Where We're At It's Lazy Kombat!

I was lying on the center island and licking my ass when up jumped Cass. She wanted the spot to herself. I guess she got bored of the cat shelf. Then this came to pass. Aren't I a laid back little rhyming ass?

Who will be next up?
Dan and his pup?
Brian with the killer hat?
It is razor sharp where he's at.

Adam with a fact chat?
He'll fact you to death, then splat.
Old one eye to scare?
She wants to steal your eye so she'll have a spare.
Gloria uses poison food, so beware.
She'll laugh without a care.
Robyn with Martha Stewart bare.
Damn, that is a fatality right there.

Sherry and her killer duck bill?
Betsy and her cat hill?
They'll all charge you.
Might have a rabbit in there too.

Hank wanting to be number one?
That means he'll make you done.
Blue beating you with one shoe?
That fatality would be new.

Halloween Nazi and her boiling pot?
That would hurt a whole lot.
Manzi turning you into a worm?
She then stomps on you as you squirm.

The redneck turns you into a giant zit,
Then she sticks out her finger and pops it.
The tabbies think you are a burd.
Yeah, they attack, and that's how they spell that word.

The beer guys double team.
Their team isn't really a dream.
They make your balls stick to a wall.
If you don't have any, their draw some on you, that's all.

Anne will get you with paint fumes.
Then plant you like mushrooms.
Then she'll dose you in fire,
And watch as you burn and expire.

Blabber pelting you with shampoo?
Could be clean then at your zoo.
Who will be next up to fight?
Will they have the might?

There you are. Enjoy the Lazy Kombat at our sand bar? We really get it done. I even made Cassie run. That is a score for me. Then I went where you can't see. So who is next up to bat? Can you top the Lazy Kombat of the cat? Hey, it was only Cass. If a dog shows up, I'm more of a Mortal Kombat little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


    Did you see those fine comments on my mat?
    For you that's business as usual, I know
    So I guess it was Rhyme Time at my show
    Hey, how's that big thing on a chain
    It might rust in the rain haha
    Hank was number one
    Crushing Mario having fun
    Gloria still doesn't see
    In the place to be
    Let's keep it that way
    Or she'll have a fit at her bay
    Might wanna drown me in pie today
    That wouldn't be okay
    We'll just wait and see
    Meanwhile I'll raise you a Scooby Dooweee

    1. Given pride of place in your show
      'Hank was number one' glad to know
      Had a peek
      It was slick
      Pat was given a run for his dough


    2. Saw many indeed
      There at your feed
      The chain was given a gawk
      They liked the cock block
      Gloria is non the wiser too
      With the big giant view

      Pat would have to have dough
      To give it a run at his show

    3. Haha the cock block
      Does it have a space dock?

    4. A space dock
      Without a lock

    5. Howdy Blue!
      Sticks like glue
      Others fall
      You're having a ball


    6. Up on top
      Not trying to stop

  2. Gloria uses poison food?
    Say it ain't so in her neighborhood
    So that pie isn't any good
    I'd better chew on some wood
    No, not that kinda wood
    I'm talking about food
    Her combat skills you know
    At your show
    Gotta go!

    1. Poison food indeed
      Watch it at your feed
      She may do you in
      With a pie and grin
      That would be bad
      Better off going all woodchuck at your pad

    2. From coast to coast
      Have a drink
      Don't sink
      Take a sip
      Never slip
      Evil shampoo?
      Sounds like poo
      Scooby Dooo

    3. Evil shampoo
      Smells like the loo
      With a goat
      In a boat

    4. With my nose in a hanky
      Thinking about hanky panky

    5. Might not get hanky panky
      With your nose in a hanky

  3. Hahaha Have you and Blue been in video game cahoots??? I will pelt all with shampoo...and aim for their eye balls!!! Pick me!! Pick me!! Mwahahaha lol

    1. The Cat stole my idea months ago!

    2. lol only 4 months it has been waiting
      My psychic powers knew blue's game dating
      So I waited for it
      Wasn't lucky as shit
      Shampoo in the eyes
      Would take a few tries

    3. I almost forgot about the Mario one was just the other day.

    4. Timing was sure in
      At each bin

    5. He almost forgot? He ALMOST FORGOT???

      I need a drink. Quick.

