Give It A Lick And A Stick!

So the cat saw the other day an ad dressed up as a window display. That is as common as can be. But then there was an ad on a bus in front of me. That is normal too. But then an ad on a bicycle came due.

Where does it end?
On ads we depend?
An ad here and there.
An ad everywhere.

Ads on a bike.
Ads that you like.
Ads that you hate.
Either or, a common trait.

Ads in the air.
Ads in ones hair.
Even ads on a forehead.
Bet they'd put ads on the dead.

Ads on the sidewalk,
On the ground with chalk.
Ads on a rump,
In shorts, but still plump.

Ads in a paper,
Is an old caper.
Ads on the TV,
We don't want to see.

Instead, ads on a tree,
Carved in just for thee.
Ads on a bill,
To make you more ill.

Let's tattoo an ad on an ape.
Maybe an ad filled grape,
As you chew on it,
Ads show up in your spit.

Ads on a bumper.
Ads on a leg humper.
Meaning ads on a dog leash,
Out of the gutter, geesh.

Ads on underwear,
For those times when you're bare.
Hey, ghosts and perverts buy things as well,
May as well ring that ad bell.

Ads in a bathroom stall,
Sure tops them all.
Their product must be such a hit,
That they want to relate it to shit.

Seen ads in any weird places at your sea? I bet you've seen a few daily with their ad spree. I bet ads would be on the dead if they were seen and not buried in the ground. Probably for some stinky smelly stuff that is oh so profound. Ads placement sure has little class. I'll never tattoo an ad on my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. I really hate them before a YouTube video.
    I don't think I've ever been first here. Tied with Blue once, but never first. Where is everybody?

    1. Yeah, the skip in 5 seconds are okay
      They ones you can't skip suck every which way
      I guess all exhausted from partying at their sea
      And left it open for thee

    2. I'll be back
      Doing some serious DIY at my shack

    3. Any fun DIY stuff
      Or more humper blocking gruff

    4. Humper blocking gruff
      Never enough
      Plus a closet in the place to be
      Scooby Dooweeeee

  2. I have seen both ads and public service announcements in bathroom stalls. Very wack!

    1. haha yep seen some there
      They have ads to spare

  3. Ads are really everywhere these days. The ones on Youtube are a real pain.

    1. Pain they are
      Have to watch at your sand bar

  4. I once read that we see 3000 ads per day on average. That's crazy!

    1. Damn, that is a ton
      Not sure I'd want to count every one

  5. I guess ads do pay
    Depends what you say
    The ads on YouTube bug me the most
    Same ones over and over and they're toast

  6. You can't go 10 feet, unless in the woods, without an ad in your face

    1. Pretty much it
      The desert may not have that umm spit

  7. The world is just about nothing about but ads. I am sure most people just tune them out as I do. It may be a cute ad but who knows what it is about.

    1. Yeah, tune them out most surely do
      Not even realizing so many are in view

  8. I don't mind ads too much except those that pop up in your face!

  9. My former pet peeve were tantalizing websies that only realeased one picture and a blurb for four or five frames and then another picture all the while taking forever to load all the ads. I say former in that I am careful not to click those sites. So no, I am not aware of which drop dead gorgeous movie star is now a withered or enormous old hag. lol

    1. lol no need to be aware of that
      Yeah those sites very much annoyed the cat

  10. They're everywhere! They're everywhere!

    Enjoy your Sunday, Pat.

  11. Ads on the dead?
    You'd think you can't beat it.
    But...six feet underground?
    Nobody would see it.

    Or, if you're cremated.
    Up in smoke it would go.
    Folks'd be devastated.
    At the money they'd blown.

    1. But if placement was right
      They could be in sight
      And maybe even walking
      Let the zombies to the talking

  12. Ads are on a bus
    ads make such a fuss.
    Ads are in a train
    they never refrain
    from showing up everywhere
    even on your underwear.
    They are big and they are small.
    They are short and they are tall.
    We lose count at all we see.
    I just wish they would let us be.

    1. That would be nice
      But instead they multiply like mice
      But at least I can avoid a few
      By going commando at my zoo

  13. And when you're online, there are ads everywhere too. Some blog have so many ads on them you can't find the actual blog posts.

    1. haha yeah I've seen those
      I skip such blog woes

  14. Any place they will place an ad
    hoping to get your attention
    I think it can be sad
    and cause some tension


  15. Yes, this space for sale....tattooed across the cat's forehead.

  16. How about the ones on the blogs?
    The space they really do hog.
    Some have them attached to each photo they show
    and it really does detract as through the post you go.

    1. Yep, those ones give no thrills
      Why I avoid such blog hills

  17. They do have some ads in some odd places. There's a condo development here that charges $300k for homes and they have an ad on each and every panel on the bottom floor. No way I'd want to pay for that on my house. fuggetaboutit

    1. I mean no way I'd want to pay that price and have ads on my house (any kind of ads, but those are huge and obnoxious, and they're all exactly the same too, all the way down the line).

    2. That seems really really umm dumb
      They sure added more than an ad bread crumb

  18. What? You don't like "for a good time call" ads written on the bathroom wall?

    1. Nah, no need for an std
      I'll stay disease free

  19. I wish I could fast forward through the ads on the Internet like I do on my TV

    1. That would be grand
      Non at all across the land

  20. I have seen an ad
    As a haircut on a head
    Sculpted so fine
    Well... enough said

    But generally I hate them
    We've become so immune
    I bet we don't "see" half of them
    Or we'd be a crazy, daft loon

    1. Yep, tune them out
      Except a head out and about lol


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