Hook Or By Look!

You humans and your eyes. You think you are so wise. You see but don't see. Are you following me? I guess we shall see. See, again from me. A see type spree. Don't give that look to me.

What's in a look?
Could write a book.
Whoops, already do that.
Excuse the rhyming cat.

Look you looked.
Your look has been booked.
But did your look see,
What came to be?

Look up, look down.
Look driving through town.
Look in, look out.
Look and shout.

Twist and look.
Look what I did at my nook.
Catch that look?
See, off the hook.

Hook of the look.
Look of the hook.
Look that you took,
From castle to rook.

All from a look.
That one took.
Simple as see.
Following me?

Look beyond, look within.
Look until you can win.
Look around, look without.
Look at you become a trout.

Fish out of water,
Or maybe an otter.
A funny looking beaver?
Look, a meat cleaver.

Look, but do you see?
Looking beyond thee?
Stuck in a look.
Hook or by crook.

Stuck with the look.
Not seeing you cook.
Look and not see.
Look, done with my spree.

Are you looking at me strange? Look, some spare change. Oops, you missed out. Do you look while out and about? Or do you just drive or walk or strut or wiggle your butt, as you go from hut to hut? Look but not see has sure come to many. They are on a phone giving sass. They wouldn't even see a billboard featuring my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. I look but not see most of the time unless it's something extraordinary like some fat dude riding his bike with half of his butt crack hangin' out. Now THAT I see!

    1. lol especially if he has a zit on his ass
      Then you'd be one astonished redneck lass

  2. By hook by crook or by looks
    Not even all have been booked
    How come
    Some are dumb
    They should all need a cook


  3. Rubber neckers on the highway are the worst lookers.

    1. Yep, then bam they go
      Right into a ditch and need a tow

  4. Agree with Bijoux. What's really bad is when the accident is on the other side of the freeway and people have slowed down to gawk.
    Everybody look - what's going down? (Name that tune!)

    1. that truly is the real reason why interstate traffic goes nowhere after a crash.

    2. Nobody's right, if everybody's wrong lol
      What's that sound, the song?

      Yep, damn gawkers gawk away
      Slowing things down every which way

    3. For What It's Worth

      There's something happening here
      But, what it is ain't exactly clear

    4. Easy one at my sea
      Even guessed by me haha

  5. I like to think I look, but I know I'm missing out on a lot. A scattered mind doesn't help.

    1. Yeah, but a scattered mind
      Sees things that is one of a kind

  6. Ha, indeed we stare and gawk at things a lot. And missing out does happen from time to time indeed.

    1. Gawk at the dumb
      And miss out on the plum

  7. Oh I see said the blind man, I see it all
    Come along with me, we'll go to the mall
    Take a gander at the people, watch their silly ways
    It's so entertaining, we coud be there days and days

    1. And they'll never bore
      But may scare at a walmart store

  8. There are so many things at which one can look
    one of the best of these is a very good book
    and if one finds such a book that one can look
    one hardly can find time to cook!!

    1. And if you're like me
      Cook once a week at your sea
      That will be no problem at all
      At your reading hall

  9. I am guilty of this...but I am from NY. I am trained to just look and move, move, move. Lol the real question is, what does any of this have to do with a meat cleaver?

    1. lol the meat clever is only there if you look
      I hear it is used by some NY serial killing crook

  10. So many people are glued to their phones. Even while driving

  11. We look at things that don't matter and ignore things that do

  12. I don't walk around stuck in my iphone or listening to music ~ I would rather enjoy the sights specially now that its spring and summer ~

    Have a good day Pat ~

    1. Yeah, better sights than snow
      With spring in tow

  13. Yes, I'm looking at you strange.
    But I do that every day at your range. lol....

  14. Humans waste eyes
    That's the cat's surmise

    1. Waste and turn to paste
      But if that's their taste

  15. Oh yea, we'va all got "the look" that works for us!

  16. Looks are good to do
    unless they cause more of a scene
    as in the case after an accident
    when looks there could be mean


  17. And then there are the looky loos -
    Always looking for juicy news.

    1. Their nose stuck in the air
      Thinking they are something rare

  18. ha, a look can say and do so much- you are very right!!
    Amazing how one bad one can ruin a night,
    They say most communication has nothing to do with words,
    Seems like one expression can mean hugs or swords.

    1. That it surely can indeed
      Have to watch the looks that take seed

  19. People are so plugged into the internet now they don't see the real world around them. Even at concerts people are on their phones tweeting. Now me, when I'm out walking, I'm either looking up at the sky to see the birds or down at the ground to see the plants. I'm sure people think I'm odd when they drive by and see me, but I don't care.

