A Little Bit Of Fake In Which To Partake!

Seen it here and there at many a lair. Whether that is Twitter or Blogger there is always a hogger. They don't hog this or that, they hog a spotlight like a gnat. They flutter around the light saying something above everything in sight.

That is great!
I so can relate.
What was it again?
I missed it at my den.

Wow, you too?
It happened at my zoo.
What happened though?
I just want to know.

I've done that.
It's where it is at.
At what I have to ask?
I may have hit the flask.

I did that the other day.
What are the chances at play?
What was it you did?
I don't want to miss a bid.

I know that is fun.
I already gave it a run.
Can you tell me what it was?
I may have heard wrong buzz.

That is so new.
I've tried it too.
Did it really come due?
Can yoou tell me how new?

I did that last night.
It really took flight.
Where did I fly?
Don't give me the eye.

Found that out yesterday.
My, that won't cause dismay.
Or will it?
Will it a bit?

Man, that is so cool.
I did it back in school.
It was in school, right?
Come into the light.

I'm the best at that.
I have a high stat.
What was that?
Can I ask a cat?

Don't you love when they retort and pretend they have done it at their court? Then ask later something that lets you know nothing but BS is what they blow. Humans are stranger than a singing bass. So says my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Replies
    1. Hank is back and Suza beat him to it? I need to sit down.

    2. Suza got in
      You taught her well at my bin

    3. She's as quick as a flash
      Now, where's my cash?

    4. In the sea
      Buried with glee

  2. People who fake it
    Drive me nuts
    Who are they impressing
    With their lying butts

    1. Impressing their ego maybe?
      Either way, on them we pee

  3. Replies
    1. Hank must have went on the road
      or in sleep mode

    2. Congrats Suza!
      Hank is around not too far


    3. Lurking about
      With your shout

  4. Hard to impress when it's obvious one is lying.

  5. I call those folks the exaggerators and love to call them out on their shit. One faker I know had everyone believing her son was playing football for a top ten college team. I asked right there on Facebook why his name wasn't listed on the team roster. Oh hell yea I did!!!!! Shut her right up.

    1. hahaha good way to be
      Call them out and shut them up with glee

  6. My daughter had a friend in middle school that I called 'the one upper.' No matter what you said or did, she had to tell you that she did something better. Thank God my daughter dropped her as a friend!

    1. I worked with one of those once
      She was a big big pain in the ass and a dunce

  7. Get down on your knee,
    'Cause I'm better than thee...
    About that I will spout
    And if need be, shout.
    Don't believe me? Oh that's okay,
    We all had a laugh anyway.

    1. haha a laugh works in the end
      As you kick them around the bend

  8. I hate it when peeps tell stories that you know are not true. Bad stuff. Have a great day.

    1. Yep, they are easy to spot
      At least for a whole lot

  9. Most of the time they are just looking for attention

  10. Oh I did that years ago
    Long before I'm in the know
    I'm just modest, it won't show
    Just say goodby to one big blow

  11. "A Little Bit Of Fake In Which To Partake!"
    They put up a front a little but still a mistake
    Lots not to forego
    Especially their ego
    But notwithstanding they are all the fakes


    1. Yep, fakes each day
      At many a bay
      Ego on the rise
      As away it flies

  12. I have a "friend" online who is like this
    no one here anyone would know
    it drives me crazy as it is all about them
    very taxing to deal with, sometimes I just want to go


    1. Ugg, a pain it sounds like
      Better off taking a hike

  13. We see lots of humans just like that but fortunately most of our pals are not that way!

    1. Yeah, most of ours are great too
      None to flush down the loo

  14. I'm too naive to catch this most of the time.
    If you say so, I believe it is
    Lie to me and I'll believe
    Just don't offer me a ride or I'll hide.
    Some know it all's just have to shine!

    1. Know it all's sure like too
      Shinier than a new loo

  15. Ooh! I love the new blog banner. Just had to say that.

  16. lol, it's definitely easy to be fake,
    When you type away, leaving lies in your wake,
    However, if you really want to make some internet friends,
    Best to respond to what is actually posted in their dens.

