A Snack Attack That Sure Doesn't Lack!

So the cat was watching humans once more. You are rather amusing from shore to shore. Not in a good way. So don't go all peacock at your bay. Meaning preening. Should we do some screening? Bah, who needs that. Let's just chew the fat.

There is a word,
That many find,
To be absurd,
And so unkind.

There is a thing,
That many do.
They hear a ding,
And grab two.

The word is snack.
The meaning is lost.
But many still attack,
And maybe accost.

Nope, not another,
At least I hope.
If they cannibilized your brother,
I really hope they used soap.

They eat a meal.
A meal for a snack.
They find it a great deal,
And forget any flack.

They do it twice a day,
Sometimes even three.
But oh the dismay,
Now they can float in the sea.

But it can't be the snack.
Nope, not making me fat.
That is just whack.
Snacks are where it's at.

A snack is so nice.
It is easy as can be.
Buy things at a cheap price,
Or maybe even free.

The snack is all mine.
That snack can't be beat.
I still have hours before I dine,
So I need a snack so I don't deplete.

My snack is the size of meal,
But who really cares.
Snacks are the real deal,
You can even get them at fairs.

Yep, you humans have lost the meaning of snack. It is not a full fledged meal attack. Nope, it is something little to eat. Like something you'd call a treat. Not handfuls of everything you can shove in your yap. Do you fall into the snack = meal trap? If so, sorry for the sass. Err, umm, not really from my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Replies
    1. Not to question why
      Happened to pass by
      It's #1 Hank is in
      It's a nice feeling!


    2. "A Snack Attack That Sure Doesn't Lack!"
      It calls for a look-see never to look back
      Nice to have a little snack
      Good food lips smacked
      Satisfying morning very happy for a fact


    3. Back to #1
      Job well done

      A little one is nice
      But many come with a price

    4. Yippeeee
      For mee

      Times two
      Like Gloria at my zoo

  2. Indeed, the art of snacking has been lost. Now snacks are more like having a meal in itself.

    1. That they are
      As people cow down from kitchen to bar

  3. Most of my actual meals are snack sized, so I guess I'm the same way!

    1. haha snacking all day
      There at your bay

    2. I always though appetizers at restaurants were too expensive and too big. After you finish one where's the room for much else?

    3. That is true
      As they sure charge up the wazoo

  4. ah those "little " snacks along the way can get dangerous and end up as fat packs on waist and belly

    1. That they will
      Which, for many, sure isn't a thrill

  5. Snack is another word that has lost its meaning with most people

  6. I'm pretty sure fall in the snack meal trap. lol!

  7. I'd love to stick around but now I'm hungry!

  8. Snack time goes with movies
    Cause it's the very groovies
    Buttered pop corn and gummy bears
    You could get fat but who really cares

    1. Yeah, they chow down
      Without a single frown

  9. BLTs...bites, licks, and tastes. That's what gets us all. We think if we just have a small bite of something, the calories don't count!

    1. haha and then the small bite grows
      And away they go in rows

  10. Dieting advice from a cat, oh man you can't escape. I think I'll have a snack.

  11. Sadly snacks went away
    at my bay
    the older I got
    those calories I do not need a lot


  12. I snack, not much but a handful here and a handful there a good snack makes.

  13. Some people snack all the time
    spending many a dime
    and getting fatter by the day
    isn't that a crime?

  14. Snack when I want
    At my food haunt
    Portion size at meals
    Is more of my deals

  15. Sometimes it's just hard
    to put down the jar
    or you snack without thinking
    and then when blinking
    you see the bottom of the bag
    and feel like a fat hag. lol....

    1. lol can do that with cashews at my sea
      Have to stop my spree
      I use my ocd
      Brush the cat and then I won't eat as germs are on me lol

  16. I must snack every 2 hours each day
    my blood sugar level will give way.
    I have an apple or some nuts
    but people here love to fill their guts
    with deep fried this or deep fried that.
    They gorge themselves and even their fat brat.
    It's sad to see how many constantly eat
    to the point they can't even see their own feet.

    1. Ugg, want to always see my feet
      That just wouldn't be neat
      Couldn't see other stuff too lol
      That wouldn't do

  17. I went to a birthday party yesterday that had pizza, popcorn, m&ms in buckets, ice cream, cake, cupcakes, chips and dip, salsa and nacho chips, pop and juice. That was all they had... and a LOT of it. Crazy, right?

    1. kids' party... I should note that, lol. Which in reality is even worse, since not one kid there had one healthy option to eat, period. My son thought he was in heaven. ;)

    2. hahaha that is a lot to suck back
      Tummy ache eating to much of that at ones shack

  18. Spot on, Pat!
    Humongous snacks make you fat!
    No unhealthy snacks galore.
    I don't let them through the door!

    btw ~ You should see how people eat on cruise ships!
    Holy Toledo!

    1. haha I take it nasty as can be
      On cruise ships at sea

  19. And then you have placed like Taco Bell trying to shove "4th Meal" down our throats. No wonder we are becoming such fatties!

    1. haha yep, all about the dough
      To them at their show

  20. Definitely star material. Can I get autographs, er pawgraphs?

  21. And that my friend, is why most people are FAT.


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