    1. haha let them look
      Much better way to be at your nook
      When I'm out the phone is off
      I don't care if people scoff

    2. My phone is for emergency only and I don't accept text messages. It's one of those burner phones with no extra's. I get a new one every couple months.

    3. haha a burner phone you say
      Not gonna be tracked by the NSA

  20. OK if you absolutely insist
    I'll look, I really can't resist.
    But I hope what I see is really nice
    Or I'll look the other way in a trice. . . . lol

  21. I took a look
    But the world still shook
    On a daily basis like a spell
    Look... I'm about to yell
    Oh relax... things could be worse
    Like a serious curse
    Or losing your other shoe
    What would you do?

    1. Could be worse
      Could have a private nurse
      One like Nurse Ratchet
      Who will hit you with a hatchet

    2. Maybe I would think she's hot
      When she's all I've got
      Maybe not

    3. Hmmm not enough meds for that
      At least not for the cat

  22. I looked...maybe I should look away.

  23. I'm following you,
    to market and zoo
    through hill and dale
    and Walmart sales.

    Your rhymes are good
    it's understood
    they bring such joy
    to people who are lactose intolerant.

    1. See a nice crack
      At the walmart shack?
      Do you get a thrill from it?
      I'll stick to my lactose intolerant shit lol

  24. Those who are blind
    they cannot see.
    But, they still wear glasses.

    1. Do the glass come with a nose?
      Is that how that goes

  25. def too many people on our streets that don't realize what's going on around them any more

    1. Yep, there are a ton
      As around and around they run

  26. Experiencing spring, but still no fling :)
    Look is one of my overused words.

  27. 'You see but don't see.' .....That is too frequently true.. Wise Orlin.
    Have a pleasant, productive day, Pat.

  28. orlin N cassie...

    due ewe guys ever like ta just sit N look at de wall...for like minits on end...til ya noe Pat iz startin ta freek out coz him doez knot noe what ewe R ...lookin....at.....

    N he startz thinkin stuff like spooks iz in de houz N eerie stuff starts goin thru hiz mind....

    N then when ya think him iz reddy ta screem frum fright ya just walk a way !! ???

    uz two !!! ♥♥♥

    1. lol we've done that a time or two
      Works every time at our zoo

  29. We used to play I Spy
    While driving in the car
    Passed the time
    When the trip was far

    But what I really like
    Is observing folk
    The things people do
    Could make you choke
    Or give you a stroke
    Or leave you broke
    Or make you smoke
    Or drink a coke
    Or jab and poke
    Or crack a yolk
    Or enjoy a soak

    I can't stop
    It is no joke!

    1. lol people got you going
      With the look showing
      Hopefully there is no towing
      And the soak don't leave you rowing
      Suck if the wind was blowing
      Some people think they are all knowing

  30. So many people have been hit by cars
    if they are lucky they see only stars.
    they are not dead
    they are stupid, 'nough said.
    Why? They were texting on their phone
    not looking at all, like a drone.
    No one looks any more
    they are mindless and are quite a bore.

    1. Yep, mindless as can be
      And deserve to get hit at their sea
      But they'll still blame the car
      Because they didn't look near and far

  31. My friends all tell me
    I trach them to see
    With all the photos I take
    Of places and things they forsake
    In their need to connect socially,
    To watch whatever's on TV
    Or just missed going so speedily

    1. that is a good way to be
      Teach away at your sea

  32. aw Never heard music in my phone! Only sometimes comments and you know double or triple all depends lol

  33. I took a look
    Around your nook
    Read one of your books

  34. Sight is awesome,
    it’s good to see.
    Gives one a clue about
    when to flee.
    Oncoming car?
    Should have stayed at the bar.
    Perp with a gun?
    Time to run.
    Hurricane coming?
    Don’t bother humming.

    VR Barkowski

    1. Yeah, that is true
      Know when a flee-ing comes due
      Get up and run
      Then have fun

  35. I love playing with my camera, so I look all the time. Sometimes I see plenty that I don't want to, but most often, can find some pretty spectacular things to look at. My kids don't do this though, and I think they are missing out on the world around them. It's a shame.

    1. Yeah, that is a downfall
      Could see much that makes you want to hurl at your hall
      Many don't though
      Iphone or whatever is what they give a go

  36. I'm looking at you like you lost your marbles.

    1. Lost a long time ago
      Away they did go at my show


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