Important Info For All Today At My Hall!

The cat is going to amuse himself today by making you all give a wtf look on display. I wonder how many I will fool. Isn't font color so cool?

Black or white,
Green or red.
All take flight,
Hurting your head.

Can be hard on the eyes.
Can be hard on the brain.
So be nice and wise,
Don't let the shiny colors rain.

Or you may get ignored.
Then wonder why.
Nope, people aren't bored.
You are just hard on the eye.

Fancy font isn't best.
Fancy font sucks a ton.
But with this test,
Will I get through to anyone?

Beats the heck out of me.
But it sure is fun.
You may curse my sea,
If you figure out this run.

Your mouse is needed,
Or something of the like.
Or this post was never seeded,
As you take a hike.

Did you hit refresh a time or two?
I know you did at your zoo.
An error could be thought by you.
Error 50257 is something new.

Back on point,
As I confuse away.
Here at my joint,
Even more today.

Color makes or breaks.
It decides much.
Some won't do double takes,
Ignoring you and such.

So have background and font in sync,
Or get ignored each day.
End up in the blogger clink,
With no one coming to play.

Have you seen bad font blogs? Did you catch on to today's rhyming logs? Highlight and you win. Did the cat do you in? Today was such a fun pass for my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. How The Order Got #1 From Blue Grumpster

    Deep in the confines of It's Rhyme Time lived a lurker, he had dethroned Hank and was on a quest to reach many #1's in a row. The likes of Suza and Truedessa tried to stop him but it was of no use. His copy and paste skill was far too great.

    The order knew they couldn't allow this to go on, for if they did, he might find his missing shoe. So they hatched a plan to hack the Internet. It was easy for the order as they have the technology, all we needed to do was change the time on The Blue Grumpster's phone by a few milliseconds. Then we would swoop in and claim #1. Our superior typing skills whipped this up in those milliseconds and now, as you can see, the order is #1.

    Sorry Blue Grumpster, but we can't let you find that shoe.

    1. How did you do that?
      On the Kitty mat?
      Aha! Ghost technology too
      At your shoe
      Well, it sounds like a challenge to me
      In the place to be

    2. Thought I'd take a stab at it. I never expected to beat you though.

    3. Wow, I go and take a shower
      And Blue loses his #1 power
      I guess his copy and paste
      Was not post haste
      And even a story too
      Of course it didn't rhyme at my zoo
      Oh the shame
      But still got #1 fame

      A challenge is on?
      This should be fun to see at dawn
      Of course that would mean I'd have to get up like today
      Pfffft to that at my "retired" bay
      Unless I have to go to the other sea
      Then I get up early as can be
      Or get hairballed on
      That will get me up by dawn

    4. A shower... yeah right
      With or without the beer
      Making you cheer haha!
      Here's my theory: the Cat is the Ghost
      So what did I win at your coast?

    5. lol don't drink at my sea
      So safe as can be
      lol no way am I the ghost
      I couldn't give $5 away let alone the $5000 he/she is at their coast

    6. He/she... is what I told True
      Ten minutes agoIn the place to be
      Something fishy is going on at your sea
      I might be right, Scooby Dooweeee

    7. Have to break out a scooby snack
      Find the identity and win $5000 at your shack

    8. Well, maybe R is you
      As the Ghost keeps hiding my blue shoe
      Which was returned to me
      By a kangaroo in the place to be

    9. Now I'm R too?
      damn, I get around at my zoo
      How much time you think I have at my sea?
      Maybe I'm even the ninja wannabe lol

      Well time to hit the road
      Enjoy snoring mode

    10. R and the Ghost
      Like ham and roast
      From coast to coast
      As you boast
      I knew it all along
      Singing the blue song
      I know I'm not wrong

    11. I actually have had people email and ask if Pat was HGW to the contest. Sorry to say, no. He does great work for me though.

    12. Yeah I knew you were in cahoots, you two
      Snatching away my blue suede shoe
      And then number one
      And, who knows, a bun?

