The Magic Is Here, So Shed A Tear!

The cat declares this magic day. Let's all go with it I say. Get everything ready to go. Magic day is about to show. What, you don't believe me? Let's go on a magic day spree.

It's a magic day.
Just because, okay?
There is no reason.
There is no season.

It's just magic.
Is that tragic?
Well poo on you,
If yes came due.

Now where was I?
Oh yes, let the magic fly.
There will be sales by the ton.
Quick, elbow, stab, run.

You have to get two for one.
Your credit card needs to be done.
As in topped off.
Hey, don't scoff.

You need everyone together.
Forget the bad weather.
You all NEED to be there.
Even if you just sit and stare.

Spend money on each other.
Sister, mother, brother.
Oh yeah, dead uncle Ralph too.
He may need a new shoe.

Buy, buy, buy.
Hassle the $8 an hour guy.
That is what they are there for.
It's a magic day at your shore.

Go out and eat.
Get a tasty treat.
Spend $100 a plate.
It's a magic date.

Spend and enjoy.
There is no ploy.
Time together is swell,
No matter where you dwell.

You have to come as one.
It just must always be done.
It's a magic day.
Because I say so, okay?

See, the cat just proved you can do all the crap they want you to do on any day at your zoo. Oh no! I ruined the facade touted high and low. Damn, how rude of me. You mean you can't just get together on Christmas, Easter, Birthdays, etc. at ones sea? You can do that any time? Bah, that's just a crime. Let's wait for our magic day to come to pass. Pffffft says my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


    On the kitty cat mat!
    Suza didn't stay up
    Her eyes were closing
    So off she went
    To the land of dozing
    Dreaming about Bora too
    And how she kept Blue's suede shoe
    Throwing a stick to Scooby Doo
    Thinking of you and you Hoo Hoo
    Well, it's starting to rain on my shoe
    Let's see how much fixing I've got to do
    Boo hoo hooo
    A message from the Grumpy Goo

    1. Enjoy the fixing at your sea
      And avoid the rain that looks like pee
      Or catch it in your shoe
      That may turn it yellow and not blue

    2. I've got your shoe
      Hidden away, Blue
      In a very secret place
      On Bora, no trace

    3. What am I to do?
      Suza's got my blue suede shoe
      Hidden on Bora too
      Maybe she can send me a private jet
      When my roof's getting all wet
      Take me to Bora Beach
      That's still out of reach
      Where I'll find my missing shoe
      And some Bora Booze too

    4. There you go
      Wishful thinking at your show
      You never know though
      Maybe she's really rich at her show

    5. Private jet
      On its way
      To take Blue
      To sunny Bora Bay

    6. Geez, how rude
      The cat will give you attitude

    7. We'll swing by
      For Pat and cats
      Wouldn't forget them
      At their mats

    8. haha works for us
      They won't cuss

    9. Yes, a private jet on its way
      To take Blue to sunny Bora Bay
      A litter box too big for the Cat
      He'd prefer a Canadian kitty mat :p

    10. Bah take the big litterbox
      And even use socks

  2. A $100 a plate
    That's quite a rate
    I might be late
    Magic would be great
    As our minds inflate

  3. Magic day, a lot to spend but hey since its a special day why not. Just because.

  4. Inject a little magic
    doesn't have to be tragic!

  5. Great post!
    Have a nice week end!
    Photographer Gil Zetbase

  6. Spread a little magic up and down your street
    Bake a sugar cake and give to all you meet
    Tell a neighbor Howdy, shake his hand and smile
    Do a little tap dance if this becomes your style

    1. haha a tap dance you say
      I'd fall on my ass at my bay
      Probably break it too
      Here at my zoo

