You Must Be There At Your Sea!

The cat has come across a few that asks what I do. I tend to tell them Pat writes so my rhyming won't keep them up nights. Let's face it, to some people rhyming is scary, umm, shit. Isn't that right? Hmm, maybe that will be another post that takes flight.

You write books?
They give strange looks.
You must be rich.
They say in a high pitch.

No one can do that.
Err umm see a rhyming cat.
It must be so hard.
Yep, like mowing the yard.

How do I get that job?
Go ask farmer Bob.
I got ideas to write.
Boy, they sound tight.

Is it easy to do?
Probably not for you.
Can I do it?
Didn't I answer that bit?

Do I need an idea from the start?
Err umm, no wonder you work at Wal-Mart.
What if I get stuck?
Paddle like a duck.

Can I use other ideas from others?
Sorry, no rip offs, even from mothers.
How can I write?
Err umm, keyboards don't bite.

Will it take a while?
Depends on the style.
How long will it take?
Longer than baking a cake.

Will it need to be long?
Longer than a song.
Can I write anything?
Even about a fling.

Why should I write?
Beats me at my site.
Is writing easy to do?
Repeating yourself at my zoo.

Will you write my idea for me?
Yep, right after the cat fills your shoe with pee.
I have one line and need more.
Hopefully your one line doesn't bore.

The cat has given such smart arse remarks to a few, as they are a tad slow at their zoo. I'm sure you have too. Get rich? Who knew? Certainty not my bank account with its measly amount. Now I am through with any sass from my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Well, it's one for the money
    Two for the show,
    Three to get ready
    Now go, CAT, go
    But don't you step on my BLUE suede shoe
    You can do anything but lay off of my Blue suede shoe.
    Scooby Doo!

    1. Can I chew the shoe?
      A little slobber between me and you

    2. Pat why your new picture is soo little ! Almost I can't see you lol

    3. lol oh well
      All three so swell

    4. Little pic, but kitties, too
      What a great addition at your zoo!!!

    5. Yep! Now I see three in a row:)

    6. lol glasses made you not see
      Damn eyesight of thee lol

    7. From coast to coast!
      Don't mean to boast

  2. Writing's not easy
    Writing's not peasy.
    I find prose bad enough
    But poems are TOUGH.

    1. I'm just a rhyming nut
      Stuck in a rhyming rut

  3. Considering how atrocious some spelling is out there, I would guess rhyming is even harder for most.

    1. Yeah, that is true
      Can't rhyme wtf, omg and crap like that they use at each zoo

  4. he he, after the cat fills your shoe with pee
    what about unless you have lived a life of outrageous fortune
    or that of a well known celebrity or politician
    few people want to hear your life story
    Much less write about it.

    1. Yep, that is very true
      Few people want to know at their zoo
      And when they do
      They usually want something from you

  5. ha, I like to write poems that rhyme
    I can do it most anytime
    sometimes my words are sublime
    tell me is that a crime
    words forming a harmonious chime
    layered in thought, the mind does climb

    hey, I like the new profile pic...very nice indeed
    here at your feed....

    1. Rhyme away
      All through the day
      Works for our sea
      Easy a can be

      Took some doing
      And some cat shooing
      But got it done
      3 for one

  6. Cat has a story to tell in rhyme
    Of mountains far and yet to climb
    Of shoes to fill with warm yellow pee
    And secrets shared between you and me
    The truth comes out and makes one squirm
    There are beliefs that make us firm

    1. Making all squirm
      Even about the worm
      Sure works for me
      After I fill their shoe with pee

  7. Tell me to write?
    My butt they can bite.
    It once came as a command from 'God'
    Via a person who was extremely odd...
    But one poke from the muse
    And my mind blows a fuse.

    1. lol hopefully you have a backup fuse
      To keep in tune that muse

  8. I think rhyming is tough.
    Like getting out of a handcuff.
    I don't know how you do it every single day.
    But I so enjoy visiting your bay!

    1. Just let it flow
      And away I go
      Not sure I'd get out of a handcuff though
      Not breaking my thumbs at my show

  9. You know when you get questions like that the person won't ever really write anything.

    1. Yep, they won't do a thing
      But sit on their rump at their wing

  10. Writing a book is not easy
    it often makes one queasy
    and can turn out quite cheesy!

    Writing a book can be fun
    you spend your days on your bum
    but miss out on all the sun!

    Writing a book isn't for sissies
    nor for people who are proud missies
    or for those who prefer kissies!

    Writing a book can bring pleasure
    in all kinds of weather
    rewards will be a treasure!

    1. haha well I can stop for kisses from the right person at my sea
      Other wise on my bum I'll be writing away with glee
      And yeah some can be cheesy as can be
      Nice book rhyming spree

    2. Ya, kisses with the right person is key
      much beyond the ordinary!

    3. Need the right one though
      Or you'd just eat crow

  11. You're the reason many of us rhyme
    when we type out our little chime.
    Contagious it is.
    A fun little biz.
    Makes you different from every other bay.
    Did you always do it this way?
    Even before there was a blog
    from Orlin, the attention hog? lol...

    1. Got you all in
      For the win
      With my rhyming spin
      Here at my bin
      Different I like to be
      No wannabes or rip offs at my sea
      Was always different indeed
      Not sure as many rhymes took seed lol

  12. I can't tell you how many times each day I get annoyed by the job ads I see for writers. "This one should be easy for a good writer, so we're only paying $5 for 500 words." Or, "$1 for each post of 1000 words" with the promise of daily work. Why would anyone want to write all day for less than the cost of a Starbucks coffee? There are MUCH easier ways to earn a dollar!

