Lips Curled In A Plastic World!

The cat had this pop in and just went with it. Not everything needs a reason for a rhyming fit. But of course it needs a rhyme. The whole no rhyme or reason saying is a crime.

Take your time.
Not in your prime.
No need for eyes of lime,
Or some face of slime.

Lie back and dream.
Trust in the team.
A nip and tuck,
Brings lips of a duck.

A cut and slash,
Gives you a skin rash.
A peck and poke,
Makes your face look broke.

Just trust in the team.
Live the American dream.
With any sort of luck,
It just takes a nip and tuck.

Become a floatation device.
Hey, there's room for mice.
Could make things jiggle,
As they run around and wiggle.

Have to look like that.
Can fix it, stat.
Just a nip and tuck.
Face hit by a truck.

Looks like botox dung,
But the dung is young.
Face frozen in summer,
Going with bummer.

Fat from another place,
Fills each empty space.
Adding the much needed.
So you begged and pleaded.

For more than a buck,
Quack like a duck.
Float in the ocean,
No matter the motion.

Freeze in the heat,
To your own beat.
And as an added treat,
Scare everyone you meet.

I guess a plastic face made the cat's mind race. So out came that. So scary they are to the cat. If I want a plastic toy to bring me joy, I'll go buy a five dollar ninja turtle figurine. A much nicer looking scene. The cat had fun giving sass from his non plastic little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. I am imagining
    How animals would fare
    If they wished plastic surgery
    At their lair

    Pretty sad
    When those who botox
    Look puffed and fake
    Thinking they rewound the clocks

    1. Yep, they look as flat as can be
      With a face full of plastic at their sea
      Animals would be freaky I'd say
      There at their bay

  2. Face frozen - that's the truth. Botox users are so obvious. And so creepy looking...

  3. Hahaha plastic surgery is how Uncle Jeffy makes a livin' and how we put food on our table. Bless all the strippers, bless all the Hooters girls, bless all the Botoxed faces, bless all the puffed up cheeks. Of course there's plenty of wounds Uncle Jeffy can stick his entire arm into to get them closed, there's plenty of burn victims, cleft palates, dog bites, car crashes and amputees too. It ain't all Purdy.

    1. well that stuff is sure needed indeed
      Hope the hooter girls keep rolling at your feed

  4. Not for me. I'm not even going to color my hair when it turns gray. Or is it 'grey?' I always get those two mixed up. ;)

  5. I'll give 'em my Parkinson's
    And save 'em huge sums!
    The face? That's just a teaser,
    The whole body can go in the Parkie freeze 'er.

    Yup, they can have mine,
    Any ole time!

  6. Blow fish lips, just pucker up
    Do you still drink from a cup
    Can you blink those saucer eyes
    With Pelosi you take the prize
    Cup and saucer you are like dishes
    Who will ever give you kisses

    1. Maybe two plastic lips together
      A plastic storm they can weather

  7. Can't even tell who's real and not these days.

  8. I hate those lip injections! So unnatural and you can spot them a mile away. Why, oh why?

    1. Yep, can spot them a long ways off
      Sure enough to make me scoff

  9. "Lips Curled In A Plastic World!"
    Botched hideously blue and purple
    They craved to be pretty
    Threw in lots of money
    They dared to go through the hassle


  10. The cat gives good advice. Accept the fact that we change with age. Though botox and stuff seems the rage, be proud of the sagging skin. You've earned every wrinkle. :) Just don't look in the mirror.

    1. Yep, just don't look in the mirror
      Unless it isn't clearer

  11. There sure are lots plastic faces these days and they mostly look like Santa in the Santa Clause 2!

  12. Not something I want to do at my zoo!

  13. Who doesn't like people who look like very nice robots

  14. Were there reason with rhyme
    This would be a waste of time
    But your blog is always fun
    When you go on a run
    Which is every day
    We'd have it no other way.

    1. Reason to rhyme
      Not on my dime
      Just rhyme away
      Here at my bay

  15. LOL, Pat! No botox or nips and tucks for me! It's scary what plastic surgery has done to some people. All caught up on your posts again. I wouldn't want to miss one. Congrats on children's book # 48, and I think those photos of you are great!
    Enjoy your weekend!

    1. Yeah can be scary indeed
      Congrats on all caught up at my feed

  16. If I was so endowed (and I'm not)
    I might get a reduction surgery to take away strain
    but otherwise why go through all those procedures
    that might end up with lots more pain


    1. Yeah, could screw you in the end
      With its trend

  17. No nip and tuck for me..all naturale over here.

  18. It is baffling that people actually VOLUNTEER to have surgery in the name of "looking better." And ASK doctors to inject them with botulism or better yet, with their own ass fat. And in spite of all that money spent, and all of those painful (I guess) procedures, they don't "look better" at all.

    1. haha yeah using their own ass fat
      Sure shows they are a dingbat

  19. I live in a place where there's lots of nip and tuck and facelifts going on. It's ridiculous. So many of these people look completely fake when they're done.

    1. Yeah, but they think they look grand
      Scary zombies across the land

  20. Sad to say, but fake is the new real
    With all that plastic, how can they feel?

    VR Barkowski

  21. orlin N cassie

    ya wanna talk whoa & be once de inter netz put up sum fotoz oh sum peepulz whooz made outta.... plastic ..........letz just say thatz de onlee time we troo lee wished we wuz lookin at...... burdz

    heerz two a longfin dragonfish kinda week oh end ~~ ♥♥♥

  22. I think Hillarie has had some plastic done to her face, and maybe some body work as well. All blends in well with her personality.

    1. Yeah I can see that
      Scary as she looks like scat

  23. Only for those born with need
    Only for those from wreckage freed
    The rest should be thankful they
    Get the chance to grow old at their bay

    1. That they should
      As they other idiots are crazy in their hood

  24. Botox dung?
    That goes on your face?
    Makes the old look young.
    Now, THERE'S a disgrace.

    Botox dung?
    Just the thought of it.
    Plump your lips, close to your tongue.
    Ewwww....dung is just shit.

    1. Shit as can be
      At ones sea
      Just the thought
      Makes things get cold and not hot

  25. Some of them look so very ugly with it

  26. Donald Trump lives the American dream
    sometimes this makes me scream!
    It would be 'cool' to freeze in the heat
    definitely a super-amazing feat!

    1. Yeah, he lives it up
      And as stupid as a pup

  27. With all their money, they still believe their jiffy-lubed face looks good when they look like Jack Nicholson as the joker.

    1. haha that is sure how they look
      But hopefully not a crook

  28. They always look so much worse after getting "work" done. Why not just try to age gracefully?

    1. I guess tat is too easy
      They'd rather look cheesy

  29. Some of those plastic faces get to look pretty scary.


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