Back For You At My Zoo!

The cat showed you a great one a while back. It got all kinds of praise from the pack. The cat will do it once more. Gloria will be thrilled at her shore.

No German colons allowed.
Of those Gloria is proud.
Should I let that go?
I may eat crow.

But that isn't on the plate.
We have to serve your date.
So add in a little salt,
Too much and it's your fault.

Throw in some grit.
It is brown umm shit.
Should I say that while cooking?
Bah, no one is looking.

A pinch of ground,
From that which is around.
Some strands of grass,
They are loved by Cass.

A egg or two.
Don't do three at your zoo.
You may get egg on your face.
It can be worse than mace.

Some bread crumbs are up.
Fill half a cup.
What sized cup?
Do I look like an appeasing pup?

Dump in some liquid stuff.
Make sure you have enough.
It can get mighty dry,
If you don't let the liquid get high.

Then stick it on the windowsill.
Let all the birds get their fill,
As in the smell.
Birds eating it can go to hell.

Now serve on a plate.
You will impress your date.
It's as easy as one, two, three.
Trust little old me.

What is the name?
Why, it's one of fame.
Rhyming ass stew.
Doesn't that impress you?

Are you ready for a taste? Don't let it go to waste. It may not be what it looks like there. But you can trust me, I swear. You will really impress a date and you may even mate. I take no legal stuff if you choke and die though, or five minutes later you really have to go. Gloria may give my rip off sass. That is fine by my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. "Back For You At My Zoo!
    Tastes good it is for you
    Nothing fantastic
    Not even steak
    Plain 'old grandma's' stew


  2. Rhyming ass stew, that was a good one.

  3. it is way too early to eat stew
    unless filled with bacon and eggs too!

  4. Replies
    1. Funky as can be
      Won't turn out well, trust me

  5. Stew is useful for emptying the fridge - sometimes bad and sometimes good. My stepmother loved doing that. I was always on a diet when she cooked. :)

    1. haha good way to keep off the weight
      With a bad cook filling your plate

  6. We love the smell when someone brews some stew!

  7. Nothing better than a good stew. Our Mom cooks that all the time. Great recipe.

  8. Somehow I think I would never eat anything prepared by the cat. Rhyming ass stew has a ring to it though.

  9. Too early to eat stew, would rather eat eggs for breakfast ~ Hey Gloria would be proud of your cooking ha ~

  10. I like stew on a winter day
    it warms my insides I say
    especially with a biscuit
    just don't add a cricket
    might make it crunchy
    the cat likes it punchy...

    haha - I'll skip the cat's recipe
    and go with Gloria Dear...
    her cooking I would not fear

    1. haha don't trust the cat?
      Could be wise in that

  11. Up early with the morning dew
    Just in time for rhyming ass stew
    Don't fuss kiddies, eat your food
    You'll end up in a brand new mood

    1. haha or end up on the loo
      As it is some powerful stew

  12. I do like stew
    not sure if I like it how you cook it at your zoo
    but when cooked just right
    it can be a tasteful delight


  13. I remember the colon thing
    you tease Gloria about her wrong word fling!
    I don't think most of your readers got it
    but they did try to comment! hahaha....

  14. Just another food
    That Pat would find lewd!

    1. hahahaha yep, not many I don't
      Eat much I won't

  15. You could make a restaurant with the name. Think of the potential for fun w/advertising. :)

  16. I love stew but I might have to make it myself. lol

  17. Dislike stew
    looks like icky goo

  18. If it might lead to sex
    I'll give it a try
    With lots of spices
    And soft bread, not rye
    Italian sausage should do the trick
    I sure hope my date has a big...

    1. haha hopefully so
      And things go fast not slow

  19. Stew...that's what you call a leper taking a bath. (Sorry, 7th grae humor.)

  20. Well cat ! What happens you with me?
    I know Im not perfect and sonetimes I dont know some words in english..
    But Im a good person and Im always nice witj you!

    1. haha but the cat still likes to pick
      He can do it some slick

  21. I'm not a big fan of stew. It always did seem to beefy to me or something!

  22. We are stew fans in this house! I always make dumplings to go with mine. (Does anything rhyme with dumplings!)

    1. Dumplings can go with umm humplings
      And maybe grumplings? lol

  23. Sounds like my cooking.
    I hope no one is looking.

  24. Rhyming ass stew?
    Must be something new
    Does it taste
    Like reboot waste?
    Say it ain't so
    But when you gotta go...

  25. I like stew
    But rhyming ass not my pick
    I bet even the cats
    Won't give it a lick

  26. I love beef stew, but haven't ever made my own. Don't think I'll be trying her version any time soon though lol

    1. lol good to avoid at my sea
      My cooking can be scary

  27. I will give you this,… It sure does look good


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