A Trapper For The Crapper?

Another rip off at my sea. She has a big name that may confuse thee. Manzanita sure could scare. Maybe it is that glare? It sure beats the cat but I'm sure there is something else to that.

Scary thoughts.
Can bring lots.
Here and there,
Without a care.

Or maybe with a care?
I'm not that aware.
At least I'll pretend,
With no need to amend.

That come with age?
Ask the bird cage.
Oh right I ate those.
Such crazy woes.

I went to the crapper,
After being a trapper.
A bird in a cage is a trap,
Right into my yap.

There they were,
Hanging off my fur.
They were given to me,
But little old thee.

Humans have more,
But they just ignore.
One thousand or two,
You've got a few.

They have their fill,
And live on your will.
Yummy, they say,
Come what may.

Feed and feed.
Those in need?
I guess that works,
As you feed the jerks.

The cat was warned by her,
They sure don't make you purr.
There they show like rice.
But no need to think twice.

Worms are in my rear.
Worms are coming near.
In the litter box they peer.
Those things can really leer.

At least you humans can flush yours away and pretend you don't have any at your bay. Guess what though? You do. But that I've already told you. No birds were harmed in the making of this rhyme. Thankfully it has been a while since worms dropped a dime. Then Pat has to clean the whole litter, that can make him bitter. So make them come out each lad and lass. The ten cents worth from my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Worms
    In all our

    Yup - that's all I can rhyme
    'Cause it's beddy-bye time

    1. That is when they come out to play
      So they say

  2. This rhyme made me shudder
    And probably made me mutter.
    I'll leave the parasites to you,
    They make me boohoo.

  3. "A Trapper For The Crapper?"
    What likely rip-off of a caper
    Just a tummy ache
    Trying not to fake
    Got it made one way or the other


  4. Thought of worms make you shudder?
    Maybe even make you stutter?
    Here's a quiz, easy as pie
    Tell the truth do not lie
    Which one do you dread the most
    Restless legs or a wormy host?

    1. Both could be the same thing
      Worms cranking up the anxiety at your wing
      Making the legs go and go
      Blah, get rid of it all at every show

  5. Eeww! Now the next time I scoop the litter, I'll be looking for the worms.
    I certainly hope I don't find any, for they will surely make me squirm.
    Have a nice weekend.

    1. That they will do
      I always have a looksy at my zoo

  6. Humans can catch the creepy crawlies. We should remain diligent as nasty as it sounds.

    1. That we can indeed
      nasty when they take seed

  7. Worms are in your rear?!?! That doesnt sound healthy!!!

  8. Worms coming out your rear are better than worms coming out your eyeballs.

    1. That is very true
      Can come out your ears and nose too

  9. My dog got worms once. That was fun for the wallet

  10. What a way to begin the day
    but to read about your subject of the day
    you certainly aren't afraid to tackle anything at your bay
    that is all I have to say


    1. haha nothing at all
      Go wherever the rhyme does call

  11. Worms, worms, the musical poop. The more you poop, the more your human squeals.

    1. haha that is the size of it
      Some nasty stuff in umm shit

  12. Blechhhh! Not a pleasant thing to think about.

    Many years ago, when we were out of town, our vet (who was boarding our dog at the time) called me on the phone to tell me our dog Buck had worms. He wanted to know if I wanted him to treat Buck and get rid of the worms. (????) What? Did he think I might prefer to let them grow...?

    1. lol maybe he thought you wanted to start a worm farm
      Your worm farm he didn't want to harm

  13. Interesting. I came up with a few things for this and makes me wonder what your original intent was. The thing that really struck a chord with me is it seems to be focused on greed and over-consumption (maybe I'm just reading it weird though?)

    1. haha well the consumption part sure is true
      As it can fill us up at our zoo

  14. I knew worms were going to come into the picture. lolol Manzanita's got rhyming skills too. I scroll up sometimes just to see what she's said. :)

    1. haha she can rhyme away
      And yep, worms at to get a replay

  15. I have seen enough of those type worms.

  16. Ah...they come with age..
    it is all the rage
    hoping to be sage
    and on the same page!

  17. My husband's first wife was all into holistic stuff and she went through a phase where she was into colonics. My husband went and had one...and the woman told him that she pulled a huge worm out of him. She said we all have tons of worms from the meat that stays in our digestive tract? I don't know about all of that...

    1. Everyone has parasites within them of some sort from sea to sea
      But Huge worms are only in those really screwed up with no glee
      Did she show the huge worm though?
      Otherwise probably a con on the go

  18. orlin N cassie

    shame on yur dad for postin bout werms & bass terd burds at de same time.....never mind de bass terd burd eats werms....werms that we could bee usin for FISHIN.....did we men shun if ya eat a lot oh mice ya can get wermz.....R pal menace...himz a mouser....gets werms everee now & then & off two de vet he goez....we R like dood....any way.....thatz enuff $#it frum uz two day ~~~

    heerz two an icefish inanga kinda week oh end ~~ ♥♥♥

    1. lol off to the vet
      Is a wormy safe bet
      Fish need the worms
      But the burds set the terms

  19. Welp, that was a disturbing read!

    1. lol disturbing as can be
      Not something you want to see

  20. What does Manzanita mean anyway?
    Has she ever told at her bay?

  21. Worms are nasty as can be! And yes, they are in you and me. That's why we should cleanse regularly!

    1. Cleanse regularly indeed
      Gets rid of the buggers at every feed

  22. Worms are a pain in the ass
    I more ways than one:) Maybe they even give some gas?
    When a dog drops its rear
    and shimmies down the carpet, oh dear
    it has worms which are , um, icky
    and may even be sticky.
    Oops, Kaspar is playing with the computer wire
    must make a paper ball so he can chase it to his heart's desire

    1. haha yeah, drag their butt across the floor
      Floor stained with worms forevermore
      Paper ball you say
      That works at our bay

  23. Worms in your rear, can make you have fear.
    Kill them off before they spread
    Do anything you can to make them dead
    And.... Clean those carts at Walmart before you use them

    1. Yep, kill the suckers every which way
      So they don't have a good day


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