A Holy Flight In The Night!

The holy ghost writer has the Order by his side. The cat will give such a tale a ride. I can rip off the order too. They may come after me though at my zoo. Although they supposedly like cats. But just in case I'll put a booby trap under our door mats.

The elf king had come to Earth.
He was looking for something of worth.
But he found nothing at all.
So he went peacefully back to his hall.

And that is the end.
Damn, what a story I send.
What? You don't think so?
Damn, my tale will have to grow.

The elf king came back to Earth.
His wife was about to give birth.
He wanted a pretty flower.
Sadly he showed up in a snow shower.

The end is near.
Give me a cheer?
No? Damn you.
Making me work at my zoo.

The elf king went to the Florida Keys.
There he took in a breeze.
There he found some flower.
He zapped home with his power.

All done and over.
Now go bug rover.
You're still here?
Hmph, don't give me that peer.

His wife gave birth later on.
It was around dawn.
50,000 elves popped out.
That really made her shout.

End of the line.
So says the feline.
What? You want more?
Fine, I'll add to the lore.

There was no room at home.
So to Earth they all did roam.
They started to take over.
Yep, even ruled rover.

But The Order stepped in.
They didn't let them win.
With mind power, they sent them around the bend.
All elves died, the end.

See? The cat can do it too. The order must love my zoo. I made them all win. Elves may find it a sin. Yes, that really is the end of it. Was the tale a hit? 50,000 babies at once must hurt a lot. Elves need protection more often than not. That is an awful lot of baby gas. It would be really scary to my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


    Where's the party at
    And who is number one today
    At the Kitty Cat bay?
    Suza... how are you?
    Did you beat Mister Blue?
    I think you're really brave to give it a go
    It might even work, you know :)
    I'm tired so I'm kinda slow
    Speaking of work, that summer school job's almost done
    Come Monday evening and I'm-a have me some fun
    Might even have time to finish that closet too
    And find my blue suede shoe
    Scooby Doo!
    Meanwhile, you all be good as you should
    In the Kitty Cat neighborhood ;)

    1. The long weeks are through
      there at your zoo
      Time for fun in the sun
      Or fun while getting a closet done
      Does that really go together?
      Maybe save it for cold weather

    2. You may be right
      Could nail n' hammer at night ;)
      They'd send the cops on me
      In the place to be
      And I'll raise you a Scooby Dooweeee

    3. The coppers might go
      Join the humpers humping show

  2. 50,000 elves popped out?
    What was that all about?
    One wasn't enough?
    That must've been tough

  3. "A Holy Flight In The Night!"
    The elves should have a fright
    The powerful order
    Them don't bother
    Imposing their will they think right


  4. 50,000 elves I once heard sing
    All dressed up in their native bling
    Little guys driving great big cars
    Napoleon complex, did they live on Mars?
    So the order said vamoose
    And take along your caboose
    Does this look like a freak show
    Take your pointy ears and go
    No more cross my border
    That's an order from the Order
    What to do with these dead babies
    Did they all really die of scabies?

    1. Damn, that is a scene
      Elves so serene
      And babies unclean
      Drank from the wrong canteen?
      The order meant that
      Where they are at

  5. When you've got the Order around...you feel safe and sound (if you're Holy Ghost Writer, that is...). :)

    1. haha can't hurt you
      With the order at your zoo

  6. There's always room for elves...oh wait, no, that's jello!

    1. The elves gotta go
      They may eat all the jello

  7. The Elves would never come back and if they did, they'd never go to Florida. Can you imagine an elf winding up at Disneyland? The horror of it would kill him straight away :0)

    1. lol kids would love it
      Kill it with germs and a hugging fit

  8. The order can take down anything and anyone, even the elves.

  9. Speaking of Florida and rum
    I know just the drink for the elf king's tum
    A mojito made to order (Not that Order )
    And take his act south of the border

    1. That could mellow him out
      And then cause a drought
      No 50,000 elves at play
      Because he's passed out in some Florida bay

  10. Speaking of Florida and rum
    I know just the drink for the elf king's tum
    A mojito made to order (Not that Order )
    And take his act south of the border

  11. Speaking of Florida and rum
    I know just the drink for the elf king's tum
    A mojito made to order (Not that Order )
    And take his act south of the border

    1. Times three
      Keeping up with Gloria at my sea

    2. Not sure why the triple play
      Must be the way of the day
      All I can say
      Is triple the mojito is A-okay!

    3. haha triple the down fall
      As get backed up at ones hall

  12. Holy Cats, 50,000 elves. That is one big group.

  13. I get the impression this was a direct spoof of Christianity symbolism and mythology?

    1. lol if you want to go with that
      Works for the cat

  14. 50,000 elves?
    My heart goes out
    to that poor elf queen
    I bet she did shout.

    VR Barkowski

  15. Whew! Those in the Order are wise.

  16. Yikes, if the end is near
    there are lots of things to fear
    & no reasons to cheer
    so let's all drink a beer!

  17. The Order has done many things. Except cancel the Kardashian show.

    Thanks a lot

    1. Wish it would do that
      And make that idiot scat

  18. 50,000 elves is more than lives here where I live
    can't imagine all that coming to be
    would be content with so much less
    perhaps no more than three


    1. haha that would be a ton
      Three is fine for anyone

  19. So who the heck is this holy ghost writer. Did we ever find out?

  20. So is it a king who looks like an elf
    or an elf who looks like a king? lol....

  21. If I remember correctly, The Order does not take kindly to people who rip them off. If we don't see you around after this, we'll know why ;)

  22. 50,000 elves
    That would be quite a scare
    In labour for weeks
    And stretch marks everywhere

    1. They'd stretch far and wide
      As out they glide


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