Out To Get Her As The Lines Blur!

So after the hairball day, I bet you are waiting for more at my bay. Yep, Rosey gave the cat more ammo to use. Hey, the cat can abuse and amuse. Conspiracy nuts give her the heebie jeebies she said. Now let's fill her with dread.

Two by two they come.
Or maybe three by three.
Tinfoil on their head and bum.
The aliens they surely see.

They swear they were probed.
If and where, are fuzzy though.
Must suck to get disrobed,
Giving aliens a peep show.

But that isn't all.
They have a message to send.
They yell from hall to hall,
That we are nearing the end.

The sky will fall.
Chicken Little was right.
Boom goes this spinning ball,
Some day or some night.

Rosey better lock her door,
Get a bomb shelter made.
The aliens are coming to explore,
And they don't like fair trade.

Those beeps in the night,
Sounds of the end.
We abductees are right.
It is a growing trend.

666 had it right.
Oops, let that one fly.
She may want to fight.
Oh me, oh my.

Wait, there is a cause.
One that we don't see.
Stop and pause,
Rosey is at the center of the conspiracy.

She hates them because they are true.
The heebie jeebies come due.
She knows more than a few.
She is an alien through and through.

All that paper she hoards away,
Has come into play.
It has he secrets on display.
She will bring about doomsday.

There you go everyone. Blame Rosey when you have to run. The conspiracy is all around her. They really make her purr. No heebie jeebies come due. She lied at my zoo. Do you believe the cat? No? Well how about that. Maybe I have a bad case of gas? Beats my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


    How's life on the mat?
    Such a fun day
    Unless you gotta build something grand
    When there's no grand in your hand
    Do you know what I mean
    At the Kitty Cat scene?

  2. Rosey is innocent, Cat
    Didn't do a thing on your mat
    What aliens are coming once again
    Aliens 5 with exploding men?
    Yes, it's true... I read it here
    Oh dear....

    1. Alien 5 will be on the way
      Or at least, so they say

    2. Will it be good
      Like it should
      Or will it be like 'Terminator 5...
      The Greatest Hits' oh eat a bee hive!
      Do you know what I mean
      At the Kitty Cat scene?

    3. Yeah, probably crap
      Fall for the stupid sequel trap

    4. Saw T5 online
      Well, half of it... it wasn't fine
      Switched it off just like that
      No stupid recaps on my mat

    5. lol I'll avoid it at my sea
      May watch it if on netflix it appears to be

  3. I no longer have a paper hoarding problem. I do still hate conspiracy theories though. :)

    1. Paper out the window
      Aliens take it at your show? lol

  4. I'm going through papers today and most of them are being shredded or discarded for recycling. You hold on to a paper long enough, it becomes worthless. With my system of organization, they are usually pretty worthless. I hold onto everything and it is heck to find anything. My system has a serious flaw. ;=( lol

    1. lol I chuck all in a drawer at my sea
      Then when it is full, movie them to a box as they flee

  5. You can make a conspiracy theory out of almost anything. That's not to say they are all wrong though.

    1. Nope, some could be right
      With what takes flight

  6. Nothing wrong with a little chicken!

  7. I get muddled with conspiracy theories ~ Hey, new avatar, nice ~

    Am back Pat ~ Enjoy the summer ~

  8. Don't have time for conspiracy theories
    seems to be a new one every day
    and don't allow paper to take over
    it goes away quickly at my bay :)


    1. The way to be
      As most are full of it from sea to sea

  9. I don't rule out conspiracy theories
    as some have a ring of truth..
    will aliens make the scene
    I guess that is yet to be seen

    Have a good day there at your bay...

    1. Some have truth indeed
      Might have some crap too within take seed

  10. Oh...true story I am about to tell
    He definitely was not well.
    He had a magazine across his chest
    made of tin foil and other stuff...he did his best.
    He told me of the Martians who took him to their home
    The government knew, as well, 'cos we were all under the dome.
    He had to keep the government from reading his mind.
    The Martians and the government were intertwined,
    working together probing his brain.
    He kept them away even though he still had pain.
    he showed me his hat and can you guess?
    he had tin foil inside the hat! He was a mess!

    He was elderly and probably suffered from a form of dementia know as Lewy Body dementia. I called a place called Gatekeepers who knew about him and they were able to help him.

    1. haha damn, that must have been a sight
      As he thought he took flight
      But wouldn't that be the way
      Take humans each day
      And make them seem crazy
      Then their little cover up would stay hazy
      X-files he needed to call
      Mulder and Scully would solve it all

  11. If in conspiracy theories you don't believe
    For you, other medias must achieve
    Then you must believe what your hear on the news
    For they never lie, do you mind if I snooze?
    Or laugh? hahahahahaha

    1. haha the news is a load
      Better off putting your ear to the road
      Then get drove over
      Dumber than rover

  12. Time to break out the tin foil hats.

  13. Space men knocking at the door
    Area 51 bringing in more
    One big secret the government keeps
    Best to do some alien sweeps

    VR Barkowski

  14. I think the whole 666 thing is funny, no reasonable culture in the world should be afraid of a number. Though there's plenty more in that book that is laughably stupid or disturbing.

    My niece did some coloring at her church and gave it to my mother. I saw the paper and it mentioned a story in the bible where the Sun stood still (from what I understood the whole day and the time it was suppose to be night) for the heroes of the story. The sun stands still? Well that story was written for a culture who thought the Earth was the center of the universe, and wondered where the sun went at night.

    1. lol yep, any number is as dumb as can be
      Even hotels take 13 off for each idiot spree
      Nothing scary about them at all
      Pffft pathetic about the sun story at their church hall
      Most anything written by man is 95% bs and 5% truth
      Including the so called good book at any booth

  15. All those gloom-and-doom prognosticators remind me of a funny tombstone I saw, which says, "I TOLD you I was sick."

    1. lol I've seen that one
      With an internet run

  16. Rosey is one cool chick if you ask me. But then I guess no one's asking.

    1. haha she is cool
      Except with the 666 rule lol

  17. A paper hoarder? Say it isn't true.
    Light a match and away it blew!
    Rosie will get you for this
    maybe with a little hiss. lol...

  18. Every time I see 666 I think of Rosey now. Thought about taking a photo of those numbers when I was out and about the other day and saw it somewhere. Was going to tweet it to her, but thought better of it. Don't want to get on her bad side lol

    1. hahaha should have done that
      666 would be used all the time by the cat

    2. Well that's just naughty. On both of your parts! I think Terry's comment was far more kind. :)

    3. haha naughty is more fun
      It has to be done

  19. too many conspiracy theories out there - and the real ones often keep undetected...

    1. Yep, the real ones are hidden away
      From the light of day

  20. I do think we have been visited by aliens! I think if I actually saw one, I'd die of fright. Better than being probed! Have a good one, Pat!

    1. btw ~ Lots of great new headers popping up!

    2. haha if it was a creepy one I'd run
      Otherwise I'd question it a ton

  21. The truth is out there.....! I saw on old Simpson's episode the other door where Homer say an "alien" and Mulder and Scully came to investigate! It was so funny.

    1. The x-files in their town
      Would sure take the crown

  22. Conspiracy theories galore
    Who knows what's in store
    A probe could be fickle
    Or feel like a pickle


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