    13. The Cat has a split personality
      An alternate reality
      You can't fool me today
      Not at the Kitty bay

    14. haha I like cahoots as a word
      That isn't absurd
      I have multiple personality disorder and OCD?
      Damn, screwed right up at my sea

    On the furry mat
    Suza and True...
    Did they beat Blue this time?
    If so, does it make you rhyme?
    Cat, my vacation keeps me busy as heck
    Should relax a bit more and not write some check
    How do you do
    The name is Blue
    AKA Grumpy Goo
    How's life in your neck of the wood
    Is it, you know, any good
    The way it should?

    1. Ghosts swoop between the walls of the internet

    2. Vacation keeps you busy you say?
      Should use another word for it maybe at your bay?
      Life is okay
      Still slaving away
      Or rhyming and writing
      Plus got a new project with lighting
      So we shall see
      What comes to be
      Hopefully no ghosts beat me
      Or chase the cat up a tree

    3. You and the Cat are in cathoots! But well done nevertheless. It still feels good that it took a ruler of the universe to beat me to it.

    4. lol blaming the cat
      Geez, how rude is that

    5. I just knew it! You were up to something, Cat!

    6. lol up to going on the road
      Hopefully I don't squash a toad

    7. Bun will kill
      Wishing me ill will?

    8. Not that kinda bun
      Such fun
      Did you write hard on?
      Like a true Don?

    9. Oh that fun kind of bun
      Two for one
      I just might have at my sea
      Still not figured out by thee?

    10. Two at your sea?
      Getting all greedy, are we?

    11. Plus it might me a quote
      Somebody wrote: click!

    12. One for each hand
      That sure is grand

    13. That I understand
      They're in demand

    14. lol but can't get too demanding
      Or you won't sink the landing

    15. Plus your money will fly
      Making the Cat cry

    16. Out the window
      Right one can be worth it though

    17. Oh my the Cat is is smart indeed
      And time we don't need

    18. A ton in 37 minutes at my sea
      Keeping the road away from me

    19. Well, I'm gonna snore
      Like a boar
      Talk to you soon
      On the Kitty moon

    20. A kitty moon
      Does it have a sand dune

  3. I won on a broken post was my first thought. I see what you did there though. Only the cat. And to answer your question, Yes!!!!!!!! There are some that just give me a headache. Not the cat though. At least not the set up.

    1. And I caught it and won. Do I win anything?

    2. Caught me you say
      Sure seems that way
      We'll see how many catch on
      To my little con
      And what do you win?
      A pretty cat hair pin.
      Like that
      From the cat

    3. What now... the Cat is awake? I knew you two were in cathoots.
      Yes, you win my admiration. I'll raise my blue hat and shoe
      And I'll raise you a Scooby Dooo!

    4. The cat was in the shower
      It has very little power

    5. Not broken
      You just need a token?

    6. I need a ticket to Bora, is what I need

    7. I'll sell you one
      For $5637854.56 each run

    8. Could profit away
      And truly retire at my bay

    9. Well, wouldn't that be great
      Let's hope it won't come too late
      That's something you'd hate

    10. Yeah broken and old
      On that I'm not sold

    11. What... no riches untold?
      No kitty cat gold?
      Say it ain't so
      At your show?

    12. No riches
      Just deeper ditches

    13. Have the later with dry skin
      Is that a win?

    14. Don't believe it is
      In the Kitty Cat biz

    15. Not at all
      As its an itchy cat call

    16. Will you borrow Pat's special thing
      Making them sing?

    17. That I might
      With some bite

    18. That sounds about right
      Away I go
      Not number one at your show
      I may need a drink
      And think

    19. Enjoy the drink
      Don't turn pink

  4. Dear Pat, mayhaps you is me
    And I am thee.
    But can we fool Orlin and Cassie?
    Nope, you don't have my twisted sassy!

  5. Hmmmm, the drama this morning is in comments. Hooray for the Holy Ghost Writer. Besides, I know the whereabouts of the lost shoe. But I am not sharing. The mystery must continue.

