      I'm contemplating now doing a shot of something
      That will get rid of heavy metals in me at my wing
      But supposed to make you feel like crap
      So may avoid that trap
      Some things we are stuck with indeed
      Like the bum arm at my feed
      Surgery I think is the only thing that would "fix" that
      But I've heard horror stories of it at my mat
      So I'll stick with a bum arm, leg and back
      I just do my p90x and bed of nails attack

  19. The kickbacks and perks they get for being pill pushing jerks

  20. Any secret formula that the FDA doesn't want me to know about and costs $$ plus a monthly new supply: fraudulent and phony.

    1. That right words for it
      One big pile of spit

  21. I use both naturopaths and doctors
    Depends on what's wrong
    But maybe instead
    We should have a bright zebra thong

    1. lol can brighten any day
      Going the later way

  22. Yuck, I'm so glad I don't have TV anymore and don't have to see these annoying commercials!

    1. Yep, nice not to see
      When no cable for ones TV

  23. Unless I am really sick, I don't take pills not even vitamin pills, ha ~

    I am aware of the big bucks that pharma companies make, and sorry, but I am not having any of them ~ They are very addicting too, so its a never ending cycle ~


    1. Yep, good way to be
      Avoid that crap and big pharma's hold over thee

  24. Go take a pill
    At your hill
    Or to Colorado come
    For some green high fun...
    Just teasing, of course,
    I try to keep my humor in force
    It's difficult to live in a state
    Where so many trust their fate
    To a weed that supposedly cures all
    While making sloths at many a hall

    Thanks for sticking with me
    This week while I'm mostly internet free
    The nurse tent I visited yesterday
    To take the saddle pain away
    While I'm not a fan of any instant cure
    The second skin they gave will help the legs endure

    1. lol hey, the pot heads shall cry
      That all should give it a try
      Just smoke it up and get lung cancer
      But maybe you'll see prancer
      Saddle pain you say
      Sounds uncomfortable at your bay

  25. There's a pill for everything these days and doctors are all too happy to prescribe them. You take a pill and then have to take a pill for a symptom you get from that pill and another for that pill. Doctors need to take a chill pill when it comes to pills.

    1. haha that they do
      Flush them and their pills down the loo

  26. I take my B-12 and krill oil when I remember each day,
    I pay no attention to those TV docs and what they say.
    Susan Says

  27. Pills, pills, which one will cure, which one will kill?

    Greetings from London.

  28. orlin N cassie....inn deed....N ya noe, we iz knot smart by any meenz, N dont care that we iznt, but when ya see a FULL PAGE AD listin.... 982 side effects... frum takin ONE pill....N peeepulz still take em....who de hellz de dum azz now.....ya noe ~~ ♥♥

    1. lol yep humans are a dumb ass
      When they overlook 982 side effect in mass

  29. It always amazes me the number of pills that are prescribed for the elderly. It can't be good for them.

    1. Nope, not at all
      They can stick their pills at my hall

  30. I missed my daily chuckle
    That your post gave to me.
    At the moment this post I can relate to,
    Having to take mediacation that to me don't agree.

    Glad to be back.

    1. The medication can suck
      Leaves one feeling like they were hit by a truck

  31. I am like Heaven--no pills for me unless I am near-Death. That leaves more money for me to blow on important things like mini-golf and video games...

    1. lol hey that sure works
      Videogames have perks

  32. What I love are those TV commercials for medication where the commercial is about 10 seconds long and the disclaimers are a good 2 minutes or more.

    1. Shows right there
      To avoid the suckers at your lair

  33. It's horrid the medical profession and the pills they prescrib. 99% cause weight gain and all those other horrible side effects that no doctor mentions. I was lectured (yelled at by one doctor) on the need for aspirin. So I took aspirin. It caused internal bleeding so bad I almost died, and yet no doctor will admit they were wrong. Not one of them will tell me to never ever take aspirin again. Idiots the lot of them! Okay, rant over.
    Hi Pat, how are you! LOL :)
    Guess your post really hit a sore spot.

    1. lol don't worry, been down that road
      Never knew that about the aspirin load
      Glad I avoid that
      In extreme headaches cases Tylenol is all that will be popped where we are at

  34. It's so funny when I go in for a check up for my auto immune disorder and they ask what meds I'm taking. Uh, none. Your meds almost killed me, so I eat healthy and exercise. Never felt better, so you can shove those meds right up your ass!

    1. haha yeah the damn meds are worse than the disease
      But they try and give them out like candy as they please

  35. Most.. or probably all those pills they are pushing cause more side effects than anything.


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