What Luck When It Gets Stuck!

The cat was doing his thing and then heard some human sing. The stupid song then got stuck in the cat's head. Even when I tried to rest in bed. Such songs should be outlawed says the cat. Thankfully it wasn't The Brady Bunch or some other strat.

Mind on matter,
Avoiding the chatter.
Then it strikes.
A song with lots of likes.

One that all knows.
One that flows.
Remembrance is easy,
It is rather cheesy.

In your head while you rest.
In your head with zest.
In your head while you pee.
It won't leave your head be.

Hum it and pass it on.
Finally comes dawn.
It leaves your head.
So you get out of bed.

Then the passee hums it.
You repeat the fit.
One circle that never ends,
Driving all around bends.

Stuck there forever.
Unless you are clever.
Hum a new one.
Do it a ton.

Then the new one gets stuck.
Just keep passing the buck.
Until you end the loop.
Maybe watch Goof Troop?

Dated myself there?
Old cat at our lair?
Maybe just do a new rhyme?
Stuck in the head is such a crime.

Need some scrubbing done,
Pat's brain could use a ton.
Humming and making the cat mad.
That sure isn't rad.

Stuck in the head,
Stuck in the head in bed.
Stuck in the head until dead.
Oh the dread.

How do you get rid of ones that get stuck? Have any luck? Thankfully they usually go away. But some sure like to hit replay. There they will stay all through the day. At least I didn't hear it from a singing bass. That would have further annoyed my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Replies
    1. Keep lurking
      Keep snooping
      One gets to be lucky
      It has to be!
      It is not joking
      It is positively speaking!


    2. Congrats Hank (you are in top again)

    3. Congrats Hank (you are in top again)

    4. Hank on top
      Lurking non stop

    5. Thanks Pat and Gloria Ma'am
      Days when things weren't jammed
      Had to make my bid
      Was lucky with it!


    6. Not on the road
      Allowed for lurker mode

  2. "What Luck When It Gets Stuck!"
    Keep at it do not pass the buck
    Some are irritations
    But look for options
    Success comes, no playing pucks!


  3. It is the song that never ends. Yes, it goes on and on, my friend! Some people started singing it not knowing what it was...and they'll continue singing it forever just because...

    lol I can see the curly-haired lady in my head. ::)

    I can also see the Brady Bunch intro. scene (aka Hollywood Squares) since you mentioned it. ;)

    1. lol those ones are sure easy to get stuck and see
      Beaten into our heads from the age of three

  4. I have heard that when an ear worm strikes you can stop it in it's tracks by singing the song Happy Birthday .... I have no idea if it works!!

    1. First I've heard of that trick
      Be great if it made the stuck ones go click

  5. Calliope may be a muse
    Play a song he can't refuse
    Whammo right between the eyes
    Songs filter in like butterflies
    Then they babble and they tease
    Try to shake them with a sneeze
    It's a hex don't waste your time
    Better to write another rhyme

    1. That the cat can do
      Write a rhyme or two
      Leave it stuck
      What the duck
      Out it will fly
      As I go all whoopdi friggin doo under my sky

  6. The best way to get rid of one annoying song is to just replace it with another! Ha!

    1. haha at least they'll be a new soundtrack
      Even if they all lack

  7. Oh yea, it's really bad when you don't like that tune to begin with!

  8. I just go play something really catchy and awesome and let it get stuck in my brain. Then I'm happy about it.

    1. haha that is a good way
      To let a good one play

  9. I'm pretty good about not letting it get stuck in my head. I can't remember the last one that did it for very long.

    1. That is a good way to be
      Then you can live stuck free

  10. I let them stay stuck and then go do something else. They usually go away.

  11. haha - it is funny how these songs get stuck
    if it is a song you like then your are in luck
    if not well then, that would surely suck

    I heard Foreigner "Urgent" on the car radio last night
    and it is still playing in my head...

    and so it loops around and around..haha

    I guess I need play something new
    or just say Whoopdi Friggin Doo...

