Round Thirty Five As They Are Still Alive!

The search engine nuts like my place. I guess a rhyming cat they embrace. I am not sure that is a good thing, but it allows me to give them a ring. I suppose that could be bad too as it could keep bringing them to my zoo. Maybe the search engine nuts are after fame and are too shy to leave their name.

workin in the bush above tush

Do you whistle while you work? That could be a perk.

big eyes glasses pet

Pets get glasses now? That ought to raise an eyebrow.

comebacks for rhymes

I rhymed you
Boo hoo
That is all you can do
Go boo hoo

shaggy mutt

Does this look like Scooby Doo here at my zoo?

copy cat dirty rat rhyme

Copy cat
Dirty rat
Chewed some fat
That was that

stepped in dog shit

And you are telling me this why? Maybe you should be more spry.

sex yex

You convex with your sex yex hex.

what can the cat do

Poo in your shoe at half past two.

pissed of being

A pissed off ghost or something more at your coast?

deer licking other deer's neck

A deer fetish I see. The WWF may come after thee.

тайм ю райм

Well it is sorta an eye rhyme. Some bad grammar crime

found some bugs today in my 

In my what? How rude of you not to finish at your bug filled hut.

My mommy wont let me play

So you come to my bay? She really will not let you play if here you spend your day.

grudges get settled grammar style

Hmmm is it that easy? Maybe I will ask the Grammar Nazi.

And now for the winner this time. They must come from far far away with their chime. They are really out of the loop. Maybe they live in a chicken coop. Who knows though. Any guesses as to the below?

Should I fear woodchucks chucking my wood

Maybe they are just misunderstood? I hope they are talking about logs at their hood. But then again I really do not want to know. It is probably some bad porn show. So now another search engine round has come to pass and they are just as strange as ever to my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


    How's the Bora mat?
    Excuse me while I go and snore
    Like a boar
    Not a goat
    In a boat

  2. Eight in a row
    As I go
    When you gotta go
    You gotta go
    Say it ain't so
    Woodchucks chucking your wood?
    That can't be good
    Not in anybody's neighborhood
    Time for a reboot?

  3. "Round Thirty Five As They Are Still Alive!"
    The search engine nuts are taking a dive
    Grammar little confused
    Perhaps not often used
    Let them enjoy their fun with a little jive


    1. Yeah probably not used much
      As it is off by a touch

  4. My mommy won't let me play?

    But she lets four year olds use google?

    1. Maybe they are five?
      Either way that takes a dive

  5. Chuck away woodchucks, playj
    Chuck some wood any day
    Find some wood without a knot
    Use a flag pole for your plot
    Scotty's got a wooden leg
    Drink your beer from a keg
    Put your question into motion
    Why build the sky so near the ocean?

    1. So the wooden leg can be a ship
      And float off for a trip
      Or at least it can pretend
      To sail around the bend

  6. Woodchucks, huh? At least someone didn't want to see woodchucks licking each others' necks.

    1. True, they wanted their deer lick
      I guess that did the trick

  7. deer licking other deer's neck.
    lol. really.

    1. Maybe they wanted a lick
      Hopefully it did the trick

  8. Mr Google's mind must really be boggled!

  9. I have to agree that Google is nuts. I took my other blog off the internet and they have written me tons of emails telling me they can't find my blog. It just isn't there any more you silly search engines.

    1. lol poor search engines are out of luck
      As they search and try and make a buck

  10. LOL I think I would fear a woodchuck
    if they were woodchucking my wood
    Google sure keeps providing us with laughs
    and maybe they always should


    1. Yep, plenty there
      And a woodchuck may be a fear affair

  11. The search engines sure can give us fits
    With their random and numerous hits
    I wish they would take a big leap
    And around my place no longer creep

    If I say anything ever about Pat and the cat
    It would quite emphatically and simply have to be that
    Nowhere can a more loyal pair be found
    and for that I am most grateful at my humble ground.

    1. That would be a fine search to see
      Beating all the crazy ones with glee
      And they provide blog fodder at least
      Feeding the rhyming beast

  12. My mommy won't let me play. Looks like they come to you when they need to whine Cat. You just put out that sympathetic vibe (insert sarcastic tone of voice).

    Of course you should fear Woodchucks chucking your wood. i keep an electrified fence round my wood fence, precisely because of this. And outside that is a moat filled with crocodile and piranha. Razor wire surrounds the moat and I've armed soldiers patrolling the razor wire. Each soldier has been specially trained to identify woodchucks, their tracks and their scat. One just cannot be too careful when it comes to woodchucks chucking wood :0)

    1. lol I'm as sympathetic as can be
      At least as a faker can be at my sea

      Damn, you take that as serious as can be
      Hopefully they don't have catapults to land on thee
      Then they'd chuck that wood
      At everything from behind in your hood
      Your traps would be doomed
      If that bloomed

    2. Oh, they've catapults, the little bastards. But I've one as well. When one comes over my defenses, I chop off it's head. Then I load the severed head into my catapult and send it sailing back at the rest of the pack.

    3. Damn, violent at your sea
      No woodchucks will mess with thee

    4. Nah, not really. I just watch a lot of history documentaries. The Mongols used to hurl the dead bodies of their enemies over the ramparts in war time. Stole the idea from them and as it's slow on blogger today, I thought I'd give you something insane to read.

    5. I guess waste not, want not
      As they used their dead body plot

  13. imagine how a pet could get glasses from the doctor. Woof for one bark for two

    1. Or tail wag for one
      Drooling for two when done

  14. You really have a great imagination,
    That in verse it's excellently done.
    I enjoy reading your daily post,
    I feel as though I'm joining the fun.

    This one is no exception,
    Put a smile on my face.
    Not everyone can do that
    In the human race.


  15. Search engines are the devil in disguise/messing around in your brain like little mice! :-)

    Greetings from London.

  16. I never did well at alliteration + rhyme, but clearly I am alone.

  17. Poo in your shoe at half past two
    what is a fine lady to do?
    Perhaps give it to you!

  18. Woodchucks chucking your wood.
    Ew. Erase that from my mind I you could.
    Just imagining their great big teeth.
    Well, maybe it was all an innocent greet.

    1. Ew and I'll raise you an eep!
      Not an image to keep

    2. lmao oh where your mind went
      That is some wood that would get umm bent

  19. I hate it when people start stories and don't finish. Go find that bug guy and insist we all get to know where the bug was!

    1. haha I'll track their ip
      And see what I can see

  20. Search engines' jokes come and go
    at your show...
    well, someone has to chew
    on wood as woodchucks do that
    as long as they don't chew the fat...

    1. Chew the fat may get boring
      All would end up snoring

  21. As always humor in the least funny of places. My hat's off to the cat!

  22. Someone looked for 'shaggy mutt' and got the cats????????????????? I guess they were barking up the wrong tree. ;)

    1. haha that they were
      But both at least still have fur

  23. I guess I should look to see what people search for when they hit my blog. Maybe I don't want to know.

  24. Maybe Blue's scary chomper
    That he dressed you in his game
    Will fend off the woodchuck's vengeance
    And leave them nice and tame

    1. haha that worked for me
      Chomp them up with glee

  25. But pets look so cute in glasses! When mommy doesn't let me play, I play dress up with the dogs ;)

    1. lol they may eat the glasses though
      And bury them below


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