Don't Stress, It Isn't Chess!

The cat has noticed for a long time how humans are no longer in their prime. Pathetic is now high on the bar. Hell, on top of the the bar is par. Excellent, great, etc, are no longer there. Mediocrity is all it takes at any lair.

Why try and do?
Instead sit and stare.
No one is after you.
No reason to beware.

Mediocre is tops.
There is no stress.
If something flops,
Wash your hands of the mess.

No need to own up to it.
Let it float into the sea.
Wade through the shit,
And just let it be.

Talent is of no need.
Let that go by the way side.
Show your ass on a blog feed,
And in that you can take pride.

Mediocrity is the best.
Why try any more?
I passed the test.
Excellent is only lore.

Slack off and show up late.
Wear nothing to Wal-Mart.
That is the mediocre fate,
Lots of useless crap in your cart.

Made in China is the way.
Who wants to work anyway?
Sit and watch a display.
With idiots at play.

Celebrity means fool.
Watch as they drool.
That is so cool.
Mediocrity will rule.

Have to know.
Have to see.
No lawn to mow.
After all I'm free.

Mediocrity is tops.
Excellent is a myth,
Watch ball drops,
Mediocrity is fun to be with.

Damn humans do nothing much anymore. Complacent as can be at their shore. Idiocracy is coming due. Things are now so much stupider in view. The cat just likes to prove it here and there. I think I can do that at my lair. To mediocrity I just pass gas from my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Replies
    1. It was 7.09am yesterday
      It's later still 7.19am today
      Hank couldn't get any faster
      But has it lost its luster?


    2. The summer no one around as early or much
      So it is open ground more than a touch

    3. In the place to be
      Scooby Dooweee!

  2. People just do enough to get by, nothing more. Really sad.

    1. Yep, that is what many do
      Mediocrity at every zoo

  3. Yep, my motto is "it's good enough". No need to strive for perfection if it's good enough.

  4. Mediocrity... I'm not a fan of it.
    Scooby Doo

  5. Mediocrity drives me crazy. Apathy towards chores, work, life, etc., even worse.

    1. Yep, it is all there
      At far too many a lair

  6. "Don't Stress, It Isn't Chess!"
    May well get one into a mess
    Or is it just idiocy
    Or plain mediocrity
    Contributory to all the stress


    1. Both in one
      Now that would suck a ton haha

  7. We should never strive
    Just stay alive.
    Stay in one place
    and lose the race...

  8. We are becoming as lazy as ever, true that. Striving for excellence should become an international anthem.

    1. Maybe many more would do that
      Doubt it, but could up the stat

  9. What's a Greek Urn? err Nothing
    Bad joke, don't go cussing
    Mediocrity sits on it's fanny
    Let's the government fill every cranny
    Too bad all you bloke
    Now the country goes broke
    Got nothing in your pouch?
    Get your ass off the couch
    Well it can't happen here
    A big "ha ha" in your beer

    1. lol poor Greeks
      Up shit creeks
      If many stopped passing gas
      And got off their ass
      Or stayed on their ass and tried online stuff
      They could have enough

    2. Actually right now a Greek person couldn't earn money online as that requires a bank account and access to said bank account. But I do know what you mean. A lot of wild spending and not a care of the consequences is what got them into this mess.

    3. haha that is true
      As not even paypal will touch their zoo
      Got themselves into a mess
      With always wanting more not less

  10. Mediocre is all that most anyone strives for these days

  11. MOL! When I stress...I pee!

    1. lol can't have that
      Pee 24/7 where you're at

  12. There's too much praise for things that aren't praise worthy. All a person has to do now a days to earn praise is treat their life like a reality show. Tweet what you're eating, instagram a picture of it and post it on Facebook. Then people will tell you how AWESOME it is and give you loads of LIKES. This is the kind of shite that promotes mediocrity. We used to actually have to excel at something to be noticed.

    The cream no longer rises to the top Cat. It's buried beneath a sea of mediocrity.