    1. Oh, I've seen those ads too
      Make more scooping poo
      No way would I do that
      If it was so easy they'd do it where they were at

  13. Such people will never write anything of their own

  14. So you AREN'T rich??? Lol who knew?! I wonder how much Grumpy Cat makes. Haha

    Nice new pic, Pat!! It's been years!!!

    1. Grumpy cat makes millions at his sea
      Not years, just years with a new pose for me lol

  15. "Do I need an idea from the start?"
    That's obvious and one must be smart
    Must be rhyming
    That'll be interesting
    Writing and rhyming wrought with false starts


    1. Many find it tough
      Like lifting heavy stuff
      But doesn't have to be
      At least not for me

  16. You do make a million rhymes though!

    1. lol that is true
      If only I had a buck for everyone that came due

  17. I think it's super cool,
    That you found a way to make your craft your tool,
    You clearly know how to write well,
    Noticed that immediately first time on your blog I did fell,
    I always enjoy what you have to say,
    glad you found a way to make it pay.

    1. lol too bad it doesn't pay a lot
      But I keep up the plot

  18. People would ask me all the time
    about the type of work I do
    they think if they knew how to type
    that was all that they had to do

    same I would imagine with a writer
    that people think it is an easy fix
    that one can rich on it
    without having to do much work for the mix


    1. Yep, that is how they think
      As in work behind it doesn't sink

  19. We don't write to make the money, we write for the thrill of writing. Right/write?

    1. Write you rightfully are
      But money would be nice in my jar

  20. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  21. lol to people who think writer's are rich. Like 1% of everyone who's published makes enough money to survive on. Most of us have other jobs because passion, not moolah.

    1. Yep, most make $1000 a year if they are lucky enough to
      Barely enough to afford paper for the loo

  22. Filling my shoe with pee?
    Sounds like a story to me.

    1. Could give it a go
      If you wish for it to show

  23. Writing is not an easy job. And for most of us, it doesn't make us rich. I think we do it to get the voices out of our heads. :)

    1. Yep, that is why it is done
      As the voices in my head sure run

  24. Most of the authors I know have day jobs to pay the bills. Might not make you rich but if you're having fun doing it, that's all that matters.

    1. That is true
      Let the fun shine through

    2. I heard back before the 20th century, most writers did writing as a side job. Just ask Edgar Allen Poe. He was a Poe man.

    3. So it was all the time
      Side job as a mime

  25. I imagine that once you get in practice it gets easier. And broadens your vocabulary.

    1. True, the more you do
      There more that falls out at each zoo

  26. orlin N cassie...

    we tried ta get gram paw dude ta rite bout how he getted ta bee a gram paw when
    9) him loozed hiz
    a) him never waz mare reed
    Y) he had... GRAN kidz .....but noe kidz....kidz
    & 4) heerz two a dusky grouper & dottyback kinda week oh end ♥♥♥
    o) and hiz storeez a werk in progess ~ !!!

    1. lol that would be an interesting tale
      Sure wouldn't end up a fail

    2. Now that's a tale
      That'd bring in the mail
      I'd buy the book
      At Gram Paw's nook

  27. For some writing like breathing
    Ideas like birds
    Just watch them
    and listen,
    record their songs...

    1. Yep, that's they way it is
      Here with the writing biz

  28. Get rich writing.....if only. Live comfortably writing....if only.
    Be able to survive on your writing income.....if only.

    1. Yep, haven't cracked either three
      Here at my sea

  29. It may be a castle in the sky
    But your chances of getting rich are high
    Higher than those who whine
    I can't make a poem out of mine!

    1. haha yeah that is true
      Higher than the whiners at any zoo

  30. I think most people forget writing takes time and drive, but I think a lot more people could do it if they truly desired. :)

    1. Yeah, they'd have to do it though
      And make the words flow

  31. Hey Pat in the Hatt
    And your rhyming cat
    I thought you'd have loads of money
    Aint that funny
    I'll have a word with dead Dr. Seuss
    All of his money is now for you's
    There you go
    Sorted at my show
    You are now rich
    You rhyming bitch

    Gary, Gary, quite contrary....

    1. Damn, just one month of what he makes
      Will fill the yard more than snowflakes

  32. Writing is WORK
    Those who mock it are jerks.

  33. People are stupid and either scoff at what one does or thinks you are making the same as Stephen King. They can all suck it

    1. lol that they can indeed
      Suck away at their feed

  34. I get questions like this from people who want to start a blog all the time. It isn't rocket science and I'm not holding your hand through it all. Nobody helped me, and I am the most dimwitted person when it comes to computers. If I can do it, anyone can! Probably the same for self-published authors too!

    1. Yep, the same all around
      Just have to do it and take to ground

  35. LOL! What a fun post, Pat! I have met and talked with quite a few authors, and it is not an easy road to riches! I think most people write because they are driven by something inside them; the money isn't the important motivation. If it is, they're in for a big surprise!

    1. Yep, they're not going to get rich
      Probably more money in digging a ditch

  36. If I could write I'd write a book. But since I can't write I'll just write a blog

  37. First a singer, then a writer
    Probably not the best of picks
    But I had to pursue what I wished to do
    And with the money, I'd take my licks

  38. Oops... extra I"
    It did slip by


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