    1. Something new can do the trick
      Can get it out some slick
      At least the playlist can change
      As long as it isn't home on the range

  12. Getting drunk all summer seems like a fun way to spend my time, but I suppose it wouldn't be very good for my health

    1. Nah, went it comes to your liver
      It may shiver and quiver

  13. I listen to another song until the one I don't want to think about is gone.

  14. Thank goodness they usually go away, or something happens that diverts attention away from it. But boom, you hear someone else singing it, and it comes creeping back.

    1. lol yep always the way
      Get rid of it and back it comes the next day

  15. Hey Pat,
    can "I borrow your thinking hat?
    So I can be famous too
    and smart just like you!!!!

  16. " I know a song that'll get on your nerves/
    Get on YOUR nerves/
    Get on your NERVES..."

    Bang! Boom! Pow!

    "Shutting up now Ma..."

    1. lol haven't heard that one in a while
      as it sure gets on the nerves for a mile

  17. Those darn songs do seem to stick in one's head for ever. Just have to kick it out of one's head. You have a great day.

  18. My husband says songs get stuck in his head and keep him awake at night. Songs have annoyed me that way before, but I've never been unable to sleep because of it!

    1. haha that would sure suck not to sleep
      Sometimes I'll wake up and they'll still be there at my keep

  19. Once a Bieber song got stuck in me 'ead/Tried to get it out and shot meself between me eyes instead/that's the thing with dem annoying songs/you try to bump them off but it all ends up wrong! :-)

    Greetings from London.

    1. lol oh that would surely suck
      Rather be hit, slightly, by a truck

  20. Its better just to let the song play out
    if it is going through your head
    and hope that it ends
    long before you are dead


    1. Hopefully it will end long before that
      Not killed by a tune where I'm at

  21. Jingles have been horrible that way
    "Ring Around The Collar" -Oi Vay!
    I try to sing another song
    but the lyrics come out all wrong.
    I realize they are from that other song
    which I can't escape which drives me nuts!
    so I let it play it's course until I scream:)

    1. lol scream out
      For it to go about
      Might work
      To go berserk

  22. Rosie started singing Lamb Chop!
    I could give her a bop!
    That one sticks forever!
    Getting rid of it is a hopeless endeavor!

    1. lol yep, that can sure stick
      In there some slick

  23. Songs stuck in one's head from morning til night
    irritates a person and gives them fright!

  24. You struck a chord, pun intended. My baby sister would get up in the morning and play her records as I got dressed for school. One record I hated. I would be an ear worm all day long. lol

  25. I'm a sick, sick gal, I say
    I thought of something sexual
    When I read the title at your bay
    But that's rarely an issue when a guy and I sin
    It's rare they can find their way in.

    1. lmao would you want it to get stuck?
      Is that even possible when you umm err fluck?

  26. Just had a song get stuck in my bong. Watched Sense 8 on Netflix and sang along. "What's Up" by 4 Non blondes got me to sing along, as well as the whole show, you know. Just the other day this was playing at my work bay. Everyone loved it asunder, though the band was a 1 hit wonder!

    1. haha hits you from all sides
      As the song rolls with the tides
      Better to be a one hit wonder though
      Than a no hit wonder high and low

  27. Brain worms! How I hate those songs that get stuck in my head. They even torment my dreams! Sometimes it's a lyric or musical phrase that I can't place, and that's even worse. I know no way to get rid of them! Usually I try to focus on another song or play music loudly until I beat the bad song out of my head.

    1. haha yeah even worse when you can't place it
      That can be as annoying as umm spit

  28. I hate getting songs stuck in my head. I do sing and sing them again until eventually my brain gets tired of it and thinks of something else ;)

    1. Brain wants something new
      That is when the song finally gets a clue

  29. Hate when things get stuck. A song in the head can be the worst thing to be stuck.… Sometimes

  30. I refer you to the following dates
    When you inflicted song
    That got stuck in our heads again and again
    And tortured us all the day long

    August 8 2013
    July 28 2014
    Sept 30 2014
    June 1 2015 – the BIG ONE

    1. lol the cat is fine with that
      Stuck in your head sure was the best from the cat


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