Start It Off Right With Love Taking Flight!

So the cat will help you out once more. Maybe you need a date at your shore? With a long weekend coming due, hell, you might even want two. Here you are. Now you have no need to go to a bar.

Huckleberries and hounds.
Hmm raiding pounds?
Might want to scratch her,
Unless you like lots of fur.

Doors are made for walking.
What is she squawking?
Is the cat the only one concerned,
That doors she has burned?

Movies are for pussies. 
Is that the same as wussies?
Or did she really go R rated?
Either way, we aren't elated.

Be as actave as me and me as you.
Wow, was that the best she could do?
Oxford called and want their dictionary back.
Seems it was wasted at your shack.

I've two things to say and you've three things to learn.
So do you sit back and skip a turn?
That is just no fair at all.
Don't give this one a cat call.

Food is my passion, but you are number two
Wow, haven't even met me at my zoo.
But seems you met lots and lots of food.
Sorry, not really, was that rude?

420 and 360 friendly fellows.
So one causes brain rot and mellows,
And the other makes you dizzy?
My, won't guys be in a tizzy.

420 and 360 friendly fellows.
Sorry, not into deep bellows.
360 friendly guys can go the other way.
Yeah, that was so good had to do it twice at my bay.

My mother met her 3rd husband on here
That is great, now go have a beer.
Poor tracked record maybe?
Run in the family at your sea?

Cats n dogs n men luv my voice
I guess in you we should rejoice.
Maybe those 360 friendly fellows will come.
I bet that wouldn't make you glum.

Hmmm not sure I did you any favors. But then again, some like different umm flavors. And hey, there are some for all. At least the women who visit my hall. 360 friendly guys are on the prowl. Okay, I'll let that one go before you grump and growl. Now this weekend you to can have a lass. All thanks to my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. And just in time for the holiday weekend! lol You could start a site like but make the name and all of the ads rhyme. :)

  2. Oh wow, and hey,
    Rosey is number one at your bay...
    This morning seems mighty slow,
    For the holiday they're keeping it 'down low'?

    1. Yep, holidays and summer time
      Always slow no matter the chime

  3. I just saw an ad on TV for Hilarious!

    1. lol let the farm life flow
      So things can umm grow

  4. Just wondering if the "food is her passion" chick posted her pic?

  5. Ha..."food is my passion, but you are #2" makes me laugh!
    There are way too many people around here that have
    food as a passion & are busting out of their jeans!

    1. Yep, waaay too many people here too
      They won't shut the hell up about food at their zoo

  6. Lol, cat!!!! Food IS my #1...but I'm not too sure what my #2 is. Hahaha r u sure you didn't meet her? #2 is real up there.

    1. haha nope, she was sure not met
      Let's just say my apt being too small is a safe bet

  7. Food is the only passion these days. That and loads of water during this heat wave. Happy holiday!

    1. Yeah, that seems to be the only one
      And people eat crap by the ton

  8. Sorry, I got hung up on the food is my passion line!

  9. Food and food, I wish I could fall out of love with it,
    Maybe if I liked it a little less, I would be more fit.

  10. I sure go for the food. My favorite subject. Have a great day Pat.

  11. They all sounds like "winners"

    The food one will at least feed you good

  12. Most everyone seemed to pick the food
    Must put them in a cheery mood
    No passion in the food for me
    It's more like poison, let it be
    I wish I never had to eat
    I'd never take a dare to cheat

    1. Yeah be nice not to eat
      Safe money at my street
      And no crap within
      Would sure be a win

  13. "Maybe those 360 friendly fellows will come."
    That could sound dirty to some.
    Yeah, but not to me.
    Hmm, that was a lie, you see.

    1. Good to know it was a lie
      You may give a thrill to your Bones guy

  14. Food; I go with the others. But what kind of food? That is the question...

  15. No dates for me at my shore
    happy with the one I got
    and if something happens to him
    I think I will just rot


    1. lol hopefully you have some deodorant at least
      No need to smell like a beast

  16. So glad I don't need a line
    To get me some romantic time
    Glad I can go ride my bike with one
    Who is still to this day so much fun

    1. That is grand indeed
      No line needed for it all to take seed

  17. Safe weekend to Pat & cats
    Not any dates give us rats...

  18. I'll spend my weekend staying cool and watching the series Outlander with my cats.
    Now how exciting is that? :)

    1. hey, not a bad way to unwind
      And spend it with feline kind

  19. I can't imagine ever wanting to be "actave" on a dating site, unless I was looking for a good laugh. (Hey! At least you're a close runner-up to food; it could have been worse. She could have put you behind booze and drugs, too.)

    1. lol I use it for blog fodder at my bay
      And true, could have been way worse at the end of the day

  20. I know what is meant by 420. I googled it on the computer one time. But 360 beats me. However, I don't play much of the game anymore so it is cool. You need you a full-time woman Pat. And yes they are all high maintenance. teehee.

    1. lol I had to google 420 a long time ago too
      Now I know at my zoo
      High maintenance seems to be the way
      At many a bay

  21. I did the dating sight once before
    I had no idea what was in store.
    I met a man who had no teeth
    Can you say "I've have sunk beneath
    my dignity." Then a man who had a chocolate fountain,
    talked endlessly about it-Ughh I'd rather climb a mountain.
    He looked like Steve Buscemi's ugly twin
    I knew I could not win.
    When 7ft tall man named Jesus wanted to date me
    I quickly deleted myself from this site to be free.
    I met my present man the old fashioned way
    and this man is here to stay.

    1. lol damn 7ft tall
      Might hurt if he ever has a fall
      At least Steve is rich
      Maybe his ugly twin scratched that itch?
      Scary as can be
      But they can be made fun of by me

  22. and everyone likes long walks on the beach. Even in kansas.

  23. No dating for me
    It's plain to see
    Online dating
    Weirdness rating
    No date for thee
    Get six months free
    Adds to the misery
    Makes me pee
    A long weekend
    For you, my friend....

    1. Makes you pee?
      Damn, quite the spree
      No long weekend for me
      "retired" I have no weekend at my sea lol

  24. Oh, you make me laugh
    with the dating site gaffs!

  25. A dating site, great - but the suggestion for matching those that rhyme make me smile! Do not want to go there! :)

    1. lol matching with rhyme
      Would be a fun time

  26. Food is my passion. Is that another way to say I'm really hefty, but there's more of me to love?

    1. lol pretty much
      As there was lots to touch

  27. Haha, I laughed about Oxford. They want a lot of dictionaries back, including the one from the actave lass. These people are so funny and stupid, I can't even comment in rhyme this time.

    1. Stupid and funny
      Right on the money
      Could save a tree
      As oxford doesn't find them with any dictionary

  28. "Movies are for pussies"
    A curious thing to say
    Don't like the noise in a theatre
    But DVDs are okay


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