    1. Yep, stupid stupid crap
      They tweet and post across the map
      Idiots think it is so cool
      The mediocre sure do rule
      And hmmm sadly I may add to that
      With a new project at my mat
      But could get me some dough
      And I'm not lol

    2. You're definitely not lazy Cat. One of the hardest working young men I've ever come across.

      Hope you do get some cash from your new project. Loads and loads and loads of it!

    3. Well if it makes 1% of facebook's dough
      I'll be rich and away I'll go
      I'll still write and blog
      But everything else can get lost in a fog
      Slow going though
      As coders do their thing to make it glow

  13. ha! I almost 100% agree with this as we do seem to be rewarding minimal effort more and more in our world. HOWEVER, there is still such a high value on being busy, busy, busy and not enjoying life- so sometimes I think it could stand to be taken down a notch :)

    1. Yeah, there is a point where we have to step back
      And breath for a moment at our shack

  14. Yep it does seem like we are settling for less
    no one seems to want to do their best
    seems every day something is being recalled
    and for that I am appalled


    1. Yeah, recalls are up the wazoo
      As so many are in view

  15. Love what you did here. Unfortunately excellence is no longer in people's aspirations and vocab.

  16. Mediocre means wearing nothing to Walmart? So that's how you scout your ppl for Pat Hatt and The Cracks. Hahaha

    1. lol easy as can be
      But our Walmart is crack free

    2. I still refuse to believe that!!! Lol

    3. lol you'll have to come and see
      As nice as can be

  17. You have to wonder what's next for humans because of all this mediocrity.

    1. Yep, doesn't seem like we'll go far
      With everything simply on par

  18. Find your 'tree'
    pro as can be
    for thee.

  19. Some are ambitious
    Some are not
    Today I'm busy
    Tomorrow I may rot

  20. orlin N cassie....yur dad hit de nail on de head with thiz one N him dinna even kneadz a hammer.....N peepulz canna say...oh itz this generationz.........faaaaaaaaaaa...itz all kindz oh generationz....leest round heer any way....if we hafta heer...knot my job ...ore ....knot part oh my mor time... we iz gonna looze it......

    1. lol yep, it is everyone
      Not just kids who want to have fun
      All are as mediocre as can be
      Swinging from the lazy tree

  21. I wonder if anything China says "Made in america" on the store shelf?

    1. I'd never thought of that!?!

    2. lmao we'll you never know
      Maybe their vending machines full of used underwear has a US glow

  22. Everything is made in China, true!
    Mediocrity at their zoo
    Strive for excellence, I say
    at everyone's bay!

  23. Washing my hands of the mess... Hmm... I must consider this .

  24. Mediocrity seems the norm today
    Sad but true it's the usual way!

  25. the only thing worse than this
    is if they combine it with whiny-ness!

    1. yep, and many of those
      To cause my ears woes

  26. Why do more
    when we have famous folk like the Kardashian whores
    Who show you don't have to do any thing special for fame and money
    Just make a sex tape for the world to see, and all will be sunny!

    1. True, you have nuts looking up to those brain dead whores
      Sad at many shores

  27. Hilarious!
    You write books?
    They give strange looks.
    You must be rich.

    Hah, if only! :-)

    1. lol yeah, would be nice
      To afford anything at any price

  28. This is something I don't think is new. I have read the same from people centuries before. It only takes a few to rise above and make the changes. the rest go with the flow and end up 6 ft below

    1. Maybe we just see it more
      Now from shore to shore

  29. My dad always said, "If it's worth doing, it's worth doing well." He demanded my best and usually got it. When you strive for excellence, people don't like it. They call you an "Over Achiever." I'll just stick with my over achieving ways. At least I can be proud of what I have accomplished so far. Not stopping yet either! Have a good one!

    1. The way to be
      No crappy mediocre shit at ones sea

  30. I try not to stress at all at my shore. Stress can make you sick


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