A dVerse Philosophy Of What At My Hut!

Been a while since I went the dVerse trail. I figured I don't want to have a Gawker sized fail. Can't be gone forever. Hmm, 5 months is forever an endeavor. What, it's not? Damn, there goes my plot.

Why I do what I do?
Umm, isn't that clear to you?
I'm a crazy nut.
At least I don't sniff a butt.

The voices in my head,
Have to always be fed.
If not I'll go into a rubber room.
Maybe become Dr. Doom?

Yeah, the accent would give me away.
Don't want to wear all that metal at my bay.
Could get rust.
That would be a bust.

Still here asking why?
Okay, I'll give it a try.
I'm a crazy nut.
Whoops, said that at my hut.

Am I on repeat like Al?
Maybe I pissed off HAL.
My computer may eat me.
Hey, it eats time at my sea.

That is philosophical, right?
It won't literally bite.
But it takes a bite out of life.
Hell, a computer can even find you a wife.

Although it may get scary.
She could turn out hairy.
In which case she could be a he.
I'll just leave that be.

Or maybe I won't.
You know I don't.
See? You know a lot.
I don't need to spoil the plot.

The plot of me.
I hang from a tree.
Maybe even upside down.
I'm from crazy town.

What? You didn't get that?
Hey, I'm a rhyming cat.
You must be rather slow.
But at least now you know.

Did that answer all? Hmm, did I stray at my hall? Why would I do that? Hey, I got a why in where I'm at. Am I deflecting at my sea? Am I really all boo hoo hanging from my tree? Wait, would that be shrink stuff? Hmm, this philosophy stuff is tough. I'll leave The Gawker to gawk and stalk. The cat will continue to mock. Why would I do that? I am a cat. But I was really told to by a singing bass. Don't lock away my crazy little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


    On the furry mat
    Suza... how are you?
    Did you beat Blue?
    I think you're brave to give it a go
    It might even work, you know :)

    1. So now I know...
      At the Kitty Cat Show
      So you don't like to sniff a butt?
      Not even when you're stuck in that butt rutt?
      Haha upside down too
      At your rhyming shoe
      Suza is still asleep

    2. Suza went to bed
      Rested her head
      To afraid of Blue
      And maybe a butt sniffing coming due

    3. Say it ain't so
      At your show
      Two in a row
      Way to go
      From coast to coast
      Don't mean to boast!

      In the place to be...

    4. Boast away
      With 2 on display
      No cahoots today
      Or so you say lol

    5. Didn't stay up
      Eyes were closing
      So off I went
      To the land of dozing

    6. Needed a nap
      Fell for the dream trap

    7. Did I hear you snore?
      Did you dream some more?

    8. You hearing snoring
      That may get boring

  2. A dVerse Philosophy Of What At My Hut!
    It is a good feeling that'll take it off the rut
    Must have one's own
    Need not be blown
    Stamp one's authority against all the duds


    1. Good morning Hank!
      The one and only Poetry Tank

    2. one's own indeed
      Way to be at each feed

  3. I wouldn't know what my philosophy in life is, much less write a poem about it. Living and not dying?

    1. haha that is why you just go crazy
      Then everything stays a bit hazy

  4. You really need to be careful and not make HAL too mad!

  5. Philosophy of my life is to carry on

  6. Philosophy of life is just to carry on day by day. Good cat.

    1. That it is indeed
      Have to make it through at every feed

  7. That you're a bit crazy is not a surprise to any one of us,
    You have enough loony to fill a bus.

  8. A rubber room may not be so bad
    But the color just might be a trifle sad
    You could throw yourself against the wall
    Maybe bounce your way into the hall
    You can scream and yell, no one can hear
    You won't even know when Christmas is near
    Jump up and down and jiggle and bounce
    No one will care, no not an ounce

    1. haha could even let all fly free
      And do it as naked as can be

  9. hahaha. i am not commenting on many of them, but how could i resist
    and miss the opportunity, to say hi to the cat, that knows where its at,
    and blows rhyme out his ass. you are indeed a bit crazy, but not lazy,
    cause you post daily (which makes you certifiably crazy) - hope
    you are well my friend - not sure if and when i will post again
    but before i end - adieu again.

    1. haha the Gawker is back
      Here at my shack
      5 months away
      Yep, blow it out my arse day by day
      Crazy and certifiably crazy too
      Damn, I'm good at my zoo
      Hope life is fun
      And one day posts at your show will run

    2. Nice to see you Brian. I hope all is well with you and yours!

    3. Gawker is hiding away
      How rude I say lol

  10. A little crazy is not a bad thing at all.

    So you were raised on a diet of Dr. Seuss eh? Ha. I could get into hanging from a tree, or just lazing on a branch. Be careful of those voices in your head though - never know where they might lead you.

    1. Nope, not at all
      The voices in my head have a ball
      I only listen to a few
      The rest are a bit too crazy to

  11. philosophy is where everybody is right and everybody is wrong

    1. Pretty much the size of it
      Can sure confuse a bit

  12. The cat holds the philosophy of rhyme
    hey he does it all the time...
    crazy you are at your sea
    but, sometimes that is the way to be

    I am known to be a bit as well
    but, hey I am feeling swell...