    1. Yep, that is the best way
      Instead of the dumb fake play

  17. I stopped watching a lot stand-up comedy after learning a lot of comedians admitting their stories were made up. Sure we all know better, but wrestling for example is better to watch before you learn it's all planned and staged

    1. Yeah, they make it up and then go with it
      Wrestling I liked until I learned it was fake shit

  18. I have a family member that will say they've done it, seen it, been there, knew someone that did it or was supposed to do it but couldn't when I bring anything up. I even showed my hubby that they would do this by making up a medical condition and told them that I was just diagnosed with it and sure enough she said she knew someone in college that had it. LOL

    1. lol wow, she sure sounds like one
      Who knows it all under the sun

  19. It's hard to tell on the internet, but I know people like this in real life and it just drives me up the wall. They seem to think we don't realize everything from their mouth is a lie, even though they couldn't possibly have done everything and know everything. -.-

    1. Yep, they seem to think their bs is great
      And that none can relate

  20. It really annoys me when I find out that people lie or always try to seem better than others! But I'm really naive, so I usually believe everything, haha

    1. haha I used to believe more than I do now at my sea
      Now for most of them I just pelt cat pee, figuratively

  21. It seems like people are always trying to best others. Drives me bananas. Why don't they just try to be themselves. Haven't posted in over a month but glad to be back finding out what is going on at your lair! ♥

    1. The cat is always here
      With his rhyming rear
      and yeah always besting they try
      I just poke them in the eye

  22. If you have the flu they have a brain tumour.
    That is always the rumour.
    I have dealt with these types before.
    attention seekers galore.
    I like to play with their head-that is my sin.
    I say this with an evil grin.

    1. haha it is always fun
      To play with their head a ton

  23. Some folks are attention junkies
    We’re no more than listening flunkies.
    They’re bigger, better, faster, stronger
    In every telling their tales grow longer.

    VR Barkowski

    1. And more full of shit
      Each time they tell it

  24. Fakers taking every walk,
    ask for proof and then they balk

    Send them on their merry way
    Thanks for the page hit, g'day

    1. lol at least we get a hit
      That is one perk of a fake twit

  25. Liar, liar,
    pants on fire!
    Can't stand the fake
    in which they partake!

  26. orlin N cassie

    de food gurlz place oh employ hada purrson who did, had, & saw, everee thing....

    sew like once de food gurl said her act shoo a lee started "werK' at age 7

    { allowance frum de parents for kleenin up de houz & crap like that }

    N this purrson came bak with how her waz werkin at age 5 doin de eggs act same thing

    then de food gurl tried her damnedest ta try ta think oh how her waz "werkin"

    .....while still in de WOMB.....aza come bak......

    cept her couldna think oh nothin on de spot

    1. haha the good come backs always come when we are away
      And they make no sense to say

  27. Trolling thru the I-Net is like casting a net into deep sea. Never know what you'll find, if it is real or not.

    1. Very true
      Can be much to please and scare you

  28. I know a cyclist who
    Tries to steal the spotlight from every other zoo
    Fastest, strongest and always first
    Even when bragging to the worst
    There is no attention to steal from me
    I'm the slowest at my sea
    But conversations will be hogged
    As another string of brags is logged
    So my lip I zip
    I won't fuel that VIP*
    (Very Insecure Potatochip)

    1. haha I like that VIP
      Here at my sea
      Maybe the chip needs to be eaten
      Or taken out behind the barn and beaten

  29. Ha there are some hogs in the blogosphere
    who think their words are the most dear and clear
    they think everyone enjoys the way they bend everyone's ear
    there are some hogs in the blogosphere!

    1. Hogs every which way
      Need their glorious say
      Pffft to those
      The cat will bite their toes

  30. haha - This does come into play
    as you go about your day...
    always doing the one up
    drinking bubbles from a cup

    1. Maybe the bubble soap
      Will smarten up a dope lol

  31. A little bit of fake?
    Well, hey, did you know?
    Oh, well, for goodness sake...
    Caitlyn's a guy...so...

    1. lol in that kind of fake
      I will never partake

  32. Some people just like to toot their own horn a little too much.

  33. Post your feelings!
    Facebook needs that.
    Post your lunch pic
    (So that's why you're fat).
    Post a quote I need to note
    Ask which outfit gets my vote
    Post your passive aggressive poem
    Then I will ask, "do you ever leave home?"
    Your computer time is all-inclusive
    But your interest level is...elusive...

    (Facebook posts drive me nuts. I know a few ladies who are at war with each other at all times. They whine and complaint and post barbs that are thinly veiled. And I just roll my eyes and wonder if they'd gone back to elementary school.)

    1. haha you hit it good
      As Facebook is one scary hood
      Back to elementary school they go
      Acting worse than kids as the crap does flow

  34. 'You went to Bora? Yeah, I was there last week. Nice little place.'

  35. It is very easy to be a fake in the social media market


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