Ready to Play Here Today?

The cat is ready to play. But you know cats like it one way. So the cat will pick the games we play. I hope that is okay. If not, oh well. The cat can be damned to Hell.

Let's play hide with no seek.
Go jump in the creek.
The cat will then nap.
How's that, chap?

Monopoly is number two.
I'll play it with you.
But no Boardwalk on the board.
Does that strike a cord?

Red rover with no call.
That may just appall.
Wait! Didn't that get banned?
The PTA had it canned.

Clue with no clue.
Will you boo hoo?
Hint, I win.
That's not a sin.

Read a book with no pages.
That will save some wages.
But is that a game?
Hmm, okay that may be lame.

So Where's Waldo with no Waldo.
Sorry, not even if you are baldo.
I can make up words too,
As I screw you.

Err umm, I mean win.
Twister with no spin.
Would that be a sin?
Take it on the chin.

Any game with a ball,
With no ball on call.
Catch that air.
Oops, interception at my lair.

I suppose that could get dirty,
But hey, there was no penetration so it isn't dirty.
Watch football highlights if you wish that.
A game without a single stat.

Damn, the announcers would have nothing to say.
Nothing worthwhile anyway.
Now go watch a TV with no screen.
There is reality for you at your scene.

Don't you like my games? The cat is making all go down in flames. Can I just declare myself the winner and eat my dinner? Pffft, why am I asking humans that. Of course, winning always goes to the cat. But never fear, you can win a bit here. For there will never not be gas when it comes to my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Knock knock
    Whatcha got in stock?
    Mind the flock
    When you rock
    The hoot

    1. Back to one
      Your building done?

      For meee

    2. Done? Ha I wish!
      Lots of work to be done at my dish
      A closet for the missus takes a mighty long time'
      Like trying to write a Chinese rhyme
      I thought this was supposed to be a vacation?
      Talk about inflation!
      From coast to coast
      Don't mean to boast

    3. haha got you home
      So you can't roam
      Put you to work
      And not given a perk

  2. Blue is ready to play
    Today at your bay
    Monopoly pfffft fake money
    Rather lick some honey
    That bee stuff I mean
    At the Kitty Cat scene :p

    1. haha the bee stuff you say
      What? No bora whora play?

    2. None whatsoever
      Should've been clever
      And snore until noon
      Will do it soon
      First hammering and nailing too
      No, not that at my shoe

    3. lol damn, no hammering and nailing fun
      That just makes one come undone

    4. And here is again Blue man, I dont remember how is him lol
      Never go to my site!

    5. lol poor blue
      Forgotten at every zoo

    6. The story of my life
      Ask my wife
      Such strife

    7. Such a story
      With no glory

  3. Replies
    1. The cat will eat too
      Then nap again at our zoo

  4. Been ages I played monopoly. Yes, the cat can be declared winner. Life's all fun and games.

    1. The cat always like to win
      Do all others in

  5. Winners never cheat and cheaters never win. Screw that!

    1. lol cheaters win all the time
      If they cheat in their prime

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Suck it spammer
      You get the hammer

    2. Under the hammer
      the spammer must go
      to yimmer and yammer
      at someone else show.

    3. That they must
      And the hammer has rust
      So maybe they'll catch something vile
      And never again spam by the pile

  7. Does it matter how you play the game
    Or is the end just seeking fame
    Take trump, for instance if you will
    Do you think he's just a puffed-up pill
    Or does he speak the truth that others only think
    Is he one of the crowd going wink, wink, wink
    Then take my neighbor, Bammy Bob
    People think he's just a snob
    They can't see his inner sharing
    Because of the fine duds he's wearing
    The game of life is what I'm cheering
    Always play it well, never end of fearing

    1. Play it well
      And things can turn out swell
      But be prepared for crap
      All across the map
      Trump can go pound sand
      One for every fake hair strand

  8. Winning is very nice to have happen for sure. But someone has to lose. Much more fun to take a nap in a cat's world.

  9. I like to play games like Scrabble and Clue
    Its okay if I don't win at them too
    Just enjoy the challenge of the game
    But playing with the cat could be a bit lame.


    1. lol the cat would nap and cheat
      Yeah, could stray toward lame street

  10. I'm partial to games with feathers!

  11. I hated that Red Rover game. As I was such a scrawny kid, I was the weakest link and got the most attacks. I think most places banned this and they banned dodge ball as well. Took away the toys made of metal and put helmets on the kids heads. Then they gave them first shooter video games and raised them on processed foods. Now we've a fat, diabetic society of young killers on our hands :0)

    1. They took away dodgeball too?
      Damn, that sucks at every zoo
      Such a pta/pc world crap
      They ave across the map
      Call of Shit can bite me
      Hate those games at my sea
      And yep, diabetics r us
      Is what is created with all the fuss

    2. Ya, they got rid of dodgeball. It was too violent and dangerous.

      Going off topic. You know how I've been looking for something to help with the pain in my right leg? I finally found something that works.