    1. Crazy as can be
      And a swell spree
      Works for me
      In a tree

  13. My wife is Mut
    in pyramidic
    hut.. or can
    she be
    with a yellow
    sphinx as hEr
    lap cat sat..;)

  14. I suspect you're not crazy at all Cat, it's the world that's gone mad. Unless you're willing to suspend your belief in concrete reality and embrace the idea that reality is a matter of perception, you're in the minority.

    There are no definable sexes anymore, no matter what you're DNA says. So really, how do you even know you're a man? And how do you know you're a white Canadian? For all you know, you could be an African American female.

    So my new philosophy is that genetics and the mirror lie Cat. Personally, I've always identified myself as a butterfly. Inside, it's what I truly am and it's high time that society accepted me that way. To divide us all up by species is just ridiculous. We all know species has nothing to do with genetics, it's a social construct and therefor a matter of perception. And unless you're willing to climb on my particular bandwagon you will be vilified and branded as a "Species Hater"

    1. Damn, did you just species shame me?
      How rude at my sea
      Hmm, I'm an African American Female on the inside
      In that should I take pride?
      Now you've got me all confused
      The cat feels so abused
      The viking woman may not swing my way
      She may not like the inner me at my bay
      No more fat to chew
      That just won't do
      But the cat still has teeth at his sea
      So flutter on by me
      And your wings will get a chew
      The cat will eat your identified butterfly too
      DNA doesn't matter at all
      Whoops, I just kicked your bandwagon over and it had a fall
      Now I can be a cat
      And hope no breasts appear on Pat

    2. Hahahahaha-I can say pretty much anything I want to over here and not worry about fallout.

      No, the Viking woman wouldn't like it one bit as she's straight. But she might like a little chocolate in her milk every now and then.

      Thank you for accepting me as a butterfly, it means the world to me. I hope you can continue to support me as tomorrow I will identify as a chair. Something soft with a floral pattern I think :0)

    3. Can sure let it fly
      Doesn't bother this rhyming guy
      Hey, you never know
      A little chocolate could make her glow
      If you're a chair
      Does that mean you want to be sat on at your lair?

  15. Sometimes I listen to the voices in my head....hey, it might be a good thing you know ~ This is a surprise post Pat ~ Enjoy the summer weekend ~

    1. Yeah those voices can teach
      And extend ones reach

  16. What is the purpose? Why are we here?/Some animals might say: "To smell some rear"/That's philosophy condensed for you/If it makes you happy, it makes happy, too! :-)

    Greetings from London.

    1. That is the way
      Although the rear smelling can stay away at our bay

  17. The plot of you,
    When you hanging there
    the amazing spot
    to read and spy on cat,
    or maybe inspire a lot
    of us, who like to write
    every day as this rhyming ass...

  18. Ah, I always like your philosophies, Pat!
    Along with those of the noble Cat!
    If life is a bit crazy, what's wrong with that!

    (I was out of town all last week....
    that's why Cat didn't hear me speak!)

    1. Nothing at all
      Crazy works at my hall
      Figured you were away
      And not around to play

  19. My philosophy is.....wait, I'm thinking.....

  20. I should do the "get drunk all summer" thing, and then I might have some interesting philosophy to share

    1. haha you never know
      Could kill the liver though

  21. I miss the Gawker
    my twin in a mohawker
    left without saying goodbye
    makes us worry and want to cry
    guess you have to join that site
    to see if he's doing alright!

  22. Not sure what my philosophy of life is
    better figure it one day soon
    getting older than the hills here
    don't want it written on my tomb


    1. haha don't want older than dirt on your tomb you say
      That could be fun to let play

  23. I believe it is good to be a little insane because that can keep one sane. Now I have some wonderful pills to give to you....

    1. Do you charge a fee
      Those pills costs too much for me lol

  24. My philosophy is live day by day and try to do better than others day!

    1. Sometimes I dont understand the blue man Im sure is teasing me:)

    2. Sometimes I dont understand the blue man Im sure is teasing me:)

    3. Hi Gloria Dear
      Making me cheer :)

    4. A tease in a cheer
      Something to peer

  25. I like to think you're writing all these posts from a rubber room anyway ;)

    1. haha as I bounce around
      I enjoy my rubber ground

  26. Rubber room
    Here we come
    Hang upside down
    And bounce and hum

  27. very wise to listen to that voice
    as a poet we're left with no choice
    so much feel good is here that
    i'll drop by again to read
    the words of the wise Cat .... :D

    1. Have to let the voices speak
      Or they could sure send you up the creek

  28. Dr. Doom or Dr. Evil?
    Neither of whom are terribly civil.
    We can always send them to play in the dirt,
    Or give them a hearty PEST-icide squirt!

  29. I suppose people think I am a little crazy.... I talk about humans having worms. People think they don't have them. Man... I would like them to see some. Then what would they say?

    1. haha yeah, many think they do not
      As they suffer from worm rot

  30. Crazy is so often underrated

  31. have a scotch, then a gnosh, osh kosh b'gosh ~

  32. A rubber room could be fun. Kind of like a bounce house for adults ;)

  33. A rhyming cat who won't sniff butt?
    This case is - how you say - open and shut.

  34. Those search engines have quite the imagination.


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