A Raturday At My Bay!

Mary Kirkland has a raturday every single Monday. Unless she stopped by now at her sea. I am doing this in April during the A to Z. Look, a plug for a few things there. Time to rip off rats at my lair.

Rats can swim,
Rats can drink.
They sure aren't dim,
At least, I think.

 Can get in a house,
And scurry around.
Bigger than a mouse,
Smaller than a hound.

Hunted by a cat,
Unless the cat is prissy.
Then score one for the cat,
Can even scare a missy.

Missy as in human girl.
Many of them shriek.
Take the ear drums for a whirl,
Could break off any peak.

 An avalanche of rat,
That would scare me.
I guess tit for tat,
For felines sea to sea.

What is tit for tat?
Do you even know?
Maybe ask a rat.
They get down real low.

They can play.
They can run.
Can hide in hay,
Until down goes the sun.

Can get in trash.
Can get in feed.
They have a bash,
Eating what they need.

In the dark they run.
In the dark they hide.
When on come lights or sun,
Away goes a rat tide.

They fly through the air.
They fly every which way.
Flying by the pair.
Hey, at least they didn't stay.

The cat has had dealings with them way back when. They ate the peacock food at our old den. Hundreds of them, no joke, ran about. That was enough to make me shout. A rat army coming after me. That can't be good for my OCD. Ever see rats in mass? Such a mass can scare my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Replies
    1. Not quite
      But it was in sight

      Blue must be on the road
      Like Hank, in driving mode

    2. Blue was snoring on his couch. Still am, in fact...

    3. True to goodness
      Still vying to be first


    4. A little snore
      At your shore

    5. A post summer school snore
      At my blue suede shore
      I couldn't ask for more
      Except for a Bora door
      And a floor
      A Bora Ted Baker store
      Such a chore!

    6. Not sure Ted Baker stretches that far
      As you can't get there by car

  2. That many rats would scare me as well. I probably don't want to know where tit for tat came from.

  3. moving rats
    in time
    around, around
    the same path
    ashamed, ashamed
    they do not leave.... :)

    ઇઉ Ell@

    1. There they stay
      All through the day
      Come what may
      Joining the fray

  4. I know someone who keeps them for pets. I would surely be uneasy having them as invited or uninvited guests.

    1. Look at all the people who think squirrels are cute.
      They are just rats with more fur on their tail. lol

    2. haha making you uneasy at your sea
      As they scurry under the feet of thee

      That is true
      At many a zoo

    3. Some folks are rats with no fur
      It's all such a blur!

  5. With so many you could make ratatouille
    If you don't think it's pooey.
    Myself, I'd rather have Toblerone,
    I'd even settle for cold corn pone!

    1. I think I'll avoid that
      Here where we are at

  6. Rats can sure be a pain, eating all the animal foods in the barn but our cats take good care of the rats around herd so we don't see many, thank heavens. Makes a great game for the kitty kats. Have a great day Pat.

    1. haha the cats can take care of them indeed
      With the pack at your feed

  7. Ratsorizzo was a crook
    True by anybody's book
    Rats are lower than whale poop
    Swim around and learn the scoop

  8. I like mice but the rats are kind of creepy!

    1. Rats are just mice on steroids. lol They are cute, cuddly and love to be held and petted just like tiny dogs. :)

    2. The rats go Arnold on mice
      Paying the steroid price

  9. Mary loves her rats! I can't say I'm a fan of the creatures, but I have to respect someone who sees them for their cuteness.

  10. One would be bad enough, but dozens running around? No thanks!

    1. That many would sure be scary
      All kinds of hairy

  11. I might be able
    To handle one or two
    But a mass of rats?
    I'd flee, fly, flew!

    1. lol I saw a ton once at my sea
      Went the other way with no glee

  12. Nanny should have let all those cats outside
    to rid the area of those rat hides!
    They'll eat anything, how rude!
    Even the precious peacock food.
    Only saw one many years ago at the zoo
    out on in the courtyard, dead and blue.
    Old cat Teddy had done him in
    he got praise and a crown did win. lol....

    1. haha the cats there are too prissy to do a thing
      They just watch like queen or king
      I've seen them jump about
      Can make many shout

  13. Ick on the rats
    don't even like one around
    more than that
    I'd need a hound


  14. Rats! they are not even scared of the Cat
    Dozens of them scurrying across the mat
    They run in the dark
    They have such luck
    They own the house that's true for a fact


    1. They try and own the house
      Cats can not always scare a mouse

  15. This made me think of my favorite scene in Disney's Ratatouille where that old lady sees a rat and loads up her shot gun and shoots up her house bringing millions of rats out of the word work. :)

    1. haha yeah that was a good one
      It was sure fun

  16. The neighbours on the East side of me are absolute pigs and they've mice living in the junk pile. Kitty Fang keeps that population in check. But I'm telling you, if she ever catches a rat in their yard, I'm calling the City to have their place condemned.

    1. Blah, I'd call on them at my sea right away
      That is just plain nasty at any bay

  17. Oh yikes! The only kind of rat I like is a rat terrier!

  18. Way too many rats for me
    Watch while I attempt to flee!

  19. I would love to be there and sit with them. And yes, I still do the RATurday posts every Monday. I still have two rats, Scribbles and Flower. :)

    1. haha can imagine you sitting there
      With rats by the pair

    2. A few years ago I had 4 rats, all brothers. They would run and jump all over me. lol

    3. lol well 4 isn't a ton
      But still plenty as around they run

  20. OK-Yuck a doodle! I don't mind a white rat but that many with a little kid around? Sorry-all I can think of is the black Death-fleas on rats-no thanks

    1. haha fleas suck every which way
      At any old bay

  21. In Indiana Jones and the Holy Grail, there were thousands of rats in the catacombs. Creepy.

    1. Yeah, remember that one
      A good movie and fun

  22. Aw, man that picture creeped me out so bad! And an avalanche of rats? No. Frickin. Way.

  23. I did have a pet rat once. Mom wasn't too fond that he kept getting out of his cage though, and took him to the pet store where I am sure he became snake food.

  24. I don't like rats.... Let the cats kill them all.


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