      I looked into juicing (I'm a whole foods person) and found an article on juicing celery to reduce inflammation. So I've been juicing celery along with other dark greens and some fruit for 10 days. And it's like a miracle occurred. After 11 years of pain for every second of every minute of every hour of every day I now have some pain free days. Now, when I mow the lawn it does hurt, but it recovers more rapidly.

      With all the physical damage to the bone and to the soft tissue, this shouldn't be possible. But it is. Don't know if it would help you any, but you might want to think about it.

    3. lol that is sad
      Enjoyed dodgeball at my pad.

      Hmmm, well something to sure think about trying indeed
      As my bone on my right leg sucks too at my feed.
      Can't eat fruit though
      Or my back will have a fit at my show

      I'll wait until my pee test comes back next week haha
      Sent it off to Chicago's creek

    4. No fruit, that's horrid. I know there's a very limited amount of things you can eat, but don't know what is on that list.

      Since you brought it up, what is your pee being tested for? It's okay if you don't want to tell me though.

    5. Yep, can't eat that or my back burns away
      Not fun at all at my bay

      Getting tested for Heavy Metal levels in me
      Don't do it here, so had to send the pee
      Could be the reason for the bone pain
      So boarded that train

      Did the "biology of functions" last month too
      Truthfully thought is was bs at my zoo
      But did it anyway
      And that thing came back with everything on display
      Hormones are out of whack as well
      Making the twitching that is oh so swell
      Had to send that to the US too
      Stupid canada has nothing much at our zoo

  12. lol, you sound like you want your opponent dead,
    suggesting they wade in water while you head to bed,
    Twister with no spin, would certainly be a sin,
    Even with you play that being normal,
    it quickly gets too formal!

  13. As bad as I am when playing ball
    Playing without would be no different at all
    Hide and seek with no find
    Was normal at my grind
    Grandparents wanted a little break
    So sent us out in the sun to bake
    We'd get bored waiting to be found
    And wind up covering all kinds of ground

    1. haha good way to get a break
      Pretending to seek while you bake

  14. Yup, this is exactly how I imagine a cat playing board games and the such.

    1. The cat will try and win
      And take anything for a spin

  15. I love monopoly. ..but my favorites are Scattegories and Pictionary. I challenge you, cat!!!

    1. Never even heard of Scattegories here
      New one to my rhyming rear

  16. Cards with no deck
    Fish with no bait
    So much weirdness
    To create
    This new game is tops:
    Name A Game Without The Props.

    1. Weirdness works
      Has it's perks
      No props though
      Won't even leave a lawn to mow

  17. orlin & cassie...speekin oh a book with noe pages... will profanity granny be in book form sum time...ask yur dad pleez coz we due knot haza kindle or space on de ancient ipad....


    1. haha it is out in book form indeed
      Up there on Amazon's feed

  18. I don't think I want to lay those games. I'll stick with pac man.

    1. Play...not lay. Good grief typing with one hand is not my strong suit.

    2. lol yeah, it can be a pain to type with one hand
      But a lay can be umm grand lol

  19. a book with no pages would be a boring read

  20. I've got to go with Adam on that one:)

  21. Replies
    1. Would sure suck
      No reading in car, home or truck

  22. a book with no pages..just a cover and your imagination at play
    oh, all the places I could go with that one...

  23. Where's Waldo with no Waldo to be seen
    oh, that wouldn't be keen.
    Imagine how long you would search and search
    making your eyes feel like you were a Lurch!
    Determined to find that striped shirt guy
    never knowing the page was a big fat lie.
    Could give permanent brain damage
    if by the third week you still could manage
    to continue the seeking
    on every inch peaking.

    1. hahaha that would be funny
      I'd even pay money
      To watch someone search for him
      Life would sure get grim

  24. I don't think I want to play a single game
    Yours do sound pretty lame.
    I bet you weren't very popular at school
    Suggesting these dumb ass games like a fool :)

  25. I love to play games
    I find it tames
    my ever busy mind.
    I can just unwind
    as long as it is not physical
    but more quizzical.
    Give me Trivia Pursuit any day
    if I had my way:)

    1. Physical is kinda out
      Can leave pain about
      So the mind works
      Has its perks

  26. I always like Uno
    it is a game for every age
    adults and kids alike
    you don't have to be a sage!

  27. Reading a book with no pages would make for some fast reading

  28. A book with no pages
    Would be heaven to edit
    Although maybe the covers
    Would need an error credit

    1. haha you just never know
      As some covers have errors show


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