Why Oh Why Has To Fly!

The why of things is on task today. I could go on forever in a day about this at my bay. But I will keep it normal length for all. The cat doesn't want to have you here all day at his hall. You may spread germs around. My ocd doesn't like when they are found.

The why of it all.
Asked from wall to hall.
From ceiling to floor.
Why backwards at my shore?

I wanted to leave you reeling.
Who needs floor to ceiling.
So why watch a sport?
Just a ball on a curt.

Or a ball in a hole.
Wow, they scored a goal.
Whoopdi friggin doo.
Damn, now they scored two.

What overpaid weenies can do.
Why do you play Clue?
To find the place it occurred?
So time gets blurred?

To amuse an elf?
To stop the game from collecting dust on the shelf?
Why do you even indulge me?
I am obviously crazy.

Are you crazy too?
Is that why you come to my zoo?
Why drink and kill your liver?
Do you like to make it shiver?

Why not drink and save your liver?
Are you some sort of wannabe giver?
Why eat all day and get fat?
Why not eat and stay skinny as a cat?

Why go to work for pay?
Why not lie in a garbage bay?
Why work out at all?
Why are you tall?

Why are you short?
Why build a snow fort?
To watch it melt the next day?
Why am I asking that in summer at my bay?

It rhymed, okay?
Why isn't it May?
Why is May before June?
Why is night after noon?

The cat is through making you think. Or maybe just confusing you at our rink. Why am I still blithering on? Has this become a why con? At least it isn't a bunch of dudes singing YMCA. You've got that going for you at my bay. Not sure why that came to pass. But I'll why away with my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. That's what kids always ask
    Why Why Why
    Until you get to the point
    You just want to cry

    1. lol ear plugs are needed
      Then you can't hear the why's that are seeded

  2. So many 'why nots', but such is life. We are who we are.

    1. That we are
      As the why nots fly near and far

  3. Snow and snow forts, Sounds so good right now.
    Why watch sports like football? It's just exciting. And better them than me. I'd get killed on that field.

    1. lol no good time for snow at our show
      And yeah, I'd be flattened from head to toe

  4. I say why not nap through it all!!!

  5. Why indeed?
    Your absurdity is my need.
    Like games shall I say,
    I can't wait to play.

    Why? It's fun!
    Especially under Nova Scotia's sun.
    Love to trounce my brother,
    more than any other.

    I can't wait for the great Hearts wars
    on Nova Scotia's shore.
    On my brother my sights are set.
    But beating my sisters too, you bet!!!!

    1. Winning every one
      As the NS you run
      That sure has its perks
      And should get may smirks

  6. "Why Oh Why Has To Fly!"
    He has other fishes to fry
    Don't get clobbered
    Or don't get angered
    Enjoy the game with a sigh!


    1. Enjoy each one
      That is spun
      As around they run
      Having their fun

  7. Why can pretty much be used for anything

  8. What's in a why
    I'd rather have pie
    Not pie in the sky
    Or the kind that can fly
    Eat pie till I sigh
    I feel I will cry
    From a gut ache no lie
    Oh why, tell me why
    Did you make me eat all that pie?

    1. lol the pie was there
      Time to spare
      Couldn't let it go to waste
      So turned your gut to paste

  9. WE are with Brian. Such a good idea. Why not just nap through it all. So much easier.

  10. Don't get me started on sports players making millions of dollars for hitting a ball with their bat, foot or head or putting some back thing called a puck into a net. They usually do not know all the letters of the alphabet, get in trouble with the law, use drugs and abuse others. Now not all are like this but do they really deserve that amount of money?? Oops I am kind of asking why??

    1. haha got your why on at my sea
      And yep, agree with thee

  11. So many why questions! I have a 6 year old, I don't need them here too, cat! (but honestly, hate sports. Haaaaaaate em.)

    1. haha the cat likes to throw them out
      Sports from me barely ever get a positive shout

  12. Why is the age old question
    that seems to get asked a lot
    but sometimes there is not a good answer
    and that can cause fraught


    1. Yeah, sometimes screwed
      And all that is left is attitude

  13. I'd like to eat and stay thin like the cat:)

    1. That would be grand
      Could sell it at our sea across the land

  14. I want to eat and stay thin like a cat but will I have to eat the cat food in order for that to work? Maybe I'll just have a donut instead.

    1. Yeah, you may have to eat the cat food
      May not hit the mood

  15. Why is summer going by so fast? I really want it to last and last!

    1. It just flies by
      Will be gone as we ask why

  16. I've never played Clue, we had one to play but the rules sounded boring

    1. Yeah, I skipped it too
      Wasn't fun at my zoo

  17. Sports can be boring

    (I was going to rhyme, but I feel asleep at the mention of sports)

    1. haha that they can be
      Rather do something else at my sea

  18. old dudes singing YMCA....hahaha....

  19. Ha, May is before June
    June is before July
    July is before August
    unless I have been told a lie!

  20. Once I played Clue
    because I had nothing better to do!

  21. I've asked myself some of those same questions. Why why why


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