So Sad When You Are Blantantly Bad!

Have you seen some authors that make you go what the umm duck? Maybe you have lots of luck. If not you are probably nodding yes. There seem to be more rather than less. Not trying to knock anyone at my sea, but some things are clear even to a cat sitting in a tree.

The title is great.
Such a nice fate.
Different title on the cover?
Hmmm a two title lover?

The title is still great,
It will sell out of the gate.
Spelled differently on each.
Are you trying to teach?

My description is grand.
The best in the land.
You won't want to miss.
It simply says, "read this."

No, wait!
That's not my fate.
It says something more.
"Red this" is the encore.

Red like a bull?
Hmm are you just full?
You know bull and spit.
Or something like it.

Stuck in the sand.
Isn't it grand.
Sinking below.
What do you know?

A big long description.
Quite the depiction.
Hes, gooes, and reding are great.
Good luck with that, mate.

A preview is here.
Read without fear.
Copyright in Atlata stat.
Damn, how did you get that?

Back to the cover.
Aren't all just a lover?
Paint and some text are grand.
It will hit every stand.

Slap my hand.
Take a stand.
Red it today,
For little pay.

There is just some people that either are lazy as can be or should really take 50 more looks at their sea. Little things like that should easily be caught. One or two small mistakes won't hurt a lot, but blatant ones like that, sure do confuse the cat. Have you seen any come to pass? They sure get some head shaking from my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Replies
    1. Stumbled in at 07:01
      What do you know
      Still having fun
      It's now 2 in a row


    2. Back on a streak
      Here at my creek

    3. Guess who was on the road
      Like a toad
      Howdy Hank
      The Poetry Tank
      Will you be back come Saturday
      So we can, you know, play?
      Hey what a great idea
      Show no fear
      I might snore at my pier
      Hello Cat
      How's the mat?

    4. On the road
      Back to snore road
      Who will win
      Can you do hank in

  2. "So Sad When You Are Blatantly Bad!"
    Knocked by others but not to get mad
    To take it all bright
    Stand by your rights
    Just be wary and avoid from being had


  3. OK, you are making me real damn nervous now, considering I'm self publishing as we speak. I will be sure to proofred the title vury carefally.

    1. lol there will always be one you miss it seems
      Have done it at my book streams
      As long as you spell the title right
      You are ahead of some on that site lol

    2. I think I could proof my books a hundred times, have an editor or editors proof it several times and still miss something.

    3. Yep, same here
      Always something I fear

  4. It's one thing to miss that in the text, but to miss it on the cover or the back? For shame...

    1. Yeah, the text always has one or two
      Until they get caught in view
      But the cover is like a wtf indeed
      The title can't be spelled right at their feed?

  5. You can't judge a book by it's cover, OKay
    That all depends, what the hay
    A garden should be planted by the end of May
    Gather the fruit and then go on your way
    About books and their covers I have little to say
    I know more about gardens than books any day

    1. Got your green thumb
      Beating the growing drum
      Mother nature is had
      There at your pad

  6. After working with a traditional publisher, I've seen how mistakes can happen. Those "last pass pages" have you writing things in the margin and you don't get a look at it after they make those changes. Maybe some authors demand to see them but after reading the book a bazillion times, you probably wouldn't see the error anyway! However, there is a business around here called All Season's Barbecue and the apostrophe is on their sign, their Facebook page, and all of their marketing materials.

    1. lol damn that apostrophe
      It can screw many from sea to sea
      Yeah those ones can get overlooked indeed
      But the title of a book spelled different on the cover is lazy at ones feed

  7. I've never noticed a cover error, but am surprised by what's inside at times!

  8. Nails on chalkboard to me,
    When stupid spelling errors I see
    On something purportedly professionally done.
    Can I just stick a torch on their bun? (Yes, I meant bun and not bum.)

