Into The Dare That Is Oh So Rare!

You humans can sure be creative with simple things, maybe even with your flings. But then you always seem to get caught with the later. But hey, it's some exercise so you won't get fatter. Now on with the show. I dare you to read what is below.

Peer pressure at its best.
It just has such zest.
So don't hold back,
Or you'll get flack.

I dare you.
It's true.
I dared you.
Now go pick grass and chew.

Is that a no?
Pffft give it a go.
If my dare was not great.
I double dare you to take the bait.

Waiting for you to do it.
Come on, a double dare is a hit.
Okay, I triple dare you.
Now it must come due.

Is that still a no?
Well what do you know.
I cheat rhymed there.
But what do you care.

For I just double dog dared you.
A dog makes it oh so true.
Be a dog and do it.
Don't sit and throw a fit.

I triple dog dare you.
See, it is more and new.
A dog and a triple.
Who cares if you end up a cripple.

I triple alligator dare you.
A snap will come due.
So snap to it today.
My dare will never go away.

It's a dare with care.
I hope you're aware.
I care to dare.
Dare by the pair.

Now get it done.
A dare is fun.
I quadruple rat dare you.
So grab that grass and chew.

Are you ready to eat grass? Do you take dares that come to pass? Pffft says the cat. Nonsense and all of that. But humans like to give it a go to see if they can make people do stupid things all in a row. Some even fall for it. Maybe they think dares are a hit? But the cat is fine with eating grass, it tastes good to my daring little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer. 


  1. "Into The Dare That Is Oh So Rare!"
    Go into a challenge how do you fare
    Have a good strategy
    Make it work rightly
    Go into it head-on cut out the swear


  2. An alligator dare does sound tempting, but a double rat dare does sound desperate. I double dare you to disagree.

  3. Dare me all you want. I don't do stupid things.

  4. Tempting dare, but I guess I will pass on the grass.

  5. Eating grass is not so dumb
    Health nuts are always eating some
    And what about the midnight toker
    His grass is just a funny smoker

    1. haha very true
      The toker sucks it back at their zoo
      Then gets the munchies
      And eats grass by the umm bunchies

  6. Ha I remember the game 'truth, dare, and consequences' when I was a kid. I mostly preferred to take the 'dares' but sometimes if it was too great a dare I had to take the consequences. Smiles.

  7. My son has come up with some strange ways to dare people

  8. Don't think a dare is necessary for a cat to eat grass. They love grass. Don't know if I would take any dare, but who knows.

    1. Yeah, cats will eat it all the day through
      Especially Cassie at our zoo

  9. Isn't smoking grass way better than eating it?

  10. Replies
    1. Just in case
      Keep ready to run at a steady pace

  11. Hey Pat, long time, no rhyme for me lol, here I am finally, but the cat keeps on going and going and going, eating grass and daring with class :)

    1. The cat never stops at his sea
      Helps when I'm writing december posts now with glee lol

  12. No daring, no eating of grass...only of ice-cream smiles ~

    1. lol that works with ease
      Can eat what you please

  13. Not taking this dare to eat the grass
    I think for that I will take a pass


  14. Double dog dare always reminds me of The Christmas Story movie.

    1. haha yeah that is a good one
      Remember in it that it was given a run

  15. Bijoux is right it was The Christmas Story that made the Double Dog Dare a classic, and I do say it once in awhile to get others to try a writing challenge, but that's because I'm boring, and I don't eat grass.

    1. haha boring and not a grass eater
      Hey, at least you're not a cheater

  16. I eat grass.... well, rather I drink wheat grass juice. That is when I get busy and grow it myself.

    1. Probably tastes nasty though
      There at your show

  17. I've never been one to let peer pressure make me do somethig. I always did what I wanted.

  18. i eat (wheat) grass daily. lol. i guess i do eat grass!

    1. lol there you go
      A grass eating at your show

  19. remember, we are all individuals...except for me:)

  20. I'll pass on the dare of eating grass. You never know what animal decided to pee all over it!

    1. That is very true
      Why no bare feet at my zoo

  21. Quadruple rat dare
    Has an impressive sound
    But I think I'll pass
    Maybe take the next round

    1. Might be worse
      Could be a dare to make you curse


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