    6. lol poor you
      Forgetful at your zoo

  4. Ha! The collage is fun! I'm headed up now to watch the video (against my better judgement ;) :) ).

    1. I always think they're so cute. You do have some nice looking cats over there on your counter. :)

    2. Wanted to put a smile on Rosey's face
      When I put her in our race

    3. lol nothing in this video to be scared off
      As there is only a bite, swat and shove
      As they stretch on the counter top
      Never gonna make that flop

  5. "Hank wanting to be number one?"
    Still lurking been missing the fun
    Blue is way too fast
    Hank gets a rare blast
    Number still piles up in the long run


    1. You're pretty fast too
      The only one scaring Grumpy Goo

    2. Still have quite the pile
      As it stretches a good long mile

    3. Two in a row
      At your show
      Will there be three?
      We'll see

    4. You never know
      As away we go

  6. Always enjoy the kitty video's they are so precious..

    pftt - I would have won with my sparkly farts
    to those all would soon depart.....haha

    Seriously, always nice to see how you add in your blog mates...

    Have a good day Pat there at your hide away...

    1. While he's checking out his litter box I'm taking over his show
      You know... when you gotta go, you gotta go :p

    2. Haha well gotta go when duty calls... I'll put my money on you for the win let the battle begin...

    3. ps watch the cat he is some slick..as he goes in for the win at his bin..

      and Pat well you might want to avoid with that chomper

    4. Sparkly farts have power?
      Enough to make a fatality and have all cower?
      They must smell pretty bad
      Skin peeling off is had

      Gotta go and bury that shoe
      Making sure it is still there at my zoo

      My cock blocker
      Can cause all the shocker

    5. The sparkle is gone
      It was lost at sea..

      Have a good day at your bay!

  7. Ah, Pat in the Hatt
    Your rhyming cat
    Where you at
    And all of that
    A rogues gallery collage
    From small to large
    Too many cats
    Double drats
    In the poster
    Where's my toaster....

    Gary, Gary,
    quite contrary....

    1. Many came
      For the game
      The cats got the pick
      Fighting some slick

  8. The lazy back paw stretch.
    Let Martha have a shot. I'd pay money to see the Cat beat her up.

    1. The lazy back stretch is as easy as can be
      That would sure be fun to see

  9. Sounds like quite a battle
    for those in the saddle!

  10. Cats are fun, they get their licks
    Even if it's just for kicks
    They circle round and take a poke
    If claws come out, it ain't no joke
    Who will be next to fight the cat
    Orlin thinks they're a real dingbat

    1. That he does indeed
      Here at our feed
      Rolls around
      Unless there's a hound
      Then the battle begins
      And he always wins

  11. Are fighters not allowed to drink before or during the fight? Because I'm sure even though we're a team, we more than balance that out by showing up drunk and belligerent.

    My bet's on the cat. They fight the way I do - the art of 'push' fighting. That's where you're napping, and you just lazily push them off of you, because go away, I'm sleeping.

    1. lol there are no rules against that
      so you could even out before all go splat
      Just don't make barf puddles anywhere
      That would be nasty by the pair

      Push fighting is the way
      Until the neck biting comes into play

  12. Too cute to pick a fighter
    from the ones that were on display
    everyone a worthy opponent
    and I'm sure all would fair play


    1. lol fair play?
      Not the cat at our bay
      We'd cheat
      To defeat

  13. I saw a poster on FB where a cat meowed loudly so that he'd wake his owner and then said, I don't need anything, I just felt like doing that (or something like that). When I had my two indoors girls, the younger always wanted to lay next to the older. The older one was like, no way.

    1. haha yeah Orlin does that
      Meow and such where we are at
      Then just goes to sleep when I get up
      As bad as any pup

  14. It will all be fun as long as I don't get my hat dirty!

  15. Cassie had enough there at the end

  16. Cats would rather nap than fight some days. Unless a true enemy shows, like a bird, mouse, fly or dog.

    1. Then they'll go for it
      Whether in fun or a fit

  17. I recognized Sherry's picture right away. I'll go with her! :D

  18. I love starting my week this way
    So much fun competition at your bay
    I'm gonna shove bare Martha in there
    Alex will pay to stay
    The rest of us will applaud and stare.

  19. That fight was kind of like watching paint dry,
    I would say it ended in a tie.

    1. haha yep, very very lazy
      Eyes could get hazy

  20. Your cats are funny. Loved the video. ♥

  21. Your cats are funny. Loved the video. ♥

  22. Replies
    1. haha your pup would have fun
      As around they'd run

  23. My computer won't take me to the video. It's old. My Internet service is bad too. I'm changing that. Will check back later.
    Patches tries to stir up trouble with Tiger. He runs away. He doesn't want trouble.

