Give, Give, Give So All Can Live!

So the other day the cat was arguing with a nut who likes to be stuck in a rut. They think all should be handed to them on a silver platter, where  from, it doesn't matter. But oh yes they say, in order to get out of any mess rich people should pay.

The rich can be pricks.
But so can hicks.
Rich just get away with more,
As they have the cash at their shore.

They have so much cash though,
That a giving they should go.
They should give to one and all.
The oh so less fortunate at their hall.

It would make the world a great place.
The rich with a giving embrace.
Yeah, that will make all cheery.
Hmmm ummm that is one theory.

Some have the silver spoon,
Most are a stupid loon.
Others are egotistical arse holes.
But some got it through goals.

Yet, all should just give?
They will help all live.
Like the lazy people who can't get off their ass,
And sit expecting a free pass.

Say they give to one,
Who really needs it done.
What happens next though?
Three guesses at your show.

Five more come whining.
It becomes like gold mining.
Fifty more come after.
Soon thousands are hanging from every rafter.

All with a sad tale,
Wanting money by the pail.
A hand out thinking they deserve it.
Then back home they go and sit.

The rich will be okay though,
As the whiners, scam artists and crazies show.
After all they are rich as can be.
They should give to you and me.

Pffft why would they want that?
Humans on them like scat.
They do something nice once,
Then they have to fend off every single dunce.

Are rich people jerks? Yeah many, not all, have those not so great perks. Do some people really need help? Yeah, they do when they yelp. But should rich people give and put up with all the shit? Nope, not one single bit. I wouldn't if I was at all. Maybe anonymously at my hall. But never come out and do it because you would have to deal with every poor pitiful me nitwit. You can live in a fantasy world where people wouldn't come out of the woodwork, but you'd get them thinking it was a perk. And if you give to one and not another, they'd call you a meanie, arse hole, racist, prejudice or whatever else as they curse your mother. It's too bad there is such a whiny, self entitled class. End rant from my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Replies
    1. Cannot believe such luck
      Wow, at 09.01 it struck
      Now # 3 in a row
      That's the dough!


    2. In you were indeed
      All too asleep to read

    3. haha - Hank makes it in at 9:01 for number one...
      the cat must had a moment as he planned ahead
      at his bay.

    4. Thanks Truedessa Ma'am
      It is a nice game!


    5. In for the win
      No matter the time spin

    6. All in shock
      Hank had to check the clock
      It was nine
      And still fine
      Where was Blue
      On the road with Scooby Doo
      But he'll be back come Saturday
      Let's play
      Maybe True is in too
      Who's seen my Blue Suede Shoe?
      Hello Cat
      How's the mat?
      That's quite a post I just read
      Many things that needed to be said
      No silver platter here
      I fear
      Nor do I care
      At my lair

    7. No silver platter allowed
      For the whiny crowd
      Send them in the gutter
      And let them mutter

    8. Call their mommas and their pappas too
      Then send them to the Grumpy Goo
      Let them sniff sniff a blue suede shoe

    9. Sniff a shoe
      They may like it like glue

  2. Replies
    1. Must be on the road
      Or in snore mode

    2. On the road
      Like a toad
      In Grumpy mode
      Gloria... two more days to bake a cake
      Or a blueberry pie at my lake
      My post will be grand
      With you in it... some kinda wonderland
      But my lips are sealed
      No spilled beans at my field

    3. A grand post
      At your coast
      With no shoe
      And stuff that is blue

  3. "Give, Give, Give So All Can Live!"
    But sadly it was not to be believed
    When given to one
    Others would come
    Rich flooded by those seeking relief


  4. Is there one name you really dread
    In bed, in bed with all the fed
    Left alone to their device
    To do some things not very nice
    They get richer by the minute
    Like a lottery they win it
    No checks on them, they call the shots
    Sign your life right on the dots
    The name you ask, I'm sure you know
    It starts with "M" and ends with "O"

    1. Around the run
      Having fun
      Makes the rules
      Nothing but tools
      But those with the dough
      Win to and fro

  5. Getting a free pass?
    Never happen to my silly ass...
    Wouldn't really want it to,
    We have enough at my zoo.

    1. Never happen to me
      But rather take the hard route and climb the tree

  6. So many people just want a free ride. The rich got there, in many cases, because they worked hard. Lazy people deserve none of it.

