Mars Boom And Doom!

So some nut had a theory that was a bit eerie. Eerie as in it sounded like a movie rip off more than a bit. But hey, I get a post out of making fun of it. He may have visited one too many bars. Anyway, now let's travel to Mars.

Mars had life.
It had little strife.
All were as happy as can be.
They even had animals like me.

Life was like it is here,
Although less advanced I fear.
If you can call us advanced at all.
At least we don't draw on the wall.

Two races lived on it.
The Cydonians and Utopians were a hit.
They lived together in peace.
Then came the big decrease.

An alien race came to Mars.
Wonder if they have flying cars?
Then they nuked the place,
Blowing off every Martian face.

Everything there was dead.
Life of Mars was put to bed.
The aliens blew up the place,
Then they flew back into space.

Hmmm meanies they were.
Blowing up Martians made them purr?
I wonder if they can purr?
Their travel must be a blur.

And yet they haven't bothered our sea.
Maybe those aliens cease to be?
Or maybe they think we'll blow ourselves up.
So they just wait for such a hiccup.

Quite the names he pulled to.
What would they be named by you?
Clan one and clan two?
That would be to easy to come due.

Think the theory is right?
Did aliens come with might?
They blew Mars to bits,
Creating those big pits.

It is a fun theory,
But as said, rather eerie.
Maybe Independance Day got stuck in his head.
Or Mars Attacks just filled him with dread.

No doubt life out there some where does exist. But are they that advanced and pissed? I mean just to come all that way and blow something to bits. Maybe they like to throw space fits? One strange theory indeed. Had to give it a go at my feed. You never know about that Martian gas. It can play tricks on you like that from my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


    On the mat
    It is Sunday
    Such a fun day
    Or could it be a bunday
    On your runway?
    Who is number one
    And nearly done?
    Nine in a row
    At your show
    Gotta go
    You know who
    The Blue Scooby Doo

    1. Nine in a row
      Without a foe
      In with ease
      Now snore and create a breeze

    2. From coast to coast!
      From toast to toast!
      Bottoms up!
      Have a cup!
      In the place to be!
      Scooby Dooweee!

    3. Scooby doo away
      Hopefully for some pay

  2. Well, you know, Marvin the Martian IS a pretty stressed out dude.

    1. Him and Bugs need to have a snack
      Maybe a carrot they lack

  3. Well if we can blow up earth, we can blow up mars or another planet ~

    Have a good Sunday Pat ~

  4. Maybe they tried to blow us up and missed.

  5. I think life out there might possibly be
    But I don't think they'd go on a bombing spree
    I think they'd want to stake their claim
    Because that's how explorers gather fame

    1. Stake their claim and enslave
      Sending all to an early grave

  6. If you want to visit Mars
    Can't arrive there in your cars
    Have to fly up through the stars
    Along the way may stop at bars

    Stop and have a ittle bump
    With a camel, he's a frump
    On his back he has a lump
    The place is quite the weary dump

    On to Mars to have some fun
    But what happened to our sun
    Aliens sit around and pun
    This is the end, the rhyme is done

    1. Sounds like getting drunk
      And in a funk
      Makes you see little green men
      There at your den

      Must be the good stuff
      More than enough
      It's all fake
      Mars is in a giant cake

  7. Martian gas is more powerful than catnip!

    1. Damn, stay away from that
      Could knock out the cat

  8. Sounds like a far fetched theory from someone looking for attention

    1. Yep, pretty much
      As with reality they may be out of touch

  9. Maybe they alive in pit
    waiting for the hand to find,
    release with ease
    sending gaz as sign
    martians or aliens' clan...

    1. Hmm hopefully if so
      They don't become a foe

  10. I'm thinking no life on other planets
    except for this one we live on
    but it could be interesting if I'm wrong
    then I would hope when it is discovered I am long gone


    1. yeah hopefully long gone
      Don't want aliens on the lawn

  11. I am sure there are all kinds of theories of who and what lives on Mars. But in my humble opinion, nothing lives there but so much fun to imagine.

    1. Yeah, doubt anything lives there now
      Not even an alien cow

  12. My husband is from Oak Ridge...a strange place in itself. But the area also has had a LOT of UFO sightings. He has a story about seeing one as a kid. Whatever you believe--he knows what he saw and he firmly believes it. He's always been fascinated with life on other planets as a result. But I don't think there's life on the planets in our solar system. The universe goes far beyond our solar system, though, and I think perhaps there could be other planets just like ours far, far away.

    1. Yeah, I doubt there is anything in our spot
      Maybe some bacteria and such like a bad movie plot
      but other than that it would have to be far far away
      The UFO sightings could be time travelers at play

  13. Oh...The living dead and Martians are all in my face
    I an sick and tired of race.
    Either one is now boring to me
    I would rather see something different , you see.
    Maybe the aliens saw us and gave a big yawn
    then flew off to see better things at their front lawn.

    1. haha that they just might
      See us and take flight
      Boring as can be
      We are to them from sea to sea

  14. insert picture of guy with from the history channel saying "aliens"

    1. I need Morgan Freeman at my sea
      He'd do better for me

  15. I believe there is life out can there not be. somewhere beyond the milky way...

    Congrats on your latest book there at your nook "There's a Dog in my Frog" I hope it will be a hit..I missed the post so thought I would mentioned it here.

    Have a great day at your bay Pat!

    1. Yeah, out there somewhere
      Not sure on the Mars guy's nutty blare
      Hopefully it will sell
      That would be swell

  16. I think there are life in others planets but we don't know in what planet:))

    1. Don't know which ones
      As there could be tons

  17. I think there are life in others planets but we don't know in what planet:))

  18. I think there are life in others planets but we don't know in what planet:))

  19. "The aliens blew up the place"
    They can well be a menace
    Obliterate everyone
    To them must be fun
    Fun and games all in bad taste!


  20. There probably is life out there somewhere. I just don't want to be alone when they come to visit.

    1. Yeah that would be bad
      A probing may be had

    2. Ahahahhahahahhaha.... How do you know you haven't been probed?

    3. Hmmm you just never know
      Glad they wiped it from my mind though

  21. It's very possible the aliens may be right.
    Planet Earth may blow itsself up any night.

  22. I'd be friendly
    And put out the welcome mat
    As long as the aliens
    Had a pet cat

    And didn't eat it!!!

  23. How cool would it be to get to meet life from another planet? As long as they don't come to torch the place, that is.

    1. It would be fun to meet and greet
      As long as they didn't hit delete

  24. What you say makes sense.
    Why jump the space fence?
    Leave a hole, a story untold ~
    How does one recompense?

  25. I think life might exist on other planets in forms that we cannot imagine.

    Or maybe all planets themselves are living beings. Humans and everything else might be parasites feeding on earth. Who knows?

    1. very true indeed
      We could be the parasites with our greed

  26. A theory cooked up by a crackpot, maybe?


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