    1. Fry one bun
      To stop their fun
      Then away they'll run
      Thankful for a good bun

  9. My epitaph will read, she could tell a story, just not write! (And I meant write not right - my Achilles heel - grammar.)
    Although, I admit due to my lack I've counted on the publisher and their proofers to catch all my errors, only to be greatly disappointed. It's hard to get behind a book that gets reviews that mention the poor editing. Sadly, the cover errors will do more harm.

    1. The cover errors do the most harm
      As if you can't spell the title right, that is a big alarm
      And yeah grammar can get me too
      Always miss a few

  10. Having the text of the title on the book and on the inside be different leaves me confused as to how they could think that is good to

    1. Yep, they rushed it out
      Thinking it will fool all out and about

  11. My first time here
    Jax sent me over,
    I'll be back,
    'cause I am a rover.

  12. This is why having a beta reader don't make you a cheater. Even betterer, hire an editor.

  13. lol I don't know! I can't think of one. I have seen a lot of typos in e-reader format. I don't like it, it takes away significantly from the reading.

    1. Yeah, when a lot comes due
      Can take away from the view
      One or two get by
      Isn't all oh me oh my

  14. I highlight errors as I seem then. It makes me feel a little better about things. Lol

    1. lol a highlighter are you
      Find them all in view

    2. Lmao...but it's TRUE

      Take that, cat. I showed you up with a triple rhyme. Hehehe

    3. A tripe rhyme you say
      Want to play that way
      Well okay
      I can do it at my bay
      I can do it come what may
      Do it rolling in the hay
      Do it while getting pay
      So much do it in the fray
      Should I stand or lay?
      Do you say nay?
      Need a litter tray?
      Is the sky gray?
      Does this cause dismay?
      Maybe some disarray
      Now I'll fly away
      Before you pray
      To some sort of blue jay
      To smite me with a sun ray

  15. I have not seen a mistake on a cover
    but have in some recent books
    definitely would want as a proofreader
    to make sure to take a second look


    1. I've seen the cover ones
      Sadly, there are a few but not tons

  16. You always have lots of fun titles!

    1. Titles are fun to do
      And hopefully all are spelled right too lol

  17. Mistakes can happen. But mistakes of the title on the actual cover. No.

  18. Editing, editing and then do it again at least one more time,
    Even big publishers overlook mistakes in some of their lines.

    1. That they surely do
      Always seem to be one or two

  19. ha, nice call! Whenever I blog really late at night- even after I proofread- I always wake up and have to edit some things. I was just too tired to even recognize them!

    Also, I read a book two years ago where FOUR of the chapters have grammatical errors. How does that even happen with paid editors?!

    1. Sometime sleep is calling
      And edits are umm talling
      Take it is was a big book publisher one?
      That is sad by a ton

  20. Ah here's the blog that will cheer me up, have missed you these past few weeks..
    Great post as usual Pat.

  21. Mistakes like that are bad. They really make me sad
    That's why I treasure my editors. They make me look good. :)
    Great post.

    1. lol yeah make one look good
      Works in every hood

  22. Mistakes on the cover and in the title no less. Ya, that's pretty bad and would scream "amateur!" to just about anyone. The cover is the readers first contact with your work and if that's a wreck, you've lost them in the first 30 seconds.

    It's competitive out there with so many Indie writers so getting people to stop long enough to do more than glance is critical. When you're on blogger promoting your book, you've got an audience that will take the time to at least consider the work. Out there among the unwashed masses, you don't have that luxury. And it's the unwashed masses that are any authors real target as getting them to read your book can make you millions.

    1. Yep, the unwashed masses are the key
      Who knows how to get them to read thee
      But they are the ones that make you rich
      And are the quickest ones to bitch lol

    2. The thing about the unwashed masses is that once you reach them, they want to get to know you. I don't know how famous people stand it. I mean people actually think they've some connection with a famous person just because they can relate to the artists work.

      I'm a huge Zep fan, but the idea of meeting one of those guys makes me ill. And as for most actors, wouldn't want to share a pint with many of them either.