    1. Yep, the lazy deserve nothing at all
      Or what they get at their hall

  7. The rich get richer
    the poor get poorer they say
    I think being content with what we have
    is the better way


    1. Yep, content sure makes it better to live each day
      Doing it ones own way

  8. Great points cat. Ita all about perspective.

  9. Great points cat. Ita all about perspective.

  10. Great points cat. Ita all about perspective.

  11. People will line up around the block. That isn't a shock.

  12. Without the rich
    there would be much less
    about which to bitch!

    1. Oh people would find something
      They need to bitch from summer to spring

  13. I've forwarded that to the complaint department MOL!

    1. lol will it register though
      Or be flushes below

  14. Hand outs are never good, but opportunities, those can make all the difference!

    1. Opportunities sure can help out
      Bringing more about

  15. Amen, Brother, you hit the nail on the head
    I agree with everything you just said

  16. The really rich should pay up the wazoo
    That money would give food and shelter to more than a few
    They wouldn't notice the dent
    But others could finally pay rent

    1. Taxes they should pay
      But not just give it away

  17. How much is too much?
    A poser, I fear.
    Perspective and such...
    Poor man here, rich man there.

    If I make a lot
    from all my hard work.
    I'll share what I got
    except with a lazy jerk.

    We should help all.
    It's what Jesus would do.
    The helpless, ya'll.
    But to slack-asses? Screw you.

    1. Posers come and go
      Giving off a show
      With credit card debt up the wazoo
      On their golden loo

      Sharing isn't bad
      until the lazy jerks get mad
      That they get none
      Then you're no fun

  18. Rich people may be mean or nice,
    It's respectable when they earned it all through their own dice,
    Sometimes I think that they should help more,
    While thinking about others who are sore,
    But what do I know,
    About their dough,
    It's really not right,
    to order someone to help everyone's plight.

    1. Yeah, let them do what they want
      There at their haunt
      Ordering them is dumb
      They made, so can stay a rich chum

  19. What country was this person from? Certainly hope it wasn't from a country where they claim they have a Democracy as what they're talking about is redistribution of wealth and that's Socialism. And as Karl Marx once said, Socialism is just the intermediate step between a Democracy and Communism.

    This kind of crap comes from the politics of envy and the feeling of entitlement. And it comes from ignorance. Do these people read history? Do they know just how badly this shite played out in Eastern Europe?

    The Hubby and I were poor, really poor. The kind of poor that meant the most we had to eat was a $1.00 can of Spaghetti O's a day. That was it, one can. And we couldn't afford to heat our house for four years. But not one time did we sign up for Social Services and not one time did I say "All those rich people should help me out as they've loads of money" I'd rather starve free than live in a Communist country.

    Rant over :0)

    1. She was sadly from our Canadian sea
      Thought they should help with a money tree
      Hand outs to one and all
      Pfft to that at my hall
      Lazy turds in every way
      There at their bay

      Yep, envy is the key
      As content such idiots can't be
      Want what the rich have in their yard
      But don't want to work hard

      Blah to spaghetti o's at my sea
      Never liked them for me
      Do what we have to do though
      And no whining about the rich on the go
      Not sure I'd want to starve free
      I'd go raid mom's house at my sea lol

    2. Sorry to hear it was one of your own, but these people are at every shore.

      Most of what the rich have I don't want anyway. Enough for peace of mind, a sense of security and to be able to help out the kids when they need it. I'm not big into stuff and never have been.

    3. Yeah, owning all that crap
      Would just make my ocd flap
      Who needs it all
      Let it burn at last call
      Works for me
      Here at my sea
      Security is all I'd like
      The rest can take a hike

  20. Great poem - it's certainly making people think! I don't think it's wealth that causes problems but greed. Many rich people are great philanthropists - like your Bill Gates! Coincidentally I was reading this today. It's two years old but I found it fascinating

    1. Awesome thing to do indeed
      To help all take seed

  21. Great poem - it's certainly making people think! I don't think it's wealth that causes problems but greed. Many rich people are great philanthropists - like your Bill Gates! Coincidentally I was reading this today. It's two years old but I found it fascinating

    1. Yep, to the greed
      That is when stuff starts to bleed

  22. A lot of 'rich' people live well below their means. If you think about it, you realize that's probably how they got there!

    1. That is how they got there indeed
      Not always about the greed

  23. Wealth is not the be all and end all of life.
    Good health, respect for others and no discrimination would be good.
    Great verse Pat.

  24. Take from the rich and give to the poor?
    You sound like our president more and more!

    1. Huh? Mine was let the rich stay rich
      Was there a reading glitch?

  25. There was a program on Irish TV years ago, where the audience consisted of people all of the dole'welfare. They were expressing strong opinions that they, too, should have paid holidays/vacations, just like all the people who had jobs.

