A Battle Encore At My Shore!

So the cat will join on in, err umm, rip off farawayeyes at his bin. For I may be late or early and make the rule people squirrely. But the cat doesn't follow rules. Anyway, time to rip off some band duels. Or maybe a pick of three at my sea. I cheat, but what else do you expect from me?

Do you know a dickhead?
They can cause dread.
While with this one,
You can have some fun.

Send it to them all.
Post it on your wall.
And they will get the hint.
They won't be blinded by tint.

A dickhead is what they are.
No need to hit them with your car.
Stay away from the slammer,
And put down the hammer.

Love the celebrities at your sea?
While turn on your TV.
Or maybe just hit this one.
For it can give you some fun.

A reality tv nut?
Get off your but.
Watch it give them dread,
With everything that is said.

Some I didn't know.
I guess I'm slow.
Or have more to do,
Then watch idiots in view.

Filled with hate?
Such a bad fate.
But can be a trait,
That adds to your plate.

A big list,
Not to be missed.
Just keep adding away,
There at your bay.

Give a little hate.
Even if you just ate.
Let the hate flow.
It can easily grow.

So number one or two or three?
Which ones is tops for thee?
Do they all get hate?
Guess #3 is your fate.

Now the cat has ripped off the battle once more with this encore. Yeah, I'm a big fat cheater. At least I'm not an over eater. So bring the hate. I can sit and wait. Done with the Hate, Dickhead and Celebrity sass. Now I'm done battling with my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Testing one... two...
    Where's Blue?

    Where's the party at
    And who is number one today
    At your kitty cat bay?
    Now, be gentle on August 17
    At your rhyming scene
    How do you do?
    The name is Blue

  2. The Dickhead song, a good one to send out, but the others are quite worthy too. What would you do...

  3. It's a battle of the bands
    Many as the ocean sands
    Take your pick, one two or three
    Only three oh praises be
    They're all so quaint how do I choose
    Never really have to schmooze
    After all was said and done
    Eating chocolate was such fun
    I wonder what kind Robyn eats
    Swiss or bliss or just for treats?
    I liked bitter all the way
    Sock it to me, make my day
    Pardon me, I do digress
    Choosing songs causes stress
    Think I'll go with number three
    Bouncy flouncy it's all jiggle free

    1. haha all jiggle free
      Works for thee?
      Robyn eats it all
      There at her hall
      Even some nasty stuff
      She can't get enough

  4. Maybe the cat needs an anger management class. Chill dudes and dudettes.

    1. lol bah, who needs that
      No singing I feel pretty for the cat

  5. "A Battle Encore At My Shore!"
    A Dickhead contending for more
    Sock it to them
    End with a clamp
    Perhaps one last swipe at the jaw


  6. Dickheads Anonymous! Now what is that?
    It has nothing to do with being a cat!!

    MOL ;)

  7. LMAO these were fun. First time hearing them. I vote for #1. I know a few I can send that to.

  8. I wonder how many Richard Heads were born to this world

    1. Hmm might be a few
      If there is one could be two

  9. Won't lie, the way that this is written it genuinely sounded like rap lyrics in my head. Would love to see a musical rendition!

  10. oh ha - hate surely grows faster and taller than we want it to - better to spread some love as we go - ha

    1. haha a little love sure can be spread
      But a little hate is fine for those who cause dread

  11. The dickhead song...well, that's a first.

  12. The Dickhead Song is a catchy little tune. I might be singing it all day today.

    1. haha that one sure wins out
      With the three about

  13. OK The celebrity song for me even though most I don't know but it tells me that the dickheads are not only in North America.

    1. haha yeah they are all around
      Everywhere dickheads can be found

  14. That dickhead song is now stuck in my head. Hope you're happy with yourself!

  15. Recently got back into blogging - glad to see some of the people who followed me are still keeping up! Anyway, yes, I know quite a few dickheads, lol.

    1. Been a while since you were around
      Yep, still keeping up and always found

  16. HA! I am sure gonna be busy emailing tonight!

  17. I'm voting for the Vile Celebrity Song. It was Lord Sugars face that swayed the vote for me-he makes me ill. Dicks are everywhere and I don't hate the world, so not voting for those two.

    We are doing BOTB's here, yes?

    1. Yeah, I ripped off BOTB today
      Figured what they hell at my bay
      Celebrities are vile indeed
      Dickheads are at every feed
      Hate the world at my sea?
      Nah, maybe just the crappy body lol

  18. A new song to me....
    guess it didn't make my top twenty! ha.

  19. Ha! All three are catchy
    And each have their perks
    But I vote for dickheads
    And their fellow jerks

    1. Dickheads sure are everywhere
      Plenty to spare

  20. Dare I listen to these you've share?
    Will they add some gray to my hair?
    Nevertheless, song unheard
    I know a worthy recipient unfurred...

    1. haha they will stick with you
      All the day through

  21. What will I discover here next?
    The Dickhead Song tops them all!

  22. Great. When I start singing that catchy dickhead song in front of the kids, I'll tell my husband it's all your fault.

  23. I know quite a few Dickheadz, but sometimes you have to pretend these people aren't really a dickhead

    1. Fake it to make it
      They call them full of shit


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