    1. Good way to run
      As then no trouble is done
      Both act up every now and then
      Going after the other at my den

  24. heck - seems to be crowded here today - ha

  25. Sounds like a scary crew at your zoo! Redneck scares me! The thought of being turned into a zit and then being popped is utterly repulsive!

    (I can do a lot of damage with my duck bill, so you probably don't want to mess with me!)

    1. lol yeah being turned into a giant zit
      Would be nasty as umm spit

  26. You can certainly tell who rules the roost. Orlin wasn't even phased by Cassie's attempts at a fight. He's just laying there, casually brushing her off with a flick of his paw. Then she surprised him by going in for a killing blow. Hahahahaha that was funny. Startled him a bit, but he acted all cool afterwards as if to say "Ya, I've got this under control bitch"

    When my cat Piggy was alive Hendrix would occasionally take him on. Now Hendrix is a massive Maine Coon, but Piggy had fat and attitude on his side. The big Pig would pin Hendrix and then pin him down by just sitting on him. How I miss that kitty.

    No way I would take on Orlin, he's got that "I'll kill you and I don't give a damn" look about him.

    1. haha Orlin thinks he is king
      Not giving a damn at my wing
      While Cassie can put him in his place
      Slamming him down with an embrace
      She goes for the kill to make him move
      But can't get him out of his groove

      haha sit on him and pin him down
      He gets the wrestling crown

      He may have the look at our sea
      But really a big sook unless a dog fall from a tree
      Or he gets near a vet
      Then he's a nasty pet

    2. I'm surprised to hear that Orlin isn't the dominant one. He get's pushed around by a girl-hahahahahaha. Shouldn't have had that snip-snip I guess.

    3. He's the dominant one to everyone but her
      With 10 cats and 2 dogs at the other sea there is some flying fur

  27. That was a great video. I love how the one cat kept looking at you, like, am I doing a good job. Cass was NOT going to get him off the Island.

    1. haha kept seeing if he was doing it right
      With the camera in sight

  28. What a video for excitement and tension!
    I could hardly contain myself. I immediately went to the bathroom after it ended.
    And then I took a nap.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

    1. lol wow, it really moved you
      Right to the bed and the loo

  29. Cats are so funny, Cassie was determined to get the last word in wasn't she?

  30. orlin N cassie...thanx for de shout out...N orlin, we iz tellin ya, ya better be on yur toez for de next few dood...gurls iz az sneekee aza ten dollar bill tryin ta look like a hundred....cass will be bak...witha vengeance !! like she did try ta bite ya in de azz....... sew......


    1. lol bite me in the ass and the neck
      Then she ran away for a trek

  31. Loved the music. And that was some very lazy Kombat. I wouldn't want to take on the double teaming beer guys. They're crazy.

    1. Yeah the beer guys may leave you in a mess
      My ocd would want less

  32. Lazy Kombat indeed but some nice tail action!! I was all ready for fur and whiskers flying and it just fizzled OR what happened after? Inquiring minds ...... ?

    1. They ran on the bed
      And batted each other on the head

  33. Battle of the Minds, Eye Contact. He would lies down loses.

  34. I was rooting for Cass
    because she's a lass.
    Girl power, you know...
    she gave his neck a good blow!
    Of course I'd win with my cat hill
    and Nugget would complete the bill!

    1. haha gave him a blow
      Then away she did go
      She can slam down with ease
      When she wants to fight and not tease

  35. Isn't that the way it is. Defend your turf then just hop down. Thrilling video - I watched in reverse. Well I thought about watching it in reverse. Hard to do that with digital.

    1. Yeah can;t much watch in reverse
      They jump down without even a curse

  36. The suspense of the fight was more exciting than the fight itself lol. Fastest fight I've ever seen!

  37. What a savage battle to the death
    Fighting until their very last breath
    I am sure it will haunt my dreams tonight
    As visions of blood and fur take flight

    1. haha be quite the haunt
      With that kind of taunt

  38. When you have cats, it is your fate
    That they'll put their butts where you set your plates.

    1. That they will indeed
      Even if you scold them at your feed

  39. Manzi won't turn anything into a worm. She can tell you how to get rid of them though.


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