    1. lmao that is pretty sad
      Paid holidays from doing nothing at their pad

  26. I totally agree, Cat. Someone had to work hard for that cash, so why should they just have to hand it out?? Whiners! !

    1. Yep, no hand outs at all
      Screw the whiners and their whiny call

  27. Some rich are jerks
    With all the perks
    They smirk at the poor
    Yet the poor will even the score
    Some rich are great
    It's never too late....

    1. To late if their dead
      Like off with their rich head

  28. I don't mind the giving but it needs effort too, not just giving away for the sake of it ~ People have to learn to value work and effort ~ Hey, have a good warm weather, smiles ~

    1. Yep, the value of it is needed
      But so many are conceded

  29. When we give the rich their loopholes for taxes, we're giving them a handout just much as the poor. The loopholes means we are paying taxes for them and those who are on assistance.

    1. Yeah, they shouldn't get any tax loop holes
      tax the crap out of them as they meet goals

  30. I've known quite a few rich people who were lazy bums. They just happened to have been born into money. There is a bit of a cycle that's hard to break. If your parents were wealthy, you're given a bit more of a head start than someone whose parents were poor and perhaps can't afford to send you to the best schools. But there are many people who break that cycle through hard work and they deserve every dime they have!

    1. Yep, those who get it by hard work
      Deserve every perk
      The lazy bums, even if rich
      Can go scratch a butt itch

  31. Yeah, there are always more needy people that anyone can support. I choose my donations carefully, though I'm far from rich. I'd be ever more careful if I was rich, and likely donate anonymously to avoid getting all those begging calls.

    1. Yep, the begging calls would come
      Anonymously would be the only way for my rhyming bum

  32. A lot of people thin that the world owes them and that is sad. They need to get ot and earn their own keep.

    1. That they do
      Nothing owed to those without a clue

  33. orlin N cassie....

    de food serviss gurls gram maw all wayz said,

    ewe can have all de monee on de planet
    & still bee piss poor ...
    coz it wont buy ya happee nezz,
    it wont buy ya health,
    N when ya get ta heaven
    de good Lord Hisself
    wont give a monkeez ratz ass much cash ya had

    1. haha well it can buy you health
      Let you buy things to keep fit with the wealth
      But God won't care
      He'll just stare

  34. Oh I have known rich people who did not flaunt it and made sure they gave to others. They also made sure their children had to earn it and not just expect a handout. I have had client whine and expect so much and feel entitled. The other day a man, who is on our program to make monthly payments which go to his creditors, finally brought in a large payment to bring the debts up to date. He did not make a payment since the end of Jan. He complains he has no money and that the rich people have it easy. He has complained at how mean the creditors are for questioning why he has not made a payment but then he has a $650 per month payment for a truck plus he spends $300 per month on alcohol. It takes all my control to not want to kick his butt! Especially when I have had so many others who are humble and make their payments each and every month despite having to go without some basics.

    1. Bet you see it all
      There at your hall
      The whiners sure come far and near
      Have to have their 300 bucks worth of beer
      Blame all but themselves
      Even Santa's elves

  35. Al Penwasser's answer was perfect.

    I'm not rich, but I give a lot and I can tell you that the 80/20 rule is alive and well.

  36. I see so many people thinking they deserve a handout and a free pass. Screw them let them work like the rest of us.

  37. I am all for capitalism, and don't begrudge anyone who goes out and busts their asses to make their fortunes. I don't think that they should be held accountable for handing over money to the less fortunate either. If they choose to do so, great. If not, it ain't anyone's business. Here's one for you. My sister had her daughter taken away by child services and came to live with me when she was a baby. Nieces father wanted to send me money to help out with baby's basic needs. My sister tells the father "Don't worry about it. Theresa has money and can take care of it." Yes, I could cover it, but that's not the point. Don't expect someone to take care of your responsibilities just because they may have a little more than you. I, for one, am tired of everyone sitting there with their hand out. Our country offers plenty of opportunities for the less fortunate. Get off your lazy asses and take those opportunities to do for yourself instead of expecting everyone else to pay your way. End of rant.

    1. Geez, that is rant worthy indeed
      Letting you take the lead
      And having to do everything
      So many shirk responsibilty at their wing
      Some should be snip snipped too
      If they can't handle babies at their zoo

  38. I know very rich
    And I know very poor too
    And often the poor
    Are richer in my view


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