    3. Yeah, people think they are some hero or god
      Modern day Zeus that is as dumb as a cod
      But people bow down to them and put them on a pedestal or crap
      Most need to get a grip across the map

  23. Im absolutely agree with the cat lol

    1. Agree with the cat once more
      A habit at my shore

  24. So very true! I have begun to circle those careless mistakes in books that have passed through the supposed editor. Disgraceful.

    1. A circle here and there
      That shows at least you care

  25. There's nothing worse than spelling errors in books!

  26. Mistakes on the cover says a lot, little details are everything, you know what I mean?

    1. Yep, have to watch the little things
      Or get lost in the wings

  27. Yup Mistakes in a book are annoying.. But everyone makes mistakes. Have a great day.

  28. Made an error?
    Cringe in terror.

    (I make a daily typo which my hubby points out. Sometimes, two or three.)

    1. haha one or two
      Aren't the end of the world at your zoo

  29. Sometimes I notice. Most of the time I don't.

    I had a dyslexic student who would not attempt discussion questions. I convinced her to go ahead and write it. She did about midway in the year. The English language is a remarkably resilient. Such great ideas and thought within her writing. Some of us have to be a rebel Pat.

    1. A rebel can be good
      Learn new things at ones hood

  30. This reminds me of the Stephen King quote

    "Harry Potter is about confronting fears, finding inner strength and doing
    what is right in the face of adversity. Twilight is about how important it
    is to have a boyfriend." - Stephen King

  31. Is that the cat going red?/Or is it something it read?/English can be quite fun!/But too much of it will burn you like the sun. :-)

    Greetings from London.

    1. Too much and you'll find that
      It can go to scat

  32. orlin N cassie

    uh.....may bee we shuld just pazz on de hole spellin izzue thing....then again....


    hiow manee other places can ya see BURD...spelled like...BURD...

    but in de land oh trout !!! ♥♥

    1. N be jezuz if we dinna just spell HOW...wrong..... hiow ....

    2. lol how with a hiow you say
      Burd is sure your way

  33. It is sad when books have mistakes
    spelling errors are unforgiveable
    with spell check so easy to use
    it just should not happen!

    1. Yep, some I can see getting by
      But most, should fry

  34. Typos I hate in every form
    But hide away is the norm
    Never matters how many times I proof
    My phone always makes an extra goof
    That I don't catch until I press
    The orange button to make yet another mess

    1. lol always a way
      For them to slip through on display

  35. I try really hard to catch all those little mistakes before I publish...they make me cringe. But I am not perfect. I do think I am doing a little better editing.

    1. No one is perfect indeed
      The blatant ones are all I cringe at at my feed

  36. I try really hard to catch all those little mistakes before I publish...they make me cringe. But I am not perfect. I do think I am doing a little better editing.

  37. If I saw an error on the cover
    what else would I discover..

    I have enough trouble typing on my phone
    the spell check thing changes my words...
    oh, what dread, now I am off to bed..

    perhaps, to dream a dream or two..

    1. Spell check can be a pain
      Boarding the error train

  38. I have seen this as well and shake my head especially when they are sold in big stores like Chapters. I have seen errors in the pages as well and still shake my head because I wonder how it passed through with all these errors

    1. Yeah getting in the big store
      Should be very few errors to explore

  39. I catch many errors in self published books. One was so bad, I almost stopped reading the book.

    Every now and again, you catch them in the big author's books too, so I guess it's just human to have a mistake or two every now and again.

    1. Yeah here and there
      Is human indeed at many a lair

  40. Always pays to double check
    So you don't end up with a printed wreck
    Nobody's perfect, but that being said
    Mark again with the pen that's red

    1. That red pen
      Can be used a bit at many a den

  41. If you caught them, cat
    and you called Hatt,
    they must be really big and bad.

    haha...just had to be said.

    1. lol what the feline has to do
      Here at our zoo

  42. Good thing I'm not an author because I'd eff up every book I wrote.


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