  7. I might try to pull a wabbit out of my hat!

  8. I could use my wooden spoon
    For a magic wand, too!
    Cast a spell...
    That would be swell!

    1. There you go
      Find the X at your show
      And dig that treasure
      More than your spoon can measure

  9. A little magic would be really good, just make someone's day and get them to smile. Have a great day Pat.

    1. Making someone's day
      Can sure go a long way

  10. As long as you
    Don't cut someone in two
    Although it's magic day
    So they wouldn't stay that way

    1. Could put them back together
      Maybe even vanish them with a feather

  11. Nothing's more grand than Columbus day, or flag day, or national hug your aunt day

    1. What about barbie in a blender day
      That sure has to be grand come what may

  12. Doesn't have to spend that much for the day to make it magical ~ Any sunny and warm day is magical to me ~

    1. But people spend away
      Wasting all their pay

  13. There are times when people go to far. Any day can be great.

    1. That it can be
      No need for some holiday at ones sea

  14. Maybe we should think every day is magical
    if we wake up and can get out of bed
    better than the alternative
    of waking up dead


    1. Can you wake up though?
      If you are dead at your show lol

  15. I've never been into shopping. Lots of people get a big rush out of it and I don't understand that. For my new summer wardrobe I bought two pairs of flip-flops at 98 cents each, two pairs of shorts and two tee-shirts. Doesn't take much to make me happy Cat. Magic for me is sitting outside with the dogs and Kitty Fang in the back yard. And if The Hubby can make it outside with us, that's even better. Costs absolutely no money.

    1. That is a much better way
      Then spending a ton of pay
      Many people need their crap
      Falling for the magic trap

  16. I love some magic in my life !
    Make the life more lovely:)))
    And are magic persons too:))

    1. Magic people you say
      Pulling a rabbit out of their hat on display?

  17. I don't think it magic when I see my cash go bye-bye
    it only makes me want to cry.
    I rather save it for a rainy day
    spend time with family some other way.

    1. Yeah, that would be nice
      Spend it with no price

  18. It's only magic if someone is spending money on me. lol

  19. Oh, oh, oh, it's magic
    You know . . .
    Never believe it's not so

    1. No need to sing a long here
      As that would just cause fear

  20. I am open to a little magic... so bring it on.

  21. I thought the magic in my house was relegated to: "Why does every time that dad opens his wallet, there is less cash in it?"

    Things magically disappear. Perhaps I should ask the cats here.

    1. haha may need a lock for it
      That could stop it a bit

  22. If spending money is magic, I will buy it!
    Give me dollars, and let me try it!

    1. Sounds good to me
      I'll try it too at my sea

  23. You know what I've noticed? In the past few years, holidays like Valentine's Day and Thanksgiving bring EVERYONE out to restaurants. It's craziness. If you don't have a reservation on Valentine's Day, you'll face a two-hour wait. Nobody cooks at home anymore, even on Thanksgiving! I'll be attempting my first turkey this year on Thanksgiving, so I may be finding out why!

    1. It's a lot of work and clean up too
      That could be why at many a zoo

  24. "The Magic Is Here, So Shed A Tear!"
    But dinner with loved one's a great cheer
    Splash it
    Worth it!
    Close friends and relatives have no fear!


  25. $100 a plate? Where you dining? Ruth's Chris? I have family that only wanted to get together at MY house on holidays (because they were too cheap to host themselves.) I stopped hosting and no longer see them anymore. Sounds like I was the winner there ;)

    1. lol winner for you
      I've written off many too

  26. Breakfast! One hour!
    What... you're still snorring like a Scooby Flower?

  27. I've always gone overboard for Christmas. That's not happening this year, and the kids are probably going to be ugh about it, but... they'll survive. :)

    1. All shall survive indeed
      Have to tell santa to help out your feed

    2. I wonder if Santa hates the whole 'Christmas in July' theme. You know he just wants to rest this time of year ;)

    3. haha it just might
      Not wanting to take flight

  28. Someday never comes, so seize the day.
    I don't know about you; but, the more food cost the less I enjoy eating it. A $20 plate of food is not as expensive as it used to be, but it still too steep for me.

    1. Yeah, the more it costs the less I want to eat
      sure isn't a treat


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