    1. The mystery will be solved one day
      Hopefully not too far away

  6. Hmmm, from whence came this blue shoe? Tossing it over the fence now...

  7. I agree with WTF, I could only see about 7 words scattered about the page.

  8. I thought everyone in the blogging world had got here before me until I saw the comments. They are as amusing as the post.
    So much for the blue shoe, Blue. Maybe they hid it at my place. Think you could hit number one there and retrieve it?

    1. Yeah so much for the blue shoe, Alex. Now what?

    2. haha it was a fun run
      Before I had to run and have fun
      Could get it there
      At the ninja wannabe lair

  9. I miss Hank!
    He seems to have lost his rank.
    Sad that his ship sank.

    1. Hank's ship never sank
      It's just a prank
      He'll be back
      At the Kitty Cat shack

    2. Hank is still lurking
      But it gets a bit crowded
      Opportunity keeps knocking
      Will take it when offered


    3. Hank is a lurking
      He'll get it leaving you smirking

  10. This gets weirder by the moment
    Like my chicks some go and home it
    A puzzle I've seen in R and Ghost
    Read the posts with morning toast
    Then Blue came early after Hank
    Pretty soon his ship he sank
    True and Suza tried their best
    To make a hole in all this fest
    Up rises's Ghost just like the Phoenix
    Blows the mind like an old used kleenex
    Bet you can't say they are humdrum
    Jack stuck in his tumb and tried for the plum

    1. Thumb not tum....(No tummy's allowed.....everyone drinks slim-fast)

    2. Weird is fun
      That has to be done
      Blue sank with Hank
      Streaks walked the plank
      A Phoenix you say
      Maybe he'll leave riches at every bay

  11. Got to pay heed to the order
    It can knock one off the ladder
    Blue was invincible
    A ghost made it possible
    Skipped above others all over


    1. Ghost got on in
      Proving Blue doesn't always win

  12. Good one today at your zoo
    caught me for just a minute or two
    thought it was my computer going bad
    when I highlighted I could read and was glad


    1. haha good catch at my sea
      Couldn't trick thee

  13. For a minute, I was confused and then AH, haha
    I've been on blogs with unfortunate fonts, but I think mine is ok at least!

    1. Yeah there are those so small
      But not your wall

  14. Haha, took me a minute to realize I had to highlight to read it all! Great point. It's gotten better than the early days of the Internet, when people would do crazy backgrounds that made the text impossible to read.

    1. Yeah, better at many a coast
      But still a few that makes one's eyes roast

  15. Hahaha, Mr Cat, once again you win hands down/You sure know how to have fun, here on your grounds! :-)

    Greetings from London.

  16. The look of this is crazy
    I'm losing my mind, I think.
    If it's not missing, it's hazy.
    I think I'll have another drink.

  17. Omygod! At begin I think only was here Blue, the cat and Holy and they talking all the time:))

  18. Omygod! At begin I think only was here Blue, the cat and Holy and they talking all the time:))

  19. lol I knew to highlight it in order to read it.

    1. haha good catch at your sea
      Lets see how many thought as thee

  20. I bet that was fun to do try to fool everyone. I have to admit, it is different which is refreshing. Have a great evening.

    1. Different is what I try
      Hoping to fool each girl and guy

  21. Under the sea of virtual blue, all is clear

  22. Clever! I put my detective hat on and got the "highlights" working.

  23. Wow! So creative and simple approach
    to confuse, make us use our brain...
    Oh, I though you've gone for the day
    at your bay....

    1. I was out and about
      But back with a shout
      Creative I can be
      And a little tricky

  24. Boy, you really got me, Cat
    Made me think my phone had gone splat
    Good one you pulled at your zoo
    Fun to figure out too

  25. Took me a while to catch on.
    You got me good on that highlight song!
    Stared at it for a full minute
    wondering what trick was in it.

    1. haha fooling you is good
      That takes some skill in my hood

  26. Oh man.... WTFs going on here. I just lucked into how to read that. Man..... I am going to move on to a different post.

  27. I feel like I am really drunk trying to read that ;)

    1. lol drunk as can be
      Without the hang over at your sea

  28. White on blue
    That was kinda cool
    Better than Blue on white
    As he faces #2 plight


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